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Her mother sat at the kitchen table and smiled softly at her daughter who was grabbing a bowl of cereal and some orange juice. Once settled across from her mother Cindy noticed her mother‚??s soft look. "What up mom?" she said through a mouthful of food.

She had given this a lot of thought. How to approach the subject of sex with her daughter. Especially now. After listening to the two young girls discussing Daryl and then undertaking their own curious and beautiful lovemaking, she knew she couldn‚??t really begin with the very basics, but she also didn‚??t immediately want to give Cindy a heart attack. She figured she would start with a talk about grooming and hygiene. After all, it was summer, and bikini lines might be a way to begin to probe into a more intimate discussion.

"I was just thinking about going shopping for a new bikini. Want to come?"

Cindy looked hard at her mother. "Heck yah, when?"

"As soon as you can be ready"

The shop was called ‚??Barely There‚?? and was a pretty much female only bikini and beach wear shop. The walls were lined with rows of one and two piece suits and the floor held dozens of round racks, shelves, displays and at least six changing rooms. Cindy had never been here before and was very conscious of the more skimpy bikinis. Surprisingly, her mom walked right over to some of those very skimpy suits and began looking for her style and size. Now Cindy had seen her mom‚??s suits before, and they were indeed bikini style, but these were a bit daring even for her as an adult. Oh she had the body for them, but still, this was her MOM.

Settling next to some racks with mildly more modest but still very exposing bikinis, Cindy began looking also. "Mom can I try this one?" Cindy held up a french high cut bottom in bright blue with a matching under wire top that would expose just enough boob to let the boys want to see more. Cindy‚??s mom eyed the suit and found the bottom perfect for what she had in mind. "Sure, but call me when you‚??ve got it on so I can see it for myself"

Cindy entered the change room and quickly stripped down and put on the suit. Peeking out the door, she waved her mom in. When she got in, she stood back with a discerning eye and couldn‚??t help but notice how gorgeous her little girl was. The top hugged her breasts but allowed for some evident overflow, and the bottoms, were definitely allowing a lot of butt cheek to be seen. The front formed a nice little triangle over her daughter‚??s pubic area. "Looks pretty nice Cindy, but sit on the stool for a second." Cindy sat down keeping her legs together. "Spread your legs apart Cindy." Her mom didn‚??t look her in the eye when she said this, but just continued to stare down between her legs. Cindy was surprised by this and wondered why her mom was staring at her crotch, but she complied. "Hmm‚?¶just as I thought. Cin, take a look at your bikini line." Cindy looked down and quietly sucked in her breath. "Oh‚?¶.god‚?¶.I have hairs coming out!" she whispered with surprise. Her face blushed pink as she looked back at her mom with doleful eyes.

"Cindy we girls all have that problem, it‚??s just a part of being a woman. Have you ever shaved yourself down there?"

"No! I mean I never even thought about it. I mean I hardly have any hair anyway‚?¶.oh god this is embarrassing."

"Ok‚?¶calm down. I need to trim anyway, so we‚??ll do it together when we get home. Really Cindy it‚??s normal and it‚??s just a part of life. It‚??s important that you have someone help you the first time so you don‚??t cut yourself. That can be real nasty!"

It took several hours for Cindy and her mom to choose the perfect suits, have lunch and go home. Her mom puttered around the house for awhile when Cindy finally asked her for her help with her bikini line. "Go up to the bathroom and have a quick shower and wrap yourself in a towel. Call me when your done." Her mother said calmly. Nervous, but excited, Cindy did as she was told, and when she was ready, she called down to her mom. She was sitting on the toilet lid when her mom came in with some scissors, a can of shaving cream and a lady razor. Cindy noticed that her mom was wrapped in a towel also and looked at her questioningly. "I had a shower downstairs. I told you I need a trim too." Was all her mother said. "Now, I‚??ll do myself first and you can watch me so you at least get the idea before we do you."

Cindy watched as her mom changed places with her and just completely dropped her towel and spread her legs. "Holy shit mom! I didn‚??t know we were going to get naked!"

"Oh..sorry Cindy. I always do myself naked. The towel just gets in the way. I should have warned you. Are you ok?

Cindy looked at her mother‚??s full breasts with nipples just like hers, and then down at her pubic area which held a well trimmed but much fuller bush of pubic hair. She could see her moms pussy lips and clitoris and everything. Her mom saw Cindy staring at her and slightly adjusted her pose to better expose her full vagina to her daughter. Cindy noticed the movement and looked up at her mom. "Yeah‚?¶I‚??m fine I guess." She said

"Cindy, it‚??s just my vagina. You have one too. We‚??re pretty much all the same down there. Surely you‚??ve seen other girls naked before. Maybe even had a closer look at one than this?

Cindy immediately turned beet red and started sweating. Her mom could barely hold back her laughter at her daughters predicament. "So you have! Good. It‚??s quite normal for girls your age to want to learn more about themselves. Kind of to make sure of a few things. I know I experimented a bit with my best friends when I was even younger than you."

Cindy moved her eyes up from this adult pussy to her mom‚??s eyes. "You did?"

"Well, it‚??s not like we were lesbians or anything, we all preferred boys, but yes, when we were first maturing we used to kind of inspect each other to take note of how different things looked."

Cindy kind of pondered this revelation as her mother began lathering up her labia. She watched intently as her mother‚??s labia became a bit deeper in color. When she began to gently shave her bikini line Cindy asked "What do you mean you inspected each other."

"Cindy, girls are different than boys and we have our own insecurities. Boy‚??s worry about penis size. Girls worry about their breasts and their vagina. Particularly about the smells that they make when they become excited."

"Mom‚?¶I do not make smells!"

"Oh‚?¶.and I guess you know that because you‚??ve actually been excited with a boy?" her mom teasingly prodded.

"Mom! Can we just get to the shaving? I mean really. I didn‚??t come in here to discuss sex. I can‚??t believe we‚??re talking about being excited and for gosh sakes SMELLS! Cindy had been watching her mother quickly and efficiently trim her bikini line and use a warm damp cloth to wipe away the excess shaving cream.

"Alright. All done. Switch places with me.

Cindy loosened her towel and exposed hers naked body. She sat down and spread her legs. Her mother noted how beautiful her daughters breasts were and how cute her little girl‚??s vagina was. Cindy‚??s labia were flushed and damp looking. She smiled and calmly spread some shaving cream where it was needed. Cindy sucked in her breath at her mother‚??s touch. "You know you can always talk to me about sex honey. I‚??m sure you and Daryl are becoming close and that‚??s ok. Just be careful with it all." Cindy remained as calm as she could but she also knew she was wet, and that her pussy was giving off that scent of excitement. Thank god her mom didn‚??t say anything.

Her mother however did smell the arousal her daughter was emitting and several thoughts entered her head at once. First, she was happy that Cindy‚??s pussy smelled just like it should. She also was pleased that Cindy produced ample secretion and that all appeared normal‚?¶even beautiful. "Hmmm‚?¶..I think we should get you on the pill Cindy. I went on the pill when I was your age. It‚??s a way to make your periods less crampy, and it is the best form of birth control there is."

Cindy was very interested in this offer. If she went on the pill, she wouldn‚??t have to worry about Daryl‚??s stuff at all. She watched as her mom carefully used her index finger to push her labia aside so she could shave the bikini line. The shaving didn‚??t hurt at all and before long, she was all cleaned up. "There, all done." said her mother. "Let‚??s get dressed and grab a sandwich."

At the kitchen table with both of them dressed again, they began devouring their food. Cindy, now calmer, asked "Mom, you said boys worry about the size of their things. Why?"

"Well‚?¶.I guess boys think we care if they have a smaller penis, but most are about five or six inches when erect and that‚??s more than enough to feel good inside a woman. In fact, a penis that is too big can hurt. It can bump into our cervix and that isn‚??t nice."

"Does it hurt the first time‚?¶.I mean‚?¶when you go all the way?

Ok. Cindy‚??s mom was now certain her daughter was still a virgin. She had heard Kim ask her if she was and heard Cindy say she was, but now she knew for sure. She looked at her daughter with compassion and love. "Cindy, it might hurt, but under the right circumstances it doesn‚??t hurt much at all. The key is to be prepared properly."

Cindy was in awe of her mother‚??s calm and compassion. Here they were taking about the most intimate of acts, and her mom was actually not embarrassing her or getting angry or anything bad at all. This was great. "Um‚?¶what do you mean prepared properly?"

"Well, when a girl gets excited, her vagina produces a moisture‚?¶..don‚??t pretend you don‚??t Cindy‚?¶we all do, and we‚??re supposed to‚?¶.anyway, we produce this to make the passage of the boys penis into our vagina easier. It also helps if we‚??ve been manually or orally stimulated. Basically, the wetter we are the easier it is."

Cindy knew now that all cards were on the table and she was surprised to feel relief with only a touch of embarrassment. "Ok mom. I‚??m kind of embarrassed to tell you this so don‚??t get mad, but Kim and I kind of experimented yesterday. We wanted to learn and kind of compare our bodies and stuff."

"Yeah, I kinda figured it was Kim you played with. After all, she is your best friend. But what brought it on?" Her mother smiled warmly and understandingly while she pretended to innocently ask.

Cindy started to color but forged on. After all, so far so good and she really did want to be more knowledgeable and protected from getting pregnant. "Well‚?¶.ummm‚?¶hmmm‚?¶.well you know that Daryl and I have been hanging out. He and I go to the library and stuff."

"Yes, I know that you have been spending a lot of time with Daryl‚?¶.with the cute bum." Her mom teased.

Cindy just glanced at her mother with fake annoyance. "Well we saw this book that showed pictures of people doing stuff ‚?¶a lot of stuff I guess, and I guess after a while we got curious about stuff."

"Oh. Well, what kind of stuff are we talking about Cin?"

"We kind of kissed at first." She paused to look at her mother who showed no reaction other than understanding. "I could feel his ‚??thing‚?? pressing against my crotch and it was big and hard like the pictures in the book and it kind of felt good so I pushed back and then it kind of throbbed and he pulled away all embarrassed and he tried to cover himself with his hands which made me look and his shorts had a big wet spot on them. He had an ejaculation."

"Oh dear" her mom spoke with compassion. "Poor Daryl. He must have been mortified. I hope you didn‚??t laugh or tease him. Boys cum ‚?¶that‚??s what we call orgasms‚?¶boys and girls cum‚?¶boys his age cum very easily when they get excited. It‚??s natural and not something he can really control yet."

"Mom, I know that and of course I didn‚??t tease him. We went in the house and I washed his shorts while he showered. The thing is, I got really excited myself and so I pretended I needed to pee and went in the bathroom while he was in the shower." Cindy again looked at her mom who was now showing just a tiny bit of surprise, but still wasn‚??t upset or at all angry.

"Anyway, I pretended to pee and could see him a bit through the curtain. He looked sooo good and his penis was all big and hard looking. I couldn‚??t help myself and I well‚?¶played with myself on the toilet until I ‚?¶well‚?¶..finished."

"Wow‚?¶pretty daring little girl. I bet you enjoyed yourself there."

Cindy giggled and turned red. "Oh yeah‚?¶a lot!"

"Ok Cindy, now we‚??re being honest. I know you masturbate and that‚??s great. You are a young healthy girl with a healthy sex drive and you certainly are maturing nicely. It‚??s very normal to feel horny and need to masturbate and masturbation is a wonderful feeling. Don‚??t be nervous or embarrassed about this wonderful part of life." Her mom spoke seriously. "I started when I was eleven and still love it."

Cindy absorbed this and felt closer to her mom than she‚??d felt in a long time. Her mom wasn‚??t shocked or worried about Daryl or anything. She felt relieved and encouraged to continue. "Anyway, after that, Daryl and I went to the library again and looked at the book together. God mom, it shows everything. People having intercourse and ‚?¶.oral stuff‚?¶and even bum stuff. We got real..well horney I guess. I mean Daryl was hard and I was‚?¶well you know."

"Yes, I know honey. What was the name of this book by the way?"

I think it‚??s called ‚??Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex."

For the first time since they started talking her mother reacted. Her hands flew up to her mouth and her eyes got big as she leaned in toward her daughter. "Oh ho ho ho‚?¶oh my god‚?¶you guys got a real eyeful there didn‚??t you? No wonder you got horny!"

Cindy could see the humor in her moms surprise. "Have you seen the book mom?"

"Oh honey. Oh yeah, I‚??ve seen the book. Probably enjoyed most of what it shows and talks about."

Cindy‚??s eyes now got wide. "Even the bum parts?"

Cindy‚??s mom gave her a look and decided to go all in. "Anal sex is still pretty rare and private Cin. I‚??ll tell you, but only you and it‚??s not to be told to Kim or anyone else. Are we clear on that?" Cindy nodded. Her mom then continued. "Well, if you actually read the book and didn‚??t just look at the pictures, you would have read that the anus is filled with nerve endings and that many people find anal stimulation very pleasurable. When your dad was alive, we were very open about sex and yes we tried anal sex. I found it to be very sexy and I enjoyed it very much. Anal sex though is kind of like sex for the sake of sex and not really sex for the sake of love making. That‚??s ok though because sometimes we need sex for just sex. Do you understand?"

Cindy was shocked her mom had a penis up her bum. She was at a cross between picturing this in her mind as something gross or something quite hot. "Yeah, don‚??t worry mom. I wouldn‚??t want you blabbing to your friends about what I‚??m saying right now either. Does it hurt?"

"Yes Cindy. Probably more than losing your virginity and it takes a few times before it stops hurting completely. A man has to make sure he uses a lot of lubricant because your butt doesn‚??t produce its own like your vagina does." She paused to le Cindy absorb this information and then asked her to continue. "Back to Daryl and you though sweety."

Cindy to a deep breath and thought what the heck. Nothing to hide now. "Well, after we looked at the book and came home, I got real curious again and asked Daryl if we could maybe just look at each other naked. It really was my idea. Daryl is still kind of shy about stuff. Anyway, we ended up taking our cloths off and it was funny because he was staring so hard at my body that he forgot to get undressed himself. I had to remind him we were doing this together." She giggled.

Cindy‚??s mom was now actually enraptured by her daughter‚??s description of the situation. She was also humored by Daryl‚??s frozen state and giggled along with Cindy.

"When he pulled off his underwear, his penis was sticking out like a pole. Oh god mom, it looked so big. I mean I wasn‚??t scared or anything, but I sure can‚??t see it going inside of me! I did kind of like it though‚?¶.is that bad?"

Cindy‚??s mom shook her head. "No it‚??s not bad to like an erect penis at all honey. They‚??re actually kind of great to see. Oh sure, at first they look kind of scary I guess, but they‚??re just a body part, and quite a necessary one. Did you feel him?"

"First he kind of kissed my boob and flicked his tongue over my nipple. God, I‚??m embarrassed here. I just loved the feelings I got when he did that. I got sooo wet down there. I could have stayed there forever but I said we should shower before we explored any more. We were both sweaty from riding our bikes and I didn‚??t want to (she looked bashful) smell bad. In the shower he let me look closer at his thing and then he reached around and held me from behind me from behind in a hug with his hands rubbing my boobs. Mom‚?¶I needed to push back on him with my butt. I don‚??t know why, but I just needed too. He all of a sudden said he was going to have an orgasm so I turned around to watch. Oh My God! His thing just exploded. His stuff flew to out my tummy and some even hit my boob! It was real warm and kind of looked like paste. Mom‚?¶does it always shoot out like that?"

"Most of the time honey. It can be especially powerful if a man is really horny and excited and hasn‚??t cum in a long time. With Daryl, this was all new to him too, and he was likely very excited. Did you feel his cum? I only ask because it‚??s normal for a girl to want to see what it feels like if she‚??s never felt it before."

"Yeah, it feels kind of thick and sticky like‚?¶.well like paste, but it has a smell to it too. Not really a bad smell, just‚?¶well‚?¶different. I even touched my finger to my mouth and tasted it. The book said that some women swallow it and like the taste. It was quite salty but not bad."

"Did he touch your vagina?"

Again Cindy became bashful. "He did mom. He played with it ‚?¶kind of like I do with it and I had my own orgasm."

What a brave girl she‚??d raised. She was proud of her daughter for not being shy about her curiosity and desires. "Cindy, I‚??m not at all concerned with anything you‚??ve told me and I know you and Daryl will probably just carry on with your explorations. Do you have any questions about anything you else you saw in the book?

"Well‚?¶I guess, but I‚??m kind of embarrassed I guess."

"Honey we‚??re both a bit uncomfortable but really, we‚??re so far into this now we really should just get everything out in the open. I‚??ve always tried to impress upon you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with any part of sex if you‚??re ready for it. So shoot."

Cindy looked at her mom and leaning in towards her, with wide eyes she said There were pictures of a girl and the guy had his cock in her mouth. She was apparently doing oral sex. Is that an important thing?"

"It depends on what you mean by important honey." Her mom answered honestly " Remember that first and foremost, sex is for re-creation‚?¶you know, making babies so our species carries on. Oral sex is more for mutual pleasure. No pregnancy comes of it."

"Oh‚?¶right. But is it important to a boy?"

"Cindy, boys love it when a girl (she had to pause to find an appropriate description) goes down on him and gives him oral sex. To a boy, it shows how much the girl is willing to be totally comfortable with him and though I can‚??t speak for a boy specifically, I know from experience that they think if feels wonderful."

"Tons of girls at my school give their boyfriends blowjobs mom. I hear them talking. They talk like it‚??s something they have to do, but they don‚??t really sound like they don‚??t like it either. I think it‚??s pretty common and some girls do it so their boyfriends don‚??t put as much pressure on them to go all the way."

"It‚??s certainly a fun way to see how much you arouse your partner, but don‚??t ever feel you have to do it. That would just take any fun out of the equation."

"Mom‚?¶.can you..umm‚?¶I mean‚?¶could you explain how to do it?"

"Well honey, it just kind of comes naturally. Really, as soon as you put him into your mouth, there isn‚??t a lot you can do wrong. Remember to watch your teeth and remember to make sure you use your mouth to keep things really wet. You just slide your mouth up and down and you can even use your hand on him along with your mouth like your masturbating him into your mouth. There‚??s a little bit of skin just behind the head of his penis that is very stimulating for him, and you can use your tongue to kind of swirl around it as you suck him."

"Is there a way to know when he‚??s going to ‚?¶squirt."

Cindy‚??s mom thought ‚??squirt‚?? was a pretty good way to describe the event and smiled at her. "That‚??s a tough one sweety. Sometimes, when you know the person very well, you can tell by the way he breaths or tenses up as he‚??s getting close. Sometimes he‚??ll start kind of thrusting his hips and pushing his cock into your mouth. Watch he doesn‚??t cause you to choke. Really though, it‚??s best to tell him to warn you so you can make the decision on where you want his cum to go."

"Oh man‚?¶.do you think I should swallow it?"

"Well, that‚??s always your decision. Some boys love it when a girl swallows but others like to cum on our breasts or faces. Some girls who have an aversion to the taste of semen will let him cum in their mouth and then either let it dribble out and down their chin, or just discretely spit it out onto him or somewhere else. Cindy honey, you may find that you don‚??t mind the taste. You might even like it‚?¶or get to. Boys do feel more accepted by you if you swallow. At the very least, don‚??t make faces that show you are disgusted by their cum. Even if you don‚??t swallow, be loving and encouraging through their orgasm.

Cindy was now giggling. "God mom, what a messy thing sex is!"

Her mother started giggling too. "Oh yeah, it‚??s really messy, but really Cindy, when you‚??re feeling all worked up, messy is the last thing you‚??re thinking about. Honey, are you thinking about having intercourse with Daryl?"

Cindy kind of snapped back to reality at this question and looked doe-eyed at her mom. "God mom, I don‚??t know! I mean‚?¶I get real strong urges when we mess around and I guess I would like to feel his cock inside me but I‚??m kind of scared about the pain too."

Her mother understood completely. "Hon, if you want to get over the fear of penetration I suggest that you just work up to it by getting him to use his fingers in you. That feels great in itself and you can work your way up from one finger to three or even four. That gets your vagina used to having something in it, and four fingers is about the same size as a penis. Then, when he goes in you, you may only feel a sharp little pinch as his penis passes through your hymen."

Cindy thought about this and took her mother‚??s hands in hers. "Thanks so much Mom, you made his so easy to talk about and I‚??ve learned allot. I think I should probably go on the pill. I‚??m not in a rush to go all the way, but I think I want to. When can we go to the doctor?

Her mom squeezed her hands softly. "Tomorrow."

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