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Terrance F. 

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She spotted me across the room, putting on a brave face, pushing her way through the crowd, hoping I would remember her from meeting her earlier in a stare down. Her stomach literally drops when our eyes lock once again and I begin to move toward her. Extending my hand to take hers, I introduce myself: "Hi. Iā??m John."
She told me her name is Nhu, and then there is no words. We stood face to face, hand in hand, gazing into each othersā?? eyes. There is no question that we both had the same thing in mind. " Come on," I said, " Letā??s get out of here." Within minutes we were alone in my hotel room. I shove her against the wall kissing her so hard she nearly lost her breathe. I then pull her skirt up to her waist, ripping her panties off, and pulling her left leg up so that she is wide open. My two fingers sliding up inside her pussy instantly beginning to massage her G-spot, leaving my thumb free to rub her clit vigorously.

My fingers are strong and aggressive know exactly what they are doing. " You like that?" I ask. Nhu can do nothing but moan in return. I'm powerful and in control, playing her pussy and clit like an instruments. She gushes with pleasure. Once I feel how moist she is, I put her leg back down, placing my hands on her shoulders, guiding her to her knees. " Now, suck my cock." She is only too glad to oblige. She is shocked to find a thick and long, fully-erect cock waiting for her. Her eyes were wide, staring at my cock. She is so aroused wants so badly to suck on me that she got caught up in my taste, smell and the feel of my meat in her small mouth. Before long, I'm halfway down her throat and we are both moaning with pleasure. I pull her hair so tight that it hurt in the best kind of way. Once I had my fill I pull her back up to her feet, placing my hand around her neck, pushing her to the wall as my eyes met hers: " I want to fuck you hard. Right now." Nhu couldnā??t wait to have my cock up inside of her. My strength and take-charge manner has her going crazy with desire. I pick her up taking her to the bed, removing what is left of her clothing, then flipping her over so that she is on all fours. I spread her legs stepping between them, slightly lifting
her then leaning forward placing my body on her back.

Outweighed by me straddling her and between my thighs, Nhu realizes she can not move and remained still. She isn't sure exactly what I wanted at this point, she decided she just wanted this whole incident to be over. I wrap my arms around her, grabbing her breasts slowly humping her. She feels my cock sliding up and down against her pussy lips, the mixture of the sweaty smell of her pussy that is heated due to the rubbing of my cock along with the sweat rolling off Nhu. She looks between her legs and with horror sees the tip of my cock wildly rubbing her smooth thighs, her ass, and thrusting toward her stomach. Nhu sees and feels powerful jets of hot precum over her pussy, the copious precum saturating her pussy. A mixture of her juices and precum is running down her thighs, I dismounted her adjusting my position behind her. Nhu again looks under her legs, her eyes widen in fear as she sees the thick fullness and length of my cock.

Nhu has never had a cock that large or long, it is about 7 inches at this point exposed, but more still hidden, a mixture of shades of purple and red veins snaking around the entire length. She feels the disgusting tool again rubbing against her pussy, pulling her hair and digging my fingers and nails into her back and thighs, spanking her, kneading her swollen clit, . . ." Oh God....please won't fit in" She screams, as she feels the head of my cock move to the wet entrance of her pussy. She struggles slightly under my weight, trying in vain to free herself from what she knew was a long night ahead. She moans loudly as she feels me forcefully push my cock inside her tight pussy. I use my hand to pull her hips to me, arching her back and propping her ass slightly in the air. I enter her even deeper as she shudders from the pain of me stretching her open so suddenly.

" Do you like it, Nhu?" I love proving that she is nothing more than a toy for me to play with. Nhu tries to scream when I slide my cock all the way out and then shove it in harder, I had my hand on the back of her head. I silence her by pressing her head harder into the pillows, causing her to gasp for air. I relax my weight on the back of her legs, and again prop her ass towards me with my free hand. I use my legs to ensure that hers are closed tightly, and I begin fucking her slowly. My hand went from the back of her head to her neck as I fully pin her to the bed easing my cock in and out of her. Nhu moans softly each time I slip all the way inside her. She is slowly enjoying me being gentle with her, she wonders how long it will last.

I fuck her very slow, and with each thrust driving into her I'd slip my cock all the way out rubbing it back and forth along her clit. Nhu can't believe how tender I was with her; she relaxes her tense body savoring the tingling in her pussy that builds up each time I thrust into her with ease. She grips the edge of the bed using her arms to push her ass up towards me, welcoming my warm member into her juicy cunt. I didn't like that. In my eyes, sex is not about pleasing her, I take my cock out of her slipping it between her ass cheeks. " Beg me for it," I said. Nhu stays silent keeping my face in the pillow as I rub my cock back and forth along her ass. Nhu knows the tender moment is over; now she is going to pay for the brief pleasure she had received. I move the tip of my cock against her small tight asshole appling painful pressure. She gasps, as I shout " Beg me for it or it's going straight up your tight little ass!"

She cries out in pure pain when I start to roughly force myself into her ass. Nhu wants so badly to get away, I have her in my total control. " Oh, god, please don't," She whimpers. " Please take me in my pussy." Nhu starts sobbing and begging me not to fuck her virgin ass. I push my cock a little deeper into her ass, just to prove I can have it if I wanted, then jerked it all the way out. The pain is intense and she continues to cry into the pillow. Nhu has never experienced a man theartening to take her tight virgin ass before, this is the first time she has felt a cock inside her ass. She flinches knowing that soon her pleading and crying won't be enough to make me stop. I raise off her enough to slap her ass hard a few times, and then said, " Keep begging, Nhu."
She is humiliated, but she knew that if she didn't listen the consequences would be dire. " I want you to use my pussy, baby. I want to feel your cock slamming into me." This seems to satisfy me. I grab her by the hips pulling her up so that she is on her knees, I made sure her face stayed against the pillow by grabbing both her hands and pinning them behind her back.

I held them secured with one hand while my other hand guided my cock to her entrance. I rammed into her hard enough to take her breath away, beginning to thrust myself inside her cunt without mercy. The hand that is free from binding her wrists together once again grabs her by her hair. I yank her head up using her hair to jerk her against my cock over and over, using as much force as I can. " Bao didn't warn you, about the rough sex." I growled at her between each thrust. " You need to listen, Nhu." I keep driving myself inside her until she wants to scream out from the pain of me splitting her open. She knows better than to be too loud. She closes her eyes and took it like a woman, she struggles to stop the tears and eventually she composes herself enough to relax into my thrusting. Most of the time it gets easier once she stopped resisting.

I fuck her for all she is worth for a long while, and then she feels the heat building up as I grow closer to my release. Nhu grits her teeth as I laid into her harder, deeper and faster, until she feels me spasm filling her with my cum. I ram into her a few more times to be sure I'd pumped out all my juices, and then climbed off her. But not before seething into her ear " Don't you ever tell me what I can't have. From now on you are mine. You will be available 24/7. " I pull out of her, my cock covered with a mixture of juices and blood. Nhu laid there sobbing as I got up, going in the bathroom to shower. When I came out, she was curled into a ball. I leaned down whispering in her ear, go get cleaned up and dressed.

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