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Sandra D. 

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We were both sent to the same conference. We even ended up with neighboring rooms. Oh this boring conference wasn't going to be boring after all! After a long day, my work was done but you had a little more to get done on your laptop in your room. We decided to open the shared door so when you were done we could commence our fun.
While you worked I went for a work out at the hotel fitness center. They only had a treadmill so after I ran I came back to the room to finish the rest of my workout. I was in the room doing squats dripping with sweat thinking about how I couldn't wait to squeeze my tight pussy around your shaft. The thought of it made me shudder and my nipples harden. You peeked in the room the moment you heard me moan a little. I just smiled and took of my clothes in front of you ready for a hot shower. You looked at me with desire but knew you had more work to do.
I didn't know you were watching me through the shower door as I lathered up my slender body. I slid my hands over my stomach and down to my thighs. I brought them back and used my finger tips to caress my nipples. I heard you moan a little as you saw my nipples respond to the enticement of my fingertips. I turned to face to showers ledge giving you a perfect view of my sexy round ass. The view getting better as I bent over to retrieve my loofa and body wash. You mumbled grumpily as you turned to leave, disappointed you had to finish your work.
I went into your room after my shower smelling fresh wrapped up in a towel. You sat at the small hotel desk working away. I made sure to sit just in your sight line so if you happened to look up you could see me rubbing my wet sex. My eyes closed , my lips parted, my sex producing an intoxicating aroma filling the small room as I lay on my stomach and moan with the pleasure my hands are giving me.

"You are so beautiful when you cum" you commented trying to ignore the throbbing erection in your slacks.
"You are so mean making me do this all by myself" I pouted with a sly smile between moans. "I told you I have to finish this, I still want you to have fun. Keep it up, you are giving me encouragement keep going" you said. My smile widened as I pulled my hand out from beneath my torso. I licked my fingers clean as you returned back to your work.

After a little recuperation, you looked up again from your laptop to watch me turn over, my breasts moving and enjoying a little attention. I reached underneath the pillow beneath my head to retrieve a surprise.

"You little minx" you said getting excited again. I turned to you with a wide grin, my eyes sparkling as I looked to see how far the front of your pants were tented. Then I took the dildo we named AJ and smacked it across my lips a few times before opening my mouth, slowly taking it into me.

"Damn I wish that was me!" you said

I worked the you out of my mouth and responded teasingly "It could be! Put your work away straddle my chest so I can swallow you whole!"

"If I straddle your chest, I'm going to try and fuck those small nice titties!"

"While I fuck myself with AJ?"


"You know all this talk is getting me horny again, don't you?"

"I know" you countered with a wink and a smile as you returned to your work. From the corner of your eyes, you watched as I used the AJ to slowly make love to my own mouth. You didn't pay much attention until you heard me gag. Then you looked up again in awe at just how much of AJ had disappeared inside me. A tear trickled down my cheek, yet I kept trying to nudge the toy deeper into my throat. I was practicing so I could deep throat you later.

"Imagine it's me," you whispered, "hard as stone and about to shoot directly down your throat and into your stomach ..."

I gagged again, then suddenly lifted the obstruction from my throat, gasping loudly for air as I positioned AJ to my lower lips.

"Do it" you commanded. I obeyed sliding the toy into my wet vagina gasping for breath as I continued to recover from my gagging. "Nympho!" You accused with a laugh. I nodded in agreement, my eyes closed, moaning as I pressed AJ fully into me with soft moans. Ten minutes passed while I slowly played with the dildo as you worked. You would occasionally look up, our eyes would lock giving me a jolt of pleasure and you a hard on. My soft moans tugged at you as my eyes and body beckoned you.

"How much longer do I have to tease you before you just bury yourself in me?" I pleaded with a sexy pout that made you laugh. You were getting harder and harder - making it more difficult to finish your work even though you were nearly done.

"Come fuck me...please!" I got up and put AJ on the coffee table and began to ride him as I rubbed my clit covering the dildo with copious amounts of wetness as I moved up and down. I moaned louder as I began to come.

Your arousal was nearly painful. You wanted, needed to bury yourself inside me. You needed to replace the inert object with something warm and full of life. Your will power was crumbling with my every sultry sound. You knew you had to make a gamble. Could you finish your work before giving in to your primal need?

"Take me" I begged, my breasts jostling upon my chest as I rode AJ.
"Fuck me" You knew that once you undressed there would be no turning back. Before you realized what you were doing you had unzipped your slacks and had with drawn your dripping manhood, stroking yourself as you watched me pleasure myself. You wanted to stop and work, but knew you simply could not no matter what. I came even harder as I saw all of you naked. You never believe me but I think all of you is hot as hell. I could sense you were thinking maybe you should work..."don't think with your brain! Not now!"
In one swift motion you picked me up and threw me on the bed removing the fake phallus from my dripping body. You bent my legs over my torso and readied yourself.

"Fuck me!" I pleaded again. You violated me quickly. My mouth open in a silent scream as I endured a hurtful entry. I clutched your sides as my lower lip trembled for a few seconds while you began to go deep into me. The bed springs began to squeak as our bodies collided. The pain turned to pleasure and I regained my voice. When you stopped, fully covered inside by my warmth, filling me to the brim, leaning over me so much my knees were pressed into my breasts. You were so deep, a loud moan escaped me. You dismounted the bed seeing my look of lust for you you grabbed me by the ankles and turned me. Standing beside the bed you entered me again, this time much more slowly, much more gently, so you could hear my long sultry moans as you filled me. "You've teased me long enough scream for me!"
What began as slow sensual turned quickly into rapid lustful fucking. You were growling as you took your pleasure, holding my ankles high in the air, not caring whether anyone else was listening. Your primal sounds paled in comparison to mine as I gripped the sheets tightly.

Riding the waves of my orgasm my climax was so powerful you did not think you would survive. When my second orgasm began you quickly withdrew stepped back, pulled me forward and practically threw me to my knees upon the floor. You unleashed your lust on my face and into my mouth. I licked and sucked up every drop.

The next morning you had to be to the conference earlier than I did. I stood to adjust your tie. Claiming even though we showered " I still feel a little sticky"
"Serves you right for teasing me last night" you said giving me a gentle squeeze.

"Oh, I'd do that again in a heartbeat, tonight!" I responded. We both laughed because we both knew I truly would.

And I surely did...every night of the business trip.

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