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Tiffany V. 

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The names have been changed.

First, a little backstory. My wife, Julie and I got married at a young age. She was 18 and I was 21. My 45-year-old mother-in-law had been divorced for about a year and was between jobs, so we were living with her to help with the bills.

One afternoon, we were all sitting around the house just relaxing. Julie got up and said she was going to go take a shower. I got it into my mind that I would surprise her in the shower and maybe get a bit of action while we were in there. I waited until I heard the water start, then silently crept into the bathroom and got undressed. I walked over to the shower and opened the door but, to my surprise, it wasn‚??t my wife but my mother-in-law, Kathy. She was just as surprised to see me as I was her and we both let out a startled scream. I didn‚??t know what to do so I just stood there staring at her with my cock already hard. Kathy is pretty, but not overly so. She is 5 ft 2, thin, has platinum blonde hair cut David Bowie style, b-cup tits, an average ass, and a perfect, unshaved pussy. I stood there staring for what seemed like an eternity before she said, don‚??t just stand there. Either get in or get out. I let the dark side prevail and got into the shower. As I let the water cascade over me, I felt her start to lather me up. She began with my chest and slowly worked her way down to my cock which she spent a lot of time on. I am not very long, about 6 inches or so but I am very thick. About 2-1/4 inches across. As I stood there getting jerked off by her, I reached out and began fondling her tits. I could feel the anticipation of this forbidden encounter quickly building up intensity inside me and it seemed that Kathy could as well because she started stroking faster and faster. I couldn‚??t take it any longer and surprised her by my orgasm. When I cum, I shoot far and I cum A LOT. It seems like a gallon but it‚??s probably only a ¬ľ cup or so. The first stream really surprised her as it hit her under the chin. The remain spurts shot all over her tits and stomach. She was covered in my cum. It‚??s a good thing we were in the shower. I really wanted to fuck her, right there and then but the shower was rather small and with me being 6 ft 1, our height difference made it very difficult. Not to mention the fact that my wife was somewhere in the house, so we washed ourselves off and separately left the bathroom. The rest of the day was a little awkward.

I work swing shift and Julie works days, so we don‚??t get to see a lot of each other. I usually get home around 3 am and she leaves at 7. The next morning, I was stirred awake by someone slipping into bed with me. It was still a little dark in the room so I thought it was still early enough for Julie to still be there and didn‚??t give it much thought. Then, I felt a hand on my thigh that slowly moved its way up to my cock. My dick sprang to life as this hand took hold of it, slowly stroking it up and down. After a minute or so, I felt a mouth stretch over my cock and struggle to engulf it. I knew now that this was NOT my wife as I can count on one hand how many times she sucked me in the 20 years we were married. This was definitely someone different‚?¶and experienced. She would take me in as far as it would go and then pull up and slowly work the head for a while until taking it deep into her mouth again. This went on for a few minutes before, without warning, I exploded into her mouth. There was so much, so fast that she couldn‚??t hold it in her mouth and it was oozing out all over the place. I don‚??t know if she swallowed any of it or not but I like to believe she did. I wanted to slip my cock into her pussy, but she got up to get a towel and never came back. I think she was teasing me and I went back to sleep.

Later that day, I got up to get ready for work. Julie was already home so I knew I wouldn‚??t have to face the awkwardness of being alone in the house with Kathy and not knowing what to say.

After thinking about her all day at work, I had it in my mind that I was going to have that pussy tonight. When I got home, I quietly sneaked into the house and into Kathy‚??s room. She was laying in bed, on her side with only her legs covered by the blanket. She was wearing a satin camisole and matching, v-cut panties. I stood there, plotting what I would do first. I reached out and rubbed my hand over her ass, very gently so to not startle her awake. Then I slipped my fingers under her panties and slowly pulled them tight to her pussy. Then, I gently rubbed the outside of her panties over her labia. She was already swollen and soaking wet but made no indication that she was awake. After caressing her pussy for a few minutes, I eased my hand between her knees and carefully pulled them apart. She rolled onto her back with her legs spread slightly apart. I decided that I was going to pay her back for the previous day. I spread her legs further apart and slid between them. I started kissing her inner thigh and gradually worked my way to her panties. They were drenched. I slipped my fingers under the crotch of her panties and slid them aside. I was literally shaking in anticipation. I started licking her pussy, starting with the outer lips, then slowly moving inside. As I slipped my tongue inside her I began to rub her clit with my nose. Her body came alive. She started squirming, put her legs over my shoulders and then used both hands grip my hair and pull my face in tighter to her engorged pussy. She started grinding on my mouth and tongue. I was working as hard as I could to make her cum. She started bucking and writhing and had to put a pillow over her face to muffle the sounds she was making. When she finally relaxed a bit, I stood up and took my clothes off. I was as hard as a rock and soaking wet. I crawled between her legs and started sucking on her nipples. She reached a hand down and grabbed my cock and began rubbing it all over her pussy, mixing the juices together. Then, she put the head of my dick at her entrance, wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me inside. As I eased inside her, she let out a gasp. I‚??m not sure if it was in ecstasy or just the sheer girth of my cock but I really didn‚??t care either. I started rocking back and forth, moving in and out, letting her get used to it, then began to pound her pussy faster and harder. She began cumming so hard I thought she was having a seizure. This really turned me on and I was about to explode. I told her I was ready and started to pull out, but she said she wanted to feel that geyser inside her. She said she had a partial hysterectomy years ago so there was no risk in getting pregnant, so I let it flow. This was one of the biggest, most anticipated orgasms of my life. I felt like my cock was a fire hose just blasting the cum inside her as I continued to thrust in and out of her. Every time I would push in, semen would come flowing out of her swollen cunt. I collapsed on top of her while still inside her. As we lay there, she said that my orgasms really turned her on. She had never fucked anyone with the power and volume I could produce.

Over the years, Kathy and I had sex on dozens of occasions in the 20 years that Julie and I were married, but none were ever as great as that night. The last time was when she came up for my oldest daughter‚??s wedding. I was 45, she was 70 and STILL great in bed.

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