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Lauren H. 

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I pass you your bag, you thank me and your eyes linger, staring into mine a little longer and deeper than normal, you get a smirk out of me as I look right back at you. We break away and put our bags down on our own side of the bed. You feel my eyes burning into you from across the bed, you turn and look at me hoping that the look on my face means what you think it does.

Without breaking eye contact you very slowly lean over the bed and then slide further on so that you're on your hands and knees. You crawl across the bed towards me, making sure you flick your hair back over just one shoulder so I have a clear view of your cleavage. Without any hesitation i start to undo my belt and unzip my trousers as you get to me you sit up onto your knees so your head is level with my chest. One by one you undo the buttons down my shirt, your mouth kisses my chest and stomach as you go down until you get to the last one. You push my already loose trousers to the ground to see me stood there in a pair of white Calvin Klein boxers, the sort that sit low down on the waist and leave little to the imagination because of how tight they are. While you're back down on your hands and knees you use your mouth to trace the outline of the huge bulge you can see in my boxers. You kiss and bite gently making it even bigger and harder. I have enough of this teasing and start to move my boxers down lower and lower until they are down to my thighs and you slide them down my legs and I step out of them and my trousers, you now have me stood in front of you with just an unbuttoned shirt on and my cock right in your face. You don't waist any time and you take it straight into your mouth and start to suck, you make me moan out loud at that first feeling of your lips and tongue around me. As I'm rubbing my hands through your hair while you give me a blowjob I get urges to make you choke on my cock, and I give into them forcing your head down so you take every inch in your mouth, you can feel me right at the back of your mouth, but it's still not deep enough for me. I stop you, get you back up onto your knees and rip your blouse open making the buttons scatter across the room, I put both hands on either side of your neck and give it a gentle rub only to then slide my hands to the side and remove your top. You're wearing a tight leather skirt with a zip round the back that runs all the way from top to bottom. I run my hand down your back to your bum and to the zip, I undo it slowly all the way making your skirt fall away. You're now knelt in front of me with nothing but your bra and knickers on.

You've felt me hard against your stomach while I've been undressing you and you want it back inside your body. I push you backwards on to the bed and then I spin you round 180° so that your head is hanging off the bed right in front of my cock, I'm so close you can almost taste me. I put the tip of me in your mouth, I stand just far enough away so that's all you can get, I help though as I start to masturbate into your mouth. As I stand there doing this my eyes are on your body and my mind is thinking of all the things I'm about to do to it. I lean over your body and move my hands to your chest, I grope your breasts. I've slid my hands under your bra so I can feel your nipples with my fingertips, as I've done this an extra couple of inches have gone into your mouth. I play with your nipples till they're hard. Now I move my hands further down your body to your stomach and waist. I lean down and start to kiss your body and again you get even more of my cock in your mouth which drives you wild and you start to suck harder. My mouth has got to just above your knickerline, as I slide my hands down your waist and they get to your knickers I slip my fingers under neath and push them down as far as I can reach leaving them at your knees. I start to kiss further down your body until my face is between your legs, by this point your mouth is full with my cock, it's pushing right to the back of your throat. I keep giving ever so slight thrusts to make you take it even further back.

You feel me lick between your pussy for the first time which makes you gasp and your mouth open wider which is met with a hard thrust from me so you have my cock in your throat. Your eyes are running and your gagging on my cock but you don't care as you're being eaten out really, fucking, well. My tongue is going over all the right places, flicking backwards and forwards in just the right spot, I can see how wet you are and I use my tongue to taste how wet I've made you too. You get the tip of my tongue inside you which is all I can do from this angle, but it's enough to drive you crazy. You put both hands on my ass cheeks and pull me in even closer, your nails digging into me. This makes me stand back up, I take your hands and put them by your side and hold them there, and then I start to fuck your mouth. You start to gag on me as I fuck your throat and I mean really fuck your throat, I'm doing it as hard as I'm about to do between your legs.

As I knew I'd be fucking you all day and night in this hotel room I planned ahead and what you didn't know was I'd taken a Viagra pill so I would stay hard even after I had cum..

As you lay there taking me in your mouth I start to remove your bra, I slide the straps off your shoulder and fold the main part back leaving your tits out. I play with your nipples as I'm ramming my cock into your mouth. I fill my hands with your boobs and squeeze tight. And then you hear me say what you've been wanting to hear 'I'm going to cum' you suck harder but it doesn't take much more effort, you soon get two or three weeks worth of cum shot down your throat, there's so much you have to push me back you can't swallow it all. There is just jets of it coming out of me to which I fire all over your chest, my cum is in your mouth, over your throat and chin and on your chest, I look down and can see my cum running off your nipples, like a good girl you take me in your mouth so very gently as it's sensitive right now and you clean me up making sure you don't waste a drop.

I walk round the bed and get on it. I grab your ankles and move you down with one sharp tug so your head isn't just hanging off any longer. I immediately lay onto my front and start licking your pussy again. I stretch your legs out wide and i lay my tongue flat as I start to lick you up and down. You're rubbing my cum into your tits as I do this which turns you on so bad. You feel your pussy getting wetter from my tongue and from inside from the way I'm doing things to you. I listen to your moans and gasps as I go over certain parts. I want to make you cum but I also want to enjoy your body. I dip my tongue in and out of you tasting your sweet body. It's like a drug, the more I taste the more I want. I'm not making this quick though, I build you up to the point you think you're about to explode and then I move away. The idea being I want you to have the biggest orgasm of your life and squirt into my mouth so much I have to swallow more than once. After playing for sometime you're begging me to do it, to make you finish. I push two fingers up inside you and finger you, hitting your g-spot as I lick away in just the right place. It takes you seconds before your grabbing at me and your whole body tenses as you feel it about to happen. You've never felt anything like it you can't even scream your voice box has closed up, you have to close your eyes so hard you start to see stars, your thighs are starting to crush my face but it doesn't matter as seconds later you squirt and orgasm harder than you're ever done before. You fill my mouth, I feel it come straight out of your pussy and it gushing into my mouth I swallow two or three mouthfuls and then I let the rest just go all over my face.

You lay absolutely shaking. Your whole body is trembling. Your muscles have relaxed and you've open your grip around my head with your thighs. You're breathless and stare at me in amazement. I look back at you my beard soaked in your fluid and smell. You've properly marked me as your territory. It's the most intimate act a man and woman can do to each other and we've just done it and made sure we've marked and claimed each other.

I reach for a towel that the hotel left on the bed and wipe my face. I hand you the towel and you also clean yourself up. We stand up together and kiss, the sort of kiss that says I love you. The sort of kiss that says this isn't over. You need to nip to the bathroom and get a glass of water. While you do I go into my bag. You enter the room again and set your glass down on the bedside table. You hear me walking over to you and then you feel me behind you, I brush your hair away from one side of your neck and I start to kiss it. Our bodies are touching from head to waist. I get as close to you as I can, you feel I'm still hard so you reach your hand back around and slowly tug on my cock. I haven't touched you with more than just my left hand yet. You wonder why both my hands aren't touching your body. As you grind into me you go to get my right arm and move it around you. You feel me resist but as you tug you hear a metallic clank. You do it again to make the sound again. You turn your head to look up into my eyes and with that look I grab you by the hair and slam you face first bent over the bed. There is a large wall length mirror at the bottom of the bed so you can see what is happening. The metallic sound was a pair of decent grade handcuffs. Not flimsy play ones. You knew if they went on you, you were not getting out of them until I let you out. I lay them on the side of the bed right next to where I'm holding your head, just so there was no mistake about what was coming next. I let go of your head and grab both your arms and out your hands behind your back. In the mirror you watch helplessly as I handcuff your hands together behind your back. And sure enough they are strong metal you try to see how much you can move them but they don't give an inch.

I spank your ass. Watching you in the mirror while I do. I do it to put a hand print on you, to mark you. You're completely powerless to stop it, any time you try to move I hold you down in place. Without your hands to push up off the bed you just have to take it.

The spanking stops and I walk over to my bag, you can't see what but I take something out of it.

I walk back behind you, and I drop to my knees, I start to kiss the back of your thighs and then the inside and then I start to lick and kiss your ass cheeks. I spread your legs wider and I lick your pussy, I put my tongue all the way in. I move it in and out fucking you with it. I bury my face into your ass and I then lick your arsehole. Flicking past it. I start to give you a rimjob. As you start to enjoy this you feel me pull back and hear the click of a bottle cap being undone. You feel some liquid dripping onto your ass, running down your thighs and into your asscrack. I stand back up and start to massage the oil into your body. I make sure rub it all over, I push my cock between your ass cheeks to make sure there's plenty of oil on that too. Your laid watching in the mirror as I have you handcuffed, bent over and rubbed oil all over your ass and my cock. You know what's coming, I'm about to fuck you up the arse, we're about to have anal sex for the first time.

You feel the tip of my cock teasing you, I push it over your arsehole until you feel the slightest bit enter you. You moan but that makes it better for me. I give you another inch, very slowly, you take it well, it feels nice for you. Again slowly you get another inch but I don't stop until I've filled your ass. I thrust back out of you and then into you. The oil from my cock has made it just slide in you. You're looking in the mirror and you are dripping wet from the thought that you are tied up in a hotel room, you've been bent over a bed and you're being fucked up the arse by a well built hot man with a massive cock. You stop yourself from daydreaming as you realise it is actually happening. I stand in a wider stance and hold your head down with one hand, gripping a handful of hair as I do and the other I hold onto the cuffs and i start to pound your ass. You can feel it inside your stomach I'm going that deep. Your arse cheeks are going to be bruised from my body slamming into you. And your insides are going to be ruined from this brutal ass fucking.

Because of all the time I've spent in the gym and running and in classes my stamina is higher than it ever has been. Couple that with the fact I have only just cum a few minutes ago, you have to lay there and take the pounding, there's no end in sight. You lay there and can feel the bruising start, you can feel I'm ruining your insides. You try to move to a different angle to lessen the blow but I've got you held down tight. It starts to make you feel like you're being raped. I take my hand off your head and start to finger your pussy while I fuck your ass, you love it, you feel like a total slag getting fucked in both holes at the same time. You're watching in the mirror as I do this to you and it gets you right off. You start to moan for it harder and harder. And you get it harder every time you ask. The whole bed is shaking from you being fucked into it. We are both starting to climax together. We can both feel it, you tell me your going to cum which in turn makes me do it too. You squirt on my hand and down your legs as you feel my cum shooting up your ass. Your having a screaming orgasm as I fuck my cum into your tight little ass.

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