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Barbara M. 

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Sitting one leg across the other my stiletto heel hovered just above a stack of papers piled on the floor. There was so much to do! Lost In thought I begin to chew my pen, a bad habit of mine.
I smelled him before I saw him. I in hailed deeply, "tony" I whispered breathlessly.
His muscular physique and 6'3 frame took up the entire entrance of my cubical. I suppressed a shiver, he's so....intimidating.
"You know Johnson if you keep chewing company pens you may have to reimburse us one day."
His voice was as smooth as dove chocolate. I managed to slowly raise my brown eyes to meet his. Not failing to notice his toned, defined, muscular legs and his strong arms crossed over his bulking chest. He wore his suits perfectly fitted and must have left his jacket in the office because I could see his 8 pack rippling under his crisp white dress shirt. His smooth coca skin had no flaws and I followed it with my gaze up to his perfect juicy lips. He was so sexy. his eyes are deep and soul searching, fitting perfectly under his unmanicured eyebrows. His hair was always freshly lined and cut.
"Ya..yess sir!" I stammered out a little too loudly while dropping the pen as if it was on fire.
"Only kidding Johnson only kidding." He chuckled then bent down to retrieve the pen that dropped by my stiletto's. I inhaled, his smell made me dizzy and a watched with bedroom eyes as he came closer. Growing bold I made sure to kick the pen deeper behind me. He glanced at me for just a second, then stood up. " pick it up Johnson" he growled. I gasped. His vibes which where casual and friendly had become dark and controlling.

I wiggled out of my seat, why, why did I wear the tightest skirt I owned today? It was too hot for stockings so I ditched them as soon as I'd made it to my cubical this morning. My amber skin tone blending well with my black pencil skirt and black stilettos. I was 5'8 with heels 5'3 without them. For a second I just stood there, head bowed, fingers crossed, staring at his shinny shoes. "Now!" He sneered. I jumped and fell to my knees immediately, my large round bottom attempting to burst from the confides of my skirt. I racked my brain to try and remember what underwear I'd thrown on this morning, if any! A red thong and black bra slipped into my memory. I began to crawl awkwardly toward the pen, one hand holding the base of my skirt the other pulling me forward. My heels where up in the air as I didn't want scuff marks. "Let your skirt go" he said, much softer then before. I reluctantly released my skirt and felt it draw up immediately revealing my lacy red thong and big round amber ass. I felt him inhale behind me, a growl escaped his lips.

I felt a throbbing sensation in my walls and realized this was turning me on. I made sure to give my butt a few extra shakes as I retrieved the pen and crawled backwards out of the cubical. I reached up and put it on the desk, then glanced up at my oppressor. The first thing I saw was the gigantic bulge in his dress pants. He had one hand on the cubical wall and the other on the outline of his gigantic hard on. He stroked it slowly. I could tell he was watching my every move. I stood up and pulled down my skirt, smoothed out the wrinkles and focused once again on his overly shinny shoes. "rayna I..."
"Antonio!" We heard jim bellow "Hey has anyone seen tony?"I felt the color drain from my face, oh god we are still at the office! The fact that we were surrounded by coworkers in close proximity completely slipped my mind, and apparently Tony's as well. Tony kept his cool though and turned at an angle so both feet were resting on either side of the cubical entrance. He rested both hands on the frame and planted his chin causally on top. To anyone walking by it would appear quite normal but on my end I had a full look of his bulge framed against the cubical wall.

"Ahh tony there you are!" Jim had finally spotted him and shuffled quickly over. He was a small man. Very round and pink with thick coke bottle glasses. His hair, or what was left of it, always askew in a Donald Trump like manner. "Tony I've been looking everywhere for you! Its about the deal with parkingsons and co. It came through! I need you to contact the owner immediately and....." He went on and on. Tony offered a smile and nod were it fit, Jim was completely oblivious to the fact that I was in the cubicle. He was too short to see over the wall and tonys girth was blocking the door way. An idea popped into my head and I slowly reached down to remove my heels, tony didn't notice as I hiked up my skirt and crawled my way toward him. I stopped directly under his massive Bludge and realized it was a good 4 inches above my head. Tony was so dang tall! I quickly snuck under my desk and scooped up the pile of paper my heels where hovering over earlier.
I made my way back under Tony's cock, planted the papers and kneeled on top. There! Just the right height. I tested the waters and gently stroked the length of the imprint. Tony cleared his throat but made no other movement. Not even a shift of the eye. He was still listening intently to Jim. I wanted to see it. Feel it. Smell it. I slowly unzipped his zipper. Tony shifted his body so the side Jim could see was completely planted against the edge of the cubicle, still focused. My hands where unsteady as I reached into the zipper, I repressed a small gasp. It was so, thick! Thick and hard and long and hot, pulsing in my hand like an anconda swallowing its prey. I pulled it out and felt my jaw drop. Ten inches, ten beautiful inches of thick hard dick. I took it between my fingers and inhaled. The smell of a clean man, expensive Cologne and his own personal musk filled my nostrils. It was intoxicating. I felt myself soak through my thin panties and knew I couldn't stop now. I put the tip in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. I was rewarded by a tiny pearl of precum. I sucked it off greedily savoring the sweet taste.

I tested the waters and tried to fit the head into my mouth. I felt the corners of my lips straining but I managed to get the whole tip in. I teased it with my tongue and glanced up at tony. He was loosing his composure. Sweat beaded his forehead and his breathing was much deeper then before. Jim must not have noticed because he was still yammering away. Suddenly jim gave a hardy chuckle and tony followed suit. He raised his chin up and lifted his hand closest to me in the air, as if the joke was knee slappingly good. But instead of slapping his knee his hand came down on the back of my head. I jumped and immediately tried to remove his dick from my mouth but his fingers had a vice grip on my skull and he forced me deeper onto his cock.I gagged and bucked, terrified. I couldn't breathe and he just kept pushing until I felt him hit the back of my throat. He held me there for what seemed like a lifetime, I'd never had anyone this deep in my mouth before. I began to relax and managed to find a way to breathe. I was beginning to like the sensation. I opened my throat and slipped him in further. Tony moaned.
My eyes brimmed with tears but I looked up anyway to find him looking down at me.
"ummm uhm" jim cleared his throat, "is ahh, is everything ok Tony?" He asked hesitatingly.
"Fine sir" Tony whispered, "just a bit of a stomach ache." "Ahh well then, I'll let you take care of that, have you seen ms. Johnson by the way? This is her cube isn't it?" Tony released the back of my head and I slid off his cock and gasped for air. " I'm in here sir!" My voice was crackly and strained, I quickly mad it to my desk and pulled up some random documents. "Tony was just helping me with a fax." "Ah good good," I felt jim shift to try and look around Tony's girth but Tony stood like a stone and wouldn't let him in. "well keep up the good work you two." And with that Jim shuffled away.

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