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Jacob V. 

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Jessy walks into the tuba room and places her instrument down, bass clarinet, and stretches as well. I walk up behind her and smack her on the ass, "Looking good."

She smiles over her shoulder, "Thanks!"

I still canā??t believe all of this. The majority of practice I spent practicing as well as thinking over everything. Great power like this has to have a range as well as a weakness. Iā??m not sure what either are, but I better be fucking careful with what I do from now on. Who knows really. Somebody could be monitoring me in secret.

I watch Jessy leave out of the room and watch as my partner in crime, a white girl with blonde long flowing hair, walks into the room with her Sousaphone. Her name is Ashley and she isnā??t the strongest girl here. Despite how dainty and gorgeous she looks, she tries really hard and carries that huge thing on her longer than I do most days. Most because I have a weak constitution. Mostly because this is my first year of marching band.

I watch her beautiful flowing form place the Sousaphone in its case before turning and walking out. I want to do so much, but I know I need to be careful. You know that feeling you get when you feel like something bad will happen soon if you just so much as cough at somebody. Yea. It feels like that. Itā??s almost a horrible feeling. Though Iā??m relying on it to keep me out of trouble.

I gather up my stuff, of course after checking on Jessy, and head outside to wait on somebody to pick me up. I watch and wave at people as they leave to go home, seeing as it is the end of the day, and make my way for the bus to take me home.

"Hey!" my girlfriend yells at me from up the hill that Iā??m currently walk up, "How was band?"

"Pretty good. Boring mostly. Though I guess I got a bit of good out of it." I say walking up to her and hugging her, "I got to get to the bus though. Love you fiveever. See you on facebook hun."

"Okay babe!" She says happily trotting away.

"David The god!" Somebody says from behind me as I watch her walk away.

"Hm?" I reply tiredly as I look back behind me.

My tall six foot five friend walks up behind me pumping his arms in the air like the rude dude he is. Me and him play lots of games online and our main game is a multiplayer competition where you make your main weapon better and better and try to defeat people either solo or together with a friend. I mainly play with a friend, but do a few solo matches every so often.

Iā??m not a god at it as he says, but at least I know what Iā??m doing. Plus, Iā??m always trying to apply myself as well as improve myself.

"Yo." I says throwing up a hand to get it highfived.

We walk past each other knowing that weā??ll be seeing each other soon tonight. I hop on to my bus and enjoy the ride listening to the many conflicting conversations and yells. I gain nothing out of it, but it makes the ride pass by real fast.

The rest of the day is simple. I did my homework, talked to people, played games, and eventually showered and slept. I fell asleep in my comforable bed to only wake up inside of a room with four doors. I look around to figure out where I am and each of the doors have a label above them. The one in front of me is labeled Audy. The one to the right Jessy, and the one to my left and behind me have no name labeled at all.

"What the hell?"

"Well hello there friend! I took you long enough to fall asleep. I figured I would get to talk to you while you were still in school. But you sure do like to learn about nothing." A blurry figure says walking out from behind the wooden door labeled Audy.

"Again. I say. What the hell?" I say backing away from the blurry looking shadow man.

"Ah. Thatā??s right. First I should explain where you are and what I want with you right?" It says switching between an old manā??s voice to a young mans. "You see. You are sooooo very important to me right now. Iā??m guess you already figured that every gift has some kind of price right?"

"Yeaaaaaa. I had figured something bad would happen. So. What we looking at right now? My soul, eternal servitude, want me to try to take over the world?"

"The last one is close enough. Itā??s more like I want you to rule for me. Iā??m going to be using you as a host that way you can use the full potential of my power over women. Also, I want you to become stronger. Practice fighting, lift weights, yadayada. The point is, you and I are in trouble. If you donā??t want to die, you best be listening up."

I can only stare at the blurry ass mother fucker as he tell me that Iā??m going to have to bend my knee down to him or else. Or else what exactly?

"So. You want me to get stronger for you? Sounds like servitude to meā?¦" I says rolling my neck, "What if I deny?"

"Than weā??ll both die eventually. Simple as that." The blurry figure says leaning against Audyā??s door, "Unlike you, I can afford dying. I have more than one body. You, on the other hand, have only one life. I doubt you want to spend it dead."

Heh. Heā??s got a point. Iā??ll have to say this. For a demon, he sure is worried about my life. If it seems like Iā??m not going to cooperate why not let me die and go on to the next one? Well I better not give him any ideas.

"Alright. Iā??ll play your little game. Now. Explain where we are exactly?"

"Ah! This is going to be so fun! Behind each of these doors is one of the people you have under you. Right now you have two. And let me say this. If you try to get up to five without being strong enough, you might become a little bit less sane. Not saying you were sane in the first place."

"A-huhā?¦" I says looking at the door.

Am I high? Noā?¦ Iā??m pretty sure Iā??m not. I didnā??t eat anything strange, and Iā??m certainly sure those guys didnā??t knock me the fuck out. So this is nothing but a dream? Weirdest dream Iā??ve ever had.

"You donā??t believe me do youā?¦"

"I donā??t. But itā??s whatever I guess. I play along and see where things go." I say walking up to Audyā??s door.

"Kehehehe. You are such a strange one." The blurry creature says as he walks up to my side and places a hand on me.

His body slowly slicks into mine and a voice is added to my mind.

Walk forth and enter into the realm of the first one under you. Iā??ll explain from there.

"Right." I say opening the door to a blinding light that pierces through the darkness.

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