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We'll rest then go inside tomorrow at dawn."Aela said with a sigh.
"Sounds like a plan then."Vilkas agreed.
Farkus and his brother began searching the corners of the tomb until they found what they were looking for.The fire was going in no time once they had gathered the dry wood.
Jahel in that time had laid out the four bedrolls while Aela had prepared the dried meats and cheeses for their dinner.It was a quiet meal followed by the four settling in in a close circle before going to sleep.
In the night Jahel awoke to see Frakus sitting up feeding the fire with some other dry material.He didn't look like he had been asleep at all that night.
"Do you wanna share a bedroll for the rest of the night Farkus?"Jahel whispered pu;lling back the blanket.
Farkus looked up at her and smiled briefly befrore moving in beside her.They had all taken off their armor to sleep but Jahel didn't realize how far with Farkus would go.Before crawling into bed with her he removed his shirt then crawled in.
She knew he was well built but when she hesitantly ran her hands over his chest and torso she finally got to feel every line of muscle.She could feel him tense under her touch as she ran her hands over him slowly.
"Your hands feel amazing."he said breathlessly.
Jahel smiled pressing her body against his chest which caused him to inhale sharply.
"Your not wearing anything under these are you?"he whispered in her ear.
"Not a thing."she replied with a chuckle.
Farkus moaned softly"This may have been a mistake."
"Why is that?"
Farkus gently took one of her hands and pressed it to the front of his loose fitting pants.She could feel his hard dick under the clothes and she felt her breathing hitch.She hadn't expected that so soon.
"Its been awhile."he whispered as if reading her thoughts.
She smiled rubbing her hand slowly up his length through his pants silently measuring in her head,a little over six inches.Farkus moaned softly leaning his head against her shoulder,pulling her shirt down low to wrap start kissing on her skin.
"We can't" he growled"They'll hear us and I doubt you want an audience."
"Just stay quiet for me Farkus."Jahel whispered.
Jahel gently slid her hand down his pants and wrapped her hand around his dick.She squeezed her hand tighter around his dick and she heard him sharply exhale.He started rolling his hips to try and get traction against her hand to increase the feeling.Jahel started pumping her hand up then down his length with a smile.
She began pumping slowly twisting her hands as she went up his length.His cock was large and she could tell he was enjoying the feeling.Farkus shoved his hips forward sending her hand down to his base as he leaned in.
"Harder and faster please.Your teasing me and that will not go well."
Jahel chuckled then gasped as Farkus started nibbling on her neck up to her ear.
She moaned into his shoulder then she started pumping her hand harder up his cock.
"Do they look like they are fast asleep?"Jahel asked.
"Vilkas is I don't know about Aela."he replied"Why?"
"Just stay as quiet as you can."
Jahel pulled back and slid down to his waist pulling his waist band down to release his hard cock.She smiled as she touched the cock and got a good look at it.
His cock was six and a half inches fully hard,it had a purple tint to it with the veins bulging like it was,and the head of his cock was weeping precum already.She hadn't been expecting this promising of a cock it was like nothing the elf men possessed.
Jahel carefully licked the head getting the precum on her tongue getting to taste it.He had a salty taste but at the same time she could almost tase how he smelled.With a brief pause to think about this Jahel then took the head into her mouth.She licked over it slowly then pulled it passed her lips to suck on the head.
She started to suck and then slowly started to slide her mouth down his hard cock.
Farkus groaned buking his hips up into her mouth.
Jahel smiled around his cock and started pumping her head up then down with increasing speed.Jahel sucked hard until her cheeks were hallowed out as she slid down to his base then back up.Jahel then took one of her hands and started to play with his balls rolling them around in her hand.
"Jahel your the nine don't stop."he groaned.
Jahel hummed around his cock and began to pump faster on his length before pulling off before sinking his cock all the way back in her mouth.She felt him start to buk wildly against her and she could feel most pf his cock shoving down the back of her throat.
"Jahel I'm going to cum."Farkus moaned grabbing a handful of her hair.
Farkus pumped a few more times into her sucking mouth before he began to cum.He shot load after load down her throat and he almost snarled as he felt her swallowing each load.He laid back breathing heavily as he took time to think about what just happened.
Jahel coughed a few times before wiping her mouth and cuddling up to his side.
"Well that was....different."she said with a shy smile.
"You didn't have...that was-fuck Jahel."he sighed laying back pulling her on his chest."What about you?"
"Shhh don't worry you'll take care of me later.Sleep now."
They cuddled close together and fell into a deep sleep relaxed in one anothers arms.
The next morning they awoke at the first light and dressed in their armor along with the others.They didn't know what was going to happen within the walls of Ysgrammor's tomb but they knew they had a nobel cause to drive them forward.
They got together and started to walk to the double doors.
"Everyone ready to go in?"Aela asked.
She received nods from everyone and she lit the torch pushing the door open.
Chapter Four
The tomb opened up into a wide chamber, in the center of that chamber was a large statue of Ysgrammor himself.Scattered at the statues feet were offerings that varied from bouquets of herbal flowers collected to pieces of old armor to gold coins.
The statues arms were held like he was supposed to be holding something and Jahel pulled the great axe Wuuthrad from her back looking up at the statue.Jahel approached slowly and stepped up onto the pedestal lifting the weapon up to the hands.
"Are we sure this is a good idea?We don't know what will happen when we put that back."Vilkas asked cautiously.
"We all established that we don't have a choice now we have to free Kodlak."Jahel said softly placing the axe into Ysgrammor's hands.
When she placed the axe into the statues hands she heard a slight click and then there was a loud stone grinding sound.She looked beyond the statue to where she could see a large stone moving back then to the side.The axe had been the key to the tomb.
The tomb opened up to a large chamber where stone coffins stood against the wall or laid in the middle of the rooms upper chamber.They could tell the elements had gotten into the tomb since it had been resealed years ago.Water that was four inches deep all along the room had gotten into the tomb.
"I don't feel right about going in there."Vilkas said stopping Jahel."I'm unclean with the beast blood I wish I could but ....I can't."
"Very well Vilkas.Remain here and guard the entrance we'll need a way out if this goes wrong."Jahel said quietly.
Jahel,Farkus,and Aela entered the chamber of tombs walking slowly into the center.
"I can't believe it this is his soldiers.The ones he first brought into battle with him."Aela said"They founded the Companions."
"Amazing but this has me worried about Draugr."Jahel whispered.
"I understand your worries but by this time it wouldn't be draugr we need fear.It would be,"Farkus said."Ghosts or spirits."
They exchanged a brief look then glanced around for a magic rune or ward that would awaken the spirits.They started walking a bit more careful then they heard a low moan behind them,turning the saw an ethereal being of blue step from a grave.
"Earn your right further Companions only th worthy may continue." the spirit said pulling an ancient ethereal axe.
"Well I guess that means trouble."Aela said pulling an arrow from her quiver.
As they watched the one ghost come forward they were suddenly aware of other ghosts crawling out of graves.They formed a circle around each other standing back to back weapons at the ready.
The ghosts were slow in their movements and waited for the others to surround them.They waited till all were in position and then attacked at once.
The three started fighting and began to swing in procession to where they were protecting each other.They could hear the others getting into the fights with loud growls and grunts.
They spirits were overwhelming the three pushing them back towards a corner.Jahel's blood began to boil through her veins and she felt her fangs pull out of her gums.Jahel gave a snarl and shoved forward into the leader of the spirits her clawed hand grabbing it's throat.
Jahel's eyes went red and she hissed at the Companion spirit tossing the foe back.She turned her attention to the others that stood against them.
"You are not just a beast."hissed one spirit.
"Vampire!"hissed another.
"No she's one of us as well."the leader whispered.
The spirits and the Companions slowly moved around each other tense, ready for the fight to continue.
Then they slowly started to approach one another.
They leader ran forward swinging the axe down towards them and the fight starts again.Jahel and leader began trading blows.When they started fighting they were slowly seperated and ended up with there own group of spirits to fight.
Jahel was disarmed by the leader of the spirits and then she was left with her claws to block the attack.Jahel slashed her hands across the exposed ethereal skin after a few moments the others were knocked back by the defense.
She and the others made there way back to each other keeping the ghost away from them.The Companions kept fighting putting the spirits down one by one until no more were there.
"You may pass."They heard the last whisper as it vanished.
"Well the worst is behind us right?"Aela said with a smile.
"Maybe."Jahel said with a shrug.
They proceeded to the end of the chamber where they could see the door to the next chamber.This one was covered in thick sticky spider webs that kept them from getting through the door to the next chamber.
"I hate spiders."Farkus grunted.
Jahel and Aela exchanged a smirk before they stepped forward to cut away the webs.The webs were sticky and hard to cut through but after a moment they got through.
Looking inside the room they could see that the spiders had been here awhile long enough for the giant eggs sacks she had laid to hatch.There were smaller spiders running around that were the size of skeevers and then there was the giant mother.They could see webs strung over the walls and that the other door waas blocked off by webs as well.
"Let's just get this over with shall we?"Farkus sighed.
Jahel nodded and the three ran into the room with weapons drawn ready to kill the frost spiders.They sliced at the smaller ones scattering them out of their way trying to reach the bigger of the frost spiders.
Farkus stuck back to slice at the smaller ones while Aela got herself close to the giant spider firing arrows into it's back.
Jahel went around the giant spider with her sword slashing and hacking at it's exposed legs.The spider turned towards her thrashing with it's legs but it kept turning to spit poison at Aela.While it turned towards Aela with a hiss,Jahel ran and slid up under the spider slicing the underbelly with her sword.
The spider let out a loud hiss as its blood and guts spilled out some splashing onto Jahel.
With a loud grunt she shoved the corpse to the side as it began to fall to the floor.Standing she could see that Farkus was putting the last of the smaller spiders to the sword.Jahel smiled but she could see that he was rather pale from the fight.
"Farkus you alright?"Jahel asked.
"Look I want to accomplish this but these spiders...I don't know what it is about the creepy crawlies but that just doesn't work for me."Farkus said."I'm gonna head back and join Vilkas."
"Alright then be safe."
Farkus looked apolegetic but then turned and walked through the other door.
"I guess it's just you and me then."Aela said with a sigh.
"So it would seem."
The two cut away the webs over the other door then proceeded into the tomb of of Ysgrammor.
They experienced no further difficulties to reach the tomb when they arrived they were surpirsed to find the tomb had a fire going.They paused in the doorway looking in at the vast tomb before them.They could see the weapons,armor and many offerings left at the tomb.Some of it no doubt the wealth Ysgarmmor had gathered over his years.
In the center of the room was a lit brazier with blue flames coming up out of it.Standing near the fire standing as if warming their hands was an ethereal being.
Jahel looked at Aela who nodded drawing her arrow from the quivver as the other went down towards him.Before Aela could follow her down an iron gate fell blocking the entrance from her entering the room.
"Jahel no it has to be a trap."she hissed.
Jahel motioned for her to be silent then walked the rest of the way down the stairs.Moving around the brazier she held her sword tightly then stopped recognizing the spirit.
"Kodlak what are you doing here?"she whispered.
"Well it's nice to see you as well Jahel although I wish it was on better circumstances."he said with a cheerful smile.
"As do I but I don't understand I thought Hirricine would take you.This was a rescue we were planning."
"It would seem here he has no power to take us."
"If you had lived as long as I you would see more Harbingers here avoiding the hunting grounds."
"I see.I have the witch head we believe that we can grant you peace still."
"If that is true then I can really go to Savengarde."
Jahel nodded and then pulled the witch head from the leather bag she had brought with her.She showed him the head then looked around.
"What do I need to do?"Jahel asked him.
"You will throw this into the fire and then my wolf spirit will come forward.Then together we will end it which will free my soul from this curse."he replied softly.
"Very well then."Jahel replied with a nod.
Jahel tossed the Glenmoril witch head into the blue flames and then turned towards Kodlak.She could see that the spirit was hunched over and comvulsing as loud growls ripped through the air.She saw a red misty spirit take form behind Kodlak and she recognized a wolf.
The wolf let out a loud growl and lept towards Jahel with it's fangs bared in anger.Jahel lifted her sword and blocked the attack holding the creature back from her.The wolf and Jahel stood for a few minutes as it tried to lean across to bite at her angrily.Jahel was trying to balance and was steadily falling backwards under the weight.
Jahel was losing it when suddenly Kodlak came forward to slice the wolf with his ethereal sword.
The wolf fell back and turned to lunge at the Harbinger who was standing at the ready with his sword.They started fighting running back and forth keeping each other at bay with weapons.
Jahel started running to aid the others who were trying to fight each other.Jahel sliced at the wolf's flank keeping the wolf off balance from the onslaught that the two Companions were giving it.They were able to back the wolf spirit away as it started to thrash and growl at the two.
She pushed the two back hard till suddenly it convulsed and fell to the floor the red mist fading away.
"Is it done?"Jahel asked softly.
"Yes I believe it is."Kodlak said with a smile"I already feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.Thank you Jahel."
"It was a group effort."
"You have good leadership skills you would make a fine Harbinger.Yes I think it is time that the Companions find new direction go now as Harbinger.I go on to Savengarde."Kodlak said stepping away."Maybe from Savengarde I can help those who still seek it's glories from the hunting grounds."
Kodlak vanished as Jahel watched him walk away and she heard the sound of the gate rising up.
"Did I hear that right did he name you Harbinger?"Aela ased arms crossed over her chest.
"It would seem like it."Jahel said looking Aela in the eye."Do you have a problem with that?"
"Now that you mention it no I don't.You've stood by the Companions even when I blamed you for Skorge.You could've just walked away."Aela said"I'm honored to be the first to say welcome Harbinger."
Jahel smiled slightly and nodded still a little unsure of whether or not she liked the title.She didn't really know if a former thief needed to be the leader of a guild founded on honorable ideals.She looked around the room and walked up to the stone sarcophagus that held Ysgrammor.
She could see the possessions he had been entombed with lying around his crypt.She saw one specifically that she recognized as a shield.It had carved runes on the face of the shield with a symbol on the front that was the orginal Companions symbol when they faught the elves.
"Your welcome to remain I'm heading back to Jarrvaskr."Jahel said turning around.
"Alright I believe I'll remain awhile longer see you back at Jarrvaskr."
Jahel left Aela to her exploring knowing that she would return when she was ready to do so.She wasn't worried about her.
Jahel walked back out of the tomb and joined the twins back out in the first chamber so that she was back at the entrance.When she arrived they looked at her worried.
"We saved Kodlak and Aela is fine she chose to stay awhile."Jahel said."Kodlak ....he named me Harbinger."
The twins looked at each other and seemed shocked by this,they didn't seem really shocked though.After a moment they congratulated Jahel on the acheivement and the title she had placed upon her.
"What are you going to do now?"Vilkas asked.
"I'm returning to Jarrvaskr your both welcome to stay if you chose too."she said.
"I think I'd like to join you on the trip back."Farkus said with a smile.
Jahel smiled in agreement.
Jahel and Farkus set out together on their trip back to Jarrvaskr.They knew that they would arrive well ahead of the others and they thought about making a stop at Breezenhome.The two had unfinished business together.
Chapter Five
Jahel and Farkus arrived back at Whiterun ahead of the others as they had expected.They stopped at the gates just short of entering the city.
"Listen what happened back at the tomb before..."Farkus began scratching at his neck.
"What about it?"Jahel asked.
"I was hoping that meant we could be more then just sheild siblings."he replied.
Jahel tilted her head and raised her brow.
"If I am wrong please correct me now."Farkus whsipered.
Jahel leaned close to him only a few inches from his face grabbing the collar of his armor.
"Did you think I would do that for just anyone?No your as much mine now as I am yours.Don't.You.Forget that."
Farkus growled low in his throat grabbing her chin in his hand.
"Is that right Harbinger?"he said leaning closer.
Jahel smirked shoved him back lightly then proceeded inside it was only a brief pause before Farkus followed her inside.They dark elf was waiting at her door for him and when he entered the gates she smiled gesturing him to follow her inside.
Farkus simply opened the door to find Jahel handing her housecarl Lydia a small bag of gold.They Nord woman looked at Farkus as he walked in and she smirked knowingly as she walked past him to the door.The two were left alone in just a few moments later then they exchanged a look.
"Well where do you want to take this?"Jahel asked putting her sword into the rack.
"Why take it anywhere but here?"Farkus growled grabbing her hips pulling her back against them."I doubt that your a maiden but I'll ask anyway.Do I need to be gentle?"
Jahel rolled her eyes with a sly smile.
"Don't play games with me.I want to know how rough you can be Farkus."Jahel hissed showing fangs.
Farkus growled shoving Jahel up onto the table in the dining area begining to pull her out of her armor.Jahel smiled when he removed her upper armor and she pushed him back trying to begin to remove his armors.He shoved her back putting his hand around her throat squeezing lightly.
"Impatient?"Farkus asked.
"A bit."Jahel admitted."For reference I'd rather you not choke me I start to see red."
"Ah well....."Farkus stuttered surprised.
"May I get this started then you take over?"
"If that's what you want...Harbinger."
Jahel smiled then began removing the rest of his armor and then she took off her armor.Farkus's breathing hitched at the sight of her naked.
Her body had the same light blue tint to her skin,her breasts would fit in his hands perfectly,and he didn't realize she'd have so many scars.Most were light colored clearly old,only one looked still red and ragged.
"Thieves Guild work is harder then you'd think."she said with a smile.
Jahel got on her knees infrint of Farkus and ran her hand over his dick with a smooth slow motion.She leaned forward to run her tongue over the head slowly circling her tongue before taking the tip in her mouth.she sucked gently at first then increased the suction taking him in deeper inch by inch.
She sank her mouth all the way down his length as he moaned in pleasure then she began to pump her head slowly.
He ran his fingers through her hair as she sucked on him bobbing her head faster and faster.
Farkus snarled grabbing a handful of her hair then pulled her back off of his cock.Farkus leaned down pressing his lips to hers then pulling away.He used her hair to pull her to her feet then turned her around to where she had her back to his chest.
Jahel started to grind her body against his which made him growl deep in his throat.Grabbing her hips he stilled her movement then ran his hands gently over her body till her reached her pussy.With a smile he ran his hand over her clit and began to massage it slowly rubbing slow circles.
She moaned leaning full back against him with a sigh of pleasure.Jahel moaned as Farkus slowly ran his finger over her entrance then he pressed his finger inside her.Jahel moaned and her hips bucked pushing his finger deeper inside her.Farkus pressed two fingers inside her while he massaged her clit with his thumb.
"You..gonna tempt me?"she panted bucking against him.
"What do you want then?"he asked softly.
"I want you to fuck me please."Jahel whimpered.
Farkus nuzzled his way up her neck pulling his fingers from her pussy.With a smile he pressed soft kisses to her ear.
"Alright Jahel if you need me to stop just say so."
Farkus turned Jahel around and bent her over the table.Farkus ran his hands up her back slowly then brought them back down to rub his hands over her ass.He smiled leaning down to run his lips over her spine slowly then he took his hands and guided his cock to her entrance.
Farkus pressed forward till he had two inches of his cock inside of her before she started to buck her hips.He groaned when suddenly she shoved back burying his cock the rest of the way inside her dripping wet pussy.
Jahel started to rub her hips back against him and he could feel his cock being squeezed by her pussy.She moaned and looked back at him eagerly.
"Please Farkus."she whispered.
Farkus pulled back slowly till only an inch of his cock was buried inside her then he slammed back in his hips slapping against hers.He didn't stop then and the room filled with the sound of skin slapping against skin as he fucked Jahel from behind.
She was crying out with each thrust getting louder and louder from the pleasure,he could feelher shuddering underneath him.He grabbed a handful of her hair pulling back until she was looking up at him with a smile.
"I'm so close."she whimpered.
Farkus smiled and began thrusting faster shoving his cock harder into her waiting pussy then he heard her scream out in pleasure.He could feel warm liquid spilling out around his cock and he began to thrust harder.He could feel his own finish approaching and he grabbed her hips pulling her back hard.
She screamed out in pleasure as Farkus came inside her leanig over her back.She could feel the thick warm cum inside her and she moaned contentment.They laid on the table for a few minutes just breathing deeply recovering.
"You ok?"Farkus whispered.
"Oh yes."she sighed.
"Hold still I'm gonna pull out now."
As his cock slipped from her pussy Jahel moaned a little sad at the empty feeling as his cock and cum left her.
"I'll find something to clean you up with."
"Hey Farkus?"
"You gonna marry me now?"She asked with a smirk.
"Just try and stop me.I'll chase you back to Morrowind."He said with a chuckle.
Five months later.
Jahel sat on the stairs leading to Jarrvaskr watching the people go by on their daily business.She had her lounging robes on today instead of her armor,she hadn't been on missions in the last few months.She knew from the healers that she and Farkus were expecting their first child.
She took care of arranging quests,accepting payments,making sure warriors got paid,and she was keeping in touch with the Jarl.She was sitting on the stoop when she heard Farkus approaching from behind her.
"Hello husband."
"You always know it's me."he said with a chuckle."What are you doing out here?"
"Just watching the city."she said leaning back.
Farkus sat beside her then pulling her close to him with a gentle kiss.
Jahel looked up at him with a warm smile.
That was when the young man ran by heading towards Dragonsreach with a few guards following slowly at a distance.Jahel and Farkus stood approaching the guards who were hanging back.
"Guard what's going on?"Jahel asked.
"Harbinger there is word from Helgen a dragon has attacked."he said."They are saying another is heading this way."
"And the young man?"
"He was one of the survivors."

I do not own Betheseda games or any of the rights to Skyrim.Thanks for reading I'll be working on an original work I plan to release soon.

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