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Robb J. 

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It was early in the morning, and the moonlight was gleaming through the window. I rubbed my eyes and my head was aching. It was a hangover from the wine last night. I looked over and saw Samantha tucked in her covers. Her long black hair covered her pillow.

It seemed strange seeing a female body laying in the bed next to me. There has always been a male sleeping next to me, but then its been a while since anyone has slept with me.

On the night stand I saw the strap on dildo that she fucked me with last night. I quietly grabbed it, and worked it up my legs. I pulled the covers off her face and gently kissed her cheek. Her eyes slowly opened and looked at me. I smiled at her and rolled in the covers till I was lying on top of her. Her hand raised and touched my face and I kissed her as I positioned my plastic cock on the opening of her twat.

I fucked her for the next hour making her orgasm several times. The sun was coming up and blazing through the window. I rolled off of her and she threw the covers on the ground and ate my asshole while I fingered myself till I came.

"Do you still want to meet those guys today?" she asked
"Samantha I am kind of nervous. I am really shy and I have a case
of social anxiety. I get really nervous when I have to meet new
people." I said
"Social anxiety?" She questioned.
"Yes I always have been that way since I was a little girl. I have
never had a lot of friends because I am always so scared to meet
new people. I am fine with the people I work with and everything,
its just any kind of social event where I am forced to meet someone
and make a first impression I get terrified. I was so nervous
yesterday when I met you, but obviously I am comfortable with you
now." I said
"I have never heard of that before." she said
"It really sucks." I said. "Like when I'm in a public restroom and
there is another girl in the room I can't pee."

Samantha looked at me like I was a mental case. She got out of bed and I watched her beautiful body walk over to the table. She grabbed her cell phone and scrolled through the names. My pussy moistened again as I looked at her. She had a perfect body, her skin was milky white and her butt crack was small and cute.

"Hey its me." She said in the phone..."You guys want to get together
today." she said, I heard a male voice in the phone.
"Ok, well I met this girl yesterday, and she is really hot. She is a flight attendant and she is
only in town for today. I am at her hotel room and I fucked her last night. She is
a horny bitch and she likes to fuck, but she is really shy and gets nervous around new
people. So when we get there today don't talk
to her much just start fucking her ok. I don't want her to feel
uncomfortable." She said "We'll be there around noon okay." She said in her accent and
flipped her phone shut.

She turned around and looked at me.

"Samantha, what was that? EI asked "I thought you were just going to
introduce me to some nice guys."
"They are nice guys. They are cute really horny and they have big
cocks." she said

My face turned red and I put my hand on my face and smiled. She walked over to the bed and sat down next to me. She wrapped her arms around my shoulder and kissed me.

"Don't be nervous, you are just in town today. Lets go have a good
time and you will leave tomorrow morning and you will never see
them again." She said

We got dressed and walked out to her car. We drove across town, and my mind was blank not knowing what to expect. We pulled into a dirt road and drove at least a mile before we came to a house. I got out of the car and Samantha walked over to me and grabbed my hand and led me to the door. She knocked on the door and a guy answered. His shirt was off and he had a tight ripped stomach. I looked at him and he didn't say anything to me as I walked in the door.

There were three other guys sitting on the couch with jeans and t- shirts on. They got up and walked towards me. A door opened and two guys walked out totally naked. Their cocks were fully erect as they walked towards me. My heart was racing and I swallowed hard. I stood there and must of looked ridiculous with my arms hanging at my side. I stood their and felt completely insecure as they all walked up to me. They reached me and circled around me. I stood there and stared at the ground. I couldn't look them in the eye and I glanced over at Samantha. She had a serious look on her face as she looked over the situation.

One of the guys that was naked stood behind me, and put two hands on my shoulders. He started kissing my neck and I closed my eyes. The hands all touched me and started rubbing my body. I felt a hand work in my jeans and his fingers crawled inside my underwear, another hand worked down my lower back and went in the back of my jeans. I started to relax and I kept my eyes closed as I felt ten hands rubbing me. One hand reached my cunt and its two fingers massaged my clit. I felt another hand work between my butt cheeks and a finger began wiggling in my asshole. There were hands up my shirt inside my bra rubbing my tits. My shirt came off, followed by my bra. The hands continued feeling my body as my pants came down. My eyes stayed closed, and I smiled as I raised my head in the air. One of the men was sucking softly on my neck. I have never had this much attention before. I was extremely horny and I felt the pulses in my pussy pounding.

A guy got on his knees behind me and pulled my panties down. I opened my eyes and looked down and one of the men helped me step out of my underwear. I looked at them and they were all naked now. One man picked up my panties and brought them to his face and sniffed them, another man swiped them from the guys face and wrapped them around his cock and stroked himself with them. I felt the air on my naked body, and I turned around and looked at the men circled around me. Their dicks were all hard and pointed at me. Samantha was naked too and she was leaning against the wall with her fingers in her cunt smiling at me.

The guy in front of me was looking at my body, and rubbing his balls. I leaned over and kissed him and took his cock in my hand, and slowly worked skin of his penis up and down. The guy that took off my panties was still on his knees behind me and he parted my butt cheeks and berried his face in my ass. Another one got on his knees in front of me and started licking my snatch. I continued stroking the cock as I ran my tongue in the guys mouth.

I moaned loud and the pleasure was unbearable. I felt a tongue run up my back, it continued up to my shoulder and my arm raised and his tongue was licking my arm pit. There were tongues licking my cunt, asshole, my neck, my belly button, my arm pits and my tits. All five of them were stroking their cocks as they pleasured my body.

I finally released my grip on the guys dick. I fell to my knees and I opened my mouth inviting whoever wanted to put there cock in first. A hard prick entered my mouth, and I sucked hard on it. I looked out of the corner of my eye and grabbed two cocks, one in my right hand and one in the left.

My vagina was throbbing and I felt my juices running down my leg. The man pulled his cock out of my mouth and the next one moved over and I sucked him. They were standing in a circle jerking off around me and they waited patiently for their turn to fuck my face. I had a cock in my mouth and the next man stepped closer to me. I pulled his dick out of my mouth, and I had a hand on each cock. I stroked them and admired them both. I kissed the head of the cocks in each of my hand. The men stepped closer together and I licked their cocks as I rubbed both of them together. I opened my mouth wide and took both of them both in. My mouth was stretched wide and I could taste both of their pre cum as they bulged out of both of my cheeks.

I shouted that I need a cock inside me now. A man laid on his back in front of me and I climbed on top of him. I sat on his dick and it went inside me momentarily and popped out. I grunted in frustration and another guy grabbed the guys cock and positioned it in me. I lowered my hips on him and fucked him hard. I felt a finger enter my asshole. The finger pressed hard against the walls of my anus, and squeezed the cock that was fucking my pussy hole. I felt a little pain in my ass from the pressure of his finger, but at the same time it tightened my vagina and made his cock rub hard against my g-spot.

The finger was soon replaced with a cock. I was being double penetrated, and it felt incredible. I never would of dreamed I would have all this testosterone at once. My mouth was open and I was screaming. A guy walked in front of me and turned around and put his ass in my face. I grabbed his hips and berried my face in his ass. Samantha circled around us, watching two cocks fuck my holes while I licked the man's asshole.

She pushed the guy out of the way and bent over in front of me. I quickly ran my tongue up her cunt to her asshole. I repeated it over and over. The smell and taste of Samantha's sweet cunt and asshole sent me over the top as the cocks pounded up my pussy and ass. I screamed until the muscles in my throat became weak. My muscles in my legs and stomach locked as the orgasm shot through me. I didn't want it to end.

I stood up and the dicks slid out of my pussy and asshole. A guy walked behind me and picked me up by both legs, and my back pressed against his chest. He locked his wrists around the back of my legs under my knees and he held me in the air. He took a step back and both hands were occupied holding me up. He told Samantha to come over and stick his cock up my ass. She sucked on her finger as she walked over to us and she licked my pussy as she pushed her finger in my asshole. My ass relaxed around her finger and she pulled it out and positioned the tip of his dick on my slightly open hole. She took a step back and watched as she started fingering her cunt with the same finger that was in my ass. The man relaxed his grip on my legs and my own weight forced his dick up my asshole.

Samantha and the four other guys masturbated and cheered us on. I was the star of the show, and I loved the attention as they all watched me get butt fucked. The guys body flexed and my tits bounced as he fucked me with all his force. I screamed at the top of my lungs as he shot his load up my asshole. I opened my eyes and another guy had walked up to me and faced me. The man that was in my ass passed me to him like I was a fuck toy. He held me in the air and started fucking my pussy, as another man moved behind me and stuck his cock up my ass that was already lubricated with cum from the other guy.

Samantha was in charge of licking the men's assholes and playing with their balls while they all took turns shooting their cum up my pussy and asshole. I came several times on their cocks as they took turns fucking me.

I was down to the last guy. Most of the other guys only lasted a few minutes, but this guy has been fucking me for over ten minutes. His dick was hard and big and he fucked me at a medium pace. He walked me over and pinned me against the wall, and started fucking me faster and faster. I have came several times already, and my body was weak. I didn't want to be fucked anymore, I just wanted to lay down and rest.

Suddenly my muscles strengthened and I got an adrenaline rush. His cock started feeling better and better as it pumped up my twat. I didn't think it was possible but I felt like I could have another orgasm. As his dick continued moving inside me I was sure now. His dick filled my pussy but in the position we were in the pressure pressed against the top of my pussy. The head of his dick was poking my g-spot close to my cervix deep inside my vagina. The base of his penis was rubbing my clit and I moved a little closer to orgasm each time he pushed in me.

My voice was almost gone, my throat was soar from screaming. I have been screaming as hard as I could for the last hour. The building pleasure far out weighed the pain in my throat. The Muscles in my stomach and legs started to tighten and flex.

I was getting closer. He was now fucking me with all his force. My vision was getting blurry and I just closed my eyes and let my eyes roll back in my head. It felt incredible, and I think if he were to stop right now I would kill him (who ever he is.)

This was the slowest orgasm I have ever had. It was like I was having an orgasm but It hadn't reached its peak yet. The pressure was building stronger and stronger. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, all the muscles in my body were flexed to the max. I sucked as much oxygen as I could and held my breath. Here it head felt like it was going to explode and I heard a buzzing in my ears. My body shook hard my asshole tightened and squeezed and farted out loads of semen that the previous guys shot in me. I didn't make a noise for a moment and help my breath as long as I could until my body exploded like a volcano. My mouth opened and I screamed as loud as I could. I could feel the juices from my cunt erupt out my pussy and run down my inner thigh between my butt cheeks. My body slowly started to relax and I sucked in some more air. I felt his dick begin to pulsate and I could feel warm liquid shoot out the end of his cock that was rubbing against my g spot. The pressure in my body rose quickly back up to the peak and I came again. With a few last thrusts he milked the rest of his semen in me, and I shifted my weight forcing him to put me down on the floor.

I breathed hard and my I had a cramp in my side. I put my head down on the floor and started to laugh. I have never had that intense of an orgasm. It was like the ultimate roller coaster ride. Maybe it was because I already had several orgasms prior to that one. Or maybe it was because I just fucked five hot guys.

I finally caught my breath. I got up and walked past the guys and grabbed my clothes. I didn't want to talk to them or get to know them in any way. I was completely satisfied and I wanted to leave. I grabbed Samantha by the hand and pulled her towards the door. She pulled her hand away from mine and I looked back and she ran across the room to grab her shirt, jeans, and underwear.

She hurried back to me and we walked out to the car totally naked. She started the car and pulled away. She had a towel in the back seat and I grabbed it and wiped all the cum from both me and my five acquaintances. I lifted my butt and wiped my ass of all the white cum that was leaking out. We both put on our clothes before we reached the main highway.

We pulled into my hotel and she pulled up to the curve to let me off. She pulled out a small pad of paper and wrote her number on it. She leaned over and put her face close to mine.

"If you ever get up here again, give me a call ok." She said

I smiled and nodded my head and she kissed me on the lips. I opened my mouth inviting her tongue, and as we made out she worked her hand with the piece of paper down my jeans, down my panties and to my pussy. She stuck her middle finger up my cunt and circled around for a moment and then pulled her hand up leaving the piece of paper in my underwear. We released our kiss and she put her finger in her mouth and stared at me as she tasted my pussy off her finger. I stepped out of the car and smiled at her as she drove off.

A few hours later I met up with my pilots and we headed to the airport. My body was aching, and It was hard to even walk through the terminal to the plane. I managed to get the airplane ready, get the passengers loaded, and make my safety announcements with my sour voice. We leveled off and I finally got to sit down. My muscles in my stomach and inner thigh were soar but I felt really good just the same. I just had my first lesbian experience with a hot Canadian gothic girl, and I got gangbanged by five gorgeous guys all in one trip. I walked behind the galley where no one could see me and I put my hand down my pants and inside my underwear and rubbed my still tender pussy as I grabbed the piece of paper, Samantha put down there. I looked at her phone number in her pretty hand writing. I smiled to myself, and the first thing I was going to do when we landed was check my schedule to find out when I have another Toronto Run.

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