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Traci S. 

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We had long phone sex conversations consisting of me pummeling my own cunt with various toys while he told me all the naughty things he wanted to do to me. Then there were the nasty little text messages he sent in the middle of the workday. All of a sudden I would have to take a break and finger myself in the bathroom because his words would get me so horny.

So Mark and I talked about fantasies. I told him that I always wanted to fuck on a desk in an office. I told him that I would love to be sucking some guys cock while he was on the phone doing business then have him stand me up, bend me over and push up my skirt, rip my panties off and fuck me good and hard. Even now, just typing that made me wet.

Mark and I met on a Saturday evening. He invited me to his job, in an industrial area in Southern California. I went to his office door and he greeted me in a suit and tie. He was prepared to make my fantasy a reality. He invited me in and offered me coffee. I told him I wanted something with a little more meat. He just smiled and showed me into his office.

"So, you're my new secretary?" He said, with a gleam in his eye.

Oh, role playing, I thought and decided to play along. I was dressed the part that's for sure. I wore a black blouse with a black lace bra, black lace g-string to match and dark gray knee-length skirt. I was wearing thigh high stockings, and black heels.

"Yes sir, I'm your new secretary, and if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know." I answered.

Mark squirmed in his chair behind his large faux mahogany desk. I stood and immediately noticed the bulge in Mark's pants. Mark smiled and said, "Well there is one thing you can take care of," and nodded toward his crotch.

"Sir, I don't do that sort of thing, I'm a professional," I replied.

"Well if you want to keep working here, Candace you will have to follow the program. Now, get over here and suck my cock."

I put on a look of dismay and hesitated, keeping up the pretense. Then I walked over to Mark and he pushed his chair back so that I could stand between him and the desk. I leaned in, Mark could get a nice view of my tits inside my blouse, and I reached down to feel his cock. Mark moaned as I gave his 6 inch cock a nice squeeze. Then he reached up and ripped my blouse open. I gasped loudly, shit, I didn't have a shirt to go home in and all the buttons just went flying everywhere.

Soon Mark was running his thumb over my nipple, making it hard. I continued to rub and massage his cock. I wanted to mount him in his chair, but I knew that he wanted a blow job first. I began to undo his pants, as Mark moved his tongue to my tits. He licked and sucked my nipples through the lace making it and me very wet. When I liberated his cock from his pants Mark pushed me down by my shoulders and backed me up so that most of my body was up under the desk.

I began licking the crown of his cock and Mark moaned softly. He kept his hands on the desk and didn't look down. I took him into my mouth until he hit the back of my throat. I could feel him stiffening in my mouth as I moved up and down on his shaft. Mark continued to look straight ahead and I wondered if he really enjoyed it. Then I heard him pick up the phone. He dialed and waited. I continued to suck him.

"Mr. Jeffries," Mark said in an even tone. "Mark here, just wanted to touch base with you on your proposal." I couldn't believe it. Mark was actually doing a business deal while I sucked his cock. I was so turned on that I became more aggressive. I began moving my mouth up and down faster, swirling my tongue around his cock and cupping his balls with my hands. I started making soft slurping sounds and then the sounds of his cock popping out of my mouth were audible. Mark looked down and winked as he continued his conversation with Mr. Jeffries.

I finally got an audible reaction from Mark when I liberated his balls and began sucking on them. Mark's voice cracked slightly as it sucked one nut into my mouth and tongued it. Then the other. Mark wrapped his conversation with Mr. Jeffries soon after.

"Candace, please come up here," he said and pushed his chair back to let me out from under his desk.

"Yes sir," I responded and stood up. Mark's cock stood straight up out of his pants and I admired the glisten left by my spit.

Mark stood and put his hands on my hips. He slowly slid my skirt up. His large hands were firm on my hips as he turned me around. My ass was exposed and he pushed up against me from behind I could feel his hard, moist cock on my buttocks. He started rubbing my breasts again. My shirt and bra were still on, but didn't leave much to the imagination. Mark started moaning in my ear as he pinched my nipples. I was taking in short breaths and moving my hips against him.

"Sir, please..." was all I said. Suddenly, Mark bent me over so that my face was on his desk calender and I felt him yank on the g-string. But the material was tough and it took him four hard tugs to rip it off. That hurt so good, I was turned on completely. Mark fumbled around for a minute, donning a condom while I lay my face to the side. I could see our reflection in the glass wall adjacent to his desk. It was like looking in a mirror.

Mark fingered my pussy for a second, just getting his bearings then plunged into me. Mark was significantly bigger than Jay and my unused pussy was stretched painfully. I cried out and Mark moaned. He pushed into me and out of me in a slow rhythm as we both moaned. I watched him throw his head back in ecstacy as he went deeper and deeper into me.

My pussy contracted around his hard cock as I came several times in a row. Mark continued to push into me with greater ease as my juices coated his cock.

Mark grabbed my hair and pulled me to a standing position, his cock still in me. "I want to cum on your face," he said. "No way," I replied.

But Mark was ready to cum and he was a lot stronger than me. He pushed me onto my knees and ripped the rubber off. He held me there and stroked his cock several times. "Open your mouth," he mumbled. "OPEN!!!" he said loudly. I did what I was told. Mark shot his wad on my face, in my mouth and on my chest. He reached down and pulled me up and before I could spit his warm cum out, Mark kissed me, sticking his tongue in my mouth and taking the lion's share of his own cum into his mouth. "Mmmmmmmmmm," he moaned and pulled back.

"Thanks for that," he said.

I left that day with a ripped blouse, cum in my hair, and a sore cunt... couldn't have been a better day!!! So, of course, I wanted more...

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