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Eniola, can you come in here please?" Maggie pressed the button on the phone and replied to her boss that she would be in in a minute. She shut off her computer monitor and muted the phones ringer before pushing back from her desk outside Mr. Danjuma‚??s office. Being his secretary was definitely a good job and she couldn‚??t wait to see what he needed today as everyday brought their ‚??employment relationship‚?? closer. She opened the door to his office and saw him leaning back in his chair a bit away from his desk.
"Close the door behind you, please." Maggie did as she was asked and went over to his desk hands clasped in front of her as she awaited his instruction. His eyes roved over her and she became more aware of the uniform that she was required to wear. The tight and short pencil skirt seemed too short all of a sudden and her blouse too low cut to be appropriate, but there was nothing she could do about it.
"The drawer to my desk seems stuck. Normally I guess I could call maintenance, but I thought I would ask if you could fix it first.
Maggie cleared her throat and circled around the desk and got on her hands and knees to crawl underneath and check the drawer he was talking about. She wiggled around a bit trying to get the right visual on the drawer and could hear him groan at the sight of her ass in the tight skirt.
"Hold on there. I think I see a fly on your skirt." Saying this, Mr. Danjuma slapped her ass pretending to swat the nonexistent bug. Maggie smiled as he began their little game.
"Did you get it? I hate bugs, maybe you should do it again just to be sure."
"I don‚??t see it, but it doesn‚??t hurt to be safe." He vigorously spanked her ass several more times.
"Thank you sir," she said moaning in pleasure from the spanking she just thoroughly enjoyed. Maggie crawled from under the desk after "fixing the drawer" and stayed on her knees in front of her boss. "Anything else I can help you with today?"

"Well you could‚?¶." Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "Back under the desk, I am not done with your services yet."
As she backed under the spacious desk he called the intruder inside. As he greeted his long time employee George, he felt the zipper to his pants being undone. George started his long winded tale about why he deserved a raise but Mr. Danjuma was having a hard time paying attention as his secretary pulled his throbbing Cock from his pants and began to suck and lick him. He shifted a bit as George went on and on trying to ease the ache building between his legs. When Maggie started to play with his balls and undid the buttons on her blouse he felt himself coming close to release.
"George!" He nearly shouted, cutting off the other man. "Will giving you this raise get you out of here?" Surprised at the abruptness the other man nodded so Mr. Danjuma told him his secretary would send the paperwork over later and dismissed him. As soon as the door closed behind George, Maggie released his Cock from her mouth and pumping at him with her hand helped him release his load all over her face and exposed breasts.
Mr. Danjuma groaned as his cum covered his secretary and for a moment he sat back in his chair panting as she licked her lips. Growling at the desire still coursing through him, he grabbed her arm and yanked her out from under his desk.
"That‚??s cumming out of your paycheck! I‚??m not done with you still however." He turned her and bent her over his desk sending papers flying in every direction. He pushed her skirt up and ripped her dripping wet panties off of her. He began to tease her Pussy lips with his hand and enjoyed watching her squirm before him.

"Sir, maybe I should get back to work."
"Oh I‚??ll put you to work." He ripped off his suit jacket and pushed his already open trousers off his hips and to the floor around his ankles.
"Sir, I will work in whatever way you see fit!" Maggie moaned as she felt his Cock press against the opening of her Pussy.
"The only thing that needs to be fit is this!" Grabbing her hips he forcefully inserted his Cock into her and began a hard pounding rhythm. Taken by surprise at his forcefulness she squirmed and tried to use her hands to find something to grab on the desk to hold herself still under the bucking.
"If you keep squirming I‚??ll just have to‚?¶" Looking around for something to use he grabbed his tie off his neck and used it to bind her hands behind her back. He continued Fucking her and enjoyed hearing her moans as he pulled at her bound hands as he thrust into her again and again.
"Quiet! There are people nearby and I won‚??t have them investigating because you are so Fucking loud."
"Sorry, sir." She said panting as he quickened his pace. "It‚??s hard when you are Fucking me so hard."
"If you don‚??t want me Fucking you so hard then you shouldn‚??t have teased me." He then reached over and grabbed her torn panties off the desk and grasping it firmly in both hands he brought it over her head and around her neck. He grinned as her panting grew shallow and she tried valiantly to lift her hips to meet his quickening thrusts.
"Sir," she said huskily. "You are going to make me cum!"
"Good!" He pulled a bit harder on the panties and pulled his Cock out of her Pussy. "But I want a little bit more from you." Grasping the panties in one hand, he used the other to guide his cock into her ass. He thrust inside and quickly started moving as he played with her Pussy with his now free hand.

"Sir!" Maggie barely whispered as the pleasure and pain washed over her. Mr. Danjuma could feel himself coming close so he quickened his pace and heard her cry out and it pushed him over the edge. His second release of the day squirted deep inside of her ass.
As he loosened his hold on the panties around her neck, Maggie collapsed on his desk and felt him collapse on top of her. He stayed there for a minute, breathing heavily, before removing himself from her ass and sitting back in his chair. He grinned at the sight of his cum dripping from her ass.
"Sir?" Maggie asked breathlessly.
"Yes Ms. Eniola?"
"Is my work to your liking?"
"Yes it was." He said his grin growing wider. "In fact, because I‚??m so pleased with your performance today, I would like to take you on full time. I might need more of your hard work and dedication in the future."
"Whatever you see fit, sir."
"Hmm. How will I ever break it to my other secretary?" He glanced at the clock on his desk and sat up in a panic. "Shit! She‚??ll be here any minute." The door opened at that moment and his afternoon secretary Gisella Montgomery poked her head in.
"Oh I am so sorry! I should have knocked! I‚??ll come back."
As she went to close the door, a short bark from Mr. Danjuma brought her up short. She peered back in warily as she took in the bound woman on the desk and her half nude boss reclining in the chair.
"Miss Ibekwe, have you met Ms. Eniola yet??

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