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Jennifer H. 

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"Morning." I said.
"Good morning yourself," said Jamie. "How‚??d you sleep?"
"I slept fine." I said. I had slept okay so I wasn‚??t lying.
"Want some breakfast?" she said to me.
"Yes please." I was definitely starving. We got up and Jamie cooked a fabulous breakfast. She lived next door so she went and got Audrey and Austin up and brought them over for breakfast too. We had eggs and bacon and sausages. It was amazing!
"Any plans for today Mr. Brown?" said Austin.
"Good question Austin. I was thinking we could just relax today and hang out."
"Great." Said Jamie.
After breakfast we went in the living room and sat down. I looked for something good on TV and the kids finally found something they and I both liked, deadliest catch. We watched as the men onboard the crab boat hauled crab pods, which are basically like big dog cages, over the rail of the boat with a big crane. After that, we watched The Price‚??s Right which is a game show which is kinda hard to describe. You get all these prizes but you‚??ve got to play certain little games to win them. It‚??s weird. After that was the news.
Later we went out and we all wanted to go for a swim. We all trooped out to my pool and got out towels and I changed as well as Jamie and the kids into our swimming suits. We swam for about an hour and went back and dried off. We all went home to change and Jamie and the kids came back over to my place.
"Well that was fun." I said.
"Agreed!" they all said together. We enjoyed the rest of our day just relaxing like we had done this morning and then came dinner. We ordered pizza from Pizza Hut and ate hungrily.
"Today has been a good day." Said Austin. We all agreed. We spent the rest of the night watching baseball on TV and all too soon, it was time for bed. Jamie wanted to have another night with me so we went to my bed. We lay down and took our clothes off. "So what do you want to do first?" said Jamie. She took my cock in her mouth. She flicked her tongue across the head and around the shaft. I wasn‚??t sure how much longer I could hold back.
"I‚??m cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggg!!!!!! I half-shouted.
Then I fucked her pussy until we both had to stop for the night. It had been a good day and we relaxed and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Jamie and I awoke and got dressed. When we went into the kitchen, we had found that he kids had cooked us a fabulous breakfast. It was a lot like yesterday‚??s but bigger and better. After everyone had finished and there were leftovers enough to feed China, I thought about going somewhere. "How about we hit the old arcade today guys."
"I take that as a yes. Let‚??s go!!!"
We had all enjoyed the arcade and the kids had beaten some of my old high scores. I had to admit they were pretty good. We played TRON for a while. The kids liked racing games and enjoyed playing club cart which is a game where you‚??re racing in like these go cart like things. There was a motorcycle game that we all liked playing too.
After we spent the entire day at the arcade, we went to dinner at a nice restaurant called Village inn. It‚??s not far from where I live. I go there so often that when I walked in, a couple of the waitresses recognized me. After dinner, we went home. We watched TV for a while and then the kids went to bed. Jamie and I headed for my bed and got started. She took my cock in her mouth and even tried to take it in her throat. After a while she got the hang of it. I pumped a large load down into her stomach. Then I fucked her until we came in an erotic cocktail. We went to sleep with good thoughts in our heads like we had the first night of our intimacy.

Good morning I said as I woke up from a deep sleep when I reaized Jamie wasn‚??t beside me!!! I got up and went into the kitchen and found her making breakfast and then was the day that I decided I‚??d better tell Jamie that the kids needed to know that we were "doing the dance with no pants" every night. So I told her I needed to have a word with her ater breakfast so she said ok. We had a delicious breakfast of biskets and bacon and toast and eggs and youname it we had it. So her and I went into my room after breakfast. "I think they already know that ere having sex but I think we‚??d better tell thi kids," I began. "I think ou‚??re right." Jamie responded. But how? I thought. Jamie said, "I think I‚??d better do it." "Good idea," I responded. So she went to go tell them. I stayed in my room and waited, and waited‚?¶ and waited‚?¶ and she came in finally. "How‚??d it go?" I asked. "Um" she said, "I think they‚??re ok with it. I think they suspected something when I had stayed over at your place withought warning one night and then we all stayed here for 2 more nights." I said, "I think that does seem pretty suspicious doen it?" "Yeah it does." Said Jamie. We didn‚??t do much that day. It was a Saturday so we spent most of the day watching sports on TV. Later that day we actually went out and played a game of catch in my back yad which was pretty big. It was wonderful to see the baseball we were playing with go from one person to the next and be able to enjoy myself. But sadly all the fun had to end as it was starting to get dark. We went in, ate dinner, and then Jamie and the kids went back to their place. I had told Jamie that maybe we should take a break and think about how we would proceed with this relationship and she agreed.

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