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If you have not read part 1, please check it out.


So after that awesome blowjob experience, you can imagine how much I love visiting Teagan. And I was getting so good at sneaking into her dorm that I can do it almost anytime without any help.

So on this day, I walked in on Teagan and Sarah wearing nothing but their bras and panties doing some yoga or pilates pose - and what a sight that was. Both girls were very comfortable with me and their bodies so they didn‚??t even bother trying to cover up.

You can tell Teagan works out often. Her body was toned and she held the position confidently. They were both bent over so I can see her ass stretching the thin material of her white panties. Oh, if only we were alone, I would take her right then and there.

Sarah, on the other hand, was wobbling a little, struggling to keep her composure. Her panties were much small, and her ass is larger than Teagan‚??s. So her red panties has ride up and wedged itself between her buttcheeks. Liked I said, a very nice view.

Sarah let out a moan of relief as the program on TV told them to change pose.

This time they were both on their knees and was bending backwards. Teagan was wearing one of her home bras which was white and very thin for comfort. Her sweat and her pose which stretching the thin material even more exposes the shape and darker colour of her nipples rather prominently. Again, she was confident and composed.

Sarah was still struggling a little. But that just made the view a whole lot better. Her massive breasts were struggling to burst out of her bra. And with her bending over backwards, it was already spilling out, giving me a hint of her nipples. Her wobbling, combined with her deep breathing made her boobs dance. And trust me, they were awesome dancers.

Sarah caught me staring and smiled sly at me, then look down at my obvious boner - and my futile attempt to hide it. She must get stared at pretty often.

My show was cut short when we heard the door opened and closed in the next door room which shared the same bathroom as the girls. As soon as Teagan heard them, she quickly jumped up and straight into the bathroom for a quick shower before the other girls beat her to it.

Sarah got up and walked to me to give me a big hug. The top of her breasts were exposed and pressed up to my chest giving an even larger boner. My arms went around her to return the hug only to touch her sweaty bra strap - and they instinctively pull away and down, unsure if that was inappropriate. Unconsciously or reflexively, they fell to her warm and moist smooth ass.

Sarah just chuckled and walked towards her facial towel. And I was left standing there, watching her ass sway as she walked away, while trying my best to not touch myself. She made it even harder by asking if I enjoyed the show. I tried to act cool and brush it off by saying, "Who wouldn‚??t enjoy a show like that."

She laughed and looked at my boner, as if talking to it, "Then you should have came 30 minutes earlier. It was so hot we were both butt naked. Teagan knew you were coming so she made me wear something."

WTF! Both of them were naked doing yoga?! - I obviously didn‚??t say that out loud.

After leaving me speechless for a couple of seconds, Sarah laughed and added, "Well, I guess it was for the best. Watching her naked body do all those stretches was too distracting. She has a beautiful body and you‚??re very lucky to be able to tap that‚?¶ regularly." She ended with a wink, hinting that she knew we were banging under the blanket at night.

"Oh, did we wake you?" I asked.

"Oh not at all. Both of you were very‚?¶ how should I put it‚?¶ mild‚?¶ Teagan and I are best friends you know. We share everything. She even told me about your unexpected ejaculation on your first night here‚?¶ both in terms of timing and sheer volume of cum." she laughed.

The shower was turned off and Teagan walked out of the shower with a towel covering her body. But before Sarah could go into the bathroom, there were giggling in there and the water came on.

Sarah cursed as she knew she had to wait her turn. She rolled her eyes and told me that the two girls always showered together and rather than saving time and water, they take three times as long.

I really wanted to go to Teagan‚??s bed and watch the girls next door in the shower but Teagan was getting dressed at that corner and Sarah was in the room with us. So the three of us ended up sitting on the couch and watching TV. Teagan cuddled with me but my attention switched between what was on TV, the rise and fall of Sarah‚??s breasts as she breathed (she has not changed) and the giggling in the shower‚?¶ and perhaps some soft moans? Maybe? Hopefully? The girl on the couch didn‚??t seem to hear the moans so maybe I was just imagining it.

Not long after the shower stopped and we heard two voices cheerfully telling Sarah that the shower is free for her to use. Sarah bounced off the couch and grab her towel before heading towards the bathroom, but not before unbuckling her bra. Unfortunately, she left it on until after she entered the bathroom.

Finally alone, I reached into Teagan‚??s blouse and dived under her bra to cup her soft breasts - god that felt good. I really wanted to relief all my sexual tension but when I lean in for a kiss, I noticed that my lovely girlfriend has fallen asleep in my arms. She must really have had a long day. So I carried her to her bed and gently tucked her in. I then stripped to my boxers and got in with her.

I position myself behind her so she won‚??t be able to see what I was doing and started to fondle her breasts while watching Sarah in the bathroom. She has removed her bra and is brushing her teeth. I love how her boobs swayed. That was when I noticed that her right nipple was pierced. And that she had a very interesting jewelry on her nipple. Like a heart shaped diamond that glittered as her breasts swayed. That looked very familiar, I thought - I must have seen that somewhere before so I mentally filed it for future investigations.

So I just enjoyed the show - the real show. After brushing her teeth, she stripped off her panties and jumped into the bathtub-shower hybrid. Basically, a bathtub with a shower above it. She let the water run down her face and hair, between her twin mountains, across her stomach and leaping off her cleanly shaved pussy before hitting the bottom of the tub.

She started to lather her hair with shampoo. I love how her boobs rise when she raises her arms to do that. Rather than swaying side to side when she brush her teeth, this time her nipples were bouncing up and down. She closed her eyes as she let the water wash off the shampoo. Then she started working on her body - rubbing body wash all over, squeezing her breasts and giving her nipple peircing extra attention.

Then she moved between her legs. Rubbing it a couple of times, and even putting a finger or two in there just for a brief second. She then turned around to face the shower, exposing her naked ass to me. I instinctively reach into Teagan‚??s pants to squeeze her ass. Hers might be smaller but it is firmer.

Soon, Sarah turned off the water, reached for her towel (I love how her breasts hang down when she leans over) and dried herself. She then emerged with her towel wrapped around her body. She looked towards Teagan and me - I pretended to be asleep. So she released the towel that wrapped her body and used it to dry her hair as she look for what to wear to sleep. I must say, her boobs looks better close up. She decided on a baggy t-shirt and just a loose boy style boxer - no bra. Since I knew the show was over, I let sleep take me.


Later that night, I was awoken by the most amazing feeling: A blowjob. I woke up with a moan and looked under the blanket. Teagan was naked, and blessing my cock with so much enthusiasm that I felt like I am falling for her all over again. She told me she had a sexy dream and couldn‚??t wait until the morning. She wanted to be fucked now!

It wasn‚??t our first time covertly fucking under the blanket. We both looked across the room and found Sarah sleeping - oblivious to what we‚??re doing. We quickly swapped position so that I may return the favor for that amazing wake up call. She was already so wet, and she couldn‚??t wait. Before I was even halfway done, she pulled me up and begged to be fucked. And as she begged, she licked her cum off my face.

I needed no persuasion - but I always like to start things off slow. I touched the tip of my cock at the entrance of her pussy, coating it with a layer of her cum and then bring it up to her mouth so that she can lick it clean - my favourite sensation. Then I head back down to lick her nipples to make her moan.

Once I‚??m satisfied that she has endured enough, I slowly slide my cock in her. I can feel her pussy stretch to permit my entry. And as my cock push its way in, her mouth opened involuntarily in a silent moan. I loved that look - that‚??s why I always stare at her face as I entered her.

My cock was only halfway in when she couldn‚??t wait any longer - she grabbed my ass and forced the rest of my manhood deep inside her. And she froze, savoring my whole cock. Then I started humping her slowly, building up rhythm and momentum. She was lost in ecstasy. She released my ass and moved her hands under the pillow below her head - implying that she is giving me her body to do as I pleased.

And so I did. I fucked her as hard and as fast as I wanted - it was almost animalistic. And she was getting louder and louder. Normally listening to her moan would turn me on but this time we weren‚??t alone in the room. And so I looked over to Sarah.

Sarah has shifted her position. She used to be lying to one side but now she is lying on her belly, and her ass seems to be raised slightly. And her eyes were looking straight into mine. I froze for a second. But then I noticed something in her eyes - she was horny and her hands must be between her legs, touching herself and raising her ass. That turned me on to no end.

Then I thought about what Sarah said about our sex life - mild. So I decided to give her a show she will never forget. I thrusted into Teagan with more enthusiasm and theatrics than ever before. Somehow, that turned Teagan on even more. And Sarah just opened her mouth in a silent moan and continued to lock eye contact with me.

That‚??s it. I grabbed Teagan and flipped her over - doggystyle position. And now we‚??re fully exposed with the blanket to our side. Teagan was so turned on she didn‚??t seem to notice. And I slowly slide my cock into her soaking wet pussy. I would normally look down and watch my cock slide in. But this time I look at Sarah‚??s face. She was loving the show and her eyes - there was some hunger in them. She wanted more and she was so close to her orgasm.

Not wanting to disappoint Sarah or my girlfriend, as she was very closed too - I can tell. I reached forward and grab her perky breasts. I started humping her furiously while fondling those soft tender boobs.

I can feel Teagan‚??s pussy tighten around my cock as she buried her face into the pillow. And I can see Sarah tensed up under her blanket and her eyes rolled upwards as she brought herself to orgasm. I felt like a hero.

Once Teagan was done, she flipped over and spread her legs. Her own hands fondling her breasts for me to see. And she said, "That was so good. Now your turn. Cum on my breasts". Oh I have been waiting to cum for awhile now. I started stroking my cock in front of her, aiming for her clevage.

I looked over to see Sarah watching me masturbate. And I came involuntarily. The pressure was so high, my first squirt splashed on Teagan‚??s face and hair. She reacted by opening her mouth and closing her eyes. I can see cum dripping in between her lips and down her neck as I squirted the second, third and fourth load of cum onto her breasts - more controlled this time.

Teagan smiled contentedly, cum on her face - with her orgasm and how she satisfied me. She got up carefully, trying hard not to drip cum on the bed and carpet. She made her way into the bathroom and walked into the shower.

I stayed in bed, lying on my back with no blanket on as it was warm and I didn‚??t want to get cum smeared onto it. I watched for awhile as Teagan washed the warm cum off her. I smiled and drifted off into a sex-induced coma.


I‚??m not sure how long after, but I felt my dick getting licked. A warm tongue, slowly and deliberately slide up my shaft. And when it reached the tip of my cock, I got a kiss. Instead of pulling back after the kiss, the lips parted and took my whole cock. For the second time tonight, I woke up with a moan. With a sly smile on my face, I wanted to said "Ready for round two already?"

But what I saw made me speechless. My cock was buried deep into Sarah, my girlfriend‚??s roommate and possibly her best friend. I looked into the bathroom and Teagan was still in the shower, oblivious. And I looked back down.

Sarah was topless from what I can see. Her ample bosom lightly brushing on my inner thighs as she continued to work on my cock. Her eyes locked onto mine relentlessly as she enjoyed her roommate's boyfriend‚??s cock. The very same cock that was buried deep into Teagan just moments ago. The very same cock that was covered with Teagan‚??s cum. And Sarah just licked it all clean.

With that thought, I flooded her mouth with whatever cum that was left in my balls. Sarah reacted very differently to Teagan. She swallowed like a champion, gulp after gulp. Then she smiled, licked her lips as if my cum tasted delicious and then kissed the tip of my cock - almost lovingly.

She then crawled up to me, her breasts now brushing my chest, and whispered into my right ear: "Thank you for that midnight show and snack - yum. I have always wanted to taste Teagan‚??s pussy." Then she kissed me lightly on my cheek and ran back into her bed and pretended to sleep.

Moments later, Teagan came out of the bathroom and said, "You better go wash up before Sarah catches you like that." - not noticing that my cock has already been licked clean and sucked dry. Without a word, I walked into the shower and as I stood there under the water, I replayed the recent events over and over again in my head.

What the fuck just happened? Was it all just a vivid dream? Did Sarah just licked Teagan‚??s cum off my cock? Did I just cheated on Teagan? Does Sarah have a thing for Teagan? Should I be worried? Should I tell Teagan? How will she react? Or did the best thing ever just happened and I‚??m just acting like a pussy? And could this lead to my very first threesome?!


Find out more in the next chapter!

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