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Bryan G. 

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I love my family, of course. But I don't think anyone would have guessed what happened next. I was 23 and had just gotten out an emotionally-abusive relationship when I met Elizabeth. I was at a gay bar and decided to advance my bi-sexuality some more. This woman was beautiful, hair black as a raven, lips the color of blood, eyes as green as emeralds with a brush of freckles on her cheeks. I was sitting alone, feeling like an idiot, when she came to talk to me.

"You lost?" She asked me as I listened to her beautiful French accent.

"What?" I asked her with one eyebrow raised.

She giggled cutely before continuing her jest with a teasing grin.

"You're at a gay bar and you're sober and alone. Did you just get dumped?"

Like I said, I felt like in idiot enough. Now, having this incredibly beautiful girl tease me was not exactly boosting my self esteem. I rolled my eyes, slightly insulted by her comment.

"As a matter of fact, I broke up with him." I replied with a slightly annoyed tone.

I must have made one of the best jokes ever because she tossed her head back and gave a heartfelt laugh.

"HIM??" She asked, still tormenting me with her beautiful laughter.

I could feel my pale face turn hot pink out of embarrassment and began to remove myself from the situation by standing up and gathering my stuff. I was just about to walk away when I felt her cold hand grab my arm. I looked at her and saw the sincere look on her face.

"I-I'm sorry, I wasn't laughing at you. I was laughing at the idiot who lost you."

I could feel my heart skip a beat. Who was this beautifully charming woman and why was she talking to me? Now that I look at her some more, she had a Gothic look to her. Besides her raven hair, she had a tight, black, crop-top, a pierced and tattooed stomach, and dark blue, skinny, ripped jeans. The more I saw how beautiful she was, the wetter my panties were getting. I sat back down next to her and I could feel her eyes look me up and down, the more she did, the bigger her grin got as she bit her lip.

"One white sangria for the beautiful lady." She told the bartender.
I gave her a slight smile.

"That's my favorite drink..." I said, a bit shyly.

She grinned and nodded

"I could tell. I'm Elizabeth."

"I'm Lucy."

She gave another charming, beautiful smile as she gave me my drink.

"Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl."

I blushed and smiled as I took a sip of the sangria. It was quiet for a moment before she placed her cold hand on mines and looked deeply into my pale-blue eyes and whispered to me.

"I need you to help me understand why you're by yourself. You're absolutely beautiful, with your black jumpsuit, your choker, and your pale skin, red lips, and nearly white hair. We've only been speaking for a few moments but my panties are soaked and I know it's because of you. You just broke up with someone and you wanna do something wild. Meet me outside."

My eyes widened. What just happened? My heart was racing as I saw her walk out of the bar with her hips switching side from side with a naughty grin on her face. I sat there, contemplating on what to do. Did this beautiful fucking woman just offer something? My legs were shaking and I could feel my clit pulsing. I was so horny for her and I know I needed to take up that offer. I made her wait for a few minutes to avoid seeming desperate as all hell and left the bar. If I would've never left, If I would've stayed at that bar, If I would've never taken up that offer, I would have had a normal life. My life changed as soon as I took a step out of that bar. I saw her in an alleyway, leaning against a wall. She smirked as she looked me up and down once again as if she was about to drool. I walked towards her and she instantly grabbed my by my hip and planted a deep kiss on my lips. It was strange at first, her lips and the rest of her skin were cold as death. Then it became mesmerizing. The more she kissed me, the weaker I felt. It turned from sweet kisses to things more vulgar. She turned from my lips so my neck and began sliding her hands down my legs. She licked and sucked on my neck and I began to melt. As much as I wanted to fight it, I wanted more. I moved her hands to my drenched crotch and she instantly began to tease my pussy. I moaned gently in her ear a she rubbed my pussy lips harder and harder while tracing her tongue along my neck and collarbone.

"O-Oh fuck, right there. Y-Yeah...ugh...fuuuuck yeah..."

My clit began to get harder and harder as I began to rub against her. She was making me feel so hot and wet, I thought I was going insane. She slid her other hand down my jumpsuit and began to grope my breast and twist my nipples. I was hesitant at first but I found myself sliding my hand down her pants and rubbing her pulsing pussy lips and clit. She was so wet that my hand was drenched within seconds. She began to match my moaning as we began to make sexual sounds together.

"OH, God! That feels incredible! D-Don't stop, please don't! I wanna cum so bad.. uhhhh...ahhh fuck! AHH!"

Suddenly, she stopped and pulled away. I began to pant with a beet red face and looked at her in a confused manner. Elizabeth was about get me to shout her name and she suddenly stopped. She had a nearly evil look on her face as looked at me with her hands down her pants, rubbing in front of me and pinching and pulling on her nipples. I wanted to cum right then and there.

"You want me?" She asked in a sexual tone while furiously rubbing her dripping cunt. I was so wet, so hot, and so horny, how could she stop now? Of course, I didn't know this woman but I couldn't get enough of her.

"Y-Yes.." I said, rubbing my pussy through my jumpsuit.

"Say it! Say my name! Say how bad you want me!"

Normally, I would be confused and almost scared to do as she order. But like I said, I couldn't get enough of her and something about her was extremely alluring and exotic.

"I want you Elizabeth! Please, I want you to make me cum so bad! Please!"

That answer must've done the trick because she gave a pleased grin before pushing me up against the wall and getting on her knees. She ripped the bottom of my jumpsuit without any struggle and revealed my tiny, shaven pussy. I looked down at her in shock as she stared at my pussy hungrily. She spread my legs to get a better look at how my pussy juices were running down them. Without any more hesitation, she began to rub my clit aggressively. I threw my head back to let out a sensational moan as she went faster and harder. I closed my eyes and began to bite my lip to keep from drawing attention when I felt her fingers go hard inside my pussy. I failed to be quiet because I let out a loud howl and began to pant heavier and heavier. I've had sex with girls before but this felt extremely different. It was fantastic. She began to suck on my pulsing hard clit while her fingers were hooked and fucking my pussy. She pressed her tongue against my clit hard as she began to drink the juice that was coming from my vibrating pussy. I pulled on her hair and shoved her head to force her to give me more. She spat on my pussy and began to rub my clit in circles as she slipped her tongue between my pussy lips and into my pussy. I pulled and yanked and licked my nipples as I felt like I was going insane. Only moments ago this woman was teasing me, now she's drinking every drop from my pussy. I began to feel sensations I have never felt before go through my body. She pulled away for a moment and took something from her pocket. I opened my eyes and looked down to see what it was and she looked at me mischievously as she held the object in her hand. It was a pink, little, bullet vibrator that was ribbed with a little remote attached to it. Without waiting for my approval, she shoved the vibrator into my slit and turned it on high. I screamed in pleasure and pain.


The amount of pleasure was almost too much. As she watched me shake and squirm from vibrator rubbing against my pussy walls, she made sure I was drowned in lust by continuing to suck on my clit, roughly. This was insane, this woman had no shame. As these thoughts came to my head, she began to play with my tiny asshole. I never had my asshole played with so gave me a earth shattering feeling as I let out the biggest orgasm in my life. My whole body went numb as I came all over Elizabeth's face and mouth. I weakly fell to the ground, completely numb and out of breath. My clit was pulsing like crazy and my pussy was so wet that it made a small puddle on the ground. I look over at Elizabeth, drunk in lust, as she had the same mischievous look on her face as before.

"Did you love that? Are you mines? Say you're mine." She stated. I was too exhausted and too out of it to even acknowledge what she was saying or even make sense of it. I nodded, wearily.

"Yes..I'm yours...."

She crawled over to me to look me in the eyes again with a passionate look.

"Now and forever..."

I didn't question what she said. I was about to pass out when I thought she was leaning in for a kiss. I tried sitting up to kiss her back when she dodged my lips and went right for my neck. She placed a few kisses on my neck which I adored when suddenly, a hard, sharp pain went through my neck. I let out painful scream as I knew something wasn't right. Did she just stab me? I tried pulling her away but she was surprisingly strong. I could feel blood drip down my neck but she didn't pull away at all. In fact, she began to do a sucking motion with her lips and tongue as if she was drinking it. That's when she pulled back to reveal blood on her lips and fangs for teeth and her green eyes began to glow blood red. I pressed my hand against my neck to see if any of this was real. There was a small puddle of blood in my hand from what she just did. She took my blood covered hand and began to lick it all up as if it was candy. I was in shock, I was already weak from the mind-blowing orgasm she gave me, now I was losing blood. I just sat there, unable to do anything, when I closed my eyes, passing out.

I remember waking up in an extremely comfortable, large bed. The sheets were red and black with decorations of roses and butterflies. This was not my bed. I lived in a pretty small apartment with a full sized bed with pale blue sheets. This bed had to be at least a queen or a king sized bed. I sat up to receive one of the biggest headaches I had ever had, my body was aching and I was starving. I heard footsteps and my heart sunk. I don't remember much after the orgasm but I was still scared shitless. I had to be in Elizabeth's house, and the more I was looking around, the more I realized how big her place was. Her bedroom had tall, large windows that were all covered by its curtains and the room was decorated with unknown paintings and drawings. Some were extremely beautiful and breathtaking, some were drawings of insanity and darkness. I heard more footsteps come closer to the door. I look over the windows and jumped out of bed to climb out. Even if this woman gave me the best orgasm of my life, I don't know how I got here or what she was planning to do. I pull back the curtains and I instantly regret it. The sun burned me, not just my eyes because I just woke up but it literally burned it. My skin felt like it was set on fire for a moment and when I let go of the curtain to look at my skin, my arms were red and slightly blistered. There were a few more footsteps when the door finally opened. Elizabeth had her hair pulled back in a long, dark ponytail and she was wearing black, sexy, lingerie.

"Good morning. I got you something to drink, I know you must be thirsty." Elizabeth said, holding a plastic cup.

I looked at her with a horrid look.

"W-What are you going to do with me?"

She gave me a small chuckle and shook her head.

"Nothing. You passed out last night, I couldn't just leave you there. Here, drink this. It'll make you feel better."

I rose an eyebrow at her, questioning her judgement. She rolled her eyes.

"Lucy, if I wanted to do something horrible to you, why would I wait until you woke up to do it?"

I could think of a million reasons why she would but I didn't mention them. I looked around and saw my clothes and stuff all folded up on a chair. My phone was on and fully charged. I walked over to her cautiously and took the plastic cup. As I reached for the cup, she noticed my injured arm and began to question.

"You tried escaping through the window? I hope you've learned your lesson. We can't go out during the sunlight. If we do, it has to be very cloudy."

"We?? What the FUCK are you talking about?? What was that?? What just hap-" A sudden pain filled my stomach, cutting me off my sentence. It felt like a cramp but an extremely strong one. Elizabeth looked at me in a worried way and almost seemed to be in a stage of regret.

"Please...I'm really trying to help you. Just..drink it."

I took at the cup and looked what was inside. It looked like cranberry juice but smelled sweet and delicious. When I smelled it, my stomach began to growl and turn even more. Whatever was in that cup, my stomach wanted it. As the pain grew, I knew I couldn't fight it much longer. I slowly took a taste of the drink and it was amazing. It was delicious, I couldn't even describe the taste. Next thing I know, I'm downing the drink as if I had been dehydrated for days. I even began licking the cup and licking it from my fingers. The pain almost instantly went away, my headache and all the cramps were gone. I was amazed, nearly speechless. I look at my fingers that were covered with this liquid and instantly noticed what it was. Blood. I screamed and dropped the cup and fell onto the bed.

"W-What is this?? What is happening?? What did you do to me??"

Elizabeth gently crawled on top of me and looked into my eyes. She caressed my cheek and gave me a charming smile.

"Welcome to the family."

She pressed her lips against mine, deeply. When she touched me, I no longer felt her to be cold.

To Be Continued....

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