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I recall how she approached the topic about another fantasy.

"Thank you again for letting me play with that man." She gave me wicked smile.

"Nadia honey, you did not need to keep thanking me. I enjoyed it too."

She giggled a bit, "I know as I could tell from your cock and from all that cum you gave me. I thought you would have said no or you would have been jealous."

"To be honest I was a bit jealous at first. But seeing you sucking on that strangerâ??s cock just turned me on more than my jealousy. I began to enjoy watching him enjoy your big tits, fondling them, and sucking on them. Then to see you working his cock in and out of your mouth was hot. I really enjoyed it when you made that random cum in your mouth and seeing how pleased he was when you swallowed his load. I guess he thought I was lying when I said you were a cum lover."

She looked around nervously and then asked, "Did you really mean it when you said we could have playtime again?"

Now it was my turn to give my fiancé a wicked smile, "Yes I did. Why, do you want to have another playtime?"

"Yes I would butâ?¦well I have a few playtime fantasies. It is ok if you say no."

I thought for a few moments which allow my cock to take over. Then I said there were two rules before we went further. First I have to be there and second I participate. No sooner did I finish my second rule and Nadia said yes.

"Well, what are your fantasies?"

She paused for a few moments understandably nervous to share them.

"The first one involves the meter reader. A couple of times I have been home when he was going around and he saw me. After the first time I think he has been trying to peep on me by looking into the windows." She paused.

"Continue Nadia."

"I had a fantasy that he would catch me walking around naked. Maybe I would be getting ready to take a shower. I would do my best to cock tease himâ?¦not letting on I know he is there. Maybe he would watch me through the window, jerking off to me. Or maybe I would have him follow me around by the back door where he would find the back door open slightly.

Then I would go back to our bedroom to our shower. My fantasy would be his lust would have him open the back door and come in. Maybe he would spy on me as I shower, pleasuring himself just a few feet from me and then leaving his gratitude on the wall.

I stopped her there..."and where would I be? Remember my rule."

Nadia thought for a minute before answering.

"You could be peeping out of our closet. It has a perfect view of the bathroom. Would you enjoy watching him masturbate to me?"

Oddly I knew I would. There was something inside me that was awoken some sort of lust where I enjoyed watching other men get pleasure from my fiancé. It made her even more desirable to me.

"Yes Nadia I would and after he was done I would have to take my turn getting pleasure from you."

She continued. "Or maybe he would walk into the bathroom to pleasure himself in front of me so I could seeâ?¦perhaps he would desire more. But then I think that it could be the other way around. I then see him, I step out of the shower and I give him pleasure."

"What sort of pleasure would you give him my love? I am quite sure he would enjoy every sort of pleasure from you."

"I would have to drop to my knees and give him a nice blow job. I know how much you enjoy watching me giving head to another man. I would let him play with my tits, sucking them, fondling and even fucking them. I wonder how much it would turn you on if you watched him fucking me in front of you."

The bulge in my pants was growing by the moment as my fiancĂ© talked about this fantasy. "And what about me? Donâ??t you think I will have lustful needs too?"

"Hmmm I have two ideas in mind for you honey. You could either watch me and masturbate. I would give you one of my bras or a nice glass to cum into for me to enjoy later or I have another idea. Instead of being in the closet you are elsewhere in the house and then you catch us. You walk in on us and join in."

"That is a nice fantasy Nadia and I will have to think about it. I am very curious to hear your other fantasies now. Please go on and share with me the others you have."

Another fantasy I have had for a while and was always afraid to do it even before we met. Now I think I would do it with your help." She gave a naughty, girlish giggle.

"I always wanted to go to a glory hole at some adult store and give blow jobs to the men who showed up. I have always been curious to see many different cocks and to taste so many loads of cum. I was afraid to go alone but you could join me in the booth if it is big enough so you could watch me."

"Would you take off your top so the men could look through the glory hole to see your tits? Would you have them cum in your mouth and on your tits? Letâ??s say the booth was a good size and two cocks came through the holes on either side at the same time would you take turns sucking on the cocks and letting them fuck you as well?

"Of course I would be topless. I would hope to get several visitors and I would not want to get my top soaked in cum. I think it would give the men pleasure to look through to see me and my tits. Maybe if the hole was large enough for a hand I would let them fondle my tits."

"If the hole was that large you could place your beautiful luscious large tits at the hole and let them suck on them."

She gave me a wicked smile and even blushed a bit.

"Thank you for lovely compliment. As for you last questionâ?¦if you would not mind then I yes I would. I have a feeling you would very much enjoy watching me pleasure two cocks with my pussy and my mouth at the same time." And she was correct, I would.

In fact at this moment I sat down on the couch. I undid my pants letting my hard cock spring free. I began to pleasure myself in front of my fiancé. She seemed a bit surprised by my reaction to jus the talk of her fantasies.

"You donâ??t mind do you Nadia. Hearing about your fantasies and imagining them in mind is turning me on as you can tell."

Nadia sat down next to me. She gently pulled my hand away and wrapped her warm, soft fingers around my throbbing cock. She began to stroke me as she continued.

One other fantasy I have would be to get bukaked by several guys. I always fantasized about a group of guys getting pleasure from me and then cumming all over me. Nadia stroked my cock faster.

"How would this happen? Do you have any thoughts?"

She slowed down a bit stroking my cock as she formulated her response.

"I thought about all those conventions that go on in town. We could book a room. I would attract the attention of a group of men and you could be passing in the hall and I would get your attention as well. I know plenty of men at those conventions are horny and looking for a good time."

"Nadia, do you have any thoughts on how you would get their attention?"

"Hmm, I do not know. There is always the short skirt, low cut top or I could get creative."

My fiancé went back to stroking my hard cock with such incredible speed. She smiled at me, looking me in the eyes as she continued to give me a convincing hand job.

"So what do you think darling? Are any of these fantasies possible?"

I gave her such a dirty smile. "Well Nadia, your fantasies are arousing but I think you need to make a better oral argument."

She did not hesitate at all. My fiancé repositioned herself on the couch next to me. She was on all fours, bending her head down to take my raging hard cock into her mouth. She wrapped a couple of fingers around the base of my shaft before sliding my cock into her mouth. My cock slid along her wet tongue as Nadia gave it a long slow suck.

She hummed a bit as she worked my cock in and out of her mouth. I leaned back moaning with approval. My shaft slid out of her mouth, she circled my cock head with her tongue. "Your cock is drooling so much pre cum honey. I guess you really like my fantasy ideas."

I brushed her long blond hair to the side so I could see her face. "Yes I did but I will like them even more when I see your cock sucking lips wrapped around my shaft. You need to make a very good oral argument with me dear."

I placed one hand on the back of my fiancés head gently pushing her down to rock hard cock. She devoured me in an instant. I let out another moan as I watched, experienced Nadia working her oral argument on me with so much enthusiasm.

Thankfully Nadia was wearing a t-shirt. I pulled it up with my other hand so I could fondle her gorgeous big tits. I squeezed her left tit, pinching and pulling on her erect nipple. She responded with low moans and moving her head up and down my cock faster.

I watched and enjoyed seeing my cock disappear into her mouth, her beautiful lips wrapped around my ever hardening and throbbing shaft. I knew I was not going to last long. Images ran through my mind of all her fantasies, all these men taking pleasure from my fiancé. I thought about all the cum she would get as her reward.

I looked at her and groaned, "Oh my god Nadia, your argument is the best. I am going to give you my answer in a second. That seemed to flip a switch in Nadia. She slid my cock out to the point where she just her lips around the head. She bobbed up and down as fast as she could, sucking hard as her hand now stroked the rest of my shaft.

I could not take this incredible, delightful argument any longer. "Oh god Nadia my answer is cumming!"

Nadia gave my shaft a few more strokes with her hand and then with perfect timing she released my cock, taking it all the way into her mouth. At that moment I exploded, pumping my cum load into her mouth and down her throat.

I could feel spurt after spurt of my thick cum surge out of my cock hitting the back of my fiancés throat and I could feel her swallowing as fast as she could. I kept moaning and kept cumming. I had not realized just how turned on I was by all her dirty fantasies.

Even my cum loving slut of a fiancé could not swallow all of my cum load fast enough. Cum began to run out the sides of her mouth, slowly dripping down my cock and running down to her chin. For a moment I though about how hot, dirty, nasty and sexy she looked with cum running out of her mouth.

As soon as I shot my last spurt of cum into her mouth, Nadia swallowed it. She used on finger to collect my cum off of her face, tilted her head back, mouth open and point her cum covered finger at her mouth. She let my cum drip into her mouth. She sucked her finger and then licked the cum off her chin with her tongue. When she was done cleaning up her beautiful face she leaned down slowly licking up the cum from my still hard shaft. She swallowed every drop of my spunk.

Nadia sat up on her knees, licked her lips one more time.

"So, did I give a good enough argument for my fantasies?"

I just smiled at her and she knew by that smile that she had won her argument.

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