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Shantell A. 

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If you don‚??t like gay stories don‚??t read, thank you.

I was 20 at the time; I‚??m 6‚??1 180 with more of a swimmer build with a 7 inch dick. Which I kept nicely shaved. Well I‚??m very much addicted to porn. I watched it whenever I had a free moment and jerked off as often as possible. Well my biggest fantasy was to stick my dick in a glory hole and get sucked off but someone. I didn‚??t care if it was by a guy or a girl I just turned on about the idea of a glory hole. So I googled the location of places I could find a glory hole and the closest place to me was a pleasures store where it said it had an arcade were you could find glory holes. Well I was nervous very nervous so I ended up going to this store half a dozen times in the next month trying to suck up the courage to buy a ticket to go into the arcade but always chickened out. Then one day I just went in paid in cash and walked behind the black curtain.
Within thirty seconds I had a guy come up to me asking if I sucked him off he would suck me off. And I asked if he was clean and dieses free he said yes and we snuck into the nearest stall. On the television in the booth we entered were two black guys one with his massive dick shoved down the throat of the other guy. The guy came into the booth and closed the door behind us; locking the door he placed his attention on me. He grabbed me and pulled me close feeling my ass up. Me never doing anything like this was shocked and confused what to do so I grabbed his ass too squeezing it. Then he pulled away and he lifted my shirt up and started to suck on my right nipple then my left. Which I will admit now had felt amazing but at the time was new and weird. I thought the best thing to do was to fell his dick through his gym shorts he was wearing. It was already hard and was ready to be let out, never feeling a dick before it caught me off guard that I did that without hesitation. But of course I was nervous so I just rubbed him through his shorts. Then he pulled his pants down exposing his 8inch dick, clearly wanted me to jerk him off. He proceeded to take my pants off, I was so nervous I couldn‚??t get my dick hard, even with him grabbing me I couldn‚??t get it up.
So here I am my pants down to my ankles and my shirt lifted up. I was pretty much naked in the middle of a dark room with a guy going balls deep in another man‚??s ass on the television. With my dick looking amazingly small and the man in front of me with a big ass dick pointed toward me. I had come in to get sucked off and I was now all of a sudden was about to put a dick in my mouth. I don‚??t know how it happened and even today couldn‚??t care how. I felt like such a slut. And I loved it. I now wish the door was open when all this happened so I could have had an audience maybe a few people join in but sadly that wasn‚??t how it happened. I then proceeded to get on my knees and put the head of this complete strangers dick in my mouth. His musk from his pubic hair was overpowering and smelled awful but that just made me feel even more like a slut. Using my tongue I swirled it around the head of his dick before taking more of him in my mouth. My right hand playing with his balls, my left hand on the base of his dick jerking off his hard dick in rhythm to my mouth working on the tip of his dick, trying to bring him as much pleasure as possible. I was going for about 5 min when I could tell the guy was getting impatient because he grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face. I tried to take it all but I simply just couldn‚??t and I started gagging. I had to pull off to catch my breath but he wouldn‚??t have it, he shove his dick right back in my mouth. Oh what a slut I felt at this point and time, Naked in a video arcade with a dick in my mouth and gay porn going.
I then felt his ball tense up, I knew what was coming but I didn‚??t know what to do. Then before a second thought his cock swelled up even more and then string after string of his cum hit my tongue. And what a load it was, it filled my mouth till it leaked out the side of my mouth; I wasn‚??t sure if I should swallow it or not so I ended up pulling my head off his dick and spit it out. And the guy was still cumming I couldn‚??t believe it! He had at least another half dozen squirts of cum came out of his dick. I then stood up pulling my pants up and pulling my shirt down. The guy proceeded to pull some napkins from his pocket and cleaned off his now limp dick. He pulled up his pants thanked me taking his dick and walked out of the booth. I looked out the door as he left to see if anyone was waiting or had heard. Part of me hoping there was someone else but alas there wasn‚??t.
I then closed the door, locked it and turned my attention to the gay porn on the television. The shock then wore off and I realized what I did, I sucked off a guy. I just had a gay experience, I was a mans lil fuck toy. The taste of the man‚??s cum still in my mouth. I instantly got hard. I then grabbed my dick and played with myself till I came in my own hand. I proceeded to lick my hand clean of all my cum. And I exited the arcade. To this day I still masturbate to what had happened that night, and how I was some guy‚??s cumslut.

This is my first story I have written and would love to hear your comments.
If anyone wants to meet up in Denver feel free to email me.

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