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"Okay then." I reached for the bag and her robe and picked them up. "To the bedroom." I commanded.

It was awkward for Jess to walk up stairs with her arms bound but I let her take her time and I was pleasantly surprised when we entered. She had turned down the bed and lit several candles, the light glistening off her pale body, accenting the curve of her back and the rise of her ass. I set the bag on the floor and hung up her robe. She had walked near the foot of the bed and stopped there, which was perfect for me. "Turn and look at me."

Jess turned and watched as I undressed. When I was also nude I walked over to her and held her against me, my cock pushed into her belly between us. I kissed her gently, then looked into her eyes. "Jess, we‚??re going to try some things that I think you‚??ll like. It isn‚??t real extreme bondage, but it‚??s a lot further than I would take you if I wasn‚??t fairly sure you‚??ll enjoy it. Do you remember when we talked about a ‚??safe word‚???"

She nodded. "Okay, if you say it once I will stop and untie you. Twice and I‚??ll hurry. Three times and I‚??ll cut the ropes off to set you free as fast as I can safely. Understand?"

Jess nodded again. "No love. Say it. Do you understand?"

"Yes. I understand. I trust you not to hurt me and make me afraid so that I want to stop."

I let her go and went back to the bag. I got out the spreader bar with its ropes and the ankle cuffs. I went behind her and wrapped the cuffs around her ankles and velcroed them in place while I explained. "These cuffs are to protect your ankles so I don‚??t bruise you. This bar is to hold your legs open. Lean against me and step one foot through the loop of rope, then the other." Jess did as I said and I wrapped the ropes around the bar and her ankles until she was securely fastened. I tied the ropes off on the bar and then draped the ends over her arms, between the loops holding her elbows. Then I got the head collar and secured it around her forehead with the tie ring in the back. I stepped back and admired her body, standing there with her legs spread wide and held apart, her chest thrust forward holding her breasts erect, and her head slightly back, looking at me expectantly. She was so beautiful, and so ready for me. I rearranged the pillows on the bed for what I had planned, then stood against her and kissed her again. As she returned the kiss and became aroused I slipped my erection between her legs and rubbed it in her juices, making her even more excited. When I was ready to continue I stepped back and tossed a pillow on the floor at her feet.

"Kneel on the pillow." I commanded. When it was apparent Jess might fall I slipped my hands under her arms and helped her lower herself to kneel. I stepped forward so that my cock was waving in her face. She looked up at me as I looked down into her eyes. There was a little fear there, and a lot of excitement. "Are you certain you‚??re ready, babe?"

"Yes. Use me and teach me, please."

I held my cock at her lips and she opened her mouth eagerly to engulf me, slurping noisily. I paused to enjoy the sensation of her wonderfully talented mouth for a few moments. Then I ordered, "Arch your back and keep my cock in your mouth." Jess arched and held me firmly in her mouth as I pulled the trailing ropes up so that her lower legs raised nearly against the backs of her thighs, her weight supported on the points of her knees. I tugged the ropes firmly to hold the arch in her back and tied the ends through the ring in the back of the forehead collar. As I tied the ropes my cock drove deeply into Jess‚?? throat. I felt her gag just slightly, then she opened and held me deeply, clearly focusing on keeping me in her throat until I was ready. I worked as quickly as I could so that I could pull my cock back. She was now helpless, tied securely and rocking on her knees, with no control over what I might do. I held her head and pulled my cock back so that just the tip was in her mouth while she breathed deeply around me. When she had caught her breath I let her rock forward again, driving my cock deep into her throat. I held there for a moment then rocked her back. Jess caught on and I shifted to fucking her throat by rocking her back and forth. The feeling was incredible for me, as each stroke down her throat brought a spasm that gripped my cockhead and threatened to draw my cum into her belly too soon. To avoid that I pulled back and took my cock out of her mouth. Jess moaned her disappointment.

I knelt in front of her and kissed her. "You‚??ll get some cum, but not right now. First there are things I want you to feel."

"Yes. Whatever you want to do."

I squatted next to her and picked her up in my arms. I couldn‚??t help but admire her firm breasts thrust out with her nipples fully erect. I ducked my head and licked one, causing her to moan again. Jess looked at me with a combination of love and lust. I carried her to the bed and laid her down so that the pillows supported her arched back, her head towards the center of the bed and her hips at the edge. I knelt at the side of the bed and started licking her pussy. Her juices were flowing and I lapped them up, slipping a finger deep inside her, then two, and three. I turned my hand and rubbed my fingertips across her g-spot and she came, squirting her juices into my mouth and drenching my chest. I slowed my ministrations to her pussy and clit while she calmed. I reached into the bag and pulled out the butt plug and lube and prepared it for insertion. When I had the plug lubed I put some lube on my fingers and rubbed it against her sphincter. Jess moaned again, and again when I put the tip of the plug against her pucker and pushed. She tensed, then relaxed quickly and the plug started to slide in. I slowed to give her time to adjust fully and she asked, "What is that?"

"It‚??s a butt plug. It‚??s a tapered plug with a smaller ring at the bottom so that once it‚??s inserted it stays in your ass pretty well."

"Oh. It feels nice. Is it in all the way?"

"No. About halfway. It gets bigger first then smaller, I wanted to let you adjust slowly."


I pushed the plug gently into Jess‚?? rectum and watched as her muscles gripped it tightly when the last of the bulge went in and the ring was there for her to grip. "Now clench your ass." I instructed. Jess did and I gave a short tug and push to insure the plug was fully seated in her ass. Then I put a rolled towel against the protruding end to hold it firmly in place.

"That feels nice." Jess said as I stood, with the wand in my hand. I looked down at her and was inspired by the sight of her breasts as she lay there.

"Jess, I never realized until just this moment just how incredibly perfect your tits are. They‚??re the perfect size and shape and color, and when your nipples are drawn up like they are now they are just so perfect."

"I‚??m glad you like them."

"Oh, I do. Sometime soon I‚??m going to have to spend an evening concentrating on those perfect tits." I enthused. "But for now, on to something really entertaining." As I turned on the wand and reached down and switched on the vibrator in the butt plug.

"That feels good."

"There‚??s more." And I pushed the head of the wand tightly against her clit. The wand had some real power, and between the vibrations in her ass and against her clit Jess was quickly in the throes of another orgasm. She was moaning and thrashing against the bonds, but I kept up the pressure. I watched as another wave of pleasure wracked her body, then another, I maintained the pressure and listened and watched as her moans turned to a long wail and her body went rigid with a nearly continuous orgasm. Suddenly Jess‚?? wail turned to a shriek, and she went totally rigid, her orgasm showering a flood of her juice out onto my legs and the floor. That was my cue and I tossed the wand on the bed and plunged my cock fully into her depths. I fucked her slowly as she came back down, but it was enough to maintain her orgasm, which quickly brought my balls to a boil. I pounded into her and shot my load deep inside her as she squealed with one more orgasm. When I was thoroughly finished pumping my cum into her I paused and allowed her to relax. When she opened her eyes again she smiled at me.

"That was awesome. Is there more?"

"Do you want more?"

"Oh yes."

I reached down and switched off the vibrator in the butt plug. "Then you can have more."

I pulled my cock from her cunt, knelt between her legs and began licking her pussy clean. Jess was quickly moaning through another orgasm. A small amount of her cum dribbled from her cunt and I lapped it up with mine. "Oh god. Please stop. Don‚??t make me cum anymore." Jess begged. "Let me suck your cock. Please?"

I climbed onto the bed and knelt above her head and fed my cock between her lips, my balls dangling in her face. She slurped my cock down and started licking on it like she was starving. She quickly had me fully erect again. She pushed my cock out of her mouth with her tongue and grinned at me. "Looks like you could use some more now."

"Yes. You do that to me." I agreed. "Would you like me to untie you first?"

"Yes, I think so. Please?"

I lifted her head and undid the ropes from the ring, then climbed off the bed and stretched her legs out and undid the spreader. Jess smiled at me. "I really liked that."

"I thought you would." I rolled her over and untied her arms and stretched them out to her sides. She lay there stretching slowly. I couldn‚??t help but admire her sweet ass with the plug still embedded in it.

"Would you mind if I take that out?" She asked.

"No, but it‚??s likely to be similar to what you experienced the last time something was in there."

"Oh, well then‚?¶" She sat up and headed for the bathroom. "I suppose I need to go anyway."

A few minutes later she came back out to find me stretched on the bed relaxing on the pillows. She climbed in with me, knelt by my legs, looked at my cock and asked, "Where were we? Oh yeah." She dove down and swallowed my cock. I could only gasp as she sucked me back to full hardness in moments. She raised her head and giggled at me. "I love your cock. Did you know that?"

"I‚??ve started to suspect." I admitted.

She stroked me and smiled. "Now, where to put this." She swung her leg across me, positioned my cockhead at her entrance and drove me fully back inside her. "Yes. That‚??s where it belongs." She grinned. She immediately started rocking her hips to move me in and out while she gripped at me with the muscles in her cunt. The sensation was incredible and I wanted to return the favor, so I reached for her clit to rub it. Jess slapped my hand away. "Oh no. This is mine for you."

Jess continued to rock then started rolling her hips around using my cock as a pivot. The sensation drove me over the edge. I gripped her thighs as her cunt sucked the cum from me, in minutes she had me boiling over and I couldn‚??t stop because she wouldn‚??t. But it wasn‚??t just for me. As I screamed my orgasm Jess became lost in her own, crying out with me in her own pleasure. As her orgasm subsided Jess slowed, then dropped her body onto mine, laying her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close, and she kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, "That was so good."

"Yes it was. Thank you." I kissed her throat.

"Can I just lay here with your cock in me?"

"As long as I can stay hard enough."

Jess kissed me again. "Thank you. I just want to feel you inside me while I lay here. It feels so good to lay here like this."

Jess‚?? breathing slowed and I realized she‚??d dozed off. I flipped the covers over us and joined her in slumber. The next thing I knew was a very nice dream of fucking an extraordinarily tight pussy while being deeply kissed. When I opened my eyes I was staring into Jess‚?? eyes just inches away, with her hands next to my head as she stroked my cock with her cunt. She grinned at me, "It‚??s about time you woke up." She said. "I couldn‚??t believe it when I woke up and you were still almost hard and inside me, and I didn‚??t want to waste any of it, but I thought you‚??d never wake up."

"Well, if I have to wake up, this is the best way I can imagine."

"Yeah, it is, but you can‚??t finish yet."

I held her arms, "You think not?"

"I have to pee, and my muscles are really, really sore, so I‚??m going to go to the bathroom and when I come back you‚??re going to give me another backrub like last week."

"I can do that."

"Good." And Jess jumped off of me and out of bed. She darted into the bathroom and I followed her, starting to wash up while she used the toilet. Then we switched places and when finished we went back to the bedroom where she watched as I arranged the pillows for her to lay on. When they were ready she lay face down, spread over the pillows with her legs open for me. I grabbed the bottle of oil and knelt between her legs and got started. I leaned forward, laying my cock in the crack of her ass and rubbed oil into her arms and shoulders, feeling the knots and doing my best to rub them out. When it seemed that I had made good progress there I moved to her legs, massaging the knots in her calves and then her thighs, until she was much more relaxed. All the while I kept my cock positioned on her ass and between her legs, letting her feel my hardness but not putting it inside her. When her legs seemed better I turned my attention to her upper back, and now I did let my cock slip slightly between her pussy lips when I leaned forward to rub her shoulders, withdrawing when I moved down her back.

After I felt the tension leaving her back I moved lower to work on her lower back and ass. I again positioned my cock at her entrance and when I pulled down on her back I let it slip inside her so that the head popped fully inside, then, when I pushed up on her hips I popped it back out. With each time my cockhead popped out of her Jess gave a little "Oh." When I had gotten enough oil into the crack of her ass I pulled my cock away from her pussy and laid it in the crack of her ass. Jess moaned in disappointment when I stopped going into her, but she went back to "Ohs." When she felt my cock pushing against her backdoor. I let my cock slide along her crack, pausing every couple of strokes to apply a little pressure to her anal ring, but never letting it enter her.

It didn‚??t take long before she was moaning loudly at every stroke, as much as she was relaxing from the massage. When she seemed to be getting frustrated I stopped and asked, "Do you want me inside you?"

"Yes. Please?"

"Where should I put it?" I teased her, rubbing my cock head all the way from her clit back along her pussy lips and then across her ass into her crack.

"In my ass. Please? Please fuck my ass. Fuck my ass and fill it with your cum. Please baby?"

She was thoroughly lubed so I put the head of my cock firmly against her anal ring and pushed. Jess opened and allowed me in, relaxing easily so that I slid all the way into her ass in one long slow stroke. She moaned long and low the entire time I was pushing into her and then she gasped when my belly bumped against her hips. "Oh god yes! Please fuck my ass."

I leaned forward against her back and wrapped my arms around her, grabbing a nipple with one hand and slipping the other between her legs to stroke her clit. I gripped her clit between two fingers and used the middle finger to rub the top of it. She was moaning and bucking back against me while I pumped my cock in and out of her ass. I wanted better access to her so I leaned back and went to my knees and pulled her body upright still tightly against mine. Jess put her arms around my head and pulled my face to hers, kissing me and moaning into my ear. I held her tightly against me and picked up the pace, driving my cock deeply inside her then pulling almost completely out to repeat. Jess bucked her hips back into me with each stroke in so that our bodies slapped together and she moaned deeply each time my hips met hers.

I could feel my balls pulling up and my cock swelling as I prepared to fill her rectum for eth second time in a week. She must have felt it too, because she moaned into my ear, "Oh yes baby! Give me your cum. Cum with me!"

She slammed back into me and gripped my cock with her sphincter and I went off, shooting deep inside her while she screamed and drenched the hand in her cunt with her own juices. We bucked against each other until we were both spent and no more juices were coming out of either of us. I slowly leaned forward and turned so that we lay on the bed with me spooned behind her, still firmly embedded in her sweet ass. We lay that way for several minutes while we regained our breath. "Oh my god." Jess finally said. "I never thought I‚??d enjoy anal sex like that. I‚??m so glad you taught me to enjoy it." She turned her head and kissed me deeply.

"I just hope you learn to enjoy it with Tim too."

"You know I feel kinda funny talking about my husband with your cock inside me." Jess blushed and giggled.

I twitched my cock and pulled back a little, "If it‚??s a problem for you I can take my cock out."

Jess pushed her hips back into me. "No, please don‚??t. I love how you feel inside me. It just seems a bit odd. You understand?"

"I understand. I‚??m just glad you‚??ve allowed me to enjoy you and help you to learn. I just want you to share what you‚??ve learned with your husband."

"I will. In some ways I feel worse about not doing these things with him when he wanted to than I do about doing them and learning to enjoy them with you. Does that make sense?"

"Yes, it makes perfect sense." I agreed. "Tim has wanted to share many things with you that he enjoys, and I know he‚??s asked, but you weren‚??t ready. I sorta had to twist your arm, but you agreed, and now you know you like what we‚??ve done."

"Yes, you did twist my arm. Both physically and other wise, and I‚??m very glad you did. I had no idea what I was missing." Jess wiggled her bottom against me and teased my cock. "Now I know that I want to do these things with Tim." She giggled and looked back at me, "And with you too."

"Do you think Tim will mind?"

"He can‚??t, remember?" Jess said. "And besides, he‚??s going to get the fucking of his life, in ways he never imagined when he gets home. If he‚??s dumb enough to complain I may just save it for you instead."

Jess wiggled against me again. "I can‚??t believe you‚??re still so hard. You must like it there." She teased.

"To tell the truth, I‚??m rather pleasantly surprised myself." I twitched my cock in her ass. "And yes, I do like it there." As she gripped me with her sphincter.

"I hate to move, but I think it‚??s time to get out of bed."

"I agree." I gripped her body tightly to me, rolled over, driving my cock deeper inside her, then rolled off the bed, coming up standing, with my cock still planted in Jess‚?? ass and her pussy in one hand and her breast in the other. "We‚??re out of bed, just like you said." I teased.

"Yes." Jess gasped. I bounced on my toes to move my cock in and out a bit. "Oh god. That‚??s good."

"Here‚??s something else I didn‚??t get to last night before we went to sleep." I said as I moved my hand from her breast to her throat. I started fucking her ass again, while I began to slowly apply gentle pressure to her neck and rubbed her cunt.

"Oh! Oh God! OH!" Jess moaned and panted while I squeezed, then she tensed and came in a huge gush over my hand and our legs. I held her tightly while she convulsed on my cock and then slowly relaxed. I eased the pressure on her throat and moved my hand back to her breast. "Oh wow! We need to do that again." She exclaimed.

I started walking towards the bathroom with her still impaled. "I think I can say that we will."

"You didn‚??t cum though? Did you?"

"No, but that‚??s okay, you did." I stopped at the toilet. "Now you don‚??t have far to go." I slowly let Jess slide off my cock and onto the floor. I heard a pop when my cock flipped out and she spun quickly onto the toilet.

She sat down and grinned at me. "Cum enema."

I could tell by the noises that she was right. "I‚??ll start the shower and get it warm." I got into the shower and watched while she finished then held the shower door open for her. Jess grabbed my cock in one hand and the soap in the other and started washing me.

"I need to get this clean. I want it in my mouth but no poop." She giggled.

What little of my erection I‚??d lost waiting came back as she soaped my cock and stroked me with slick hands. When she was certain she had me clean enough she spun me around. "Rinse." She ordered and she wrapped her arms around me and helped me get the soap off my cock and balls. "Better." And she spun me back around and dropped to her knees and gulped my cock into her throat. She was clearly determined to make me cum again, and I wanted to for her. I held her head as she worked my cock with her mouth and both hands, and she had me ready. She pulled back for just a moment, looked up at me and asked, "Breakfast?" Before she dove back on my cock.

"Yes, I‚??m going to give you some breakfast." I agreed and I started fucking her mouth in time to her strokes. I couldn‚??t hold back for long. I felt the water streaming down my back and Jess‚?? wonderful mouth ministering to my cock, and I watched her face as she concentrated on sucking the cum out of me, and I let it boil. "Oh god, Jess. Yes! Here‚??s your breakfast."

Jess sucked me deeply into her mouth and held me while I fucked her face. I exploded down her throat and she swallowed every drop and milked my cock and balls to make sure she got every bit. When I was sure my knees would buckle if she sucked one more time I pulled her head back off my cock. "Baby, you have to stop or I‚??m going to collapse."

Jess just grinned at me. "Thanks for breakfast. I hope you enjoyed it too."

I lifted her to stand next to me. I gripped her ass cheeks and pulled her tight against me. "Jess, you are the most fantastic fuck ever. I‚??m going to be jealous of Tim, every time he gets to fuck you and I don‚??t."

"How about if I fuck both of you?"

"Together?" I turned her around and started to wash her hair, with my cock resting between the cheeks of her ass.

"Maybe. I‚??d never thought about it, but after last night I think it might be good to try a real cock in both holes."

"What do you think Tim will say?" I rinsed her hair and started washing her back.

"I think he‚??ll say "yes". I may not give him a choice."

"He may make another choice." I turned Jess around and started washing her front.

"I don‚??t think so. He‚??s asked for my ass before and I told him no. If I tell him yes I think he‚??ll share me with you."

"I hope you‚??re right." I soaped her pussy and Jess gasped.

"I‚??m pretty sure. I‚??m also pretty sure that if you don‚??t stop that you‚??re going to have to fuck me again."

I rinsed the soap from her pussy and knelt between her legs. "You think you can get me to do that?" And I licked her pussy lips and sucked on her clit.

Jess gripped my head and pulled my face into her cunt. "Just make me cum again and I‚??ll let you off with a warning." She giggled.

I pushed her back against the wall of the shower and sucked her clit into my mouth. I soaped my fingers and jammed two into her cunt and two into her ass. She bucked her hips and moaned. I concentrated on making her cum, and it didn‚??t take long. She jammed her pussy into my mouth and held my head firmly. I sucked and licked and worked my fingers inside her and she quickly squealed and squirted her cum into my mouth. "Oh god! Oh baby, YES!" Jess jerked her hips and I held her firmly while she squirmed and came.

When she calmed a bit I pulled my head back and grinned up at her. "Am I warned now?"

"I warning you, I may need more of that." Jess laughed. She helped me up and kissed me deeply. "You taste yummy now."

"You‚??re the one who tastes yummy."

"I think you‚??re right." She grabbed the soap and started washing me. "We‚??d better get finished before Trenton finds us in here."

We finished showering and I started to dry her off. Jess jerked back and laughed. "If you touch me like that we‚??ll need another shower and we don‚??t have time."

I stepped close and rubbed my half erect cock across her belly. "How much time do we have?"

"Not enough!" and Jess pushed me away. Get dried and get dressed before I take you up on that."

I just grinned and dried myself while making sure she could keep her eyes on my cock. When I was dry I hung up the towel and grinned at her. "Last chance?"

"Get dressed. Please? I want you but we can‚??t." Jess whined.

"Okay." And I walked into the bedroom and started getting dressed. When I had my clothes on I collected the toys from last night and rebagged them. When all was ready I stuck my head back into the bathroom. Jess was touching up her make-up and hair, but wasn‚??t dressed yet. "God you‚??re beautiful naked." I told her. "I‚??m going downstairs before I try something else this morning."

"Good idea. Thank you. Start some coffee?"

And so ended our second night. Tim would be home in a few days and I wondered what surprises he‚??d get then.

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