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Andrea R. 

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Aunt was waiting for me when I came in from school. She was sitting in the kitchen on a stool and wearing only an oversized T shirt with a paddle in her had.
"Come here in front of me." She ordered sternly. I did as she said wondering why she was angry with me. "It seems Uncle will not be home until late this evening and so your punishment is up to me. You did not bring your laundry down so I and to climb the stairs to get it. And what do I see? I see an unmade bed! Did we not go over the rules here, Young Lady!" I nodded mutely. "You know what to do!" She snapped.
"Do you want me to do it right here?" I asked. "Of course I do!" was her reply. I undid my jeans and lowered them and my panties to my knees. "Everything!" She ordered. "Ma??am?" I asked to be sure. "Take all of your clothes off now!" She repeated. I did as she said and soon I was standing in front of her totally naked and exposed. "Over my lap!?? she demanded and I did as she said. She pulled her T shirt up to bare her legs and I laid over them, my ass s stuck up at a slight angle, perfect for the first swat of the paddle. I yelped on surprise and pain! Nine more times the paddle came down on my ass, hurting more each time until I was crying in earnest! "Please stop, Aunt!" I wailed loudly. She smacked me again and I almost leapt off of her lap with the pain. She was much harder on me than Uncle had been! She pinned her arm over my back and swatted me three more times. By now I was screaming with each strike. My ass felt like it was on fire before but now was beginning to numb a bit. She loosened her grip on me and brought the paddle down on my sore buttocks with the hardest strike yet! I screamed loudly and fell to the floor crying. She reached down and grabbed hold of my hair and pulled me to my knees. She sat back down and spread her legs wide. Her womanhood was directly in front of my face. I could smell the mustiness of her coming off in waves. "Stick out your tongue!" she ordered and without thinking twice, I did so. Then she smashed my face directly into her cunt. I could taste her juices on my tongue. "Now start licking it!" She commanded. I tentatively started licking up and down her wet slit but when I hit her clit, she started to moan. I brought my fingers up to her hole and slipped one in as I concentrated on her clit with my tongue and mouth. She began to moan louder as I worked my finger in and out of her. I slipped another finger into her and continued licking and sucking her clit. Within a very few minutes she began to grind her hips into my face and cried out loudly. I could feel her juices running out of her and sucked and slurped and licked until she stopped moving and pulled my head away from her cunt. "Enough." She stated. She then stood up, hand still grasping my hair and pulled me to my feet. Then she laid me over the stool and spread my legs wide. She put her hand on my wet mound and started to rub. Then I felt a cool liquid fall onto my buttocks and her hands massaging my red sore cheeks. I began to involuntarily move my body in rhythm with her strokes to my cunt when her other hand came down on my ass again! "You don??t move unless I tell you too!" She squirted more oil onto me and I felt it run down my crack. I gasped when I felt the ball of her thumb start to rub my anus. "Shhhhh?it will be ok, you have to trust me" she murmured. I relaxed then and she stuck two fingers of her other hand into my cunt and began working them in and out while she continued to rub my asshole. I began to feel the heat rise up in my stomach again and wanted to move against her fingers but I lay still, not wanting another swat on my ass. Then she kneeled down between my legs and put her mouth up to my cunt. I felt her tongue expertly moving around my vaginal opening and my clit. Her thumb was still massaging my anus as I felt the heat rise up in me again. After a few more minutes she started concentrating on my clit and within seconds I felt myself on the verge of exploding. Just then I screamed as I felt a sharp pain in my asshole. She had shoved her thumb up inside me. Her expert tongue working my clit combined with the sudden pain made howl as my body was wracked with an orgasm I had never felt the likes of before! She slowly withdrew her thumb and mouth as my orgasm subsided and I slid off the stool to the floor and lay there, naked and shaking, amazed that the amount of pain I was enduring at the hands of Uncle and Aunt was growing in intensity and feeding my pleasure in ways I never knew existed. Aunt left the room and presently, still stunned, I gathered up my clothes and came upstairs to write this. I want to swear I will never forget laundry and bed making after this but even if I do those things every time there will always be something else to paddle me for. But after Aunt??s punishment today, I don??t think I will really mind. The paddling hurts and excites me at the same time and afterwards there is always something new and even more exciting happening!

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