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Chris B. 

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I just lie there on my bed, sweaty and sore. My ass hurt and could feel the wetness of his semen drip from me. It felt so good and so right but I kept thinking to myself, "What had I done? I just met this man and I let him have unprotected sex with me." At the same time it made me happy, I had his cum in my stomach and in my ass. I knew I was glowing.

He made his way back to the bedroom, his large black cock now flacid and swinging with is stride. "I gotta go. I got some shit to do. Walk me out.". As I got up from the comfort of my bed I could feel my gapping hole aching. He quickly dressed and I stood before him naked with his seed finding its way out of my ass and slowly down my leg. We exchanged numbers at which point he told me, "Be ready for me when I get off work tomorrow." He got closer, pointed his finger at me while looking me straight in the eyes and said, "Remember, you are my bitch. Your ass is mine now." Without hesitation I reinforced this knowledge to him, "My ass is all yours." As he opened the door to leave he turned to me and said with a smile, "Just be ready tomorrow around 5 for some more black dick, got it?" I just nodded as he left. I was so happy, tomorrow his cock and cum would be in me again.

The next day I rushed through my work and ran my errands as quickly as I could. I would be home by 3. Plenty of time to prepare myself for John. I stopped by the store to grab some beer. Does he drink beer? I dunno, but better safe than sorry. I made it home, showered and cleaned up. I was still sore, my muscles ached from the previous days pounding that I took. Was he going to fuck me that rough everytime?

5pm came and I sent him a text with the code to the security gates and a note to let him know the door was unlocked. At around 5:30 he knocked and opened the door. I rushed to greet him at the door. He pulled me close to kiss me, his body was like heaven as he kissed me. His full lips on mine, his tongue against mine, his hands on my body. We broke and I closed the door. I offered him a seat on the couch and a drink. He asked what I had and I offered a beer. He wanted a beer, 1 point for me! haha! I handed him his beer and the TV remote as I sat next to him. "Long day at work? Are you tired?" I asked. "Nah, I'm ok. Just another day.", he replied. He pulled me closer to where my head was on his chest and my hand was on his stomach. We sat silent for a few moments as he relaxed and watched TV. Then I made my move and began to rub his crotch. I could feel the thick meatiness of his cock under his jeans. I slowly stroked it only to feel it twitch in response and grow more thick and hard. He pushed the coffee table with his foot and began unbutton his jeans. "Way you are acting you must be ready for some dick. I need you to suck this dick real good." he said. Without saying a word I lowered my head and took the swollen head of his cock into my mouth. Getting it wet I began to take more in, then more until I had his entire length in my mouth. He smelled musky and his cock tasted salty after a long day at work but I didn't care. I was here to suck his dick and let him use me as he wanted. I continued giving him head, a slow, sloppy wet blowjob. His thick black cock glistening with my saliva. "Oh Damn! That's what I like about you white boys, you know how to suck a dick.... Keep sucking it, baby." "Yeah, that's it, take it all." By this time he had his hand on the back of my head, running his fingers through my hair and gently pushing down to make sure I took all his dick. After about 4 minutes he began to thrust a little as he pushed my head down. "You ready for that cum? I want you to swallow all my cum" then he groaned and I could feel his swollen cock twitch as his cum began to fill my mouth. I began to swallow greedily as to not miss a drop. He let out a final groan as he thrust his cock even further. "OHHHH, Fuck yeah!" I continued to clean his cock with my lips and tongue. I wanted to taste all his precious cum. Which is weird when you think about it, because just the day before I had never swallowed any man's cum before and the thought of swallowing cum kinda grossed me out. He laid his head back to rest and stated, "Damn you give the best head!".

After a few minutes of me kissing and stroking his cock it began to get erect again. "You clean your ass for me?", he asked. "Yes", I replied. "Good, take off your clothes and lay on your stomach.", he pointed to the other end of the couch. I immediatly got up and did as I was told. My pathetic little white cock was a mere fraction of his giant, beautiful black cock. A little embarrassed by this but happy that it was my ass he wanted, not my little cock. I lie down flat on the couch with my ass up, he was at the other end. He got up to go get the lube. He came back and started rubbing and squeezing my ass with his dry hands. "Damn, your ass is beautiful. Get's me hard just thinking about it. Your ass was made for black dick.", he said. "Mmmmm" I replied as his fingers began to probe my still sore hole. "I'm beginning to think so too." I said as I smiled and hugged the pillow, knowing this was going to be painful but very pleasurable. Then he spread my legs and ass to begin probing my pink hole with his tongue. I could feel the warm wetness of his tongue and the hot breathe as he exhaled. I closed my eyes to feel his lips on my soft, white bubble ass. Then I heard him pop the top of the lubrication bottle.

He began to rub lubrication on and in my sore hole, first one finger then two, before he began to stroke it on his cock. I was still on my stomach as I felt him begin to mount me. The weight of him on top of me, dominating me, pushed me into the couch to the point where I couldn't move away if I tried. His large lubricated cock began to ease between my butt cheeks only to be stopped by my once tight, and now sore, pink hole. "You ready for this dick?" he asked. "You ready for a good fucking?". "Yes... I need your cock.", I whined. Soon I could feel the pressure building as his swollen, black cock tore into my pink hole. The pain was ... excrutiating. I felt as if I had been stabbed with a knife. I yelled and cried into the couch pillow, I gripped it tight. I was sweating from the pain. "It's all right, you just have to get used to this black cock in your fine, white ass.". I knew he was right, but I couldn't speak. I just muffled my cries in the pillow as tears streamed down my cheek. Then he began to thrust, ripping me further. With each powerful thrust the couch springs were pushing my ass back to meet him. All I could do was muffle my screams in the pillow and let out groans with every penetrating thrust. I was completely powerless, like a rag doll for him to use. "This is my ass, bitch. I fuck you how I want and when I want. Got it?". "YES!", is all I could manage as his thrusts became more pronounced. With each thrust I could feel his penis pushing my insides, his cock was huge. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head back away from the pillow, "This ass in MINE! You hear me you fucking whore?", he growled. "Yes, Yes, my ass is yours. You can have it!!". Now he shoved my face into the pillow. One hand on my shoulder the other forcing my head into the pillow. I could barely breathe, for what seemed like an eternity, as he increased the rate and force of his penetrating thrusts my soft ass came bounding back. All I could think about was the pain and the feel of his long cock sliding in and out of my tormented, pink hole. I could hear his balls slapping my ass as he pounded that black cock deep inside me. Faster and faster until finally he let out a loud groan. Then another groan as he filled my sore, pink hole with is black seed. At that moment I was so happy, not because the punishment had stopped, but because I was owned. This beautiful black bull owned me. A few more thrusts for good measure and he pulled his cock out of my ass. I remember feeling it slide out, that feeling of emptyness, leaving only a gapping hole where his cock once was.

He stood before me and slapped my ass hard, "Hey! Don't you move, I want my cum to stay inside you! Got it?". I turned to look at him through bleary eyes, tears still streaming slightly, "Yes, I won't move.". He left for the bathroom, I watched as he walked away, his back glistening with sweat.

When he came back he tossed me a towel. He stood before me naked, beautiful. He looked down at me then wiped his face with a towel. "What are you waiting for? Suck this nigger dick, bitch.". I was surprised. I thought we were finished! I quickly got on my knees before him and hungrily began to suck his cock. Then I began to suck his balls, then back to his cock. I wanted more of his cum. "That's right, suck that dick. You a good little white bitch. Take it deeper!" he commanded as he forced his cock down my throat. I kept thinking of how heavy his black cock felt in my mouth, the girth, the soft skin covering rock hard muscle that made up his cock. Fresh tears streamed down my face from the gagging and throat punishment. "That's right, bitch. Suck that black daddy dick!". I had my hands on his ass and could feel him thrusting his cock into my mouth. Finally after a few minutes of my drooling and gagging on his delicious cock, "Take my cum you whore! Take it!!" then the familiar warm thickness of his cum filled my mouth. Not as much as the first time, but satisfying enough. Making him happy made me happy. I would do whatever he wanted me to.

He got dressed and I just sat there dishevled and sore, his cum leaking out of me. The taste of his cum still in my mouth and slightly tingling the back of my throat. I walked him to the door. Even more sore than the day before. How was that possible? He turned to me and asked, "You love being my woman, don't you?". I looked up at him and all I could say was, "yes"and meek tone.

After that he was pretty much a fixture in my life. I made him happy and he definitly made me happy. Sex got kinkier. He would tie me to the bed and put a belt around my neck as he savegely fucked me and used me for hours. I LOVED it. At that point though, I had no idea what he had in mind for me.

Again, this is a true story and written to the best I could remember. I would love to hear your comments and I hope you enjoyed!

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