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Jeanette and I still did home work together in her bedroom. As far as John and I knew, she had no idea. But I guess we might owe that to Brian. He kept her a little preoccupied.

"Well I just know he is gonna break up with me any day now. I can just feel it," Jeanette said.

"Well, why don't you start looking for another boyfriend or something? Why are you hanging onto this one?" I asked.

"I don't know honestly. Maybe I just can't stand losing him. That's a good question Callie. Sadly I have nothing even close to answer though. I guess, he was something special. 'Was' being in key word in that sentence. Maybe it just disappeared. Who knows?" Jeanette asked.

"I don't know. But, you just gotta be patient I guess," I replied.

Then she came over and gave me a hug.

"I guess both my dad and I are just cursed right now. Neither one of us have anyone. But I guess you don't either. Maybe we're all cursed," Jeanette said.

I so wanted to tell her I'd been having sex with her dad, but I just couldn't. I just knew it would be even worse when she was in that mood. So I just consoled her as her best friend.

"Now can that talk. You can't just be thinking like that. You'll just drive yourself insane. Sooner or later you might actually meet the one. Who knows, maybe he is in plain sight," I said.

"Well that's nice of you to say. But I don't know how you are so optimistic. I mean you aren't getting... wait a minute. You are getting laid. You met someone didn't you?" Jeanette asked.

I started to panic a little. What if she was actually on to us?

"Well it's just some guy I met a couple weeks ago. I don't think you know him," I replied.

"OK, who is he?" Jeanette asked.

I couldn't tell her the truth. So I just made something up. And I'm not very good at lying.

"His name is John Smith," I replied.

Then she just started laughing. She obviously knew I was full of shit.

"John Smith? Yeah that's really original. I'm serious, who is he? Do I really not know him? Is he someone from school? Or is it a she? I'm your best friend, it's more than OK with me. So who is it?" Jeanette asked.

She was more than curious. I thought that she was fishing to get me fess up, but I was pretty sure she had no idea.

"Well it's just some guy I met at Best Buy when I was picking up the new Theory of a deadman album. He came up to me and started up a conversation. We hit it off," I replied.

I think she bought it, but she was still skeptical to say the least.

"OK then, I had no idea honestly. But good for you Callie. At least someone is getting laid around here. Especially with finals coming up soon. But for how long have you kept him a secret?" Jeanette asked.

"Just couple weeks as I said. Would I lie to you?" I asked.

"I don't know, would you?" Jeanette asked.

What could I say? I was lying. I felt a little bad about it though, but would she be that mad? As she said, she wants her dad to be with someone too. But she was really happy once I made up that fake boyfriend.

"No, I wouldn't lie to you. You are my best friend," I replied.

So I bullshitted her completely. I can't say it was all that easy to do though. I hated lying to her. But I just put it in the vault as Jerry Seinfeld would say. Then a few days later, John and I were alone again in the living room sitting on the couch.

"So we're alone now," John said.

"I noticed," I replied in a tone.

"Well, I'd be a bad sexual friend if I didn't ask what was wrong," John said.

Then I took a very deep breath.

"Well I guess I'm just really feeling bad about lying to Jeanette. She thinks I'm dating some fake boyfriend, and she has no idea I'm fucking her dad," I replied.

Then he got close to me and put one arm around me. I could tell he felt bad too.

"Well do you feel you gotta tell her?" John asked.

"Yeah I think so. What if we kept this a secret for years and she had no idea, but then caught us one day? I mean you gotta think about that," I replied.

"I do, trust me I do. But you are still her best friend. I mean it's not like she'll end the friendship over this, will she?" John asked.

"Well truth be told. I think she might. Your daughter is a stubborn lady. She's still talking about Brian. They haven't had sex and haven't really done anything together, and she still goes on and on about him. I think she might hang onto this for awhile. Call me crazy," I replied.

"Well let's not worry too much about it," John said just before he kissed me.

"Do you know how long Jeanette will be gone?" I asked.

"No I don't. We have time for at least a quickie. Unless you are just completely uncomfortable," John replied.

"No, I still do need a good fuck. Finals are coming up really soon," I said.

Then we started making out once again. We had really gotten comfortable having sex together by then. I mean I was still feeling bad about not telling Jeanette, but the actual sex was getting really good to say the least.

"And you are certainly learning how to kiss quite well," John said.

"What do you mean learning? I was a great kisser before we first hooked up," I replied.

"If you say so," John said.

Then we both went to his bedroom and got on the bed. We began making out very passionately for a few minutes. He put his hands onto my boobs once again. He had really grown fond of my boobs. I'm not sure why though. It's not like I could be a Victoria's Secret model. But I loved that he loved my boobs. He squeezed them a bit and then I started to take me shirt off, but then he stopped me.

"Are you sure you are comfortable?" John asked.

"Yes John. Now fuck me," I replied as I laid down on my side.

Then he took off his pants and boxers as well. He got a condom and put it on his dick.

"Are you ready to get pounded now my lady?" John asked.

"Damn fucking right I'm. I've been waiting too damn long already. Now stick it in there deep and pound me John," I replied.

Then he laid down with me. He lifted up my dress I was wearing and pulled my underwear down. Then he inserted his dick into me as were both on our sides. Then of course he put his hands back onto my boobs as well. He started thrusting his big in and out of me.

"Oh shit, even two days is too long John. Pound harder than you ever have before," I said.

As I wished him to, be began pounding me hard. I started moaning instantly. Every single time we had sex it felt amazing. The excitement of the first time we had sex never wore off. But this was a first, we never fucked on our sides before.

"Yes, fuck me like that now. Show me how much you love to fuck me John. Fuck me hard, really hard. Make me scream really fucking hard!" I screamed.

"I will my lady. But let's not scream that loudly though," John replied.

Then I got up and slowly took off my dress. And that day I wasn't wearing a bra. I thought it'd be more sexy honestly.

"Oh no bra today?" John asked.

"I thought you would like it more if I was wasn't wearing a bra I guess. Do you think it's more sexy?" I asked.

"Damn right I do. Now get over here," John replied.

Then I came over to him completely naked and got on top of him. He very slowly inserted his dick into me as I sat on him facing him.

"You are so fucking beautiful Callie. It's indescribable how fucking beautiful you are honestly," John said as he put his face right in my boobs.

He held me close and began licking my nipples as well. It tickled quite a bit and made me feel good. He really made love to me, it wasn't just sex. We were actually feeling things for each other. He put his hands onto my butt as I was bouncing up and down.

"Oh shit again John. Yes, really make love to me now John. Fuck me nicely," I said.

Then I felt both of us getting very sweaty. As my boobs were leaning up against him as much as they could, his chest was getting rather slippery, and we were both breathing in and out as steadily as we could. We both let out some nice moans as I leaned back and started bouncing up and down even more. My boobs were bouncing up and down mercilessly. They were shaking all around nonstop.

"Oh shit, you are gonna make me shot my load just from watching those boobs shaking," John said.

Then I laughed a little and we both were moaning quite loudly.

"Oh shit John, I'm gonna cum now, I'm gonna cum!" I screamed.

Then we both had some more huge orgasms. Then we both laid down, missionary position. We both were breathing in and out as slowly as we could for a few minutes while we did our best to catch our breaths.

"Callie, I think I'm in love with you," John said.

I couldn't believe what I had just heard.

"Are you serious? You really love me?" I asked.

"I think so, yes. You are a very beautiful young woman, and we have had amazing sex these last couple months. I mean absolutely amazing to say the least. I know you are Jeanette's best friend, but I can't help it. I fucking love you Callie," John replied.

"I love you too John. I might have fallen for you even before we actually had sex. But are you absolutely sure about this? This isn't just the heat of the moment?" I asked.

"Absolutely not. You are some kind of woman Callie. The kind I wanna be with, and not just a woman to have casual sex with," John replied.

"Do you mean you want to be exclusive now? You mean like go out on dates and stuff like that?" I asked.

"Yes honestly. I think I took too long to make it exclusive, the last few times I had a relationship with someone I really wanted to be with. I guess we got bored and never made it serious. So nothing ever really happened other than sex and that was that," John replied.

Then I gave him a huge kiss. It was passionate as well. Then we cuddled for a little while longer as well before Jeanette got home.

"But what are gonna tell Jeanette though? I mean it's a miracle that we've kept it from her for this long. Now if we really start having a real relationship, I think we might get caught," I said.

"Well, we'll keep it under wraps for as long as we can I guess. But if she sees that we really love each other, maybe she'll be more understanding," John replied.

"For both of our sakes, I hope you are right about that. I've seen her pissed off more than a few times before," I said.

"Well let's just cross that bridge when we get to it," John replied.

Then we kissed again and we eventually got dressed. I just felt so loved and in love at the same time.

"So do you not wear a bra often?" John asked as we were getting dressed.

"Every now and then I guess. But I just really thought you would like it. And you seem to really love my boobs," I replied.

Then he came over to me and felt my boobs through my shirt.

"I fucking love them honestly. I really have noticed your boobs getting bigger these last couple years now. They are absolutely great," John said.

Then we kissed again. So we kept it under the radar for about as long as we could. But of course there is no way to keep anything a secret forever. But as finals were coming, Jeanette was more focused on studying for finals. So I guess she just didn't notice it. Once I accidentally left my bra out on the couch, and she didn't notice it. I couldn't understand how though. But one day a couple weeks later, we were studying some more in her room. John popped in.

"Hey Jeanette, are you getting hungry?" John asked.

"Yes. Do we have any dinner plans?" Jeanette asked.

"Well, depends on what you want, anything sound good?" John asked.

"Well how about some steaks?" Jeanette asked.

"Sure I can do that for us. Hey Callie, would you like to stay for dinner?" John asked.

I wasn't sure what to say. We hadn't spent a lot together with Jeanette around. So something may happen to give us away.

"Sure, I can stay for dinner," I replied.

"Don't feel obligated, I'm just offering. You two are best friends, and you two haven't had dinner together at a table in awhile," John said.

"No, I want to. We just gotta finish studying," I replied.

"OK my ladies. I'll be cooking in the kitchen," John said.

Then he closed the door and went to the kitchen.

"Well how have things been going with your boyfriend?" Jeanette asked.

"Fine. The sex has been good, but we might break up. We don't know where the relationship is going I guess," I replied.

"Well, at least you had some sex during preparation for finals though," Jeanette said.

"I guess," I replied.

"And I've noticed my dad is happier, think he might be doing it too," Jeanette said.

"Maybe he is," I replied.

I wasn't sure what to say. We finished studying and went out to the kitchen about 45 minutes later. John was about done cooking dinner. Then we sat down and ate.

"So how are the steaks?" John asked.

"Good John," I replied.

So we ate and then Jeanette invited me to spend the night. So I accepted of course. Then a few hours later we were in her room and I wasn't feeling too good.

"Callie, are you OK?" Jeanette asked.

"I don't feel good. I gotta go to the bathroom, I think I'm gonna be sick," I replied.

Then I ran to the bathroom and I started throwing up. I wasn't sure what was wrong. Then Jeanette got John.

"Callie what's wrong?" John asked.

"I don't know. I'm just feeling shitty right now," I replied.

I threw up for a few minutes and eventually came out.

"Are you OK?" John asked.

"A little better now. Maybe the steak didn't agree with me," I replied.

"OK, well you should go to bed now," John said.

"OK," I replied.

"You take the bed, I'll sleep on the floor," Jeanette said.

"OK thanks," I replied.

That was weird. So we all hugged and went to bed. I felt better, but around midnight a thought came into my head. So I went to the bathroom and found a pregnancy test. I took it and saw the results. So I quickly went into John's bedroom and woke him up.

"John, wake up," I said softly.

"What's wrong Callie? We can't have sex now when you are aren't feeling good. Maybe tomorrow," John replied.

"No, John. I'm pregnant," I said.

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