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The love of my life, best friend, and husband of five years just up and left, no real reason, warning signs, and not one thing that could point to why. However, today I‚??m bound and determined, that I‚??d find a way to stop crying over that bastard, because he isn‚??t worth it. As I look back over things I realized that our once great sex life has been nothing but hits and misses, with him loosing interest. Sure every couple has problems, but if they love each other they work it out, evidently that did not mean anything to him.

Most people don‚??t know that we are swingers, with me being the newbie. We made a pack to always play together never separate, except maybe in different bedrooms of the same house. I liked the hot, kinky, sexual adventures. However, we hadn‚??t been doing any swinging lately either. That got me to thinking; maybe he wasn‚??t being honest with me, or afraid to admit something was wrong.

First thing I thought about was maybe he‚??d been pussy-footing around behind my back. Which is ridiculous because there is nothing work with my sex drive or desire, I‚??m still the hot, big, beautiful woman I‚??ve always been. Sure I am disabled, but not dead, and sex is and will always be apart of my life. I started searching online to see what I could find, and discovered he had been meeting other women for over seven months. I was dumbfounded, for a moment.

All I could do was shriek, "Baby there is nothing wrong with me! I love to fuck. If you don‚??t want me anymore, goodbye looser I‚??ll find someone else to fulfill my needs, a man who will like the whole package, and its trimmings."

I was still sitting there stewing when my friend Amanda came over for coffee. She asked what was wrong, and I told her what I had discovered.

"Girl, you need to forget that asshole."

"I can see that I am not enough for him, his love is worthless, and so I need to forget him. The hard thing to do is convince my heart."

I poured us another cup of coffee and set there pondering the situation. "You know what I just had an idea! If I had enough money, I‚??d forget him by visiting one of my male friends for a hot, wild, sexy adventure. If he finds out, tsk tsk, what a crying shame, he doesn‚??t deserve me!"

"Now that‚??s not a bad idea! Hey, I can loan you the money girl. Let your hair down, and go get fucked, it will do you a world of good. I can cover for you, after all I have a cop for a husband, and yours won‚??t dare come around here, if he knows what is good for him."

I thanked her and after she left I spent the rest of the day thinking about whom I could go visit. After all I do have a few friends like that; I usually turned them down because I didn‚??t do one on one in respect for hubby, but then again he isn‚??t around to complain.

One such person is a man I‚??ll call, Dave. We‚??ve been friends for him for over six years. Although he lives clear across the country, I always wondered if what he says to me is all talk or the real McCoy. Little does he know that I plan to surprise him and travel to his neck of the woods, and meet him?

I started making plans, packing a few necessities and of course my toys; I never travel without them. One thing I was going to wear was my favorite aqua colored sundress. It‚??s cut low in the front to show off my best assets, and short enough to wink at men, if I go commando and bend over. I then called the airport and booked a flight for the following weekend, and then made hotel reservation for a week, in a town near there, as I wanted to be discrete.

I‚??d fly out, check in, change into my alluring attire, and then take a cab to where he works. I can see his eyes now, bugged out, as well as a sizeable bulge growing in his jeans.

The next few days moved slower than molasses. When the day of the trip arrived, I was more nervous than a teenager on her first date. I boarded the plane, sat down, with a million thoughts running through my head the whole trip. Would he like me, would he have time to meet me, and what would we do? I had a few ideas; it was hard to stay cool and not rush to the bathroom and masturbate. Yeah, I was that horny!

The plane landed without any difficulties. I gathered my luggage and then took their courtesy bus to the motel. I checked in, unpacked my things, and then took a shower to freshen up.

I then put on the sundress, and my pink lacy panties, applied just the right amount of make-up, perfumed my erotic zones, and then checked everything in the full length mirror of the door. "Hot-damn girl, you‚??re a knockout, guaranteed to make any man melt."

I called a cab and gave them the address. I slid into the back seat shaking so much with anticipation that I hoped the cabby wouldn‚??t smell my arousal. I have a feeling he did, as he gave me a devilish wink when I paid him the fare.

I sauntered into Dave‚??s place of business. I looked around and didn‚??t see anyone except for a tall handsome man leaning against a truck. I never had a picture of Dave, but if that was him, WOW, I‚??m in for some hot fucking!

I licked my dry lips, and walked toward him. When we made eye contact I went weak in the knees.

"Hello, can you tell me where I can find a guy named Dave?"

I swallowed hard, then smiled because I noticed he was eying me up and down, and had a sizeable bulge in his jeans.

In a sexy Brooklyn accent, he slurred, "You‚??re talking to him doll. What can I help you with?"

I blushed, batted my seductive green eyes, and purred, "Hi Dave, I‚??m Kandy from Tennessee."

Oh my god, I thought the poor guy was going to pass out. For a moment, he was speechless, which is not like him, because he loves to talk and his accent makes me quiver from my lips to my clit.

He glanced around, then pulled me into the shadows and asked, "Baby, why in the hell are you here?"

"Let‚??s just say I‚??m on personal R&R. I come this way to see the sights and hook up with a few close friends with benefits. Don‚??t look so surprised love, I only have three men that is in that category, I would actually meet---yes, you‚??re one of them."

"Yeah but I never expected you to come all this way. I know you don‚??t have the money. Besides you told me that jack-ass of a soon to be ex, I hope wouldn‚??t loan you a dime."

"You‚??re right, he didn‚??t and wouldn‚??t, and yes he will be ex as soon as I can file the paperwork. Enough about him! My girl friend loaned me the money and said‚?¶‚??go get laid sweetie, it will do you a world of good. She‚??s right too, it‚??s been too damn long since a man has paid attention to me, and fucked me like I want to be fucked."

He glanced around once more; I think to make sure no one was eves dropping. "Well this is your lucky weekend baby. My wife is gone for two weeks, and I have a four day weekend off. I get off in about an hour, so how‚??s about us getting together, going out to dinner, and then going some place where we won‚??t be bothered. Remember, it has to be private, away from prying eyes."

I tried to hide the excitement in my eyes as my heart raced a mile a minute. I told myself, ‚??down girl! Now‚??s the time to put him to the test; is he all talk and no play, or the kind of man who will leave me breathless wanting more?

"I have the perfect place, my hotel room. I took the liberty of getting one in the neighboring town. I figured if you chose to fuck me silly, we‚??d need a place where no one will recognize you."

"You got that. See that bar over there on the corner?"

"Yes, why?"

"Go there; I‚??ll meet you there in about an hour."

This time I looked around and saw we were alone, leaned over, kissed him softly, and whispered, "Okay."

I walked across the street to the corner. I sat down at the counter, looked at my watch, and then ordered rum and coke, making sure it was light on the rum. After all I didn‚??t want to be tipsy when and if Dave and I got together later to fuck.

I was lost in a daydream when someone taped me on the shoulder. I turned around and almost threw my drink all over Dave.

"Oh hi, you startled me."

"Sorry I didn‚??t mean to scare you doll."

He sat down, ordered a beer, then took a sip, licked his lips, leaned over to me and asked, "Baby, so are you hungry? I am, but not for food if you catch my drift."

I giggled, blushed, and whispered in his ear, "I‚??m hungry for tube steak,"

He took a gulp of his beer, and paid the bill. "Well then, let‚??s get out of here, I‚??m dying to take you into my arms, and show you how a ‚??real‚?? man should treat you."

I was so aroused I hoped the other patrons wouldn‚??t smell it. If I sat on that bar stool any longer, the back of my dress would be drenched, and not from pee. I grabbed his arm, and felt an electric shock go straight to the center of my cunt. I loved the sparks, and wondered what will happen if we make it a full blown fire.

"Ummm Dave, that sounds like a delicious plan to me, let‚??s go honey."

He glanced around, escorted me out of the bar, and then asked me to get in his pickup. "Kandy, if anyone asked who you are, please let him do the talking. I‚??ll tell them you are a cousin of mine from Jersey."

I laughed and smirked, "Okay that will work for me because if I talk they will know I‚??m not from Jersey."

I waited until we cleared the city, then raised my dress up until he could see my panty covered snatch. I then reached over and ran my hand down his arm. He was quivering; hum was it from fear, or anticipation? Nevertheless I would find out in about fifteen minutes.

I licked my lips and asked, "What did you think of my surprise visit?"

He flashed me a devilish smile. "You surprised the hell out of me, but I am glad you‚??re here. Baby, just looking at you is making my dick hard."

I shifted in my seat, the thought of having sex with Dave was making my juices flow, and my panties were getting soaked. I slid across the seat, caressed his arm, and kissed his check.

Dave, you need fucked, I can see it all over your face!"

He took my hand, and placed it on his crotch, "Feel that baby, there‚??s your answer. I cannot wait to fuck you."

It didn‚??t take us long to reach my hotel room. Once we were inside he pulled me close, ours eyes meet, Dave placed his lips on mine. I could feel the beating of his heart as my kiss lit a fire of passion that he hasn‚??t felt for a long time. In his mind, he was probably screaming, ‚??I wish my wife was still this hot!‚??

Without saying a word, there was a flurry of clothing, and hands as we stripped. I then took him by the hand and lead him over to the bed. He pulled back the covers and I spread a large towel on the bed, because my juices flow so much I lay on one to protect bedding. He kissed me as he laid me on the bed. It was then I noticed his long hard cock with big mushroom head. Mmm I thought I cannot wait to taste that.

"Spread those legs doll, daddy is hungry!"

I knew he loved to be talked dirty too. I moved and spread my legs wide quivering with anticipation. "Oooh baby, I cannot wait to feel your tongue slither across my wet, hot, cunt, around my clit, and inside my fucking hole. Eat me baby, I‚??m all yours!"

When he positioned himself between my legs, opened my pussy lips with his fingers, and ran his tongue the full length of my slit making me moan with desire. After that his tongue started working its magic.

With my eyes half closed eyes he ate me, knowing I needed his tender loving care, as it had been ages since a man did this to me. I was close to climax when I shrieked, "Oh honey, stop eating me, I need you cock inside me. I need you to fuck me deep and hard, as I cum all over your dick!"

I watched his throbbing member as he positioned himself between my legs. As he gazed into my eyes and plunged it deep into me he said, "Oh Kandy, I have wanted to fuck you since the first time we chatted. Hot-damn your cunt is so fucking tight and wet, cum for me baby!"

I looked into his eyes, wrapped my legs around his waist, and squealed with delight. "Oh-my-God, fuck me baby, yes, just like that‚?¶.deeper, harder, mmm!"

That did it my mind quivered in ecstasy as my body was wracked with my first earth-shattering orgasm.

Dave could see the lust in my face, as he felt me shaking, and began fucking me harder. After a few more thrust he exploded against the walls of my vagina.

"Woman, you have ridden me hard and put me away wet. However I‚??m not done playing are you?"

"Not by a long shot, I didn‚??t come all this way just to fuck you once and call it a night!"

"So doll, what do you want to do?"

"One of my favorite things to do is have someone fist me. Do you want to fist me Dave?"

His eyes lit up with excitement, as I knew that turned him on. "You know my hands are big, but I want to do nothing but please you. Lie down on your back and spread those beautiful legs doll."

My pussy was already primed with his cum and throbbing desperately wanting his undivided attention. He started by teasing my hole wetting his fingers and hand real good with our juices. He then inserted one, then two, and then three fingers inside of me. He then licked my clit as he thrusts his fingers in and out of me.

I have had my girlfriend‚??s small hand inside my cunt, but his hands were big, stretching, almost beyond my limits. I went wild with lust, thrusting my hips up as I feel the pleasurable stimulation.

"It doesn‚??t hurt does it honey?"

"No, in fact it feels good!"

I long for more and lift up my hips toward him. His tongue encircles my sensitive clit as he inserts a fourth finger with his thumb curled in his palm inside me. Then inexplicably, my pussy gives way to his hand. Slowly he begins fisting me as he continued to lick my clit.

Normally, I don‚??t scream while fucking or doing stuff like this, mainly because present hubby says it‚??s unnecessary. However, at that moment, I cry out, realizing that my inhibitions are all gone, because it‚??s just Dave and I alone on the bed. Harder and harder he fists me while sucking my clit. I soon climax, my body convulsing, as my juices running down his wrist and flooding the bed.

After allowing me to calm down, Dave moves up to my head. He then leans back on his knees with his cock close to my lips and exclaimed, "Suck my cock again baby it‚??s so fucking hard!"

As I gaze at his cock, the shaft is red and stiff. The mushroom head is purple while the tip is dripping with pre-cum. I hungrily lick my lips saying, "Yummy, I cannot wait to savor the salty taste of your cock."

My mouth and tongue starts to tease his cock with hot breaths of air as I hover over it. I let my lips brush against its shaft, as my fingers reach for his balls. At first, I gently stroke them with my fingertips and then apply a little more pressure as I cup my hand around them.

As my hand works its magic, my mouth slowly engulf the head and I‚??m rewarded with more tasty drops of his sweet nectar. I close my eyes and moan slightly as my tongue flicks against the underside of the head. I hear him let out a sigh as I move lower down the shaft, feeling the vein pulsate as I take more of him inside my mouth until my lips touch his pubic hairs. I look up at him through my eyelashes, watching the passion in his face. As my fingers play with his balls my tongue flicks around the shaft tantalizing it more, faster, until my lips part and I close them tightly around the shaft.

Dave bucks his hips and bellows. "Oh fuck, I love the way you suck my dick. God no one has done it this good before. Harder, yesss, fuck, just like that, mmm!"

His moaning only makes me increase the pressure of my mouth on his cock as my hands continue to squeeze his balls in pace with my mouth. I lash my tongue around your shaft and the up to the head and back down again repeatedly. I moan as I taste the drops of cum as it begins to flow, begging for release.

My clit is throbbing again and I want to rub it, but decide to pleasure him first.

I feel him grab my head and aggressively fuck my mouth. Deeper, harder, until his cock goes rigid, a deep growl escapes his lips and I feel cum gushing down my throat. My mouth tightens around his delicious cock as I hungrily lick up every drop of nectar.

Dave left his cock in my mouth for a moment as he basks in the intense pleasure he was feeling. After that he sat up on the bed next to me and started kissing and playing lazily with my nipples.

He paused for a moment, looks into my eyes lovingly, and whispered, "Kandy, you‚??re so beautiful, and your flesh feels wonderful. When I kiss your skin it's sweeter than cotton candy. Oh God, ever since you sent me those sexy pictures of you in that black nightie, I‚??ve wanted to fuck you! I can tell you wanted me just as bad by the emails you sent me. I‚??m so happy you‚??re here doing this, and I hope you do not get into trouble with your husband over this."

The corners of my mouth stretched into a wide grin, my sparkling green eyes lit up and my whole face beamed with excitement. "To hell with my husband, he is out of the picture for good, what I do from now on is for my pleasure only. By the way, Dave, you‚??re very handsome too. To be honest with you, I have wanted to fuck you since you wrote me that first hot cum filled email. Oh honey, I love the way you kiss me, it makes me tremble all over. Oh God, when you slide your cock inside me, I am in seventh heaven. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would feel like this with you. I won‚??t hesitate to do this again."

Following that remark, he continued to excite my nipples. My eyes scan his whole body from his face to his crotch and another wave of desire surged through my body.

"Oh honey, I love what you‚??re doing to my tits. I don‚??t know about you, but I‚??m ready for the next round."

Dave continues to play with my breast, as his hand slithered between my legs. I reached for his cock and he said, "Uh-uh this time, let me play with you, after all a woman‚??s pleasure should always come before mine!"

I flash him a sultry grin, "I like your way of thinking, why can‚??t more men be like you?"

"Don‚??t know baby, but for now, you belong to me."

Dave started playing with my nipples, rolling and pinching them gently at first then harder as his finger rubbed my clit.

"Oh God I love my nipples done, pinch them hard baby!"

He pinched, and rolled them harder, "Cum for me darling!"

It didn‚??t take long for me to shout, "Ooooooh, fuck I‚??m cumming, baby!"

We lay there for awhile basking in the afterglow. Afterwards we began to talk about different things that were happening in both lives.

"Kandy, what time do you need to go back home?"

"When I get good and ready, my friend Amanda is covering for me so if my husband asks her where I am, she will say I am with her and not welcoming any visitors. Her husband is a cop, and hubby won‚??t dare go over to her house."

"Well then pretty lady, lay down here in my arms, I want to hold you all night and then some. God I wish you were mine; I‚??d treat you like a queen. However, we do have four days left."

"I wish I was yours too baby. Just think we have four days and three more nights, what shall we do?"

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