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He grinned softly and did so, swaying his hips as he walked ahead of her towards their bedroom.

She followed, smiling happily as she enjoyed the view, she wondered what it was going to be like, experiencing him for the first time like this. Given his popularity, she assumed it was going to be amazing.

When they arrived at their bedroom he crawled forward enticingly onto their bed, presenting his ass to her as he smirked eagerly over his shoulder, "Don‚??t take too long in the shower will you?"

"I won‚??t, I promise," She winked playfully, as she scooped up a thick fluffy white towel, walking over and kneeling by her bedside table.

Biting her lip she carefully reached in and pulled out the bottle Aludiana had given her, wrapping it in the towel before she picked out a sexy silken negligee, standing with it on show so Ardanis could see what she had collected, "See you soon," she winked playfully as she ducked into their ensuite, turning on the shower and relieved to hear music start playing in their bedroom.

She bit her lip and set the bottle carefully down by the shower where she tested the water with her hand, adjusting the temperature as she began to strip herself free from her work attire.

Naira let out a warm soft sigh of relief as she stripped herself bare, grateful for the chance to quickly indulge in a shower before she indulged in something entirely more base.

Once nude she stepped under the water, watching the tendrils of steam roam and curl around she felt the weight of the water soak into her coat.

She let out a sigh, enjoying the heat as it worked into her muscles, but, she reminded herself, she wasn‚??t here for this. Forcing herself to push on she quickly shampooed down her hair washing the day's weariness from her body.

As she let the soapy bubbles slide in little rivulets down her body she turned her attention to the bottle, lifting it carefully and turning it over in her hands, watching the thick fluid inside move around, thick and white.

She pursed her lips for a moment as she uncorked the bottle, making sure not to get any water in it and leaned in, giving it a sniff, "Oh for‚?¶"

The scent, combined with the colour and texture led to an inescapable conclusion, the liquid was inescapably Aludiana‚??s cum, or at least something mixed in with her seed. A part of her was instantly on edge, concerned this might all have been some cruel joke on Aludiana‚??s part and it was, in fact, going to have no effect on her. But, despite Aludiana‚??s demonic origins, she never turned up an opportunity to encourage lewd behaviour.

"It‚??s not like I‚??ve never drank it before‚?¶" Naira sighed cutely and, after steeling herself for a moment, tilted her head back and let the thick warm liquid pour between her lips and slide onto her waiting tongue.

She whimpered slightly, the taste instantly recognisable as she began to gulp down mouthfuls of Aludiana‚??s seed, feeling the familiar warmth of a load in her stomach.

As she finished the rest of the bottle, swallowing every drop, she set the bottle down, placing a hand tentatively across her stomach, the load of cum inside of her was a familiar sensation, hot and heavy, usually a reward for her hard work, it was odd to have it inside her without all the fun that came beforehand.

She furrowed her brows slightly, it didn‚??t make sense that it would be hot inside her? The bottle hadn‚??t been, but the cum felt as if it had just come from Aludiana‚??s heavy balls.

She moved to pick up the bottle again, curious to see if she had missed something and jumped in surprise. She raised her hand to her face, her eyes going wide. Her normal creamy hair with its darker mottled pattern had changed colour, a colour that she couldn‚??t only in her moment of surprise accurately describe as being Aludiana purple.

She let out a little gasp and placed her hand to her heart, which was racing, slowly she sank down to sit in the bathtub shower unit, feeling a panic rising in her, her mind becoming a white fuzz of thoughts intertwined, she didn‚??t know who she was, where she was. Was she Naira? Was she Aludiana?

She whimpered and writhed, all noise, fortunately, masked by the noise of the water raining down upon her and Ardanis‚??s music in the bedroom.

She could feel both her bodies vying for existence, feel her very shape and form alter, stretch and bulge as she watched her body visibly change before her.

Her skin darkened, her size increased, becoming taller and heavier, her curves expanded, her breasts filled, growing heavier on her chest.

She groaned and closed her eyes, while the sensation of the changes rippling through her body weren‚??t painful or even that unpleasant, the visual of watching her body shift and change, especially whatever she could feel happening to her womanhood, she could do without seeing.

"Finally‚?¶" she said out loud, as her body settled and Naira opened her eyes, panting softly, it had been her voice that spoken, but it had also been Aludiana‚??s, she hadn‚??t willed the words, Aludiana had.

"Hello?" Naira tried, experimentally, her words came out in a duet of voices, a curious sound, her cute meek voice enhanced by the latent sexuality of Aludiana, matching tone and pitch perfectly, "Ooh I was waiting for this, I was worried you wouldn't take it. Well, of course, I would I was just waiting for the perfect moment! This is going to get confusing." She furrowed her brow, both of them having control was interesting, to say the least, but to Naira‚??s surprise she moved to stand, Aludiana‚??s control seemingly stronger than Naira‚??s over their shared body, though Naira was in no way pushed aside, so she could feel everything as if she was just herself.

Naira shivered a little cold and glanced towards the shower unit on the wall, with a smirk she raised a hand and turned the temperate to as high as it could go, hot scalding water and steam sweeping over her body.

Out of instinct Naira let out a yelp as the scalding water hit, but to her surprise it felt pleasant, the extreme heat instead of burning her skin, merely felt wonderful, "Ooh that feels good." she said gently, guessing the love of heat to be one of Aludiana‚??s demonic traits her body now possessed.

"Can we hurry? Ardanis is waiting." She said and her body stretched out backwards, a little blush on Naira‚??s cheeks as she felt the unfamiliar weight of her now much larger breasts shift on her chest as she moved, not to mention the new, entirely alien sensation of what waited between her legs.

With almost a sigh of reluctance, she reached out and shut off the shower, hearing with what seemed to be drastically enhanced senses Ardanis let out a little giggle of delight at the sound of her switching off and step out of the shower.

"Oh he‚??s going to have so much fun," Naira said, her voice warm and loving, "Oh honey, so are we." she continued, her voice more attuned to Aludiana.

She stepped from the shower towards the mirror, steam curling off her body as she literally dried herself with her own radiating body heat, another trick of Aludiana‚??s.

She stepped up towards the steamed mirror, hips sauntering as she reached out a hand and picked up a cloth, streaking it across the mirror to clear the worst of it before leaning back, grinning widely as she let Naira drink in the form of her new body.

She had an interesting mix of both Naira and Aludiana. From herself, she, for the most part, maintained her bovine frame, her tail, hooves and ears all akin to her own and her horns, while tilted forward, were smooth like her own, not ribbed like Aludiana‚??s.

It was like Aludiana had taken her body and simply added to it her own demonic twists, her usually lithe body oozed sexuality, busty and curved, once lithe it was now astoundingly thick. Her eyes too were Aludiana‚??s, no longer the adorable baby green, but a radiant purple set in obsidian orbs of pure blackness. From her forehead and shoulder sprouted spikes similar to her horns and while she thought they would be painful, piercing her skin, she felt nothing, no different than nails she realised.

Out of curiosity she poked out her tongue and was surprised to see it forked like snakes, a deep purple that matched another very obvious aspect of her.

Hanging between her thighs, already half hard at the sight of herself rested her cock, the deep purple coloured tip of which matched her long nimble tongue. The shaft, urging into hardness moved to reveal a heavy sack, threatening in its presence and the promises it contained of what was yet to come. She reached out a hand and gently wrapped it around the thick shaft, giving it a testing squeeze, feeling the odd coolness of the five rows of metal studs that lined each side of her dominant, demonic cock.

Unable to wait any longer she turned towards the bathroom door and, as she turned the latch, heard Ardanis shift on the bed, doubtless looking towards the door expectantly.

She paused for a moment, grinning softly, he was expecting his lovely darling wife, waif-like and adorable wearing the cute little negligee she had brought in with her that, without a shadow of a doubt would no longer fit her vastly enhanced form, that and her shoulder spikes would probably tear the silken fabric anyways.

She let the door swing outwards into the bedroom, the reveal of her body accompanied by the rooms heavy steam that flowed out around her body into the room. Ardanis‚??s face was simply a picture. While there was no fear in his eyes, there was shock and surprise, uncertainty even.

"N-Naira? Is that you?" he asked, looking into her eyes, unblinking, ears perked, alert, curious.

"Mmhm, it‚??s me, love. Though Aludiana‚??s along for the ride too," she said, grinning, leaning on the door, letting the full intensity of the situation sink into Ardanis‚??s mind, something it was struggling to do.

He stared for a few long moments, then blinked, opening his mouth to talk, then closing it, glancing down, at her thick, eager cock. He blushed.

"...Oh. Oh!"

He opened his mouth to say something, his expression becoming one of excitement, but before he did, she stepped forward and took his head in her hands, guiding him to a very obvious fate.


Back in the moment Ardanis patted on his wife's thighs, the cock in his throat depriving him of air and, while he absolutely loved the way she was treating him, this amalgamation of the demonic lust fueled Aludiana and his darling Naira, who was experiencing this long overdue pleasure for the first time, didn‚??t seem to have much in the way of self-restraint.

After another few gruelling moments of him choking on her cock, she withdrew with a delighted moan, grinning as he coughed a few times, looking up at her with a cute expression, love and lust like Naira seldom got to experience with her beloved husband.

"It‚??s a shame you don‚??t have a pair of horns like me too‚?¶" Naira purred gently, smirking as she caressed a hand lovingly over Ardanis‚??s ear.

"Y-you want me to be a demon too?" Ardanis said, his voice a little hoarse, but his tone still bright, his little chastity cage leaking a single line of clear pre to the carpet at his feet.

Naira giggled cutely, "No no, just so I could use them as handlebars, you know, to fuck your face better."

He blushed but before he could respond he found the thick purple tip of her studded shaft stuffed back down his throat. Managing little more than a whimper as his world once more became her cock.

Despite the size of it and despite the ferocity with which it was being forced down his throat, Ardanis was very aware this was Naira, his beloved, which meant he was doing his absolute best to make it amazing for her.

Despite the little option he was given in his facefucking, he tied to pleasure the woman he loved, his tongue, pressed against the bottom of his mouth, did it‚??s best to squirm and swirl enhancing Naira‚??s pleasure, at the same time he did his best to suck on her cock as it slid between his lips, working her into a lust-fueled frenzy, her hands holding him tighter.

Ardanis placed his hands on her thighs, unable to resist the temptation to move them around to grope and squeeze at her sizable rear, even knowing this would drive her on he couldn‚??t help but to feel her, to explore her. Her ass was bigger than Naira‚??s and a little firmer than Aludiana‚??s, a gorgeous mix that made for a great ass to fondle and play with, even as her demonic pierced shaft was repeatedly sent plunging deep into his tight hot throat.

"Fuck I can see why you always wear that collar, mmph I can feel it!" she praised, chewing her full lower lip as she hilted her cock in his mouth, his nose pressed against the smoothness above her cock, her pulsing, huge balls obscuring his chin. For a moment she simply held him them, gyrating her hips against his face, feeling the tightness of his throat amplified in a ring where she knew his collar was, another lewd duet moan escaping her lips.

Ardanis squeezed his eyes shut and after a few moments, squeezed her ass, a gentle reminder that he needed to breathe. With almost a sigh of frustration, Naira relented, "Sorry love, it just feels so good!" she said, a little sheepish, letting him moan his agreement around the tip of her cock, his tongue working at the tip as he looked up at her eyes bright, excited, his blush fierce, his entire expression just begging for more.

She bit her lip, watching as he cutely worshipped her demonic length and could feel Aludiana growing impatient, eager to continue their conquest, she pulled his head forward, her lips parted, her long demonic tongue hanging limply from between her lips as she once more began to fuck his face.

Ardanis closed his eyes and caressed his hands down her thighs, holding on as he felt the huge length draw all manner of wet, sexual sounds from his slurping mouth and throat. He groaned and grunted, she moaned and gasped, her speed increasing, becoming desperate and he knew what was soon to come.

"A-ah! Oh, fuck, Ardanis, I feel something, oh!" Naira‚??s voice, that bizarre but luscious mix of Naira‚??s sweetness and innocence, and Aludiana‚??s passion and desire combining together into a woman who he knew without a shadow of a doubt was quickly approaching climax.

He did his best to keep the facade of pleasuring her, but at this point with the force and speed of her thrusts he was merely along for the ride, strings of spit and pre falling from his puffy soft lips, crawling gently over his chin before dripping to the carpet before, joining his own pre that leaked pathetically from his caged cock.

Naira panted loudly, each exhale bringing with it an intense moan that signified just how close she was. Suddenly her grip tightened on his head, her pants becoming shorter and sharper, perfectly timed with deep thrusts that held deep for a couple of seconds each time as her cock throbbed, her balls twitching, her length growing steely and defined with veins.

Ardanis felt the cock between his lips swell as Naira tilted her head back, letting out a rising cry of pleasure as a sudden, liquid heat erupted into Ardanis‚??s stomach. He moaned out desperately around the cock as she pumped mouthful after mouthful down his throat, not allowing him to so much as taste it as he was force-fed her demonic seed.

Aludiana, though, enjoyed the spectacle, even in Naira‚??s shared mind, as she revelled in the newfound pleasures of a cock Aludiana began to withdraw her pulsing shaft from the cat boys mouth, pulling it back to his lips so the next few thick ropes of her cum landed on his tongue, forcing him to actively swallow if he didn‚??t want to spill.

Unfortunately for Ardanis, even while swallowing this wasn‚??t an option, her load so plentiful that it overflowed around her cock to drip to the floor in a sticky mess.

After several long moments she released him, stepping back as her cock fell free from his lips, pointing down slightly as it ever so slightly it began to soften.

Naira stood there, one hand on her hip, the other wrapping around her slick wet length, working it slowly, biting her lip as she looked down at her husband coughing a little, blushing crimson, his fingers collecting a loose strand of seed that had fallen from his lips to land on his chin, scooping it up and feeding it back into his mouth, licking his fingers clean.

Naira smirked, "Mm, good boy."

Ardanis smiled brightly, his tail bopping about as he talked, his voice a little rough, "A-ah, that, that was amazing Naira, can we, can we do this again sometime? Please?"

Naira smirked a little playfully and squatted down, taking her husbands face in her hand and raising it, pressing her lips to his in a kiss.

He moaned as he felt her demonic tongue slip deep into his mouth, wrapping around his seed coated tongue in a sinful little kiss.

After a few long moments she broke the kiss, letting him stare deep into her dark eyes, "Of course we can my love, but I‚??m not finished yet," she said, grinning she rose and Ardanis blinked up at her in surprise, her cock, which had begun to flag when she had squatted down, was already hard again, ready, waiting for his attention, "Get your ass on the bed."

His eyes went wide and without a moments hesitation he rushed to obey her, climbing up onto their marital bed, more used to nights of close intimate snuggling as opposed to what was about to befall him.

Naira‚??s grin broadened as she watched him crawl forward onto their bed, lowering his head to the pillows and glancing back at her, his arms folded under his stomach, his ass raised, his long fluffy tail lifted, offering himself to her, eager, desperate even.

Naira smirked and crawled onto the bed behind him, a hand moving to grab him by the calf, surprised at her own strength as she lifted it and flipped him with ease onto his back.

He gasped and blinked, looking up at Naira as she settled herself between her thighs parting them with her hands and smirking, "I‚??m not fucking you like an animal, I‚??m making love to you."

He bit his lip and smiled, nodding eagerly as he settled down to be more comfortable, watching as Naira trailed her forked tongue across her fingers, before moving her fingers down to caress across his ass, wetting him for her already soaked cock.

He moaned out as he felt her fingers touch him there, Naira‚??s attention on his ass was always something he enjoyed, but now with the promise of what was to come it was getting him so worked up.

She inched a little closer, her hands under his hips lifting him up slightly to line him up with her throbbing cock, the head rubbing eagerly against him.

His hands looped under his own thighs, pulling them back as Naira leaned over him, her breasts hanging down towards him as she grinned a predatory smile. Slowly, she began to press forward, Naira wanting to enjoy her first time, no matter how impatient Aludiana was, she wasn‚??t going to let her take that from her.

Ardanis arched his back, letting out a loving moan as she pressed forward, the familiar sensation of his wanting ass being filled by an eager lover could never compare to this, knowing that not only it was Naira, but, unlike when she used a strapon, that she was able to enjoy it too like never before just made it feel so much better.

Naira tilted her head back and stared unseeing at the ceiling, lost in the sensations that were wrapping around her already sensitive cock, "Oh fuck Ardanis, this is amazing, you feel so fucking good! No wonder Tesla can never resist your sweet ass." she purred low in a lustful tone, forcing herself to look down at him, to see the pleasure written across his face, beautiful.

She let out a little needy growl, more Aludiana than Naira as her patience dwindled, her need and lust growing as she pressed her hips forward, leaning down low over Ardanis, her breasts pressing into his chest, strands of her long hair falling about his face, tickling his ears a little causing them to flick as she started to fuck him.

The drives were deep and slow at first, pushing into him until their bodies met, pushing the air from him in a loving groan before she pulled back, until only the tip remained inside him, her tempo steady for now as they stared into each other's eyes, her breasts gliding gently up and down his chest, heavy and soft against him as she worked herself up and down.

He wrapped his arms around her back, caressing her skin, even gently toying with the spikes protruding from her shoulders, his legs wrapping around her waist as she pressed into him time and time again, his long agile tail entwining with hers. With each breathy moan he felt the pleasure inside him build, his eyes locked on hers, half-lidded, intense, as he stared into the dark purple on black demonic eyes of Aludaina he saw in them Naira‚??s love and compassion, sweet and caring.

Then her expression changed, her eyes lighting with a spark, her loving little smirk breaking into a grin, an expression more familiar with Aludiana, he looked up at her, curious and bit his lip as she leaned up, gripping his ankles, lifting them up, displaying his flexibility as he soon found his knees mere inches from his face, Naira looming over him, "Actually, forget making love, I think I am going to fuck you like an animal."

Before he had a chance to object she sank her cock to the hilt inside his waiting ass, drawing a soft pleasured gasp from him. No more, he realised, was he in for slow gentle thrusts, he was about to get truly fucked and he absolutely couldn‚??t wait.

His hands moved beside him, digging into the bedsheets as he felt her grip on him tighten, her hips beginning to move in a practised rhythm, each bounce into the waiting heat of his ass amplified as the springy mattress bounced him up to meet each oncoming thrust.

His mouth hung open, his tongue lolling slightly as he stared up at the uniquely beautiful sight, the woman above him, dominating him was so obviously Aludiana, but so obviously Naira too, the two of them perfectly bound into a single amazing form that he hoped he would see more than on this single, amazing occasion, not that he could ever love Naira on her own any less.

Aludiana grinned as she watched him helpless beneath her, watched as her powerful demonic shaft, golden studs and all vanished in and out of his tight ring which squeezed and pulsing around her cock, bringing her such pleasure and driving her to such heights. She took delight in the way his balls bounced, his cock, bound in it‚??s cage dribbling a line of clear cum onto his perfect fur, matting it slightly, not that either of them cared right now.

It wasn‚??t long before the bed beneath them was creaking as it had just a few nights prior when Aludaina had come to Naira in the night, except now she was the one giving and she had her perfect husband to give it to. She felt her skin flush with heat as pleasure rolled through every nerve seemingly across her entire body, already Naira found herself already thinking ahead, thinking of the climax she had experienced only a short while ago, so different to when she had been female, much shorter but so much more intense, she wanted to feel it again, and soon.

Ardanis‚??s eyes rolled back pleasure too wracked his body, so much so that he had forgotten that his cock was bound, his ass just felt so amazing even if his shaft was free of its prison his hands would likely still be where they were, wrapped in the sheets of the bed, so intense that, without realising he had extended his claws, accidentally leaving several holes in it, again, not that any of them cared about anything other than each other right now.

Naira began to pant loudly, the pleasure coursing through her body beginning to reach a peak as Ardanis squirmed under her, equally close, standing on the edge of a new, unforgettable experience.

Naira and Ardanis both looked briefly away from where they met, looking once more into each other's eyes, registering the expression on the other, seeing the love, the lust, the outright pleasure and it was the only push they needed.

Ardanis squeezed the sheets in his hands, his claws piercing several layers of fabric as he cried out in pleasure, tilting his head back as, despite the fact his cock had received zero stimulation, it began to leak pulses of cum that smeared across his stomach, his ass squeezing and milking her cock, rippling with each pulse of cum to drive Naira past the point of no return.

She came, hard, a torrent of hot seed pouring in thick rivers into her beloved lover, each pulse causing him to gasp and moan, the pleasure from each jet of cum intensifying his own climax.

As before, her volume was too much for his little ass and it flowed out around her cock as it pulsed deep within him, her demonic seed sealing the fate of the already ruined bedding.

Ardanis was the first to fall limp, his own climax shorter though no less powerful than Naira‚??s who took a few moments longer to finish spending her load inside his ass.

Finally, though, she too was spent and while she could feel Aludiana‚??s eagerness inside of her to go another round, another five, all night, Naira felt content, her lust and desire ebbing away into her love for him.

Slowly she rolled onto her side, drawing him into a close embrace with her extra curvy body, holding his head to her expansive breasts as they both panted, recovering their bodies and their wits from the wonder they had both just gone through.

Still, Aludiana wanted more, needed more, but Naira just wanted to snuggle her lover, to hold him, kiss him, the sudden disconnect between Naira and Aludiana‚??s goals, caused a little tugging inside them, a split that grew, a divide, her voice growing quieter.

Ardanis leaned against the body holding him, feeling the thickness of Naira against his body, the swell of her cock, all slowly recede. He kept his eyes closed, too spent to open then as he heard her breathing lighten, her body firm up, becoming more lithe.

After several minutes had passed, he opened his eyes, weak and weary and saw Naira, his Naira, curled up against him, their bodies pressed together despite the sticky mess between them, her eyes closed, her lips parted, asleep.

Gently he nuzzled his nose forward, his lips finding hers for a brief moment in the softest of kisses, to which she barely responded, so spent, exhausted and satisfied.

Smiling softly he reached behind him, flicking a switch on the wall next to the bed and plunging them into darkness. Sleep and beautiful dreams took them both and for the first time in a long time, not a single one of his thoughts was dominated by his other lovers. He thought only of Naira and the stories he would tell of her to everyone in the days to come.

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