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Billy gets bored and goes for a walk‚?¶ ends up downtown in the bar district‚?¶ sees the strip bar is having "Ladies Night!" Several women in the bridal party are GFs or married to the men, who are all back at Billy‚??s... !!!???!!!)

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It was the talk of the Precinct ‚?? Sheriff Walters‚?? virgin daughter Wendy was going to marry the man of her dreams! Being a man of principle, the sheriff had guarded his daughter as if she were gold. Boys and men had tried, but the athletic girl made a pledge to her daddy to wait for the right guy. And finally, he‚??d come along!

With nothing else to do, Wendy accompanied her father to a fishing lodge they shared with Tom Walter‚??s oldest friend. Along with John Carter was his son William. Wendy vaguely remembered William from their childhood, but William had enrolled early into an ROTC Program ‚?? served three tours overseas, then received an Honourable Discharge after a "friendly fire" incident left him with shrapnel in his right shoulder. Working past his injuries, he had rebuilt his body and was easily the sexiest man Wendy had ever seen.

Wendy had just finished her 4th & final year on an Athletics Scholarship and was already hired into the position as Head Coach for the Track-n-Field Program at an exclusive local All-Girl‚??s Private College. While Tom & John went fishing, Wendy & William ‚?? "just call me Billy" ‚?? got to know one another anew. They went swimming, and made s‚??mores‚?¶ and they talked. Wendy mentioned she was still a virgin. Billy told her that was commendable.

By the end of the weekend, the pair were texting and phoning constantly, and were going on an average of 3 dates peer week. After a month of courtship, Billy proposed to Wendy; her answer was an ecstatic "Yes!" Preparations were soon underway! Wendy‚??s best friend, Molly, was married to Billy‚??s best friend Jeff. They had even double-dated with the young couple; so it made them perfect candidates for Maid of Honour & Best Man.

When the four of them sat down to plan the bachelorette & bachelor parties, Billy had only two stipulations ‚?? no excessive drinking‚?¶ and no strippers. Knowing Billy like he did, Jeff took those two rules to heart. Jeff & Billy planned a night of pizza and beer, followed by video games. Billy was not a big fan of video games, but he knew Jeff and the rest of the guys were; so the set those plans in motion.

Molly & Wendy as friends was an odd combo, really. All through growing up, Molly had been a party girl. Wendy would go to parties with Molly, but usually to be the designated driver. Molly always profusely thanked her best friend for getting her home safely. Though she knew Molly liked to party, Wendy was a bit naive when it came to trusting people too easily. So, when Molly offered to plan the bachelorette party herself‚?¶ "Don‚??t surprise me too much!" Wendy giggled, enjoying the excitement on her friend‚??s face.

While the guys were set for their party, Wendy was trusting her best friend to direct the evening‚??s events. The ladies gathered at a hotel for a wine-tasting party. "Don‚??t worry! It‚??s just wine!" Molly continually encourage her straight-laced friend. What Wendy did not realize was that Molly was having her drink two glasses to everyone else‚??s one. So, by the end of three bottles, Wendy felt giddy and in no way clear-headed. Through bleary eyes, Wendy saw her MoH drop a pill into the bride-to-be‚??s wine glass. "Don‚??t worry," Molly teased, "that will just take the edge off!" The pill was a double dose of Ecstasy. After finishing that glass of wine, Molly led all the ladies out to a waiting limousine! Inside, Wendy had her first taste of Absinthe. "Oooh! It tastes like licorice!" she managed to slur. Then Molly popped another blue pill into Wendy‚??s mouth. "Here! Have one more," the MoH said, "You‚??ll need the stamina!" By then, Wendy was too far gone to object; and the ladies all began a lesbian love-fest in the back of the limo. Drunken rants of "who needs men!" and "They just want to control us!" were passed around, with Wendy engaging as much as any of them. Then all of the women in the party began the work of convincing Wendy that this was her last chance to be wild! "You owe it to all of us!" Molly encouraged. Then the limo pulled up to its destination ‚?? a strip club, proudly declaring that tonight was "Ladies‚?? Night!"

"Nope!" Wendy made a drunken objection. "I promised Billy!" "But how is he ever gonna know?" Molly cajoled. "But what about Jeff?" Wendy tried to argue. "Oh, they‚??re all having their party, believe me," Molly responded, "If they can have their fun, then we can have ours!" And all the ladies cheered. To her later shame, Wendy would relive that moment when she tipped the wine bottle in her hand up and drained it, saying, "Let‚??s do this!"

Back at the bachelor party, the guys had eaten most of the pizza and drank most of the beer, and most were absorbed in the ongoing video games ‚?? with much drunken shouting about what strategy would work best to advance through the various levels. Having stuck to beer-mosas, Billy bowed out to do a beer run. The Bar Manager at the local strip club was known to offer some great back-alley-deals on beer, so that was where Billy headed. As the two men loaded up Billy‚??s trunk, hooting and hollering could be heard from inside. "Sound s like some wild women in there," Billy joked. "Ladies Night," the manager explained with a creepy grin, "Some bigwig‚??s bachelorette party going on!"

Billy sobered up instantly, but did not let on to anything. "Wow!" he nudged the other man, "I‚??d love to get a look at that action!" The manager pulled a gold business card from his jacket pocket. "Give this to the guy at the door‚?¶ He‚??ll let you in!" Billy nodded his thanks and pulled his car around to a parking spot in front of the club. Before exiting his car, Billy turned his phone‚??s camera on, to take a video & audio record of what he might find. Then he headed inside. Several of the women in the bridal party were GFs or married to the men, who are all back at Billy‚??s. His heart broke at the debauchery on display. His fiance‚??s Maid of Honour was married to Billy‚??s best friend & best man. Without being seen, he recorded her blowing two black men‚?¶ along with similar scenes being played out with the other wild-women of the bachelorette party. With no sign of his fianc√©, he slipped unseen back into the private areas. It broke his heart to hear his fianc√© moaning‚?¶ He slipped quietly through the curtain, winked and smiled at the stripper, who was being ridden by the no-longer-virgin fianc√©. Billy kept recording‚?¶ including close-ups of her virginal blood trickling down her thighs. "Is he bigger than me?" he asked. Wendy shrieked and fell off the random cock ‚?? which Billy also recorded, showing she was doing the guy raw. "He didn‚??t penetrate me!" Wendy wailed. "Oh, really!" Billy replied, "Then why is his cock covered in your blood?" Then he took a close up of the stripper‚??s freshly-orgasmed cock. Billy reached into her purse and took her keys‚?¶ he removed the key to his apartment and walked out to her screaming and wailing. She ran out of the private booth wearing nothing but her veil ‚?? crying and wailing for Billy to stop. She followed him right out the door of the club, her MoH following close behind ‚?? as she realized it was her own husband‚??s best friend!. Billy pocketed his phone but kept recording. "Your things will all be packed by morning," Billy said, "Tell your father, I want him to come and pick your stuff up. If anybody else tries, I will not let them in." "By the way," Billy asked, "Who‚??s idea was the strip club?" Wendy pointed to the MoH. "Well isn‚??t that neat!" he replied, "Your best friend in the whole world ‚?? next to me, or so you kept saying ‚?? told you it would be a great idea to cuck your fianc√©! What a great friend!" Wendy turned to her MoH and backhanded her. Ah-ah!" Billy admonished, "I don‚??t think she forced you onto his cock ‚?? she couldn‚??t have; she was too busy blowing two black guys. So, how do you think I should tell Jeff about that!" Then Billy turned and walked off.

Shaken by the backhand, still the distraught wife took her friend back into the club. "We need to get hold of our men before he gets back to them!" she screamed. Wendy was dragged back inside in a daze. Some of the other members of the bridal party were just beginning to realize something was amiss. As Molly gave them a frantic update, they hurriedly pulled themselves together, including dressing Wendy. As they rushed from the strip club they all rummaged their purses and pockets searching for their cell phones‚?¶ but they were all missing!

Nearing his house, Billy patted the pockets of his long overcoat ‚?? bulging with the pilfered phones. When he entered his home, he walked in front of the gamers and pulled the plug on the gaming systems. Amid protests, Billy raised his hands to quiet them. They all wondered at the serious look on their groom‚??s face. Billy emptied his coat pockets. "Guys, the women will be heading this way soon, to retrieve their phones. But I need to share some really nasty news with all of you first," he said, plugging his phone into the satellite box ‚?? knowing his home system was set-up that the images he would show would automatically get backed-up onto his private version of "The Cloud". "I‚??m not a gamer, so I went on the beer run. Naturally, the cheapest place was the back door of the strip joint. It just so happens tonight was Ladies Night, and guess whose party was celebrating there?" "But you and Wendy had rules of‚?¶" Jeff began. "Yeah," Billy replied sadly, "I guess my word is only law, within these walls. I recorded everything, and I won‚??t apologize for it. But this is what I saw." And he hit play. "What the‚?¶" Jeff exclaimed when he saw his wife. "I‚??m sorry man, but you deserve to know, just like the rest of you," Billy responded. Only one of the groomsmen was single and unattached. The rest of them groaned with disappointment as each man saw his significant other performing some type of sex act with a complete stranger or strangers. Then Wendy‚??s moans came across the speakers, and Billy‚??s friends witnessed the cuck-session. "Oh, fuck!" Jeff said, as he and Billy hugged it out in sad commiseration. They watched and listened to the end ‚?? with Jeff hearing that the strippers were his wife‚??s idea.

At that moment, car tires and brakes screeched, spewing gravel outside. The women came tumbling inside, led by Molly wailing, "Wait!" They were met by a wall of stone-faced men. "Go home to our children," Jeff said to his wife, "don‚??t dismiss the babysitter. I‚??ll be right behind you." "No!" the wayward spouse wept, but obeyed. The other women were dragged back out the door by their respective partners ‚?? just a still shocked Wendy stumbled inside. "Why are you here?" Billy asked his ex-fianc√©, bitterly. "Molly was my ride," her voice was flat and dead. Billy disconnected his phone from his media center and dialed Wendy‚??s father. "Tom," he spoke in a tense tone, "Wendy is over here. You need to come pick her up. Then you and I will need to talk tomorrow morning‚?¶ Well, it‚??s not good, but I want to see what Wendy tells you on her own. I appreciate it. And Tom‚?¶ I am truly sorry about all of this. No. The wedding is off." In the background, Tom Walters could hear his daughter begin to wail.

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