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Keisha H. 

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I was at our house, I hadn‚??t cum during my fuck sessions and was lying on our bed watching gay porn, working a dildo in and out of my asshole while I jerked my cock off. My wife was due home any minute, but I wasn‚??t concerned about her walking in on me, we are both bisexual and have a very open kind of marriage.

It takes me a long time to cum just jerking off so it wasn‚??t a surprise that my wife got home before I came. She put her keys and purse on the kitchen counter and I heard her call out, "Hello?" I turned the volume down a little on the DVD I was watching, "I‚??m up here, hon!" I replied.

She came up the stairs and into our bedroom. "I see you‚??re enjoying your day off!" she said with a smile. I just nodded my head, "Yup." She went into the bathroom and tinkled and got out of her work clothes. She came over to the bed in just her thong panties and lay next to me. We hugged and kissed, I asked her about her day and she rambled on about how so many of the other nurses just didn‚??t care about their work and things. I enjoyed letting her vent and get all that stuff out.

After a moment of silence she asked, "What did you do today?" I began to tell her my adventure in the bathroom shower down at the beach, I only mentioned the second guy who fucked me, and the first guy wasn‚??t really worth bringing up. I told her he was a good-looking guy and she‚??d enjoy him and how we‚??d exchanged numbers and we were eager to fuck us both. "Good," she said, "maybe we can hook up with him this weekend, I need a good fuck." I knew she wasn‚??t putting me down or anything, just wanting a good, new kind of fuck from a guy. The few times we did fuck together it was usually the same old thing ‚?? she‚??d suck my cock for a minute, I‚??d go down on her until she came, then try to fuck her. If she had the energy she‚??d put a strap on dildo on and fuck my ass, but that was getting less frequent.

"I‚??ll call him later," I said, "and see what works for him. Any weeknight this week work for you if he can‚??t do the weekend?" She thought a moment and said, "Mmm, no, I don‚??t think anything is going on tomorrow or Friday, so whatever works for him, just let me know." I nodded and we hugged some more. I had let go of the dildo in my ass and it slowly popped out of me as I kissed and tongued my wife‚??s mouth. I could tell she was getting a little horny but also knew she was tired so I just pulled off her panties, spread her legs and ate her out for a while until she had an orgasm. She indicated she‚??d like to take a quick nap so we got under the covers and fell asleep. She‚??d had a hard day at work and I‚??d had a hard day of getting fucked, so we were both tired and the nap was a welcome respite.

I woke up before she did and threw on a pair of shorts and went downstairs. I turned the TV on and watched the news a bit and grabbed my cell phone and called my new fuck buddy who had pounded my ass earlier in the shower at the beach. His name was Erik and after four or five rings he answered. "Hello?" he asked. "Erik," I replied, "its Jeff from the beach today." There was a pause. Then I continued, "Can you talk right now?" He replied, "Um, no, I don‚??t think so." I knew his girlfriend was probably nearby. "Ok, well just listen then." He said, "Ok." I continued, "My wife just got home and I told her about you and all and she‚??d love to get together this week in the evening sometime or this weekend." He paused another minute, "Mmm, I can‚??t this weekend, Sara and I are going to Maine." I thought for a moment then said, "Well how about tomorrow night or Friday night?" Again, he paused. "Uh, Thursday works better for me." I was thinking of how to end the conversation for his end so it sounded like he was just talking to a buddy or something. "Ok, so let‚??s plan on tomorrow, say 6:00 at our place." He said, "sure." I continued, "I‚??ll text you the address tomorrow, very easy, just around the corner from the beach. Now tell your girlfriend after we hang up that you‚??re going to a buddy‚??s house to watch the Red Sox game or something." He laughed a little, "Yeah, that sounds good man. See you later." We both hung up.

A few minutes later my wife came downstairs and had a t-shirt and boxers on and sat in the recliner. "Good news, hon," I said. "Just talked to the guy from the beach, his name is Erik, and we‚??re on for tomorrow night!" She yawned and rubbed her eyes. "Mmm, that sounds good," she said as she stretched.

We spent a relaxing evening home and went to bed early. I couldn‚??t help thinking about the great fuck I‚??d gotten from Erik earlier and how I looked forward to both of us getting fucked my him tomorrow! I drifted off to sleep and hoped I‚??d dream of my encounter at the beach.

The next day around lunchtime I texted Erik directions to our house and about 20 minutes later he replied that he‚??d just googled it and would have no problems getting there. I was glad he didn‚??t cancel or back out of it. I called my wife and told her we were on and she was in a pretty good mood. Not much to vent about today, she told me, I could tell she was eager to meet our new friend. I told her I‚??d see her at home and we hung up.

I got home around 4:30 PM and jumped in the shower to clean up. Then I threw on a pair of shorty shorts I like to wear around the house, kind of loose and short where they sit low on my hips and barely cover my ass cheeks. I went downstairs and got a bottle of water from the fridge and sat down to watch a little TV. I must have dozed off for a bit because I awoke to hear the doorbell ring, it was a quarter to six and my wife wasn‚??t home yet. I got up and opened the front door, it was Erik; we said hi to each other and he came inside. "Nice shorts," he said with a grin. "Thanks," I replied, "can I get you some water, soda or something?" "Um, water would be great," he answered. I grabbed a bottle of water for him and picked up the cordless phone.

"My wife must be running late, I‚??ll call her real quick," I said. I motioned for him to go in and sit down in the living room while I dialed my wife‚??s cell phone. "Hello?" she said. I could tell she was in her car driving. "Hi, hon, just wanted to check in and see how things are going." "Yeah," she replied, "I had to write a stupid report for a patient being discharge tonight so it took me longer than I thought." "That sucks," I replied, "no biggie, Erik just got here." "Ok," she said, "I‚??ll be home in about 30 minutes. I need to shower too." "No problem, hon, see you when you get here," and I hung up the phone. A few seconds later the phone rang and it was my wife. I answered, "What‚??d you forget, hon?" I asked. She laughed, "No fucking until I get there!" She said with a laugh and hung up the phone. How well she knew me, I was just thinking I had enough time for a quickie with Erik, but I contained myself until she got home.

We watched TV and chatted a bit while waiting for my wife to get home. I asked Erik if he‚??d been with guys much, he said he‚??d started to have sex with guys a year or so earlier but still liked to fuck women too. I told him about my open marriage with my wife and how we both enjoyed sex together but especially enjoyed just going out and finding a guy to fuck us was a huge turn on. He told me how he wished his girlfriend would do that with him and how he‚??d love to have another guy over to have a threesome with them. I said maybe he and I could work on it some time and see if she was agreeable. He told me how he‚??s been mentioning it to her over the last few months during sex, and how at first she‚??d said no, but how he could tell now when he mentioned it she seemed interested in trying it.

"I fucked her last night," Erik said, "and when I was eating her pussy I said how cool it would be for her to be sucking another guy‚??s dick while I went down on her." "And what did she say?" I asked. "Well, I think I saw her smile as I looked up at her from her pussy and she began rubbing her tits. She came quickly after that so I know she‚??s been thinking about it."

I told him I would be willing to help him out if she ever decided to try it. "That‚??d be great," he said, "but it‚??d have to just be a straight threesome, no bi stuff, I‚??d want it all to be for her. Maybe later she‚??d come around and want to do some bi stuff." I nodded in agreement as my wife came in the front door.

"Hi, hon," I said getting up and walking over to her. I gave her a hug and a kiss. She whispered into my ear, "you been a good boy and wait for me?" she asked. "Of course," I replied. "I‚??m gonna jump in the shower real quick," she said. "Ok, but come in and say hi first," I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the living room. "Erik, this is my wife Dianne," I said introducing them. Erik stood up and extended his right hand to shake hers. "Hi," she said, "nice to meet you." He seemed a bit nervous, "Yeah, you too," he replied. "She‚??s just going to jump in the shower real quick," I told him and he nodded as he sat back down. I walked upstairs with my wife and told her he and I would be waiting on the bed for her when she was done in the shower, to which she agreed. As she got undressed and put her clothes in the hamper and turned on the shower I went back downstairs and sat with Erik a few minutes more. Then as I figured my wife would be wrapping up her shower I told him we‚??d meet her in bed and we went upstairs into our bedroom and got undressed. The door to our master bath was nearly closed, I was hoping she‚??d leave it open so he could get a look at her attractive body while she dried off, but she didn‚??t.

Erik and I were both lying on the bed, naked and stroking our cocks. I was so wanting to suck his cock while we waited for her but wanted her to have him first. I could hear her in the bathroom getting ready, and it seemed like she was taking forever. Finally she came out of the bathroom, naked and her hair still wet, but obviously she taken time to comb it so it looked nice and she pulled it back with a hair clip.

She came over to the bed, Erik was closest to her and I was on his other side. "You boys look like you could use some company," she said crawling onto the bed. We both just smiled, continuing to stroke our hard cocks. "I‚??ll take over with that," she said putting her hand on his dick and stroking it. She leaned over and kissed him on the lips as he moaned a bit grabbing her head and tonguing her mouth. He rubbed her tits with his other hand as I lightly ran my hand up and down his body.

She kissed down his body heading straight for his cock. He was probably a tad bit thicker than I was and I knew my wife would love his stiff one inside her holes. She knelt beside him on the bed and began sucking his cock as Erik rubbed her ass and went straight for her pussy. I could hear she was already wet as he worked a finger inside her. He pulled her over and she straddled him and they got into a 69 together. "Mmm," Erik moaned, "your pussy tastes good!" She just continued to suck his cock. She reached over with her right hand and began to stroke my dick while she sucked Erik‚??s. He worked a couple of fingers in her pussy for a bit and then tongued her cunt while he worked a finger around her asshole. She moaned as he inserted a finger inside her ass, working it in and out.

"I hear you like to fuck ass?" she asked him. He just mumbled as he licked her cunt and fingered her ass. She got up and turned around as I reached for the trusty tub of Boy Butter and smeared a little on her ass button. "Not too much," she told me. She liked less lube to feel more friction when she was fucked in the ass. I worked a little bit around and inside her asshole as she faced Erik and reached back for his cock. She guided the tip of his dick along her ass crack until it found her asshole and she slowly slid it inside her. She paused as her anal muscles relaxed and slowly worked it deeper and deeper inside her. "Yeah," he said as he put his hands lightly on her hips while she worked it up and down on his cock. "Fuck yeah," he said as he began working his hips in rhythm with hers until his cock was all the way inside her asshole. "Damn, your ass is tighter than your husband‚??s!" Erik said looking over at me with a grin. "Yeah," she replied, "well, I got two holes to fuck, he only has one!" We all chuckled a little. "Speaking of that‚?¶" she said as she lifted off his cock and slipped it inside her pussy and sank down onto his cock all the way. Erik moaned again as he thrust deep inside her. I knew her comment was my cue. I knelt in behind her and slipped my cock inside her asshole. It was nice and loose and I timed my thrusts with Erik‚??s so we both went inside as she pushed back. We had a nice rhythm going and fucked her this way until her thighs got a little tired and she wanted to lay down. I withdrew from her ass as she rolled off of Erik‚??s cock and onto her back. I motioned for him to have at her and he rolled over on top of her and began fucking her pussy. I knelt on the bed behind him and waited a few minutes to let him enjoy solo fucking a bit. Then I reached out and began rubbing his ass cheeks as he pounded my wife deep, her legs up over his shoulders. Then I rubbed up and down his ass crack and rubbed the back of his balls. He moaned as I did this and then I rubbed his asshole. I didn‚??t want to do too much, or he‚??d shoot his load, and I had to get his cock in me first.

After he‚??d fucked her pussy a while he pulled out and stuck his cock back into her asshole and pumped her that way for a bit. I rubbed his balls a little more as they tightened up. I moved around to the side and up to my wife‚??s face and stuck my cock in her mouth. She sucked it and pumped my shaft, then moved her hand under my smooth balls and rubbed them and ran her fingers back to my asshole as she sucked me. "Yeah," Erik said, sweat glistening on his chest and dripping from his face, "Suck that cock!" He pumped her harder in the ass burying his cock all the way in. My wife stopped sucking my dick as she took his big cock deep. She kept a finger in my asshole while Erik pumped her harder and harder. I thought he was going to blow, but fortunately he didn‚??t. My wife just moaned and smiled as she rubbed her tits with her other hand and worked another finger into my asshole.

When Erik paused to catch his breath my wife said, "I want to watch you fuck my husband now." I told him to lie on his back next to my wife as I smeared some Boy Butter into my hole. I sucked his cock for a minute and could taste my wife‚??s ass on it. I moved up and straddled him and slipped his cock inside me. I worked his cock deep and bounced happily up and down on his cock as he fingered my wife‚??s pussy while fucking my asshole. He moaned and grabbed at one of my nipple rings and pulled on it as he fucked me. I arched my back, I loved that, and told him to pull even harder, which he did. My wife chimed in, "you like a big cock in you and having your nipples tweaked, baby?" I bounced up and down, "Oh yeah! I love cock in my ass!" I slowed down a little as my thigh muscles began to burn. Erik told me to get over on all fours and I did. He entered me from behind and began fucking me doggy style. I had my wife slip under me and I began eating her pussy as Erik fucked me. She is a pretty quick cummer, so in three minutes or so I‚??d gotten her off. I just lapped up her cum as Erik grabbed my hips and pounded my asshole. I felt his sweat drip from his face onto my ass as he pumped me deep, occasionally slapping my ass.

My wife moved around behind Erik and played with his balls and ass while he fucked me, it felt like he was getting harder and that he might be ready to cum. I turned my head to ask my wife, "Do you want him to cum in me or you, hon?" As she worked his asshole with a finger she said, "Mmm, you got his load yesterday, I get it today!" Erik smiled at this and pulled out of my gaping asshole.

"Where do you want it?" he asked her. She came around next to me on all fours and said, "in my ass!" Erik nuzzled up behind her and slid into her ass as she spread her cheeks apart for him. He slid all the way into her and she moaned a little bit. He pushed down on her shoulders telling her to put her face in the pillow, which stuck her ass up in the air more and better for anal sex, I think! He started to pump her harder and harder and I knew he was getting close. I reached around and rubbed his balls and asshole and that brought him to the edge. "Aaah!" he cried out as he began his orgasm. I slipped a finger inside his ass and could feel him tighten up with each spurt. "That‚??s it baby!" my wife said, "fill me up!" Erik held his cock deep as he pumped his load of cum into my wife‚??s asshole. Slowly I pulled my finger from his ass and lay back on the bed. In a minute or so he pulled out from her hole and she pinched it shut. She straddled my face and I licked her pussy for a second and she moved up and had me tongue her ass as she pushed his cum out and into my mouth. I slurped it up and after she was done she leaned over and kissed me and I saved some of his cum in my mouth for her to enjoy. We had Erik lay between us as we cooled off and caught our breaths. He mentioned how much fun we were and hoped we could keep doing this more. I told him he could do more threesomes or meet us individually, however he wanted to do it, we were ok with anything. After we chatted a bit more I told him he could shower in the hall bathroom, which he did, and my wife and I talked on the bed a bit.

"So what did you think of him?" I asked her. She was on her side facing me, head resting in the palm of her hand as she smiled. "Mmm, I like him!" I knew she would. "I‚??d like to fuck him again some time, he and I," she said lying back on the bed. "Me too!" I said. We both laughed.

After Erik got dressed he came back to the bedroom and told us he had to get going. I told him to check the score of the Red Sox game before he got home ‚?? he was going to tell his girlfriend he came over to watch the game. He laughed and we walked downstairs with him and said goodbye and to keep in touch. Then my wife and I went upstairs and took a shower together. I was able to get hard enough in the shower to fuck her for a bit, she likes sex in the shower. Then we washed each other off and got out and dried off. We went around the corner to our favorite pub for a light bite to eat, neither of us felt like cooking. We chatted and talked about the great time we‚??d just had and how we both wanted to be fucked by Erik again, real soon! We couldn't wait!!

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