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Emerson Takes A Plane Ride

For the third time since he sat in the window seat Mr. Emerson shifted trying to get comfortable but it was useless. He just couldn‚??t relax knowing the plane would soon take off. He wasn‚??t scared of flying but he just didn‚??t enjoy it. He had only slept a couple of hours since it was a late night flight and he hoped to sleep as the plane traveled over Middle America.

For the umpteenth time he removed his gold plated award statuette from the satchel it was in. He admired the fine craftsmanship that made the faux erect male organ surrounded by two faux female mammary glands almost seem real. He quickly slipped it back in the satchel as voices approached.

"Here you are Ma‚??am. These two seats are yours" the flight attendant informed the woman behind her.

"Thank you" the woman replied as Mr. Emerson looked up at her. The woman was unattractive in a general way. She weighed too much, her features were plain and it looked like the make up she was wearing had been applied with a trowel.

Just the type of person he would be forced to share the overnight flight with he thought to himself when a ray of hope filtered to his near genius brain.

"Suzie where are you? Come and take your seat" the woman bellowed in a voice that reminded the debonair Mr. Emerson of nothing more than a farm animal stuck on a barbed wire fence. All of a sudden there was a breath of fresh air as a girl appeared next to the woman.

She was everything the woman wasn‚??t it seemed to Mr. Emerson. She was young and pretty and when she opened her bee stung lips to speak the voice was musical.

"Which seat is mine Mama?" she asked pleasantly.

Viewing her from the corner of his eye (something he was quite accomplished at) Mr. Emerson noted her blond curls and pale blue eyes as well as her spoiled princess t-shirt. Given half a chance he would certainly spoil her - at least as far as her future husband would be concerned.

"Suzie you sit in the middle so Mama can keep her eye on you" the woman said and the girl meekly sat next to Mr. Emerson where he could smell the scent of Ivory soap and bubble gum on her. As the woman shoehorned herself into her seat she turned and gave Mr. Emerson a crooked smile.

"I‚??m pleased to meet you, my name is Tina Boston and this is my daughter Suzanne but everyone calls her Suzie."

"Glad to meet you Mrs. or is it Ms. Boston and you as well Suzie" Mr. Emerson replied.

"Suzie where are your manners? Say hello to the nice man you will be sitting next to on the flight."

"Hello sir" the girl said shyly. Soon the girl‚??s mother went into a monologue about the trip they had been on and the shopping they had done while in New York. Finally Mr. Emerson realized that she had stopped talking and was looking at him expectantly.

"Em uh" he began "perhaps you could repeat the question?"

"Yes Mr. Emerson I asked you if you were in New York on business or pleasure?"

"Both at the same time. I‚??m a writer and I was in the city for an awards dinner as well as to network myself."

"Oh how exciting!" she said "I don‚??t get much of a chance to read myself. Have you written anything for People magazine or maybe an episode of a television show?"

"No I‚??m afraid not. My work is a little edgier and more artistic I‚??m afraid."

"Too bad" the woman said losing interest in the subject. Mr. Emerson noticed that Suzie had listened attentively to his answer then had looked back down at her kindle.

"Do you like to read Suzy?" he asked the girl.

"Yes sir. I‚??m reading Nietzsche now" she replied to his query.

"Interesting" he thought to himself. Perhaps Suzie was old enough to read his perverted writings. In a couple of minutes the airplane taxied to the runway and received clearance for takeoff. After that it was only a short time until the plane was flying west. Soon the flight attendants were asking passengers if they wanted anything to drink. Mrs. Boston ordered a water while Suzie sweetly asked for an iced tea. As soon as Mrs. Boston had the water she swallowed down two pills to help her relax. Mr. Emerson managed to surreptitiously watch Suzie suck the iced tea up the straw as she drank and he felt a warm feeling in his crotch as he swelled up.

"Stewardess" he called out as the woman passed "would it be possible to order two gins?"

"Sir we are now referred to as flight attendants if you don‚??t mind" she replied haughtily.

"Sorry my mistake" he answered with his patented trademark leer "and may I also have two tonics."

"Certainly sir" she said with the feeling he was undressing her with his eyes.

After she returned Mr. Emerson made and drank the first drink in record time before proceeding with the second on a more leisurely timeframe. Mrs. Boston was already out like a light from her sleeping pills and young Suzie kept her nose buried in her kindle allowing Mr. Emerson to again remove his award from his satchel and admire it as he often did. When he turned he realized young Suzie was looking at the statuette with wide eyes and an open mouth.

"What‚??s that Mr. Emerson?‚?? she asked with seeming innocence.

"Why Suzie that is the statuette I received when I won an award for my writing" he answered.

"You just won that, wow that is so cool" she told him.

"Actually I won it at last years awards but I always have it with me just in case I want to look at it. Precious, oh my precious" he said before he kissed it. Now mind you he did kiss it on the mammary section not the other part which would have been creepy. "Would you like to hold it Suzie?" he then asked.

"Uh, no thanks Mr. Emerson" she said before quickly resuming her reading.

Mr. Emerson continued to look at and handle the statuette and the bulge in his lap expanded even more. When he grew tired of looking at it he slipped it back in the satchel and placed it on his lap next to his bulge. He requested a blanket from a flight attendant and covered his lower half with it before turning off the light above him and closing his eyes and eventually drifting off to an uneasy sleep.

He wasn‚??t sure if it was turbulence or something else but suddenly he awoke. Mr. Emerson realized two things. His erection had not subsided and in fact he could feel a small hand fondling it through his carefully pressed trousers. He pretended to still be asleep but managed to open one of his eyes a crack and he observed young Suzie was turned sideways in her seat facing him. The armrest between them had been raised and her tiny hand was below the blanket and feeling his raging hard on while she stared down in that direction.

Mr. Emerson shifted his body as if he was moving in his sleep and managed to push his crotch closer to Suzie. She froze at first but when he appeared to still be asleep Suzie became bolder. Her second hand worked under the blanket and she unzipped his trousers and slowly worked his large organ free. Now young Suzie went to work in earnest with both her hands sliding up and down his shaft and as the pre-cum oozed out of him it added lubrication making her efforts more successful.

All of a sudden Suzie was startled as Mr. Emerson‚??s hand touched the top of her golden head. She looked up in fear and beheld the Emerson leer which had proved powerful even to those much older than she was. It sapped her will to resist and when he lifted the blanket revealing her hands stroking him she was helpless.

"Suzie I‚??m very close so I want you to take my member in your sweet, young mouth and swallow the milkshake it will give you. You like milkshakes don‚??t you?"

Suzie nodded and leaned down and opened her small mouth as wide as possible and just managed to squeeze the head in at which time Mr. Emerson erupted like an angry volcano god. Suzie did her best to swallow the bitter milkshake but some of it escaped her mouth before she swallowed it down. When he was finished spewing he made her lick up any stray drops of his release.

"Now Suzie be a good girl and go to the lavatory in the back of the plane and clean up" he told her.

Feeling dirty for some reason young Suzie did as he instructed. Mr. Emerson had waited a minute before slipping out of his seat and silently padding down the aisle like a wild beast stalking his prey. He noticed with satisfaction that most passengers were asleep and that the crew was busy drinking and talking by the galley. When the door to the lavatory opened Mr. Emerson pounced before young Suzie could react.

His large male body pressed her much smaller female body back into the cramped lavatory after which Mr. Emerson closed and locked the door. His groping hands soon found her little ass and squeezed it, but only in the best possible taste.

"Gee whiz Mr. Emerson I don‚??t think you should touch me there. My mother said I shouldn‚??t let men do that. One time I let a family friend touch me down there and he wound up hurting my little kitty. He stuck his thing in me and I bled."

On hearing her story Mr. Emerson became very excited. While he might not be the first for Suzie it might make things easier in some ways. He leered at young Suzie and licked his lips in a lascivious manner.

"I‚??m sure your mother didn‚??t mean men like me. I‚??m a writer and artist. The reason I came here was that I realized that I wasn‚??t fair to you. You made me feel good and I‚??d like to return the favor and make you feel good as well."

Mr. Emerson‚??s undid young Suzie‚??s jeans and pulled them down exposing her Hello Kitty! panties. After sliding those down he lifted her and put her small ass on the sink. Mr. Emerson bent down and began to lick at her tasty hairless, little kitty making young Suzie squirm.

"Ooh a hairless kitty" he observed "a very rare and priceless find."

Mr. Emerson lapped at young Suzie‚??s hairless snatch like a cat with a bowl of milk until she reached her first orgasm. Her body shook and trembled as she experienced something new and wonderful. Mr. Emerson drank all the fluid from her fountain until it slowed to a trickle.

"Ooh Mr. Emerson that made my kitty and belly feel so good. I don‚??t know what you did to me but I really liked it a lot" she purred to him.

"That is just the beginning my dear" he said as he unzipped his fly and removed his erect trouser snake.

"You want to put that big thing in my little kitty, don‚??t you?" young Suzie asked wide eyed.

"Yes Suzie I do, but it‚??s called a cock. Can you say that?"

"Okay Mr. Emerson your big cock" the girl said with a giggle.

Mr. Emerson helped Suzie from the sink and had her bend over. He put his big cock to her wet, little kitty and slowly pushed it in her. Young Suzie gasped as it stretched her pink pussy wide and burrowed deep in her until it could go no further. Mr. Emerson began to slam it in and out of her with no mercy but young Suzie greatly enjoyed what he did. She liked it even better when his hand reached to the front of her and pet her kitty clitty.

She practically purred as he stroked her until she came with a mewing moan. When she did her little kitty clenched Mr. Emerson‚??s bone so tightly he almost felt it could be fractured. He waited until her kitty spasm subsided before sliding out of her and then forcing it all the way back in. Mr. Emerson looked down and watched his root slide in and out of her cellar. His large hands grabbed hold of her small ass cheeks and spread them for a better voyeuristic view.

As he did he felt her clenched brown hole practically talk to him. ‚??Mr. Emerson you know I want you inside me, to be the first in through the back door.‚?? The longer and harder he fucked her kitty the more he wanted to be the first to break her ass in. He reached into the jacket pocket of his seersucker suit and removed the pocket sized bottle of lubricant and opened it while continuing his kitty assault.

He squirted a generous amount on young Suzie‚??s sphincter before putting the bottle back. Next he forced his thumb into her virgin hole and moved it about loosening her up. After a couple of minutes he decided to go for broke. First Mr. Emerson withdrew his throbbing erection from her kitty, then he placed one hand on his throbbing meat and covered Suzie‚??s mouth with his other hand. Then he pushed past her anal ring and felt the joy of being the first to wreck her rectum.

Suzie made a muffled cry as her last uncharted territory was plundered by the dapper booty bandit. He began to drive it deeper until finally he was all the way in her poop chute. Tears streamed down young Suzie‚??s cheeks at this anal invasion. Seeing this Mr. Emerson did his best to put it in perspective for her while of course continuing to sodomize her.

"Now Suzie there is no need to cry. What did Mr. Nietzsche tell us about such things?"

"That what doesn‚??t kill us makes us stronger" the girl replied as her butt was plundered.

"Very good" he said as he now moved his hand from her mouth and again stroked her clit.

This he continued until with a gasp young Suzie came yet again. Her body bucked from her orgasm and Mr. Emerson felt the bliss as he shot deep inside her, giving Suzie her first cum enema. It felt like it would never end but like all good things including the all you can eat buffets he frequented it did finally conclude.

As his manhood deflated in her Mr. Emerson had a desire for a post coital smoke so he withdrew his silver cigarette case and removed an imported smoke. He lit it with his antique silver lighter and inhaled deeply. No sooner had Mr. Emerson done that when an alarm in the ceiling went off with a wail. The next thing he knew the lavatory door was forced open and rough hands grabbed him and not only yanked him out of the lavatory but also caused his cock to be pulled from young Suzie‚??s now distended ass.

He was thrown to his stomach on the floor and a knee was placed in his back as his hands were pulled behind him and handcuffed by the air marshal. A flight attendant rushed into the lavatory to assist Suzie as Mr. Emerson was dragged down the aisle, his pants still around his ankles. He was thrown into an empty seat in the back row and left there unattended.

As he sat there Mr. Emerson heard voices discussing the situation. First he heard a flight attendant speak.
"No the mother can‚??t be woken, we believe she‚??s on medication."

Next it was the air marshal. "Yes have the pilot inform them that when we land we need to be met by the FBI and the media. Tell them we arrested former celebrity Chevy Chase for smoking in an airplane lavatory in clear violation of federal law as well as having his pipe up some young lady‚??s tailpiece."

Mr. Emerson closed his eyes and began to sob. It wasn‚??t the arrest but the thought of what would happen to his precious while he was incarcerated. Then he felt a soft touch on his still exposed pipe. When he opened his eyes there stood young Suzie with a sad expression and her finger on her lips signaling him to remain silent. She leaned in and whispered in his ear.

"Don‚??t worry Mr. Emerson, I have your statuette and I‚??ll hold it for you until you can get it back. I‚??d like for you to do those things with me again too, if you want to that is."

Mr. Emerson continued to cry but now they were tears of happiness and relief.


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