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Julie spent the following hour tending to Rachel‚??s beautiful, but bruised, body, gently rubbing soothing baby oils and lotions into her skin. "Oh my little baby," she said. "I really do love you so very much."
"And I love you too, my sexy Mistress," replied Rachel. She had wondered how Julie could treat her so cruel, and how she, Rachel, had allowed her to do so. But, she had had two wonderful orgasms while Julie had spanked and whipped her, and, she reasoned, she had told Julie that she could do anything she wanted in all their erotic conversations in the chat room before they met. And although initially the pain had been intense, once she had passed through the pain barrier, it had been a real turn on as her wet pussy revealed. Julie put her hand on Rachel‚??s inner thighs and felt the moisture that had trickled down from her lover‚??s pussy. As she slid her hand up, Rachel parted her legs to allow her mistress access to her wet pussy lips. But Julie‚??s hands passed over her pussy and came to rest on Rachel‚??s short, soft curly hair which she stroked and then twirled around her fingers. "You have such soft hair, my baby, but I want you completely smooth just there," Julie said softly. "Follow me to the kitchen."
Remembering Julie‚??s house rules, Rachel made no attempt to put on any clothes, and meekly followed Julie to the kitchen. "Get onto the table," Julie commanded, "and lie down." Stepping onto a chair, Rachel climbed onto the white kitchen table and obediently lay on her back. The table was barely long enough to accommodate Rachel‚??s body, and her lower legs hung over the edge. Rachel winced as her bruised body touched the table. Thoughtfully, Julie fetched a cushion and placed it under Rachel‚??s head so that she would be more comfortable. "Now, spread your gorgeous legs, darling." Rachel did so immediately. She drew her breath in as she felt the touch of cold metal on her skin. Julie was holding a pair of kitchen scissors against her. She shivered in anticipation of what Julie was about to do and felt her pussy juices trickling down between her legs.
"Wow baby," whispered Julie. "It doesn‚??t take much to turn you on, does it?" Rachel smiled. "Not when you are about to trim my quim," replied Rachel. As she spoke, Julie began to use the scissors on Rachel‚??s soft curly hair. She soon had it trimmed and stood admiring her handiwork for a moment before reaching for her ladyshave so that she could finish the job properly. As she started to run the shaver gently over what remained of Rachel‚??s hair, she saw Rachel‚??s body shake as she climaxed. "Oh my god," exclaimed Julie, "I didn‚??t realise you were that close, darling." She dipped her finger into the copious juices emerging from Rachel‚??s lips and immediately put it into her mouth to savour the wonderful taste. Brushing away the remnants of Rachel‚??s pubic hair, Julie lowered her head to lick her girlfriend‚??s delicious wet pussy lips. Gently she probed Rachel‚??s pussy with her long tongue sending shivers of pleasure through her body. As she drew the wonderful honey from Rachel‚??s pussy, she ran a fingertip over her hard clit, sending further waves of pleasure through Rachel‚??s body.
Rachel had never before experienced such intense sexual pleasure. She put her hands on Julie‚??s head, pressing it hard against her pussy in an attempt to urge her lover‚??s tongue even deeper into her. At the same time, she thrust her body up to try to achieve the same objective. She was breathing harder and faster as she approached yet another orgasm. Finally she climaxed, and so intense was the orgasm that she blacked out for a few seconds. She came round to feel Julie gently slapping her face. "You had me worried there for a minute," said Julie. "Are you ok baby?"
"Oh yes, Julie. I‚??m more than ok darling," she gasped. "That was incredible. Thank you, Julie. Oh I do love you so, so much."
"I love you too baby," Julie replied, kissing Rachel passionately on the mouth. "Go and have a shower now, darling, and give me a shout if you need any help. I need to prepare something for us to eat"
"I‚??d sooner eat you the way you‚??ve just eaten me," said Rachel.
"Oh, you will get the chance to do that very soon, baby," replied Julie, "and if you don‚??t do it to my satisfaction, you will have to be punished."
"Oh yes please," said Rachel. "Do anything you want to me."
"I will, don‚??t worry. Now go and have a shower."

After her shower, Rachel returned to the kitchen and stood until Julie told her that she could sit. As they ate the food that Julie had prepared for them, Julie told Rachel "I‚??m having two friends over this evening, baby. I‚??ve told them all about you and they‚??re dying to meet you. I want you to wear your white leather boots for me."
"Yes Julie, I will. What else do you want me to wear?"
"Nothing, baby."
"Oh my god. What are their names, and what do they look like?"
"Kate and Lisa. Kate‚??s 5 foot 3 with long blonde hair and green eyes. Lisa‚??s 5 foot 7 with long black hair and blue eyes. They both love wearing 7 inch heels"
"Are they gay, Julie?"
"No. They‚??re bi."
"Are they together? Have you ever had sex with them?"
"Yes, Rache, they live together. I‚??ve never had sex with them, but you‚??re going to while I watch. While they are both here, you will address me as ‚??Mistress‚?? or ‚??Mistress Julie‚?? and you will address them in a similar manner."
"Yes, Julie. Thank you, Julie."
"Now, please clear the table, Rache, and then bend across it with your legs spread wide."
Rachel quickly did as she had been instructed, and assumed the position that Julie had asked, her bum raised slightly towards her lover. She felt the familiar wetness in her pussy as she anticipated what she hoped was to follow. But she was to be disappointed. She felt Julie‚??s soft hands on the cheeks of her bum, gently caressing them in a circular motion once again making her shiver with delight. She then felt Julie‚??s hands spreading her cheeks and her finger probing the entrance to her hole. All too soon, the wonderful touch of her lover stopped. Suddenly, she felt something cold and wet around her rear entrance as Julie squeezed some lubricant there. She gasped as Julie worked it into her hole with her middle finger, stretching her entrance.
Julie took a butt plug from the kitchen worktop. She had bought three of them, all different sizes, a few days ago after she had learned that Rachel was going to leave home. She put it in her mouth to moisten it with her saliva, then pushed it into Rachel‚??s waiting hole. But it was too small, and popped out as Rachel‚??s muscles fought against the intrusion. She picked another, bigger one, moistened that with her mouth, and slowly inserted it. This time, the fit was perfect, and Julie quickly fastened it in place with straps around the top of Rachel‚??s hips and the tops of her thighs. She fetched Rachel‚??s white leather high heeled boots and slipped them onto her legs.
"Go and kneel by the front door until my friends arrive, Rachel. Then show them into the lounge and come and kneel by my chair facing them with your legs spread so you are displaying yourself to them. You will make no effort to resist them should they wish to examine or touch your body," Julie ordered.
"Yes, Julie, anything for you," replied Rachel.
Rachel went to the front door and knelt on the rough mat to await the arrival of Julie‚??s guests. She knew that she would have to remain there, motionless, for a few hours and realised that this was part of her training. She wanted to please Julie and demonstrate her complete obedience and love, and so she waited by the door with her head bowed as Julie made her preparations for her visitors.

The afternoon passed slowly for Rachel. Her legs grew numb, her butt plug was uncomfortable, and she desperately needed to relieve her bladder. But she knew that she had to remain where she was, completely motionless, to please her lover, girlfriend and mistress. Eventually, the doorbell rang, and Rachel struggled to fight the numbness in her legs as she stood and opened the door, her head still bowed in servitude. Kate and Lisa looked at the vision before them.
"Wow," exclaimed Lisa. "You‚??re even more beautiful than Julie told us."
"Thank you, Mistress Lisa," said Rachel, her eyes on her black leather boots with their 7 inch heels and chains up the sides.
"Julie told us that you‚??d be dressed up for us," said Kate. "I really love the way she‚??s dressed you in just your boots."
"Thank you, Mistress Kate," said Rachel as she looked at her pink thigh boots with 7 inch metal heels.
The two girls stepped into the hall and ran their hands over Rachel‚??s naked body. Kate put her hand under Rachel‚??s chin and raised her face as she put her lips to Rachel‚??s. Her tongue parted Rachel‚??s lips and explored the girl‚??s mouth while her other hand went to her left breast and squeezed Rachel‚??s nipple hard. Meanwhile, one of Lisa‚??s hands was on her right breast with her other touching Rachel‚??s wet pussy lips. Rachel was enjoying the attention of the two girls, but suddenly realised that the front door was still wide open allowing any passers-by a free sex display. She blushed at the thought, but knew that she mustn‚??t move to close the door until Lisa and Kate had finished lavishing all their attention on her body. The sound of some cat-calls and whistles drew Lisa and Kate‚??s attention to this fact, so they moved back onto the doorstep taking Rachel with them, stepping to each side of her to give spectators a full frontal view of her body as they fingered her pussy and pinched her nipples hard. They continued for several minutes as the crowd grew until Rachel climaxed, her screams of ecstasy reaching far into the evening air. With this earth shattering climax, Rachel lost all control of her bodily functions and felt her bladder emptying onto the doorstep while the crowd watched, laughing and applauding.
"You dirty slut," exclaimed Kate.
"We ought to make you clean up your mess with your tongue," added Lisa.
"Please, no," squealed Rachel thoroughly humiliated at her accident. "I‚??ll do anything you say, but please don‚??t make me do that."
The two girls thought for a moment, and decided that the crowd in the street had been provided with sufficient entertainment for one evening. Besides, they couldn‚??t wait to be alone with this beautiful girl and see just how far they could push her into doing whatever they wanted. They ushered her inside the house, closing the front door behind them.
Attempting to regain her composure, Rachel led Lisa and Kate into the lounge where Julie was waiting. As Julie‚??s two friends sat down on the sofa, Rachel obediently made her way to kneel in front of Julie, settling back onto her heels and spreading her legs wide so that Lisa and Kate had a good view of her exposed sex. Julie raised her legs and placed them on Rachel‚??s shoulders.
"What do you think of my little girlfriend?" she asked.
"She‚??s gorgeous," replied Kate, and Lisa nodded in agreement. "We love the way you‚??ve dressed her for us. She just told us that she‚??ll do anything we want, if that‚??s ok with you, Julie."
"Of course it is," Julie confirmed. "The only thing you may NOT do, is take her virginity. I want that pleasure for myself."
"Is she really a virgin?" Lisa asked.
"Yes, she is," Julie replied.
"Oh wow," from both girls.
"Come over here," Lisa ordered.
Julie remover her legs from Rachel‚??s shoulders and added, "On your hands and knees, Rachel."
"Yes Mistress."
Rachel crawled over to Lisa, who grabbed hold of her and pulled her up over her lap. She undid the straps holding Rachel‚??s butt plug and slowly pulled it out. She offered it to Rachel.
"Suck it clean," she demanded.
Rachel saw that it had a light smearing of her waste material, but knew that she had to obey. She grimaced as she opened her mouth and allowed Lisa to slip it between her lips. She sucked it and almost vomited at the disgusting taste.
"Keep it in your mouth," Lisa ordered as she started to spank Rachel‚??s bruised bum with her hand. "If you let it fall out, I‚??ll spank you even harder." Rachel bit down hard on the plug to ensure that it remained in her mouth as Lisa spanked her bum hard. Although initially she found it extremely painful so soon after the punishment she had received from Julie earlier in the day, it wasn‚??t long before she started to enjoy it and discovered that it was making her extremely horny. The tears that she was crying were no longer tears of pain. Now they were tears of ecstasy. Seeing Rachel‚??s tears, Julie came over to Rachel and kissed and licked them away, relishing the exquisite saltiness.
Meanwhile, Kate was also becoming extremely turned on by what her girlfriend was doing to Rachel. She slipped her hand under her skirt and started to finger her pussy lips through her thin panties which were already soaked with her juices. Pulling her panties to one side, she inserted two fingers into her pussy and began to slowly finger fuck herself. When Lisa saw what Kate was doing, she stopped spanking Rachel‚??s bum and removed the butt plug from her mouth.
"Kneel in front of Kate, and help her off with her panties. When you‚??ve done that, put your head between Kate‚??s thighs and eat her pussy," she commanded.
Rachel was now so turned on, she needed very little encouragement to tongue fuck Lisa‚??s girlfriend, and couldn‚??t believe how sweet she tasted. Lisa reached got up from the sofa and sat down on the floor behind Rachel. She moved her feet towards Rachel‚??s bum, sliding her right heel up and down Rachel‚??s crack. Instinctively, Rachel opened her legs as far as her position would allow and thrust her bum backwards towards Lisa. Slowly, Lisa slipped her thin 7 inch heel inside Rachel‚??s hole.
"Oh yes," Julie exclaimed. "Fuck my baby‚??s arse with your heel, Lisa." She took hold of Lisa‚??s leg and helped her slide her heel in and out of Rachel‚??s hole. Rachel was in heaven. She was lapping up Kate‚??s copious juices as she was having her arse fucked. She was moving closer to yet another climax, and she realised that Kate was too. Unable to resist the temptation, she moved her thumb over Kate‚??s wet lips and onto her clit to hasten the girl‚??s climax. Lisa‚??s heel was working its magic, and as Rachel started to cum, she felt Kate‚??s orgasm on her tongue. Hungrily, she lapped up all of Kate‚??s honey, and collapsed with her head still between her legs.
"Did you enjoy that, Rache?" Julie enquired.
"Oh yes, Mistress," she replied. "Thank you, Mistress Kate, for allowing me to eat your delicious pussy. Thank you, Mistress Lisa, for fucking my arse with your heels. May I lick them clean for you, Mistress?"
"Yes, Rache. Make a good job of it," she replied as she presented her heel to Rachel‚??s waiting mouth.
"When you‚??ve cleaned Lisa‚??s heel, Rache, I want you to come and have a shower with me," Kate said. "We need to clean ourselves up before we continue this evening‚??s entertainment."

To be continued????????

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