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I told her how much I enjoyed our dinners together and the deserts she fed me in my sleeper.

Our last time was just as good as the first, I remembered her tiny body laying on me as her thin legs straddled my face.Her old pussy dripping her juices from her stretched hole down her slit and into my mouth.How she would suck my cock deep in her mouth and stroke the shaft begging me to cum.

She had exceptional technique's learned from her days of being a prostitute and knew just how to make me cum. She loved my cock and would keep me hard after cumming waiting for the fucking I was going to give her.

I will never forget the sight of her laying with her legs spread waiting for me to put it in her. How she would rub her hands through her grey pubic hair before sliding her long fingers in side her self. Sure she had wrinkles about her face but her blue eyes seemed to sparkle knowing what was coming.

We had fucked many times so she knew and loved that I lasted a lot longer after she gave me a blow job. So the second time she would be wet in anticipation of the hours of pounding she was going to receive,surprisingly she would stay wet. Even now at 65 she still had the desire for sex,but only with me she would tell me. I was the only one she needed or wanted which I was sorry when I told her I was probably not going to be there for her desires.

That last look of Lee walking away after that two hour fuck is what brought me back tonight. The image's her small frame,her long braided grey hair reaching her tiny ass,pointing at the wide gap between her thighs had been on my mind for a while.

I pulled into the truck stop noticing it hand't changed ,parked my car and went inside. I was hoping Lee would be there but was sad to see she was not.I sat down at the counter and ordered coffee ,then asked the waitress if Lee was around.She said no she doesn't come around here much only to bring us our pay checks, I asked her if she could call her.She was surprised when I told her I was an old friend and really wanted to see to her.

Lee was so excited when she heard my voice ,and when I asked her if I could stop by she eagerly gave me directions to her home. Lee was waiting anxiously on her front porch waving at me with a big smile when she seen me pulling in.She stepped carefully off her steps slowly walking to greet me,I noticed that age has caught up with her.She still had that beautiful smile along with her long grey hair.Her eye's didn't have that sparkle like I remembered but she still had her welcoming voice,the voice that let you know she was happy to see you.

She wrapped her arms around me giving me a big kiss before asking me what I was doing up here.I told her that I missed her and have been thinking about her ever day."It's been two years" she said" why in the hell would you miss this old broad".She laughed then said "well I missed you too sweet heart , come sit down" taking my hand as we walked up to the porch.She commented that her body doesn't move as well as it used too carefully climbing the steps.

"Well you just need to get limbered up " I said,she laughed "what are you hear to give me a massage"."Well if that's what it takes to get you in bed ,sure "I said placing my hand over her's as we sat on the porch swing.Lee was trying to change the subject by asking what I have been doing ,did I have a girl friend, wife etc.etc.Even with all the questions she never removed my hand from hers,instead she leaned her head over on my shoulder listening to me talk.

"I do miss our talks" she said finally "as well as the other things we did ,I might just take you up on that massage".She said and looked up into my eyes"you really came all this way just to have sex with me" she asked. " No I came up here to make love to you"I said"I loved being with you and I missed your pretty face.If we didn't have sex I would still love holding you in my arms feeling your warm heart against my chest".

Her eyes seemed to brighten "you know you have been the only man in years to show me love"she said. "You are also the only man I have had sex with in ten years"she said kissing me "and I sure missed you".Lee stood up "come in have some coffee while I freshen up "she said leading me in side her home.

While she went into the bathroom I walked around her neat home checking out her nick knacks and items she had on display.There were pictures of her at the diner from when she was young right up to the age she is now.I was right when I thought she had to be a knock out when she was younger, by the pictures ,she was.

She had pictures of her sitting in various trucks with the door open and her short skirt showing her long legs. There were some of her sitting on drivers laps with a big smile on her face,I could only imagined why she was smiling.As I followed down the wall the pictures they seemed to be dated and the trucks were getting newer.

I spotted my truck just as her arms wrapped around my waist,"I like this one the best "she said .She pointed to one with me stepping out of my truck walking up to the diner"I used to wait for you.If you were running late I would worry"she said. This is a nice one too".She pointed to a picture of us sitting across from each other both smiling"You didn't know about this one "she said.There were no more pictures of her with other men just alone at the counter"you were my last love"she said turning me around.

She gave me a passionate kiss standing there in her bath robe"come on lets make this love last" she said leading me down the hall to her bed room.She took me to her bed and sat down looking up at me while she started undressing me. I bent down and kissed her until she had me completely naked and my cock in her hand."I have missed this"she said before placing her mouth on my cock slowly sucking me .

I reached inside her robe cupping her soft breasts feeling her nipple's begin to harden.She was working wonders on my cock bringing back memories of how she used to please me.I moved my hand from her breasts and up to her braided pony tail.I was watching her grey head moving up and down as she sucked and played with my balls. "You sure haven't lost your touch "I said to her"no one has ever made me feel this way"

I finally had to pull her off and up to me dropping her robe as she stood naked in front of me. "Your still beautiful " I said kissing her deep"now it is my turn to give you a massage".I seen she had some lotion on her bed stand,squirting some on my hand I told her to lay down on her belly.

I began to rub over her back to her skinny waist then back up as I straddled her legs.From behind you wouldn't think she was as old as she was , her thighs were firm from being on her feet so many years.I rubbed more lotion on her butt rubbing it down her thighs peeking at her clit as I worked my hand near it.

Lee was whispering about how good it felt taking deep breaths as I massaged her ass cheeks.I actually was getting hard and dripped some lotion in my dick then moved up to massage her neck.

She started moving her ass against my cock as it was moving up and down while I rubbed her shoulders. In one up stroke she timed it just right and lifted her ass causing my cock to slide easily inside her soaked pussy.

I wasn't planning on fucking her right then but relented to pumping deep into her for a few minutes.She had her arms out stretched clutching the sheets as I slid deep in side her.I leaned down whispering in her ear that we were just getting started.I backed away planning to flip her over but she followed me up keeping my cock in side her.With her ass in the air I grabbed her hips holding my cock inside her listening to her moaning.

I didn't plan on coming but hearing her moans ,seeing her head thrashing from side to side pushed me over the edge.We started fucking furiously as I spilled my seed inside her ,after I finished I continued fucking her . She was having orgasm after orgasm and never felt me cumming,continuing to fuck her kept me hard.

Lee finally let me pull out of her but stayed frozen with her ass in the air trying to compose her self. It looked so erotic seeing her old pussy gaped open dripping a mixture of our juices from deep with in.I stepped off the bed rolling her onto her back where she laid there knees up spreading her legs and her hand on her clit.

She was red faced and breathing heavily as she stared at me with lust in her eyes,"your still hard" she said weakly. I bent down kissing her deep as I put lotion on her belly rubbing it gently.Lee started sliding her hand away from her clit smearing our cum through her grey bush and mixing it in the lotion.Her body was shining from the lotion and cum as her hands went under her sagging breasts . She had lifted them up gently rubbing them together. I started rubbing my cock easily on her nipples watching them harden as she played with her breasts.

I took one arm placing it on my chest and started massaging her arm and shoulder, watching her close her eyes. After I finished with that arm I went to the other ,when letting that hand down she grasped my cock giving it a squeeze.A smile came to her face while I rubbed her squirting more lotion to her tiny breasts.

Lee turned to her side and went back to sucking my cock as I rubbed her back and neck.

I got up on the bed straddling her face then lowered my head to her pussy holding her lips open and started licking.Her knees were still up and when I hit the right spot she would clamp them on my head,dropping my cock from her mouth with a moan.

I must have cum in her more than I thought by the amount still dripping out along the folds of her pussy.I slid three fingers easily inside her and started finger fucking her while she pushed her ass up forcing them deeper.Her mouth was off my cock as I knelt above her face listening to her moan with the pleasure I was giving to her.I finally had to get up and slide my cock into her extremely wet hold.

As I positioned my self between her legs when Lee opened her eyes "fuck me sweetie"she said biting her lip as I entered her.I don't know why it turned me on seeing her old flat tits flopping around or the wrinkles on her face but it did.It could be the way her blue eyes sparkled or the way she smiled at me while we fucked .I moved down and kissed her as she wrapped her arms around my neck driving her tongue deep in my mouth.

She had her legs clamped tight to me as she orgasm-ed again feeling more of her juices warm my cock."Cum for me" she whispered in my ear biting my ear lobe and moaned. The sound of our bodies slapping together and the feel of her warm breath on my neck took me over the edge and I started cumming.She started sucking harder on my neck when she felt me tense up and my cock begin to jerk inside her.She wiggled her hips feeling like she was trying to extract all the cum from my cock.

Finally she lowered her hands down to my hips letting me up saying "thank you" then smiling.We stayed there connected as we complemented each other on the pleasures of how well we moved together."Okay " Lee said "lets get up "pushing me away when she felt my cock go limp and fall out .I sat beside her pulling her into my arms"your still the best" I said cupping her cheek and kissed her.

"Phew" she said fanning her face"where have you been all my life" then chuckled leaning her head on my shoulder. She slapped my leg "lets get dressed and go get some thing to eat"she said "I know where there is a good diner".I watched her bend over picking up her robe and my clothes .There were dribbles of cum on her thighs as she walked to the bathroom.

As we drove down to the truck stop she seemed so much happier,she was smiling and joking with me all the way. She moved a lot freely getting out of the car walking up to the door."Looks like my massage worked"I said as I held the door open for her.We sat and talked just like old times as we ate staring into each others eyes and smiling.

The waitress commented several times how nice she looked and how happy she seemed to be. When Lee went into the kitchen the waitress came back "it is the happiest I have seen her in age's"she said and smiled."It is amazing how an old friend can cheer her up"she said "you need to stop by more often" and walked away.

I spent the whole weekend with Lee planning to come back again, and I did.......stories will continue

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