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"Why do you have it on my desk?"
"Because I want your opinion."
"It's...nice. I could put it to good use. I mean, if it were available."
"I've got plans for it if things go the way I hope."
"Your _hope_ is getting bigger. Maybe we should call it the 'Great White Hope'?"
"Yeah, it is, isn't it? I'd better act fast."
"Really. And what are you going to do with it?"
"Well, I was thinking about...maybe after you give it a good suck, I would fuck you with it. What do you think?"
"Is that a hard fuck or a good suck and more hopes?"
"Definitely a hard fucking and I'll throw in a reciprocal sucking. Say your tits and your clit? I'll even give your pussy lips a good tongue bath."
"Tongue my ass and it's a deal."
"done...but first, do you swallow?"
"By the looks of that fucker, I don't think I'll have a choice. Not that I mind but...let's be real. If I get that thing anywhere near my throat, it's a done deal."
"How about you let me tittie-fuck you to pad the thrust?"
"I think you'd better talk me into it. I mean, of course I will let you have your way with me. I've wanted to since I first saw you walk in the office. But, I don't want to seem easy and besides, I love sexy talk. Can you manage?"
"I'll give it my best shot."
"go for it...big guy"

"Show me your tits Natalie."

Natalie glanced at Jack's offering. The brown thumper that he rested on the counter of the office's reception area window and wondered where he had put that thing in the past. He surely gave it heartily to some of the other office girls. Vivian, Jenny, Julia for sure. She had heard stories but never really wanted to believe them. Mainly because she knew in her heart (more like in her pussy and at the tips of her aroused nipples) that he would eventually point it in her direction.
She watched as he would come into the office in the mornings, that shanker floating lazily in his boxers. Teasing her with his slender, athletic form hosting his thumper. She wondered how hard it could get, if she would soon be the one challenged to find out but mostly how thick he was and if it curved at all when fully erect.

Today was the day.

Natalie was built nicely. She had curves in all the right places. She had fun titties that in the wrong eyes might look like they were a little small but to Jack size didn't matter in the least. They were what titties were supposed to look like. Beautiful, full, round, soft and smooth. "Boobies" that hang from a woman's shoulders like a couple of ripe plums (or tomatoes or melons or any other smooth, tight, and geometrically sound food item). In the end, they have to hold their own. Complete with well qualified nipples and areolas just begging to be nibbled and sucked.

Natalie wore very loose fitting clothes but you could tell immediately that her chest was well shaped. That and the fact that she flashed them to him one day while looking for 'something' she dropped down her cleavage. He _knew_ they were nice. Cotton bra or no cotton bra, the shape of her titties couldn't be denied. Her waist and hips were gentle curves that said woman all over them. Sometimes you could see the underside of her boob when she would lean over a desktop. Her hip-hugger jeans packed her uncommon latina ass in like it was a natural. But nothing compared to her tits. They were solid and yet soft, shapely and yet they hung naturally off of her shoulders like they were being dangled over Jack's open mouth. Ripe, smooth and tipped with a perky little nipple. On the bottom of her chest but on the top of the bulb of her breast. Gravy boats never looked so good.

She rounded the corner stripped down to her white cotton panties and the bounce of her chest made Jack's heart skip. "Damn, you are georgeous!, your body is tight!"
She noticed his member was already standing at full attention. "Looks like something else is getting tight. It's like a puppy! struggling to greet me..." She reached for his balls without thinking; holding one in the palm of her hand and the other rolling over the fingers of her little hand.

"You're bigger than I expected Jack. Your balls are awesome." She cupped his nuts and tugged them down and pushed them back between his thighs so that his cock would get harder. She wanted to see if his tool would shape up the way that she had imagined it. Without thinking she was on her knees and had the spongy head of his thickened and throbbing thumper between her lips, her tongue massaging the sensitive area beneath his mushroom cap. She turned her head to the side and let it press against the inside of her cheek. Then she let go of Jack's shaft and put her free hand on his ass. If he wasn't mistaken, she began to play the Spirit of 76 on his dick. She gummed over his cock with her lips over her teeth and went up and down the length of it. Inch by inch until her nose and cheek was nuzzled into his pubic hair and she could feel his nut sack with her tongue.

He was in heaven. So much in fact that he no longer wanted to admire her body but go to work on it. He pushed her on to her back with his dick by rotating it into the center of her mouth, drove it as far as he could into her throat until she gave way and slid off of the end of his now raging hard boner. She laid back and became instantly picturesque. Her legs coiled a little bit over each other accentuating the curve of her hips and her arms folded in like wings to cover her bosom.

Jack took ahold of her ankle and straightened her legs just enough to pull her panties off. Just as he finished, he ran his lips and tongue the length of her toned and tanned leg. Her foot still in his hand, he leaned into her and found his mark with the head of his rigid dick. She lifted her ass only slightly and he wiggled his way between her already wet and swollen pussy lips. It was so perfect that he drove the shaft in as far as he could without pushing his nuts into her. She welcomed every full and veiny inch. Her breath lifted, her chest heaved and then shoved back against him to drive his tool deep into her pussy.

They immediately began fucking wildly. Jack knew that Natalie would be a wild ride. She bucked and fucked, moaned and groaned. wiggled and squirmed, yelling "Fuck the shit out of my pussy Jack! Give me that fuckin' dick like no one has ever had it! I want all of it! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK MEeeeeee!" She came like a wild pony thrashing her head back and forth "Fuck me hard!" He fucked her harder. "Fuck me with that big fat incredible dick!" He pinched her nipple with his teeth. Hard but not too hard as he grabbed her hips and pushed her torso forcefully into his groin, flexing his cock as he drove all 8 inches into her swollen, velvety box.

"You like this dick don't you Natalie? Want to take it from behind?"
"YES!" He flipped her over, regained his grip on her hips and blindly drove his shaft into her open pussy. She was tight but her gate was fully open. He could feel her pussy lips grabbing at his thick and swollen meat. He could see them wrapped around his tool as he pulled out. Only to shove them back in. All the way to the balls everytime.

He felt her titties as they swayed under his pumping. "Fuck. Your body is amazing!" He was really into her body. She wasn't even there anymore. He had fucked the voice out of her. Now there was only grunting and heavy breathing. He fucked her even harder. Using her tits as his new grip. She never missed a beat. She moved in perfect sync to his pumping, his balls slapping her ass, his thighs smacking her thighs.

Then Felix showed up.

He was in the shadows. Jacking off by the looks of it. His boner was already for action. He didn't have to say a word as Natalie swallowed the thick and long cock of this new partner. He fucked her mouth, she sucked his cock, Jack drove the pussy with his king sized organ. Hump-ing-pump-ing...suck-ing-slurp-ing...Felix' dick was huge. He was about a foot taller than Jack so one would expect it was bigger than his. wasn't too far off. Jack had a 8incher and Felix was probably 9 or so. They were both thick and straight. They were like a shish-kabob skewering Natalie in a piston-like motion for what seemed like forever until Natalie began to moan a little higher.

Then higher...nnnnngggghhhh!....higher....nnnnngggghhhh!....until she screamed...muffled with Felix' dick in her mouth, still fucking her head. Jack fucked her into a 2 minute orgasm that caused her to suck on Chis' tool so vigorously that he came all over her face. Jack wasn't far behind, spewing cum all over her sweating back. It glistened against her light brown skin and pooled around the tattoo on the small of her back.

They all collapsed into a pile of human flesh breathing hard and taking turns saying "Wow.", "Holy shit", "damn, that was awesome."

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