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Praveenkumar F. 

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He looked so handsome, his black locks and gorgeous smile. He gave me a big kiss on the cheek and showed me to our table. I sat there feeling quite awkward at first, but the conversation soon started flowing, we placed our orders and were soon lost in each others lives, talking about past loves and jobs. My hand was on the table, tapping with happiness, i was loving it, then he touched it, stroked my finger with his big manly hands. I felt his smooth leather shoe stroke my black stockings. It tickled me, excited me, I dropped my fork.

She was a vision from out of a dream of intoxicating proportion. I knew I wanted to be near her from the first time I saw her and now that I had my chance I was in heaven. Her eyes glowed with gentle warmth as I took her hands in mine... they felt unbelievably soft and I raised her hand up to my lips kissing it once gently. The atmosphere in this restaurant was blissfully serene nothing could pull my eyes away from her as we basked in the soft afternoon breeze awaiting our food. The waiter, a clumsy old man with a loud voice intruded our moment to ask what drinks we would have and I asked for a rather strong but tasty liqueur which you nodded your agreement to. But I was already drunk with the sight of you

the waiter became impatient with me for taking so long to decide "just pick a drink" he hissed. I looked over at you, and smiled, i asked you what i ought to have. you nodded and whispered to the waiter. he left in a hurry, and there we were once again, his face was an image i could only ever have imagined. his hand stroked mine some more. i knew there was a reason i was wearing them new lace knickers. i stupidly ruined the moment and left to powder my nose, he looked disappointed, but i went for a good reason. i got to the ladies and fiddled with my hair, i felt a little nervous, i needed some drink. i returned, he greeted me with a warm smile.

I could feel the rush of the alcohol to my head as we toasted our first date, she returned looking even more like an angel than before. We downed our drinks faster than I'd anticipated and giggled about our intake a bit. Her cheeks going flushed and my trousers shrinking. I felt a strong urge to kiss her but with the table between us the couple feet between us felt miles. I wanted her badly. I wanted to smell the fragrance of her soft perfect hair, taste the aroma of a perfect kiss. I toasted us again and we downed this round even faster than the first. The waiter returned with our food but nothing could have been farther from my mind. I wanted her, I wanted to taste her juices and feel her squirm underneath my gentle touches

i couldn't believe how light headed i was feeling, I wasn't sure whether it was the sight of his sexy face, the lack of food, or the drink. we started tucking into our food, less talk, but more gazing and stroking. but i didn't want to eat, i just wanted him to touch my body, and kiss me. i fed him my last bite. he licked his lips, the lips i could imagine licking my most sensitive parts. He ordered the waiter over and asked if i wanted a desert, i said no, i didn't want to eat anymore, i liked that i was getting a little drunk, it was giving me some confidence and i could tell he was liking it. i so badly wanted to feel his stubble on my cheek. He excited me when i saw him get up for the bill, he reached out his hand and assisted me out of the chair. we left the restaurant.

Walking down the beach we made our way to my house, a good miles walk. Usually an easy distance though we were quite enchanted with each other and the wine along with the intoxicating romance made the long walk stretch on forever. You walked closer to the water, the sunset casting a glow across your features that drove me crazy, I leaned over nearer to you and kissed you on the mouth.
You paused a bit, staring into my eyes with an obvious lusty gaze, pulled in closer and kissed me back our arms wrapping around each other twisted our tongues in a Ferris wheel pattern with a radiant sunset timing itself perfectly behind our silhouettes. We were so close to my house, right on the beach with no neighbors, yet I wanted to savor the moment, this perfectly placed romantic blissful kiss

you began to lower your hands, but still holding me close, i loved the texture of your stubble, tickling my cheek. the kiss went on for so long, i didn't want it to end, slowly we parted, you looked into my eyes and asked me if i was okay. i nodded, but was feeling a little tired, the walk had been a long one and i was dying for a rest. you held my hand as we sat on the soft sand. the sound of the waves was so calming,it all seemed so perfect. you touched my leg with your hand,and began caressing me. i couldn't stop you, i didn't want to, it felt so right, you were all i wanted right then. we began kissing again,but this time it was getting more heated. so i lay back there in the sand. you leaned over me and kissed me some more. I was all yours and you knew it. you loved it.

The sky turned a golden hue of orange as the sun tucked away behind the waves, the sand tickled at our arms as I leaned over you kissing you, passionately feeling your perfect lips mesh with mine pulling away for a second we smiled at each other and you pulled me back in to kiss you more, lightly I let myself rest against your lower half my rock hard erection grazing your leg through two sets of fabric but still feeling amazingly blissful, I shifted from kissing your lips to your neck, your shoulders and your collarbone, my lips caressing bare skin as far as your top would allow, I was intent on pleasuring you and the soft sighs you let out with every touch assured me I was well on my way

you were going lower, the fabric on my top was going further down. i whispered for you to remove it, and you did, you were so gentle. my naked breasts were under you, your chest leaning on mine. you began kissing me, teasing me. i could feel your erect penis on my leg, it made me want it more and more. your tongue moved to my nipples, making small circles, i was in heaven. my hand was stretched along the sand, while the other gripping to your back. i pushed you away so suddenly, and you landed flat on your back, we giggled for a minute, until i sat legs open, over your pelvis. i began to kiss you this time, around your face, nibbling your ear. my breasts brushing against your chest. then i began removing your shirt with my delicate fingers,each button so carefully.

I was intoxicated. With the taste of wine, your skin, your lips. And now with you above me removing my shirt I was drunk with lust. Your perfect breasts hung teasingly over my face, nipples just out of my tongues reach so I ran my hand tenderly up and down your back feeling your skin in the gentle night breeze as you hovered with your crotch just over mine our sexes touched lightly sending shivers up and down both our spines, distracting you from where you were kissing my neck and naked chest. my hands slid down your back and took your delicious behind one cheek per palm and firmly squeezed you. You shrieked a bit, a good scream and sat back a bit giggling at me and pressed your vagina firmly down against my bulge through our layers of fabric. I almost came then and there but I held on

I couldn't believe how much adrenaline was rushing through us. i started undoing your belt buckle, so desperate to see your penis, see what would soon be inside me. Your face was a picture, when you felt me remove your trousers and boxers. i heard you groan slightly, your face screwed up as i began sucking it, one hand firmly gripped around the base, moving up and down. my lips were so tight around your penis, i could sense the pleasure you were gaining through your moaning. your breathing grew heavier, so i went faster. it was like we'd forgotten where we were; a place where anyone could see us. the thought of being caught made us more excited. my thoughts were too busy however, all i could think was how i wanted to please you.

I was torn with indecision, whether to focus on the sensation and stare at the sky or lift myself up to watch the indescribably hot sight of you sucking me off with a brilliant golden sky behind you. It was blatantly the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen. Yet I couldn't keep my eyes open, wave after wave of pleasure swept over me and I warned you that if you kept going I was going to cum... if you kept this pace I'd lose control, yet you maintained your pace looking hungrily at me staring into my eyes as your hand bobbed up and down my shaft your lips just barely touching the top of my knob. I was in an indescribable state of euphoria and I wanted you more than anything I'd ever had. I pulled you up to kiss me again and rolled you onto your back again... kissing down over your chests. I kissed past your nipples, rock hard in the sunset to your abdomen lifting your dress up and kissing the outside of your lace undergarments, I was so hard for you and I was dying to taste your juices, I pulled your covering aside and stared at your wet vagina in all its glory, beckoning to me with your eyes to taste it I leaned in and softly dug in with my tongue

the sensitivity of my clit was insane, so many feelings were running through my body, it was almost too much to cope with. your talented tongue was doing wonders to me, licking me so fast, your long manly fingers, rubbing my lips. slowly you entered me, one finger first, then two, going in and out, so fast. both of my hands were holding your hair. every now and again i would open my eyes, seeing a red sky. a red so passionate, so perfect for our night. i stopped you, and begged you to make love to me. you reached up, and kissed me some more on the lips, then i licked your fingers, sucking your middle one. i asked you if i tasted nice, you told me how you wanted to eat me all night long... i smiled and sucked it some more. you opened my legs, wide and far apart, now all i had on me was my dress, covering only my stomach, you kissed my hips, going to my inner thigh, and stopped. " are you ready ? " you asked with a cheeky grin. i nodded.

I lapped at your vagina once more... coating it with as much of my saliva as I could, though your juices had you well primed enough, I just wanted to tease you a bit more, though my rock hard cock was dying to be inside you, to feel your heat radiating against me. Kissing back up your stomach softly and coming up to your lips the head of my cock lightly ran up the inside of your leg, you reached your hand down to move it closer to its entrance, which was practically shivering with excitement and anticipation... the head of my cock found the outer folds of your vagina and slowly as I could humanly do I sank myself into you as I stared into your eyes, the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen and in the red light mirrored my hungry lusty desire as we sank into each other panting and gasping[i]

you felt so big inside me. so deep, it was making me breathe so heavily. both of us, in the missionary position, loving every second. i kept staring at you, i couldn't stop, i wanted to see every facial expression that you made, i wanted to know how amazing you felt being inside me. in fact, i wanted to see your reaction, when i was to do you. as much as i loved you in control of my body, as much as i longed for it, i rolled you on your back. i was now riding you,like a little cow girl, grinding my vagina around your cock so fast you loved it. my breasts were bouncing up and down as i rode you faster.your hands gripping onto my hips.i wanted you inside me all night long,i wanted you to fuck me forever. the feeling was so pleasurable i couldn't keep my silence any longer,i began to scream.

[i]From the moment you sank down on my hard shaft I was in a state of bliss, the sensation of your tight vagina squeezing me was sensational as i felt every move as you gyrated on me. Your scream pierced the air and I grabbed your perfectly formed ass squeezing you as you squeezed me with your insides. Your heat was unbearable. I felt you pounding against my pelvis, the loud slapping noise echoed against the cliffs along with your screams and in a whimsical moment I pulled you close and whispered in your ear. "Easy darling, you'll wake the fish" we giggled a bit and kissed softly, you for a moment motionless on top of me as I moved almost unnoticeably slow inside you. Our mouths intertwined for what felt like years as our tongues danced the dance of intoxicated lust. Unbridled. Untamed.

I couldn't believe the sensation that was rushing through my body. This had to have been the best sex I had ever had. As we lay there kissing, you embraced me, your warmth protected my naked body. Slowly I ground on you, so you went deep inside me. I could hear your small gasps in my ear, and it made me love it even more. You kept kissing me, your soft lips on my neck, and then my nipples. So delicately you turned me on my back, and sunk me into the sand. My legs wrapped around your arse gave you the perfect space to fuck me. And so you did. The kissing stopped, it got so serious, I gripped your arms, as you thrust faster and faster, your cock was so hard, so big. The panting grew louder. You were like a machine, doing me so violently. I loved it.

my Cock pistoned in and out of you so quickly that you had to scream, your fingers dug into my arms squeezing me as I felt your deep wet heat embracing my member with each pass. I pumped into you with a fervor I thought unimaginable in coitus and relished every sound out of your mouth. Then slowly I pulled your hands around behind my neck and pushing up slowly stood up with you still sitting on me you gripped me tightly as I stood slowly, feeling the change of gravity focus move our insides in an intense way, slowly I walked us up the beach to my porch, and sat you down on my patio table. You stared at me with hungry eyes and ran your fingernails down my chest. You had one command and only one. Three words. "Make me cum"

The table was hard, and made me even tighter around your cock. I leaned forward with my arms around your neck, you had your hands on my back, stroking me, we were going at it, for so long, so quickly, drips of sweat were falling off your forehead. The sound of the ocean was now so quiet I forgot where we were. Your body and mine were so close. The flesh touching so tight. I begged you to fuck me faster, and you did. You bit my ear, the pain turned me on so much. I started thrusting too, you moved your hand on my clit, your fingers rubbing my clit so fast. The pleasure was so intense. I kissed you quickly. It was time, I was going to cum.

I pistoned in and out of you as fast as I could hearing you shriek almost directly into my ear, mostly indecipherable noises of pleasure. "I'm coming" you shrieked at the very moment I was reaching my own plateau. I moved to pull away from you and watch better but you wrapped your legs around me tight holding me inside you as your spasms gripped me inside you,you held me motionless in your wetness as you shuddered under me it was all I could do not to cum right into you. Your eyes glazed as your back arched toward the sky and your arms wrapped around my neck you pulled me in closer to kiss me, trembling still from the euphoria I'd given you. Somehow I knew there would be more before we finished.

I lay there shivering. Your body was rested on mine, you gave me a minute to calm down, and compose myself. I grinned at you, and kissed you. "baby, its your turn" I said. You looked pleased, as I was too. For you'd given me one of the best orgasms I had ever had. I owed you one, and one is what I gave you. I knelt down on my knees in front of you, you watched me with a smile, you knew what was coming up... I kissed the tip, licking and kissing. I kept looking up, you looked so content, I wanted you to cum so bad. I started sucking, slowly at first, then getting faster. I sucked some more, wrapping my hand around the base. You brushed my hair back with your fingers, you pushed my head in closer towards you, I could feel your penis touching the back of my throat.

It was harder to tell which was hotter, the literal temperature of your mouth in the night breeze or the hungry look in your eyes as you relished my horny cock. Your movements grew faster driving me wild, deep in my loins I could feel a fire burning and i knew I was close. Pulling you back a bit I moved your hands to my cock one on top of the other and had you aim my loaded weapon at your beautiful melons, your breasts. Sweaty in the twilight dusk you kissed just the head as you pumped my hard shaft violently with your hands. Still staring up into my eyes as you kissed just the head... swirling your tongue around my sensitive head and then taking me deep into your mouth again

I pressed my lips closer around your penis, making the friction almost unbearably amazing. You pulled my hair "I'm going to cum" you said. I gave my last and best efforts with my mouth. Like a gushing waterfall, I felt your cum drench the back of my mouth. I swallowed. It tasted warm, going down my throat. You removed yourself from me. You helped me up. We stood there, naked, kissing. I loved the feeling of you, your skin so soft. You stroked my cheek, and thanked me for an amazing night. You invited me in, and I followed. I looked back, and saw the evening night's sky, the shimmering stars, the soft sounds of the sea. It was so beautiful. I followed you into the house. It felt so warm.

I was glad I'd cleaned up before going out with you, anticipating perhaps bringing you back but I hadn't anticipated the both of us being stark naked and drunk with lust the first time you surveyed my living quarters. I went into Tour guide mode briefly showing you about the spacious living room with two giant couches soft and long, which you compared to my cock - which instantly took away the comparison to softness. Walking through to the kitchen briefly I then showed you into the master bedroom with my California King size bed. You were exuberant, running and diving head first into it and remarking at the tremendous size of it and the softness of the blankets on your sensitive skin. looking in from the doorway I stood just staring at your luscious naked form on my bed. Waiting for me.

I was in heaven on your bed, sinking into the depth of the mattress, I just wanted you to jump on me. And so you did. We lay there for a while giggling at our mad passionate sex on the beach. The atmosphere became still and serious. I looked into your eyes, longing for you to hold me again, to kiss me as you did earlier that evening. You began teasing me a little, stroking my legs, and complimenting me on my smooth skin. I raised your hand and kissed it gently. You gave me the eye, the knowing stare. You rolled over, on top of me, you pressed your supple lips against my cheek, then down my neck, biting me softly, and whispering the sexiest things I'd ever heard. I pushed you over onto your back and started pleasing you, your hard cock was now in my mouth.

I felt shivers go up and down my spine, having already felt you give me head and slide up and down my shaft in ecstasy still every time felt different and more exotic than the last and now in a more private setting I could just stare at you without a care feeling your lips dance up and down my erection. Your lips wrapped around my head gently sucking made me gasp for air as you focused more on the finesse of oral than forceful rushed sensations we'd experienced earlier. I felt your hand gently caress the underside of my balls and I arched my back again... reaching down for you pulled you up to me kissing you full on the mouth I slid my wet cock against your outer lips teasing you yet denying you instant gratification. I was going to build you up to the point of ultimate bliss. I kissed hard

I could feel it pressing on me, almost inside me, I was dying for you to be inside me again. You entered me, so quickly. I felt myself tight around your cock, you began thrusting, we lay there in the military position, as original as possible, yet utter bliss. I leaned back, and sat up, riding you like a wild horse. The sex got loader, our moans, and sounds, it all filled the room with passion. I stretched myself forward to grip myself onto the bed frame,whilst I ground my wet pussy on you faster and faster. I could tell you were loving your view, my breasts bouncing up and down over your face, every now and again you'd reach out and bite my nipple then suck it,with your tongue making a thousand circles.The sensation I was feeling made me powerless to speak,I just didn't want it to end

I grabbed you holding you still for a bit and started to move inside you as fast as I could, our pelvises slapping hard against each other as the ecstasy filled us with bliss. You went over the edge before I could slow down your insides clamping down on me like an iron vice. Screaming in bliss you convulsed on top of me kissing me madly on the lips as our mutual moans and sex tones echoed. your insides squeezed me like no other sensation I'd even felt before, everytime I was inside you you felt tighter. You had me on the very brink of cumming and weren't getting off me. I tried to get the words out - to warn you but the wave was looming over me and english was becoming as foreign as morse code. Wave after wave of bliss swept over you gripping me with pleasure. I screamed.

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