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Jessica S. 

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I would love your suggestions for my future stories and you are most welcome to point out my mistakes (although I‚??ll try not to commit any)
And now for the story‚?¶ Here it goes‚?¶
It was maybe about 3 months ago that I had joined a private coaching center because I was lagging a bit in studies and my parents wanted me to score well. It was their idea to send me to a coaching center so that I could get some help and perform better and after a bit of research they got me admitted to one which was quite famous for its study pattern and infrastructure. Well can you imagine that? It was a coaching center (not an institute or university) and it was famous for its infrastructure!
Well whatever the case might be, I started attending the coaching center right after my college got over. At first it was too hectic for me to attend it right after my college but soon I got accustomed to it. We had Science, Mathematics and an English class (which of course was just a formality) along with the practical sessions of science. After 2 weeks of my admission, our physics teacher had retired and another teacher took her place.
We were all seated in our seats when she had entered the class. On seeing her we couldn‚??t believe that she was to be our Science teacher! She looked so young and sexy that nearly all the boys of our class had slipped off their chairs (at least I thought that they did). She introduced herself as Mrs. Sophie, her voice was just as sweet as I could imagine. She had an amazing body, a medium height of about 5'8", a perfect hourglass figure, maybe better. Her breasts were like melons with a cherry on top. Her perfect ass swayed like a pendulum while she walked (and believe me it had the power to hypnotize any man). Her beauty was spilling out of her from every point and I was totally mesmerized just by looking at her.
The days when we had Mrs. Sophie‚??s classes were the best part of my days and I used to live my days just fantasizing about her. I even used to dream about fucking that ass and those breasts of hers and that used to HORNIFY me. My mom and dad were happy because I was getting better in studies (which, according to them, was the effect of the coaching center but actually I wanted to be Mrs. Sophie‚??s favorite student and so started to study more than I had ever studied). Soon I was able to answer all the questions posed to me by the teachers and I became the favorite student of most of the teachers (which included Mrs. Sophie).
But then again Time‚??s Tide went unfavorable for me and I fell ill. I was ill for nearly 2 weeks which was the longest time I have been on bed continuously. Due to this I started to decline in studies and by the time I was fit to resume my classes I was lagging behind the others. My mom met Mrs. Sophie and requested her to give me some extra classes so that I could recover my studies. Mrs. Sophie knew that I was a bright student and she wanted to help me too. So, she accepted mom‚??s proposal and started giving me extra classes after daily lectures. Those extra classes were the best hours of my life. She used to teach me alone and I had the privilege of seeing (better to say, staring) those huge breasts of hers. She talked to me in a very friendly manner and I started to be frank with her. We had even started to talk a little about our personal lives and our families. It was then that I got to know that she had been divorced two years earlier and lived alone in an apartment near the coaching center. Slowly and steadily a bond of understanding had developed between us. She had nearly become a friend of mine and we started to entrust each other with our secrets. I had even tried to flirt with her but instead made her laugh every time due to the odd expression on my face.
It was a Wednesday when my life took a turning point. I was ready for the extra class and was going through the previous lessons when Mrs. Sophie entered the class. I looked at her and was dumbfounded by her appearance. She was wearing a white shirt and a short skirt with her legs exposed completely up to the mid-thigh. Her shirt was also quite tight and I could imagine her nipples struggling for space beneath the tightness. She had opened up the top two buttons which were giving an unobstructed view of her ultimate cleavage and nearly a quarter of the breasts (and it was also comprehensible that she was not wearing her bra).
My dick sprang into life and within a fraction of a second it was rock hard. It started to make me uncomfortable. My dick could have burst out of my pants and I was in so much pain because of the large dick being accommodated in such a small place that I nearly shrieked. Oh I forgot to introduce myself. I am Paul, nineteen years old with a height of 6‚??2" and weighted 63 kilograms. I have a well shaped body (at least I consider it to be well shaped), which is the result of two hours of workout daily. I characterize deep brown hairs, blue eyes and a French beard. About my "Thing"? Well I don‚??t like to flatter about it but I have a good sized dick of about 7" length (from base to tip, LOL) and 2" diameter.
Now coming back to the story, Mrs. Sophie took the seat in front of me and started to teach me. I was not paying much attention to her and just kept nodding at specific time intervals. My focus was mainly on her breasts and I was thinking of ways in which I could have those in my mouth. I was in such a deep thought that I didn‚??t realize that she had stopped speaking and was looking at me. I had even failed to notice that she had noticed me staring at her breasts. When I realized it was too late, she was staring hard at me with an expression on her face which I couldn‚??t read.
"Where is your mind?"
I couldn‚??t find a way to answer the obvious question and just stood there with a perplexed expressing.
"What are you thinking about? Why are you so distracted today?"
Even before I could realize, words came out of my mouth, "I was admiring your beauty. You look so‚?¶ so hot today that I can‚??t stop looking at you and admiring you."
I cursed myself in my thoughts for being so engrossed in her body, but I soon convinced myself that it was not my fault. I think I had all my luck that day due to which Mrs. Sophie, instead of being outraged at me and discontinuing the lecture, simply smiled at me and replied, "Thank you, but I think you must stop admiring me and start focusing on studies."
I was relieved that Mrs. Sophie was not mad at me and instead she accepted the comment as a compliment but I don‚??t know what disease had taken over me due to which my tongue was speaking on its own accord. "But ma‚??am I can‚??t concentrate on anything because I am in great pain." Oh God, what has happened to me? What am I saying? - These were the thoughts running in my mind.
"What happened? What is the cause of your pain?"
"This" and I pointed towards the slight hump in my pants. Shit, what am I doing? Where is this going to lead me into?
Mrs. Sophie looked at the bulge in my pants due to the hard-on that was under it.
"Oh God, my body is having such an effect on you?"
What? What did she say? Is she asking me or is that an affirmative comment which she wants me to confirm? Finally I thought that since it had gone so far, why not test my luck and so I replied, "Yes ma‚??am, it is in this state since you have entered and it‚??s not ready to give up."
"But this won‚??t be subdued until you do something about it." This time she had a naughty tone in her voice and she was also trying to hide a smile.
"What should I do? I can‚??t just jerk off in front of you and moreover that would be going to take a lot of time."
Hardly had I spoken when she placed her hand on the bulge and started to feel my dick. She looked at me and said, "Should I help you?"
My heart was pounding like a machine gun and many kinds of thoughts began to come across my mind. I looked at her and started edging closer to her. Soon I was barely an inch away from her when she made a swift move. She rose a bit on the chair and placed her lips on mine and we started to kiss. She was an extremely good kisser and soon we were swallowing each other and having ‚??tongue-fights‚?? in our mouths. Her juicy lips were of that kind for which one could give away anything. I kissed her upper lip, lower lip, cheeks, and everything I could reach on her face. She was also as eager as me and kissed me all over my face especially my lips.
I placed one of my hands on her right breast under her shirt and enjoyed pressing it and teasing her. Those breasts were just the perfect blend of softness and rigidity. Her nipples were stiff and were pointing outwards. I started teasing both the breasts and the nipples and was in the world very different from the present one. I could see my fantasy of fucking her come alive. I had cuddled her breasts for about ten minutes and we were still enthusiastically kissing each other when she took one of my hands and placed it on her pussy (on her panty). It was dripping wet without even my touching it. I started to rub my fingers at the side of the clit (again on the panty) and moans of ecstasy started coming out of her.
My dick had become so hard that it was paining beyond control and I pleaded, "Ma‚??am, please release the tension in my dick. It‚??s hurting too much." I had barely said this when she parted her lips from my cheeks (which she was presently kissing); I had a feeling that she might not like my offer and refuse to continue. But I was too lucky that day, she smiled and replied, "Sure, sir." I was blissful beyond measure. She unbuttoned my pants and then holding the zip by her teeth she unzipped my pants too. And there it was, my 7" tool with all its pride standing up and looking directly at her face. It was so hard that it was pulsating with my heartbeat.
"You have got a great dick! I didn‚??t expect so much to be packed in such a little space, no wonder it was hurting you."
Slowly and softly, she placed one finger around my dick. The touch of Mrs. Sophie on my dick felt so amazing that it can‚??t be described in words. Waves of thrill were running all through my body. She placed another finger around my dick and then another. After a few seconds she was holding my dick in her soft hands and jerking it up and down slowly but at an increasing speed.
The soft hands of Mrs. Sophie working on my dick felt so good that I wanted her to have it in her mouth and give me the first blowjob of my life. I said, "Ma‚??am I have always fantasized about you having my dick in your mouth, giving me a wonderful blowjob. The wicked smile and the naughty tone in her voice returned and she asked, "How much do you fantasize about me. I am really amazed at your fantasy. Do you really think about me in this manner or is it just because you are receiving this service by luck, that you are making all these fantasizing stuff?"
"Actually, ma‚??am you look so hot that you are the fantasy of many boys, including me of course. I also think that there must be many men who would want to have you with them and I truly have pity on the person who left you."
"Thank you for your review but I don‚??t think that this would be the correct time to blow you. What if someone enters the room and sees us (catches us) in this state of undress?"
I was over the moon even at the thought of having another session, similar to this, with her but still I wanted to feel a female‚??s mouth around my dick.
"First of all ma‚??am, the door is locked, so nobody would be able to enter the room. Secondly, our main objective was to do something about my erection and thirdly, now, after this session it would be just too difficult for me to be content till the next session with just a kiss; I can have at least a blowjob as consolation."
"Master Paul, don‚??t you think your demands are growing too much and by the way when did I tell you that we might be having another sex session?"
"You just stated that it was not the correct time for a blowjob, which means that there will be a correct time for it which would be our next session."
At first she just looked at me but then she couldn‚??t control her laughter and laughed out loudly. "You have got very sharp ears and a quick wit, Paul. It is the first time that I have been convinced so easily by someone for another sex session."
I smiled at her but the smile changed into a plea. I think Mrs. Sophie was also roused and so she brought her mouth near my dick and started licking off the pre-cum from the tip. Slowly she started licking the sides and the base of my dick. Then she took my dick in her hand and started sliding it up and down along the shaft of my dick along with constant sucking. She was gaining speed and had started sucking with more intensity while I kept pressing and fondling with her tits. Within three to four minutes I could feel a wave of rapture through my body and moaned, "I am going to cuuummmmmm!"
"Yes baby, come inside me, I want to taste your seed. I will have it all. Moreover, we don‚??t want to make a mess here, right?"
I nodded in agreement and started firing my cum into her mouth. I had shot 6 rounds of cum and she swallowed it all without letting even a drop of my semen to be wasted.
I had barely zipped up when there was a knock at the door. We had already sunk to our chairs imitating to be having the extra class. She went up to the door and opened it, my parents entered the room and my mom asked, "Is the extra class over?"
"Yes, he has just got ready to get back home."
"Thank you ma‚??am, it was just because of you that he has been able to cover-up the syllabus in spite of his sickness."
"Oh no, you don‚??t have to thank me. It was completely HIS hard work that has helped him catch up with the others."
"How many more extra classes would be required?"
"I think two or three more classes would be enough to end what we had started today."
At this I and Mrs. Sophie had a quick glance at each other and grinned at each other and we could understand each other‚??s thoughts and I could fairly guess what she meant by ‚??end what we had started today‚??. Soon I was back home thinking about the adventures which the next day would bring.

What happened in the next class? be continued in part 2

Thank You, Please comment on my first story and advice me about writting a better one.

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