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Probably stayed up a later than I should've last night, but you only live once. I take it you enjoyed the rest of your visit to Ishtar?"

"Oh my god, it was the best! I can't wait to go back!"

"That's good, because I've purchased a one year membership for both you and Darius. Your friends are welcome to stop in again, too. They'll be admitted as my guests until further notice."

"You're too kind. I doubt Markus will go back, but Shireen will make use of it, I'm sure."

"Well, one never knows. Did you happen to see my email?"

"You must have ESP! I was just looking at it. Give me a minute to finish reading it."

Heather scanned through the rest of the text rapidly, her eyes going wide as saucers. The event was going to be fully catered, have music and entertainment; the works.

"Beatrice, this is too much!"

"Not at all."

"You're going to hire six club Dommes for the evening?"

"And a dozen sissy sluts to serve and participate. I just need to know how many people you're inviting so we can get an accurate head count."

"Oh, about that... I haven't told Darius about the party yet. I don't think he'd be comfortable doing this in front of our friends. I know it's a coming out party, but that will be symbolic, for now. I don't want to push him too hard. Would it be ok if it was just your friends in the audience?"

The old matron let out a hearty chuckle. "Darling, I understand. And believe me, I have more than enough friends who can help fill the room. Most of them are already members. When I tell them there's free booze and a sissy's first dance, they'll come in droves."

"That's a relief. As long as the audience is strangers, I think I can prepare him for this."

"Don't you mean prepare her?"

"Haha, yes! His sissy name is Dana, in case that's useful for the preparations."

"I've written it down. Very good! We'll talk again next week as the date draws closer. I'm looking forward to it!"

"So am I! Thanks again."

The line went dead and Heather tossed her phone aside. She smiled wickedly as her fingers returned to the laptop. She inspected the tributes from her new virtual subs, but thoughts of the upcoming party remained foremost in her mind. It would be difficult to think of anything else for the next week. Especially when she was pounding his hungry hole.

* * * * *

Darius walked to the dinner table, his heels clicking on the floor as he steadied the plates in his hands. He set the product of his efforts in front of Heather, proudly. She set aside her phone, eager to examine her sissy maid's handiwork. It smelled wonderful.

The dish was sesame grilled salmon cooked in an Asian-style marinade. It was served with grilled bell peppers, green beans, and wild rice with herbs. This was Darius' first attempt at fancy seafood fare and he hoped his Goddess liked it. In recent weeks he'd focused on learning to make healthy meals that looked extravagant but didn't take much preparation or cooking time.

Heather took up her utensils, cut out a piece of fish and ate it hungrily. It had excellent texture, exotic flavor and was absolutely delicious.

"Wow, great job! I'm impressed!" she said with a nod of approval. Darius sat opposite her, smiling.

He tucked a napkin into the neck of his dress to protect the lacy uniform. Darius beamed as she complimented him. "I'm glad you like it, baby."

"I love it!" Heather exclaimed as she dug in for more. She followed up the next few bites with a sip of Pinot Noir. Darius had picked out the perfect wine to go with the meal. Even more noteworthy was how he'd gone to the liquor store wearing his dress with no hesitation.

"You're really coming into your own, Dana. I'm very proud of you. See how amazing you can be when you just let go and do what Mistress says?"

Darius blushed. "Thank you, Mistress."

"I love you, Pookie" she said with a wink.

"I love you baby" he replied with a grin before carving into his meal.

"On the topic of coming into your own, I have some news to share."

"What's that?" he asked between bites of the savory fish.

"We're going to a party this weekend at Club Ishtar."

"Oh? What's the occasion?"

* * * * *

Darius' body buzzed with excited, nervous energy. He was in the middle of the large hall at the community center of Ishtar. It was brightly lit at the moment, but the lighting racks above indicated that would likely change at show time.

A stage had been set up and three stainless steel poles erected. One was in the center and the other two were fixed to either side behind the main pole. Dozens of people he didn't know were filing into the room every minute.

Sissy maids ferried food out to the serving tables on either side of the hall. A large array of banquet tables were set up in front of the stage for the guests. Heather was off in one corner chatting with Beatrice and six of the club Dommes. Darius had been told to wait here and someone would be out to instruct him presently. He pulled a compact mirror out of his handbag and checked his makeup. He didn't want it to run before the show began.

"Hey!" came a lilting voice behind him.

"Hello!" a slightly more feminine voice followed up.

Darius turned to find two of the sissy maids approaching him. One was a flat-chested femboy with short, platinum blonde hair, light blue lips and a glittery face. The other was a sissy with b-cup breasts, long black hair and thick scarlet lipstick.

"I'm Riley" the femboy said, holding out his hand.

"Lexi" the other one said, following suit.

"Dana" Darius replied as he shook their hands.

"We're your backup dancers!" Riley informed him. "This is your first time, right?"

"Yeah, and I don't really know what I'm doing..."

"There's nothing to it" Lexi insisted. "We can show you some basic moves before the show, if you like."

"That'd be good" Darius replied, still convinced he was going to make a fool of himself.

"This is nothing to stress over" Riley said, folding his silk-clad arms over his maid costume. We're gonna have fun out there! If you feel lost, just look our way and you can follow along with us."

"The important thing is to let your body move to the rhythm of the song. After that it's just flinging yourself around a pole!" Lexi said with a wink.

"Thanks..." Darius said, his confidence budding. "I think I can do that."

Across the room, a fearsome team of Dominas were gathered before Heather and Beatrice. Heather wore a tight, ruched purple dress that emphasized her plump curves. The wealthy matron was clad from neck-to-toe in white leather and latex. She held the reigns of a muzzled gimp slave at her feet. The featureless, medium-build submissive was locked in a prison of black leather.

"Heather, I believe you've met Mistress Styx?" Beatrice asked, indicating the lead Dominatrix.

"Yes, we met in the lobby last week."

Mistress Styx smiled and nodded, her officer's cap and costume shining in the light of the hall. Her arms were folded below sizable breasts. A black corset framed her curvy body. "You've seen the game plan, yes? Any boundaries or rules you wish to spell out before we begin?"

"Only light discipline. No permanent marks" Heather answered as she scanned the row of leather-clad hellions. Each had a distinct Femdom fashion style and carried a different kind of crop or paddle. "When the finale arrives, you can get a little more rough. Just be careful. I want this to be special for him."

"Heather, my dear, you're dealing with professionals. You have nothing to worry about" Beatrice assured her with a hand on her shoulder.

"Sorry. Guess I'm feeling a little over-protective at the moment. Hard not to when I'm sharing my Dana with so many intimidating Dommes!"

The women snickered and giggled as they flexed their toys and stretched their latex and leather-clad limbs.

"When does the curtain rise?" Mistress Styx inquired.

Beatrice waved to her arriving guests and turned back to the head Domina. "In twenty minutes, a star will be born."

* * * * *

The hall had gone dark and Darius held onto his poll with velvety gloved hands. His maid outfit clung to his body with silky smoothness, providing him some relief from the mounting tension. Looking out into the audience he could hear light chatter and see a few fiery dots where people were enjoying cigarettes or cigars. He doubted that was legal, but it probably wasn't the only way Club Ishtar flouted the law.

He breathed deeply as he waited for the music to start. His sissy backups told him the song they'd be dancing to and, luckily, he was familiar with it. Riley had informed him it was considered a beginner song for pole dancing. Darius offered a silent thank you to Heather for allowing him to wear short heels for his first dance. Anything taller than two inches might've been catastrophic.

Three spotlights activated and poured light onto Dana, Riley and Lexi. The song began as the rhythmic, almost military-style, drumming of Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit flowed from the room's speakers and filled the hall. Darius placed his hands on his sides and rolled his shoulders and hips in time with the beat. Lexi and Riley revolved around their respective poles and twirled their bodies in small circles. As the song entered its first verse, Darius joined them.

'One pill makes you larger.

And one pill makes you small.

And the ones that mother gives you...

Don't do anything at all.

Go ask Alice... when she's ten feet tall.'

Riley and Lexi both went to the floor and Darius moved with them. They flattened themselves face-forward before lifting their torsos and shaking their chests at the crowd. They began rolling over themselves and stroking their silk and lace clad bodies up and down as they continued gyrating to the building music.

'And if you go... chasing rabbits.

And you know you're bound to fall.

Well tell 'em a hookah... a smoking caterpillar.

Has given you the call.

Call Alice... when she was just small.'

Part of Darius couldn't believe he was doing this, but now that the music was playing and the lights were shining on him, instinct took over. The crowd demanded dancing sissies and he was there to accommodate.

The three maids all slid onto their knees and jumped to their feet before approaching their poles once again. Riley leapt onto his poll and pulled himself up, slowly twirling his lithe body on high. Lexi slung herself around her pole and then entered a full split, lowering herself to the ground. She slowly pulled herself back up, shaking her hips and ass the whole way.

Darius knew he couldn't do anything that advanced yet, but he confidently swung himself around the pole faster. He made a circular kick with his right leg as high as he could, giving the crowd a peek at the satin undergarments below his petticoats. He stroked the pole up and down and gyrated his French maid form against it, treating it like a passionate lover. He placed a kiss on the metal beam before entering another series of elegant swings. The song continued building in intensity.

'When men on the chessboard...

Get up and tell you where to go!

And you've just had some kind of mushroom...

And your mind is moving slow!


I think she'll know!'

Darius and his backups all grabbed their poles and stuck their asses toward the audience. They began thrusting their booties and shaking their hips from side to side in time with the intense drumbeat. Three sets of billowy white ruffles and stocking clad legs shimmied before the crowd.

'When logic! And proportion!


And the white knight is talking backward!

And the Red Queen, she's off with her head!'

As the song built to its crescendo, Lexi and Riley performed their most acrobatic maneuvers. They whipped themselves around their poles and twisted into unbelievable forms that flowed gracefully from one to the next. Not wanting to be outdone, Darius jumped as high onto the center pole as he could and wrapped his silky legs around the sturdy unit. His momentum carried him around in gentle circles, swirling ever downward as he dipped his head back and his sissy-maid body corkscrewed back to the stage floor.




The final guitar riff belted out and all three maids slowed to a stop; wrapped around their dance poles. The audience's reaction was immediate: wild applause, whistling and raucous shouts of encouragement and lust. The clapping went on as the two backups rose to their feet and hurried over to Darius. They reached down and each offered him a hand, raising the astonished sissy maid to his feet.

"See! Nothing to it" Lexi said with a wink.

Darius was as overwhelmed by his own reaction as he was by the crowd's. His body tingled with elation and relief. He'd actually enjoyed that! When, in the past, had he felt this alive? This desired? This sexy? Perhaps never.

The spotlights all converged on Darius and the backup maids disappeared into the darkness of the stage. As the audience rose and continued their clapping and shouting, he took hold of the sides of his dress and dropped into a curtsy. He bowed to the crowd and showed off his dress repeatedly until the applause died off.

Moments later the main lights were turned back on and the spotlights faded away. Climbing up the short staircase to the stage was Mistress Styx in all her gleaming leather glory. She stalked across the glossy hardwood maple floor towards Darius, her boot heels echoing across the room as she approached. The fearsome woman pointed her crop in his direction and gave a single command.


Darius was caught off guard and hesitated briefly.

"DO WHAT SHE SAYS, DANA!" Heather shouted from the front row.

"DO WHAT THEY ALL SAY!" Beatrice followed up and the crowd laughed.

He lowered himself to his knees as Mistress Styx closed the distance. Her boots halted inches from his face and she placed her left one directly in front of his mouth.


He didn't hesitate this time. Darius extended his tongue and applied his wet flesh to her boots in wide swaths. One look at her was instructive on how much she wanted to use her crop. He didn't wish to give her any extra incentive.


Despite his eagerness, her leather weapon whistled into his exposed behind.

"Faster, slut. I don't have all day! EVERY INCH OF MY BOOTS!"

Darius glided his tongue up and down the soft leather of her shiny knee-highs. He cleaned the pungent footwear as quickly and thoroughly as possible, the thick taste of leather building up on his tongue. As he performed his boot-licking duties, he could hear objects being setup on the stage around him. Mistress Styx was giving her crew time to prepare the rest of Darius' ordeal. She pulled her left boot away and planted the right one in front of his face so the work could continue.


Three more lashes whipped into Darius' ass to provide encouragement.

Much of the crowd had moved to the food tables and begun choosing their courses from the extravagant catered smorgasbord. Some were at the bar getting fresh drinks. Others were still in their seats, enjoying the sight of a sissy maid polishing a woman's footwear with his tongue. Chatter and the occasional hoot of laughter echoed around the hall as Darius slobbered away.

"ENOUGH!" Styx announced and withdrew her leg from his mouth.

The leather-clad enforcer stomped away and left him on his knees. Within moments another Domina carrying a large wooden paddle and a leash strode into view. She clipped the leash on Darius' collar and began petting his face softly with her latex fingers.

"Alright doggy! Time for you to get some exercise. Try to keep up now!"

The woman strode away and yanked his collar, imploring Darius to follow. He crawled as quickly as he could on hands and knees, but the heels made it difficult and he was never fast enough. She pulled on the leash harshly and forced him to shamble behind her even faster. The front of his maid costume dragged across the stage as she led him around, getting dirtier by the second.

Within moments they were in front of an obstacle course. His new Dominatrix pointed to the elaborate layout of cones and upturned hoops and beckoned him to action across the stage.

"Around the cones and through the hoops! Don't screw up or you have to start over!"


The wooden paddle blistered his ass and Darius took off on hands and knees. He began worming his way around the silly display, weaving through the cones and climbing through the hoops as fast as he could.


"FASTER!" The woman called out, following alongside him and delivering a blow of encouragement whenever she felt like it.

With each hoop he lumbered through, the demanding Domme would beat his ass hard. His dress offered some cushioning, but she wasn't being gentle. His ass was growing increasingly red and painful the further he proceeded.

By the time the course was done, Darius' heart was beating like a jack rabbit's. Domina number two left him on hands and knees to catch his breath as Domina number three approached. Another pair of black boots strode into view and Darius was too tired to even look up. He soon realized he wouldn't need to as the woman knelt down and slid a large bowl in front of his face.

The metal bowl contained a messy mixture of many foods. Mashed potatoes, vegetables, gravy, pieces of bread. There were likely more components, but those were the ones that stuck out to Darius immediately.

"You must be hungry by now" the Femdom announced as she placed her hands on her hips. "Start eating, bitch! No hands allowed."

Darius ducked his face into the bowl and started lapping away. He wasn't even surprised when she placed the tip of her boot on the back of his head and pressed his face into the bowl of muck. The audience roared and cackled with glee as Darius got his first dose of wet and messy play.

When she finally let his glop-smeared face up for air and the discolored potato slurry fell from his eyes, he looked across the stage and saw three more Dominas waiting to have their fun.

* * * * *


A fat, purple strapon slid between Darius' sucking lips as a giant white rubber cock was fed into his stretched-wide asshole simultaneously. Mistress Styx was at his rear, pounding his sissy pucker through ripped pantyhose as the other Domina held his ears firmly and sawed saliva-strewn strapon deep into his throat. Darius sputtered and gagged as the women thrust their hips forcefully, mocking him and laughing as they spit-roasted him before a captivated audience.

He was secured to a bondage horse with his wrists and ankles chained to the sides. His maid costume was completely defiled, covered in sweat, spit, food and the dust and dirt of the stage. The horse rocked slightly as the aggressive women poured all their energies into assaulting his waiting holes. That was all he was good for since they secured him to the horse. He'd already endured the other four Mistresses fucking him at both ends with their giant rubber cocks.

His asshole ached and burned as Mistress Styx railed him with the biggest one yet. It had to be at least as big as Heather's Moby Dick. Maybe bigger. The veteran Domina had been pleasantly surprised Darius could handle the massive schlong. Many sissies before Dana had failed to.

"Did you think just because you did a nice little dance we wouldn't treat you like the COCK WHORE you are?!?" she yelled as she hilted the thick strapon in his ass. The toy's massive rubber scrotum smacked into his own and his penis bulged in its stinging, metal prison. He'd already cum twice from being assfucked before a live audience and he was on the verge of another stinging orgasm.

Styx gathered a good amount of spit in her mouth and lobbed a fat, globular loogie onto Darius' back. The Dominatrix at his front pulled her cock from his sucking lips and lit his face up with her open palm.




The dripping rubber missile plowed into his mouth once again. Her manic thrusts drove the spongy cock-head past his uvula and deep into his phlegm-clogged throat. Darius sucked away greedily, moaning around the strapon as his chained limbs rattled below.

"Cmon you sissy bitch! One more time!" Styx cried out as she dug her hands into his sides and smacked her hips into his ass with pounding thrusts. "SHOOT YOUR SAD LITTLE LOAD OUT OF YOUR CAGED DICKLET YOU FAIRY FUCK!!!"

"SUCK HARDER, SLUT! The crowd wants to hear those pretty noises!" the woman at his front yelled. She took a firm grip of his hair and plowed her strapon in and out of his stretched mouth. He slurped on her silicone dong with fervor, doing his best to produce the loudest glomming and gagging sounds he could for the depraved audience. Caked food and the runny remnants of makeup oozed from Darius' face just as the thick combination of saliva and lube dripped from his pursed, dick sucking lips.

Their verbal abuse and Styx's assault on his prostate forced Darius into his third public orgasm. He convulsed on the bondage horse as his half-hard penis strained painfully against its metal housing. His constrained, black clitty ejaculated for the third time that evening. The two Dominas continued to assault his ass and mouth, making sure every ounce of his sissy filth was spat into his already-soiled panties. A cheer and round of applause went up from the crowd as Darius' third spit-roasting drew to a close.

When he was done moaning and yanking on his bonds like a bitch in heat, the delighted Femdoms pulled their cocks free. Two loud slurps announced their exit as webs of sticky saliva slid from Darius' mouth and frothy anal juices dripped from his blown-out pucker. He lay there with his head resting on the surface of the bondage horse as he wondered if his public defilement was finally over. He learned within seconds that it was not.

"Alright maids, gather around our star sissy!" Mistress Styx called out. She hadn't bothered to unstrap the massive white dong from her waist. It bobbed in front of her as she whipped the group of sissies into order with her crop. The contingent of club maids encircled Darius, stepping ever closer to his bound and disheveled form. He noticed that Riley and Lexi were among them.

"Time for the big finish! Get to it you filthy sluts!!!"

At Styx's command, the sissy maids lifted up their skirts and began pulling their panties down one by one. Their cocks were freed and soon six silky gloved hands were working back and forth on six soft sissy cocks. The maids began moaning and sighing in pleasure as each slowly worked themselves to full mast.





The Dominas each took up position behind one of the maids and rained their encouragement on each sissy ass.

"Get hard faggot!"

"Hurry up you fucking cunt!"

"Do you want to cum today or not?!? This is your only chance!!!"

The faces of the sissy maids grew red and euphoric as their cocks strained and they took perverse pleasure in their ass beatings. They stepped even closer to the bound sissy star, their cocks on the verge of exploding. Slick fapping sounds came wet and fast as blows continued to flail away at their sissy asses. Lexi was the first to scream in climax.


Her thick, viscous seed shot all over Darius' face as she masturbated furiously. The sissy's face was a mask of ahegao contortions as she held her dress up with one hand and her silken fingers were a blur, stroking up and down her exploding phallus. Every time he thought the last wad of sticky filth had plastered him, another followed. She continued yelling in climax as every bit of stringy butter was milked onto his hair, forehead and cheeks.

The other maids erupted in climax sequentially, ropes of thick batter blasting Darius from every angle. His already ruined costume was treated to a sissy maid bukkake. The pungent spurts of sticky nut kept coming and coating him like a pastry. Riley fired his sissy load all over Darius' recovering ass-crack, his glue-like semen trickling down the star sissy's ass and thighs.

All six sissy maids groaned in climax and emptied their balls on the newest member of their clique. The crowd roared with approval and before long, the last shot of sissy yogurt had been fired onto Darius' back. He lay in a heap of filth until they'd all finished and Mistress Styx nodded to Lexi and Riley. His backup dancers mercifully unchained him and Darius was able to slide off the sticky bondage furniture. He steadied his weary form carefully and turned to the crowd, displaying the tattered remnants of his uniform and his thoroughly defiled body.

Below, Darius could see a cake had been wheeled out to just in front of the stage. It was lit with a large ring of candles and the top had a frosting in***********ion that read: "HAPPY SISSIFICATION, DANA!"

Heather walked up the short staircase and onto the stage as fast as her thick thighs could bring her. She looked overjoyed as she strode to Darius, her bulbous curves bulging through the tight, purple evening wear. She stopped in front him with a beaming smile, but said nothing, at first. His Goddess reached into her pocket and then leaned down and took a knee.

The crowd grew quiet at the unexpected development. Heather, so used to towering over her man, looked up at her filth slathered sissy with hopeful, shimmering eyes. She opened the small jewelry box in her hands and displayed a modest diamond ring to Darius.

"I've never been more happy, more aroused or more in love than I am right now. Marry me, Dana!"

It was more a command than a question, and that was fitting. Posed as a question, it would've been rhetorical. Heather knew the answer and so did Darius. The crowd knew the answer. The whole damn world knew the answer. The word no didn't exist in his vocabulary any longer.

Despite his ruined state, a broad smile spread across Darius' lips. His heart soared as he realized with sudden clarity that he'd never been happier than he was at this moment. He would never again be burdened by decisions. The woman he loved had unveiled his true desires and given him all he ever could've wanted. His future was no longer in his control and that was a beautiful thing.

"I love you so much, Mistress. Of course I'll marry you. I'm yours forever."

Club members, Dominas and sissies alike shouted in approval and applauded wildly. Heather rose and embraced her soiled submissive, bending him over as they kissed long and deep. All apprehension, doubt and reservation that remained in Darius sailed into the sunset, never to be seen again.

- - - - - - - - - -

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