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Alicia R. 

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But it, like the others, is true, and needs to be told in order. This one needs to be told in order to set the scene for the next one. Guys reading this will probably find it boring...girls reading this will remember a day, an incident, somewhere in their own past, and know exactly what I'm talking about. xxx, Michelle I

I couldn't believe this god was just standing there, flashing that impossible smile.
My knees were weak. I was actually trembling. His eyes glanced at me again, lingering for a moment, and I felt my blush deepen.
"Oh God, why?" I thought to myself. "Why did he have to see me like this the first time?"
There we all were, naked, standing in the pool. It was pretty obvious what had been going on, and for some reason I was really embarassed.
Lisa seemed oblivious to it all. Guys were still grouped around her, and I could see them wandering their hands all over her lewdly displayed body. They were squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples. Gary and Tommy both had hands down between her wide spread legs, fondling, stroking, her open pussy.
My attention went back to the hunk standing right behind me.
This guy was just so impossibly gorgeous. I'd never wanted anything as badly in my life as I wanted...wanted...him.
Ricky led him over to the patio table in the corner of the deck and announced with a chuckle, "In case you haven't notice, no trunks allowed in the pool."
Brad turned and looked at all of us, flashing that dazzling smile again as he took in the scene.
With a light chuckle he said, "Well, it that's the rules..."
He pulled his tee shirt up off his shoulders and I just stared in awe. He was so perfect!
My pussy was fluttering, my heart pounding. "Keep going," I prayed to myself.
He sat in the patio chair and removed his sneakers and socks, depositing them on the table. He stood and pushed his sweat pants down to his ankles, stepping out of them. My breath caught in my throat as he hooked his fingers into the waistband of his white briefs.
He seemed to hesitate for a moment, and I was silently screaming, "Oh please oh God oh please oh God oh God oh God..."
He flashed that dazzling smile before he turned around, his back to the pool, and to me, and pushed his briefs down his hips below his knees.
I couldn't help it. I gasped. Oh God what a butt! It was perfect! Just like the rest of him. Small, tight, mouth was heart was pounding. I wanted to touch it...squeeze it...kiss it...lick it. My pussy fluttered again. Oh God this was out of control!
He bent over to push his briefs down off his ankles...I almost came right there!
I could see his balls hanging down between his thighs. Like everything else about him...they were perfect. My mouth was watering as I imagined running my tongue all around them...sucking them into my mouth. God, I could even see his tiny back hole. It, too, looked perfect...inviting. I was going wild imagining pushing my tongue up inside that tiny opening.
God I wanted him!
He strightened, turning to face the pool. My breath caught in my throat. There it was!
His penis!
I could feel the juices gushing out of me as I just stood there, gazing in awe. I had never seen a penis so perfect. I could taste it, I could imagaine it sliding in and out of my mouth...feeling it growing...swelling...getting hard.
Without even thinking about it, I dropped a hand down into the water and began stroking my slit. God I was so wet!
Brad casually dropped his briefs on the table and walked over the deep end of the pool. I couldn't tear my eyes away as I watched his penis, swaying gently back and forth as he walked. My finger dipped inside my drenched pussy.
His eyes were drawn to the lewd specacle of Lisa spread eagled on the inner tube. I felt a flash of jealousy as he seemed to pause, watching the obscene show. Both Gary and Tommy now had fingers pushed up inside Lisa's wide spread pussy, and were pumping in and out as her hips rocked and she shrieked with delight.
Brad just chuckled, shook his head, and contiued on to the diving board, just standing there for a moment/ God I wanted to attack him right there...I didn't care who was around...who saw what...I just wanted him!
He walked to the end of the diving board and bounced up and down a couple of times. With each bounce, his penis jiggled, flopping up and down. Oh God...
I pulled my finger out of my pussy and started massaging my clit as Brad stepped to the back of the board and then, with three quick steps, bounced on the end and dove in the pool.
All I could remember was the sight of his penis, waving wildly, bouncing as he dove. My clit was hard as a rock, throbbing, and the juices were literally dripping out of me as he broke the surface. He shook his head and brushed the hair back off his forehead, wiping the water from his eyes. He just stood there for a moment, lloking around at all of us...looking at him.
I cast a sideways glance at Jen and saw her eyeing him...hungrily.
I hissed out of the corner of my mouth, "Don't even think about it! He's mine!"
Jen looked at me and winked, whispering, "Just save me the" She chuckled as I felt her hand again descend across my back and grasp my butt. She started suggestively running a finger up and down my crack and my legs parted automatically.
I grinned at her in return as Brad waded into the shallow end of the pool. The water level was just above his waist, but I was staring down into the water, trying desperately to see his penis, just inches below the surface. God I was so turned on!
He waded toward us, right past Lisa, who was still obscenely spread eagle on the inner tube. He glanced at her and her wide open pussy, and I felt an instant flash of anger...jealousy. "No," I thought to myself, "not her."
He continued moving right past her, seemingly uninterested, and I felt an instant flood of relief. He approached to within a few feet of us and again flashed that impossibly perfect smile.
"So who's in charge of fun and games?" he asked chuckling.
My eyes were still staring down into the water as Lisa belched, announcing her presence. We all turned to look at her as she pulled the guys' hand from between her wide spread legs, replacing them with her own and using her fingers to lewdly open her lips.
"All the fun and games you want right here!" she slurred her words.
Brad didn't turn away this time, and I felt the anger flood through me again. "Oh no you don't," I thought to myself.
I quickly waded over to Lisa. I don't know what got into me...the beer...the several "almosts" of the past hour...or wanting the gorgeous guy behind me for myself.
I reached out and slapped her pussy...hard!
"Maybe," I said nastily, "you should wear a sign on this thing that says 'public parking'".
I couldn't believe I did that! Said that! What a bitch I was!
I was instantly embarassed and humiliated. I could feel the flush reddening my cheeks.
Until my God standing behind me chuckled and said, "From what I can tell, looks like that lot's already full."
I fell in love with him that instant.
My knees were like rubber again as I turned and looked at him, my expression...I don't know...awe?
He was still smiling as I waded back over toward him. I glanced down and was pleased to see that my nipples were rock hard and standing up. God I hoped he noticed.
I was doing my best not to stare down into the water, looking for his penis, as I approached within a couple feet of him, asking lightly, "How are you at basketball...pool style?"
I was trembling all over and my heart was pounding as he replied, "I'll try anything once...twice if I like it the first time." He chuckled again.
Oh God! Every time he smiled...every time he chuckled...every time he pussy pulsed and my clit throbbed!
I wanted...I wanted...I desperately...
My mind was whirring as I turned and waded to the far end of the pool, grabbing two of the basketballs. How was I going to...where was...when was I...somehow I had to...
I flipped one of the balls at him. He caught it easily...with one hand...
I turned and flipped the other one in the general direction of the floating went in!
God what a rush! I hadn't embarassed myself in front of my god.
He was smiling at me as he said, "Look's like you've played this before."
I felt another rush go through me. My knees were weak again as I wondered, "Does he like me? Does he think I'm sexy? Cute? A spoiled little kid?"
It seemed like he didn't even look at the basket as he casually flipped the ball over his shoulder.
It went in...of course...
I wanted to get close...
I kinda lunged...sort of...toward the basket and retrieved both of the balls. Wading over toward him I suggested, (sexily I hope), "Looks like I'm not the only one that knows how to play."
He just smiled that impossible smile again as I handed him one of the balls.
Somehow, my mind had shut out that there were still a bunch of other people in the pool with us. They just didn't exist. It was only him...and me...
My kind of magical fantasy land trance was broken as he said, "So OK, how about we get a game going?"
Jen was at his side in an instant, standing close...too him, and I kind of shot her a nasty glance. She backed off a few steps, winking at me as she did, and turned to the rest of the guys. "OK guys, let's go," she announced.
Gary and Tommy already had their hands back between Lisa's wide spread legs, and both had a finger pumping in and out of her gaping pussy. They seemed a little reluctant to let go of their new "toy", but finally waded over to join us, leaving Lisa alone, naked, spread eagled on the inner tube.
Teams were chosen quickly. Jen ended up on Brad's team, me on the other team. I was kinda disappointed at first, until I realized that would give me a chance to "guard" Brad...and get as close as I wanted...
Lisa made her presence known again by announcing in a loud, slurred voice, "Well if you guys are all too busy, guess I'll just have to make up my own little game."
With that she dropped both of her hands between her legs, pushing two fingers of one up inside her open pussy. She used the fingertips on her other hand to begin mauling her clit, moaning and whimpering in a lewd, exagerrated display. She was bucking her hips against her hands, shaking her head from side to side. Everybody kind of watched her obscene show for a moment or two. I was afraid Gary and Tommy were going to head back over to her, so I quickly grabbed and fired one of the balls in their direction.
As the game started, I realized just how well it had worked out that Brad and I were on opposite teams. I brushed up against him every chance I got. My pussy was fluttering. I pushed my breasts against him...his back...his arms...his chest...everything I could push against him. My hands wandered over him...across his butt...across his chest...brushing his nipples.
I really wanted to touch his penis.
I let my hands wander over his hips...his thighs a couple of close...
I felt him behind me and could feel his penis against my butt. Oh God that wasn't where I wanted it.
I let my hand brush lightly against his penis, and was rewarded when I felt one of his hands brush against my butt. My pussy was flooding.
I felt brave and reached behind me, this time deliberately, obviously, grasping his penis in a loose fist.
I squeezed gently and then let go, turning to look up at him.
"Which do you like better?" I purred, "my offense or my defense?"
He just smiled that impossibly perfect smile again as he chuckled, "Both."
Lisa now appeared to be passed out cold on the inner tube, at least I think she was. She was still in an obscene, lewd spread eagle, but I thought I could hear her snoring.
As we continued frolicking, Brad's hands became bolder. He squeezed my breasts a couple of butt a couple of times, and...finally...FINALLY...reached up between my legs and grasped my pussy.
I almost came right there.
I reached back and grabbed his penis, again, this time deliberately stroking it. I felt it start to swell and grow. Oh God I was in heaven!
We continued the game...Brad and I continued fondling each other...more daring with each passing minute. I grabbed and stroked his penis every chance I got...he squeezed my pussy every chance he got...I was going crazy...I had to figure out a way to get him alone. I felt him push a finger up inside me and almost came again. So many "almosts"...I had to get him alone!

For what Jen is about to "accidentally" do, I will "owe her one"...forever.

Brad was standing in front of the basket. I was standing in front of him, "guarding" him. I had one hand reached behind me, down in the water, and was squeezing his penis. He had a hand kneading my butt. Jen had the ball on the other side of the pool and threw a pass at Brad.
It was way high, way up in the air, and Brad leaped high up out of the water to try to catch it.
I swear my perfect man-god was at least ten feet up in the air as he grabbed the pass with one hand and descended on the basket. He slammed it through the net...

And then crashed down into the edge of the deck...

He didn't yelll, didn't scream...didn't whine, yelp,anything...he didn't say a word...
Of course not...he was a god...
But the look of agony on his face was unmistakable. He wasn't actually bleeding, but I could see the raw redness at his elbow...along his arm.
He headed back toward us and I noticed him limping...even in the water. I wondered what else he had smashed on his way down.
In an instant my plan formed. "Thank you Jen..." I murmured to myself.
I quickly waded over to Brad, gently grasping his wrist and holding his arm up.
"Let me look at that," I instructed. I brushed my hip against his penis as I made a show of inspecting his arm. It was starting to "ooze" blood through the nasty raw scrape and I grabbed his wrist, leading him toward the steps in the shallow end of the pool.
My mind was whirling feverishly. I had seen his penis, not really up close, but I had seen it. But he still hadn't seen my pussy. I wanted him to...up close.
I wanted him to see it...look at it...want it...
I knew kind of what I was going to do playing "nurse", just couldn't figure out how to work my own "show" plan into the scheme.
I was holding his hand as I led him across the deck toward the sliding doors. "Let's get this fixed," I whispered as I led him through the doors and into the kitchen.
I turned to close the doors behind us, and then back to face him.
We were alone!
(To be Continued)

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