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Rhonda C. 

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If you've never been to a Russian party, you're missing it, they know how to party. There is food, vodka and dancing all night long. The restaurant she picked had a motel across the parking lot from it and there was a group of eight couples, one couple lived in the city, that went down for the party and all of us out of towners got a room at the motel, which wasn't fancy but clean. We arrived around 6:30 which allowed us time to check in and gave me sometime to get dressed and put on my face. I brought down a simple black dress with a halter top that scooped low in the back, it exposed most of my back down to my waste. Obviously, I couldn't wear a bra with this but my husband didn't seem to mind. The dress was short, probably six inches above the knees, I didn't bother with nylons. I went for the vamp look in the make-up, darkening my eyebrows, dark eye-liner and shadow and deep red lipstick. My husband hates to be late, so at 8:00 on the dot, we started across the parking lot to the restaurant. It was chilly out and I had forgotten a coat, all I had was a shawl. My husband put his jacket around me and kept his arm around me as we walked. This was going to be a fun evening!

When we got there, a few of the couples were already there. The appetizers were on the tables as was the vodka and each couple had brought a bottle of fine wine. We started with the wine. The guest of honor was an hour late as was her m.o. She loved to make an entrance and this night was no exception. She had model looks, was tall with a killer body. She wore a black neck with a plunging neckline that had to go close to her navel. She and I had the same idea about the look that night, it was definitely a vamp night. By the time she arrived, I was already tipsy from the wine. The food kept flowing, the wine got drunk and we began to drink the vodka, Russian style, downing shots at a time after each toast.

The music started around 9:30 and all of us women loved to dance but only my husband and a few of the men joined in. We changed partners on the dance floor quite a bit and some of the men from other groups would ask us to dance as well. When there weren't any men to dance, we ladies would dance by ourselves. This got a little risque as we would spread our legs and lift our dresses up a little higher while we straddled each others legs. One of the ladies slipped her arm around me and her hand creeped inside the back of my dress down to my butt. I looked into her eyes and put my arms around her neck and gave her a big kiss. There was hooting and hollering from the audience as I did. We broke our embrace, faced the crowd and gave a big bow.

When the band broke most of us ladies went out for a smoke. The others had brought coats but I only had my shawl. When we got there, there was a guy from the party already smoking. He saw me shivering and offered me his coat which I gladly accepted. Since I was wearing his coat, he and I started talking and before I knew it, the girls had gone back inside and we were the only ones left outside. As I was smoking one last cigarette, he stood behind me and started rubbing my arms and shoulders to keep me warm. As he did, his fingers would brush the sides of my breasts. This wasn't making me warm, it was sending goose bumps up and down me. I leaned back against him and offered him a puff on my cigarette which he took. When it was done, I turned around, thanked him for the use of his jacket and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He gently grabbed my chin and returned the kiss, only on my lips. His hands found there way inside his jacket, to my sides and around to my back. One hand found the zipper back there and undid it, giving both of his hands room to cup the cheeks of my ass. I could feel his cock growing inside his pants and I loved the moment, but there was a party waiting and I broke our embrace, gave him back his jacket and went back inside.

Inside, I went straight to the restroom to fix my make up. The guest of honor was there and noticed that I was unzipped. She smiled and asked what I had been doing. When I told her, she stood close to me, and slowly moved her hand down my back to my butt. "You mean he did this?" as she played with my butt and let one finger probe my crack, almost to my pussy. I leaned on the sink and said yes, savoring her touch. She laughed, pulled her hand out and zipped me up, slapped me on the butt and went back to the party. I went back to the party found my husband and we started dancing together. He held me tight and explored my bare back with his hand but didn't go lower like the last two people. It didn't matter, I was getting very turned on. We took a break from dancing and were sitting and eating and drinking with our friends, when my outside friend came up to me and asked if I would like to dance. I looked at my husband and he nodded his approval so I went back out onto the floor. It was a slow dance and my stranger held me close with his head close to my mind. The dance floor was fairly crowded so we couldn't be easily seen from our tables and he began whispering in my ear.

"You are the most beautiful, sexy woman here and my short touch of your beautiful rear was like paradise." I knew it was a bullshit line but I liked it anyway. He pulled me as close as he could and his hand again reached my butt. He kneaded it and stuck his leg between mine. My pussy began rubbing against his upper thigh and I was getting soaked. "Let's go out for another smoke" he suggested. I knew I should say no but told him "give me a minute and I'll be out there." I went back to the table, had another shot of vodka and told my husband I was going to have a smoke. He said OK, asked one of the other ladies to dance and he went his way and I went mine. I stopped at the restroom first and removed my panties and put them in my purse. When I got outside, I didn't see my freind at first, he was standing in some shadows away from the door. He waved me over and when I got there, took me by the hand and led me to a nook that was completely dark and not visible from the area where the smokers stood. He put his jacket around me like before but this time gently pushed me against the wall and began kissing me gently on my lips. As I responded, his kisses became more forceful and his tongue parted my lips and probed my mouth. His hands began to explore my body, carressing and squeezing my breasts. As I moaned they moved down my sides to my hips. One hand then headed back to my ass as the other went for my pussy. My dress started inching higher and higher until both hands were touching bare flesh.

"You aren't wearing panties" he said, "Is that normal or did you do that for me?" "I did it for you" I replied. This seemed to excite him as he began to kiss me deeper and with renewed vigor. His hand found its way inside my aching hole and began to move in and out. He went as deep as he could then slowly pulled it out. It went in and out very easily as I was soaked. He then began to gently rub his hands so that they were massaging my clit. "Yessss" I hissed and spread my legs wider to give him better access. As he bent down to begin doing with his tongue what he was doing with his hand and finger, I hear my name called out. We stopped and froze. I heard it again, straightened myself up and snuck out of this little nook, went around the building the other way and approached my friends who were calling me from the other side. They said that my husband was looking for me so I went back inside and found him. When I got inside, I greeted him with a hug around the neck and a kiss on the ear, "I understand you're looking for me". "Yes, this is the last dance and I wanted it with you" he replied. We went out to the dance floor lost ourselves in each others' arms. He felt my butt and realized i didn't have on any panties. "What's this? Were you being naughty?" he asked. "Yes, I'll tell you about it later".

When the dance ended we all went to our respective rooms. It had to be close to 2 in the morning. Once inside he asked me about my evening adventure. I told him about my stranger and what we did and how horny I was. He smiled, walked over to me and asked "What exactly did he do? Was it this?" as he began to kiss my lips and his hands began to gently massage my breast and nipple. I said "Yes, then he moved his hands lower and pulled up my dress". My husband sat down on the bed with me standing in front of him and moved both hands to the sides of my legs and slowly moved them up, lifting my dress up until my pussy was exposed to him. "Like this?" he asked. "Yes" I said. "My, my, weren't you the little tramp tonight." he went on. I said "Yes, you knew that when you married me." "Yes, I did and it makes you all the hotter to me" he replied.

He began to kiss my exposed flesh as now my dress was up to my waist. The light in the room was still on and the drapes were only partially closed. "Honey, we need to close the drapes, people can see in." "Let them, you like showing everyone what a slut you are, we're leaving the light on and the drapes open". With that he stood up, unhooked the top of my dress and unzipped the bottom and it fell to the floor. He then pushed me onto the bed and kneeled between my legs and began to lick and kiss and suck on my nether region. He put each leg over one of his shoulders and began to lick and gently suck on my clit. Both of his hands were massaging my breasts and squeezing and flicking each nipple. They were standing up like two tiny erect penises. His tongue altered between flicking fast and lightly over my clit and probing deep inside me cunt. With all the foreplay of the evening, I didn't last long. I felt the wave coming from deep inside me, shoved my pussy hard against his face, locked my legs tightly around his head, arched my back and began gyrating up and down as I trembled and shook with a huge climax. My moan could be heard throughout the motel as I brought my husband's face closer to my snatch. I urgently rubbed my pussy up and down on him and held him so closely that I almost suffocated him. Slowly I came down from this tremendous high and he got out from between my legs and walked into the bathroom to wipe his face. I just lay there naked with my legs spread, basking in the glow. I lazily looked at the window and could see a tiny red glow outside. Moving slowly up and down, occasionally getting brighter, someone was standing there smoking, not sure who but it was probably my stranger. My husband came back from the bathroom, undressed, turned out the light and closed the curtains, jumped into bed and we fell asleep in each others arms.

In the morning, as we left, I noticed five spent cigarettes outside our window and what looked like a smudge mark on the window, a little lower than waist high. I should have been creeped out, but I wasn't. It made me feel sexy. The drive home was filled with me sleeping and reliving the events of the evening before.

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