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Felicia C. 

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Everything was slightly fuzzy, I was sitting up against something hard, rock. My hands and feet were stuck to the ground with heavy slime, some dried, blocking my mouth also. I was naked. We were deep underground, in a small cavern formed long ago by the volcanic activity. I could see entrances to many other caverns as well. Light was coming from an unknown source. It was cold and damp.

I could now see where the moaning was coming from. My boyfriend was in the corner of the cavern we shared, secreted by the monster's slime to the ceiling. He was facing the ground, moaning pitifully as a long tentacle was working his cock. The monster was hidden nearby. A small dip in the ground was full of white. It had been working him for some time.

He cried suddenly and jerked, more white splashing below. His sack looked like it was inflating. The creatures were still inside him, accelerating semen production. The tentacle masturbating him stopped and let go, letting his penis dangle. He looked on the verge of sleep. The large puddle of semen rose slightly, revealing a tentacle which had been catching all my man's seed.

I struggled and broke out of the slime. As I started to run, tentacles tripped me up. I hit the ground hard. several secured my arms behind me, one leashing my neck. I felt hot breath on my ass.
It was in the cavern behind me.
Its thick member pushed into my ass, the tentacle around my throat squeezing, stifling every cry I made. Once it was fully in, it didn't thrust, just stayed still as I squirmed. The tentacle cupping my boyfriends ejaculate moved closer. I know what it wanted.

No way. There was at least a bowlful of it. I struggled more violently now. It choked my nose also, and began to pour the fluid into my open mouth. I spluttered and tried to spit. Its ramrod pushed deeper. I began to swallow, tears in my eyes.
My boyfriend watched, now above me, tears in his.
I finished swallowing. I felt something warm land in my hair and on my back. My boyfriend cried out again. It was forcing my boyfriend to now cum all over me as it continued its violation of my ass.
The smell of the semen was intoxicating. Within what could have been an hour, I had swallowed the bowlful of my man's semen and was covered by several more bowlfuls. The monster had cum several times, its fluid now leaking out of my ass. For the finale, it rolled me over and slapped its cock on my face, giving me a facial cum shot. Once it finished it rolled me back on my stomach, tied my hands again with slime, left me. I cried myself to sleep.

I woke up. It was morning or at least the version of morning down here. There was more light. The monsters cum had cocooned me to the ground. I tried breaking my hands free to no avail. I felt some being pulled off my face. It was my boyfriend, he had fallen off the ceiling sometime in the night. "Im so sorry" I whimpered as my face was free. "Its ok baby" he replied, focussed on setting me free. He looked at me funnily for a sec. Then his body was flung against the cavern wall. A different monster had arrived. It had a long tubular entrance covered inside and outside with several tentacles. I screamed. My boyfriend, slumped on the ground, began to to get up, weakly. His hands were pulled ahead of him by the monster and his face to torso were pulled into the monsters entrance, its mouth. I could see his ass spasming as he fought what ever was in there. I continued to scream, fighting to free the first monsters cocoon. It shot out a tentacle, slapping my face hard, another picking me up, slamming me into the ceiling.

Cocoon broken, I hit the ground and looked up just to see that my man was almost swallowed, feet jutting out, limply moving. This monsters tube mouth was like a tunnel, its body followed the lining of the cavern to the others in the distance. There was no way to gauge its size. I got up, my boyfriend was gone. The monster, its eyes now visible, wrapped a tentacle around one of my arms and pullled me up to its mouth. An arm free, I punched it full force in the eye. It squealed sharply and quickly secured both my hands as I swore abuse at it. My arms were pulled into it, most of my body length pulled inside its mouth, its tubular lips at the top of my ass. I could feel them slurping, it was strangly erotic. I went hard, my cock throbbing in its mouth.

I could feel the monster gazing at my ass, its saliva building up in its mouth, my body coated. Tentacles from deep inside were still holding my arms over my head. I saw the inner wall of the mouth pulsate and a mound thicken. A phallic shaped protusion emerged and pushed forcefully into my mouth. I choked on it, it was so hard and thick! I knew it was enjoying watching me squirm, my ass wiggling before it. I felt my ass brushed then penetrated by a tentacle, I gasped allowing the ramrod further in my mouth. I teared up, blocking my vision. It was so warm and wet as I was slurped and fucked. I was a piece of sex candy.

The ramrod buckled, the monster sighed, and I prepared for the inevitable. A small splash of liquid went down my throat. I moved back expecting the ramrod to go soft. It didn't. It instead began to spasm, slower then faster. It released thicker cum and didnt stop. I coughed, choked, swallowed and spluttered the torrent of seed. The mouth closed tightly, squeezing my body and limiting my head recoil. It continued the assault on my mouth as I swallowed load after load.

After a time, the ramrod had vanished, my mouth sore and violated to the extreme. My stomach was full of monster fluid. I was pulled all the way into its mouth. I was barely conscious as I felt myself slide down its tunnel throat. The journey was long, I could here something in the distance.
What was instore for me now, haven't I endured enough? Wheres my boyfriend?

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This is a trilogy so stay tuned.

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