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Seeing that Cynthia was looking at him expectantly, he continued.

"I am not always fortunate enough to have delightful ladies such as yourself and June to help me when my submissive side rears its head. I had thought in the past of inviting a professional dominatrix here from time to time, but frankly, the cost was prohibitive and the results disappointing.

Cecille has witnessed the goings on here. She has seen me in both roles. One day when we were talking, ina moment of candor and I mentioned that I wished June would return soon. She surprised me and told me, using that ever so polite British lilted dialect that they speak here, that there was no need ‚?? that she would oblige me whenever I felt the need.

We discussed it, and focused on the fact that she was my trusted and loyal employee and I did not want to lose that relationship. She assured me that that would not be a problem."

"We experimented a bit and true to her word, while she was vicious and sadistic during a session if you will, when it was over she was very much the subservient assistant. She is an expert at switching into and out of that role."

"I‚??ve asked but she has expressed no interest in assuming the submissive role in the bdsm realm. She is perfectly happy being my devoted inn manager and my personal assistant, and, from time to time, my personal whip mistress. And by the way, she is extremely skilled with both the cane and the punishment strap ‚?? I can vouch for that, so if you ever find yourself with that strange craving, unique to us despicable perverts, I think she would be happy to oblige."

June was leaning back in the cushions, her breast still throbbing, getting extremely aroused at the mental image of Robert strung up naked as that delightfully beautiful woman with her ebony skin, her hair pulled into a severe bun, used a heavy leather punishment strap to make him dance and howl. She shared her mental image with Robert, who just smiled. She took a last long drag on her cigar and tilted the cognac glass back, savoring the burning sensation in her throat.

Setting the glass down she turned to Robert. "So tell me kind sir, what does a girl have to do around here to get properly fucked?"

The next day dawned perfectly. It felt so right to wake up next to Robert. She closed her eyes, remembering the incredible sex they had enjoyed. Both had been so highly charged from torturing June, they had practically torn each other‚??s clothes off when they got to the bedroom. It had been one of those magnificent nights ‚?? there was nothing more that could be said.

She let her hand slip under the covers, searching for and finding Roberts cock. She gently rubbed it, then felt it begin to stir. Robert woke and took her in his arms. If there was a heaven on earth it was here, on this wonderful island!!

Venturing forth they realized that they were both famished and had slept later than usual. Entering the cozy dining room they helped themselves to coffee fruit and croissants. Life was good.

As they were sitting there enjoying a leisurely breakfast, Eric and June entered. June didn‚??t say a word at first. She just rushed over to Robert and Cynthia and hugged them both. "ThankYou both for an exquisite evening. I won‚??t forget it" she said smiling.

She and Eric joined them, relaxing and enjoying the tropical air. This was their last day, and everyone concurred that it was time to do the touristy thing. Robert offered them the keys to the Range Rover and they scurried off to gather up things for a day of touring the island.

Robert turned to her and mentioned that he had to take the ferry to the larger island ‚?? it was market day. The boat came up from Dominica with produce that was needed for the kitchen. Normally one of the workers would go, but he had some business there anyway, so he would take the truck. She was welcome to come.

Cynthia thought about it, but upon reflection, decided to spend a quiet day. Robert kissed her and soon she heard the beat up old truck heading down the dirt track. Not long after she heard the doors slam and saw June and Eric heading down the road in the Range Rover. It dawned her that except for what staff remained around, now that most of the guests had gone and the place was fairly empty, she was by herself.

She spent a while sunbathing. The island made it so delightful.The tropical sun was hot, but being up on the side of the mountain, the cooling breeze made it much more tolerable.

Getting a little hungry, she wandered into the dining room to see what was lying around. She settled for some fruit and a few pieces of cheese. Then she set out to explore a little.

Walking the crumbling stone wall she realized how large the place was. As she climbed up a rise she had a better view and realized that what was now the inn had been only one of several buildings, the rest mostly ruins now, but the old foundations clearly visible. From the side of the hill she could see the roadway, what there was of it, snaking down the side of the mountain. If she looked carefully through the trees, she could see the small town below with the long quay and the ferry terminal.

She recalled that this, the smaller of two islands was accessible only by ferry or boat. There was no airport to speak of. Off in the distance she could see the ferry churning its way across the strait ‚?? Robert would be on it. Much later, he would take the same ferry back after he had finished his business and loaded the old truck at the market. She found herself already looking forward to it.

She, June and Eric would be leaving early tomorrow. She had originally been scheduled to leave a few days before, but couldn‚??t bring herself not to extend for the extra days.

God she would miss this place. What a revelation this trip had been. She didn‚??t know how she would handle things back in the city, but she knew things would never, ever be the same for her again.

Wandering around, she found herself, as always ‚?? she stopped fooling herself that it was a coincidence ‚?? back at the slave quarters. She couldn‚??t not walk in. So much had happened so quickly here. She had intended just to walk in and wander around the playroom as she pondered things. She made no noise as her tennis shoes trod soundlessly on the floor. She was blow away by what she saw when she opened the door though.

There on the breeding rack was Cecille. Naked and spread in her glory. She was beautiful. Cynthia‚??s eyes were feverishly shifting from Cecille, naked and splayed, to James standing just behind her, teasing her gaping pussy with his huge black cock.

Back to Cecille. Her position on the rack was no less humiliating and embarrassing than it had been for Cynthia or June. Her legs were spread wide which caused her pussy to gape open. Cynthia noticed how swollen it was from arousal. The outer lips a dark purple contrasting to the pink inner folds. Her breasts hanging down below her, the nipples likewise dark and hard.

Back to James. James was one of the caretakers. Huge ‚?? well over six feet and about 240 lbs ‚?? that was not beer belly. In his hand was the largest, darkest cock Cynthia had ever seen and he was just in the process of stroking the head along the very ready and needing pussy of the woman restrained in the breeding rack.

When he turned suddenly and saw Cynthia there, she realized that had unintentionally intruded upon a very private moment. James jumped back, apologizing, Cecille gasped her "Oh No" but could not move. As James tried to dress himself Cynthia realized what she had done and with a quick "I‚??m so sorry" beat a hasty retreat ‚?? leaving the two, the she realized she had surely destroyed the moment.

Cynthia didn‚??t know what to do or say. She went back to her room as the sun climbed in the sky, then realized she could not hide there forever.

She also realized that it had been hot! She had observed James around the inn. His muscles bulged, and she had caught herself fantasizing about what it would be like to be taken by such a glorious hunk of man.

She also found her mind wandering to what she had seen. The sight was right out of the history of this place. The stunning black slave woman tightly strapped in position so that she could be bred by the stud of her master‚??s choosing. The fact that Robert had not chosen, and probably did not even know about the two, and the fact that the two were obviously lovers, enjoying what they thought was some privacy, only slightly warped her fantasy. It was still awfully hot!!

She left her room, wandering out to the veranda, wondering what she would say to Cecille. Lost in her thoughts, looking out over the flower garden she almost did not hear Cecille step out to join her.

She turned and saw tears in the black woman‚??s eyes. She couldn‚??t help herself ‚?? she went to her and hugged her telling her how sorry she was. "Cecille please forgive me. I had no idea anyone was there ‚?? I was just wandering around. I would never, never intrude on you"!

"It‚??s fine Ms. Cynthia ‚?? I know that you meant no harm. It‚??s just that I am so embarrassed, so ashamed that you saw me like that, on that thing". Please, please don‚??t tell Mr. Robert"

Cynthia was confused. She knew Robert well enough by now. He regarded the people that worked at Sugar Cane as family. Surely he would not object to any affection between tow of them. Cynthia confessed her confusion.

Cecille had returned the hug, and the two women settled on the couch. "It is not that Ms. Cynthia. Mr. Robert is a good man. We are all happy to work here. It is much, much deeper. It has to do I think with my own demons and the history of this place. I was fortunate enough to go to school. I could be a teacher if I chose, but I prefer it here, helping Mr. Robert and taking care of this place."

Cynthia was intrigued but confused. She waited quietly for Cecille to continue.

"Getting off the island and going to school showed me the world out and it also taught me the history of this place and the heritage of my people. Coming back here I am happy, but here, in this place, where my ancestors were once slaves, it is very much a black and white issue. For all I know my great grandmother or grandfather could very well have been conceived on that very contraption upon which you found me."

"I know you‚??ve been there yourself. I know that you understand that it is as much a repulsion as an attraction at the same time. The idea of a proud, independent woman being strapped to that thing and being exposed, bred like an animal is disgusting, degrading and demeaning in every way. At the same time it is erotic and exciting and draws us with a force that we can‚??t resist. But just think, for me the great, great grandchild of slaves that were bred on it, it is an even worse contradiction."

"I loathe it and I crave it. But because my ancestors were the slaves, and Mr. Robert‚??s ancestors were the owners, I could never bear to have him know that. It is a private thing. Can you understand?"

Cynthia found her own eyes moistening as she realized the contradictions running through this woman.. Cecille needed very much to be the strong professional woman for Robert, showing him that she could take charge and run this place despite her ancestry. At the same time, she could no more fight her own needs than could Cynthia.

"Is that why Robert mentioned that you showed no interest in submitting?" Cynthia asked.

Cecille nodded. "Of course. I have not let myself go as you have been fortunate enough to do, but I do know that when I have James tie me there as you saw me, strange but wonderful things start happening. I just could never let Mr. Robert see that."

"Cecille I think you are underestimating Robert. I think you would find him incredibly supportive. In this strange lifestyle we go down a lot of different paths. You and Robert are a good example. He has told me that one of the services you provide is to give him corporal punishment when required. Obviously you have seen him naked and tied, You‚??ve heard him gasp and cry out. Do you love and respect him any less afterward?"

"And just last night you watched as I exposed my breast to you, watched as I lay back in the chair for you to whip it. You watched and heard me scream out. Do you think less of me for it?"

Cecille had to ponder that for a while and finally admit that no, she always regarded Robert as the irrefutable master of the place. Everyone recognized that. And she had known what went on when Robert and Cynthia went to the playroom. There was no shame and she certainly understood ‚?? perhaps even envied Cynthia a bit.

"But it is your decision Cecille" Cynthia continued. I will not say anything to Robert, though if I know Robert, I suspect he already knows or at least has an inkling. I will leave that to you."

Cecille smiled for the first time and started to thank her but Cynthia put her finger to the dark beauty‚??s lips. "Before you go on though there is one, vey, very important thing you need to know though".

As Cecille looked at her expectantly, Cynthia continued. "While I am sorry that I interrupted your time with James and caused you any anxiety about Robert, I am absolutely not sorry that I saw you on the rack. You are beautiful and the way you were presented was so incredibly erotic. I don‚??t think I will ever get that picture out of my mind.

Cecille actually blushed ‚?? her dark face became even darker. Cynthia couldn‚??t help herself ‚?? she leaned forward and kissed Cecille‚??s lips. She was afraid for a moment that she had overstepped herself with this mysterious woman, but her fears dissipated when she felt Cecille‚??s fingers lightly caress her breasts through the fabric of her blouse.

Cecille broke the kiss briefly to hiss to Cynthia "when you come back, I think it is you that I would like to fasten there and use my whip on"

Cynthia moaned as the two embraced. "God yess ‚?? I would love that. I loved it when you whipped my breast last night. I would love you tying me down and whipping me."

"And then" Cecille continued" when I had thoroughly whipped you until you could take no more, I might bring James in to service you. To let you see what it was like for a slave girl to be bred"

Cynthia felt the all too familiar sexual rush at the thought. The idea of being strapped down waiting for that massive black cock to plow into her exposed pussy drove her nuts.

She found herself reaching for and frantically caressing Cecille‚??s breast, opening the blouse so she could savor those large, dark nipples. Cecille helped her, pulled the blouse off her shoulders, releasing the bra. Cynthia couldn‚??t help herself. She knew she wanted to submit to this ebony beauty.

Inevitably she found herself on her knees between the widely spread legs of her new lover. Cecille had hiked her very conservative skirt up around her waist, and had pulled her panties aside. With her fist grabbing the hair at the back of Cynthia‚??s head, she forced the white girl‚??s mouth hard against her pussy. For Cynthia it was a given. She had needed to feast on that pussy ever since she had seen it exposed, gaping open, waiting to be serviced.

Cecille came hard. The frustration from having her time with James interrupted had left her in need. The conversation with Cynthia had made it worse. She found herself bucking violently against the head and face she pushed between her legs. The wonderful sensations and relief flooding through her. Ahh yes, life at Sugar Cane was wonderful!!

Dinner was subdued and somber that night. That‚??s one of the bad things about vacations ‚?? they always end.

Later, June and Eric after a couple of drinks in the little bar retired to their room She found herself, as she knew she would with Robert on the veranda.

As she relaxed in her now familiar chair and savored the cigar, she saw Robert smiling at her. "What‚??s funny" she asked?

"Nothing is funny. I was just enjoying how terribly sexy you look sitting there with a cigar. You know there are men that are both flabbergasted and excited at the idea of a woman smoking a cigar. I‚??m not one of them, but I find you both beautiful and sexy".

Cynthia was used to compliments, but for some reason, this one thrilled her. Here was a man that had introduced her to the inner secrets of herself, who had seen here in every possible humiliating position, but thought she was attractive sitting her enjoying a cigar with him.

"God Robert this has been such an incredible time here. You know of course that I have to return."

Of course you‚??ll return, but to be candid, I had hoped that it might be because of more than just the thrill of dominance and submission. I would really like to see you again and spend more time with you. I want that even without whipping you, which of course I will too."

Cynthia felt a warmth grow through her. Her attraction to Robert had grown ever since the first day when he had taken her on the breeding rack. She had not known whether it was mutual or not. Whether is affection for her, their wonderful nights in his bed were a result of the mutual sexual tension arising from the bdsm games, or if there was something more. She had of course hoped the latter and now it was spelled out for her.

She set her drink down and waited expectantly as she answered.

"Robert it‚??s mutual. The pure erotic lust from our games has made it difficult to sort out and pin down, but I have and I know it‚??s much more than just sex driven by our perversions.

I wish I didn‚??t have to go. I will come back, but I will miss you so much"

Robert set his own snifter down and stood. Taking her hand he pulled her up to him and the two fell into their embrace as if on cue.

"Please take me now" she murmured. "Please take me to your room and make love to me. No handcuffs, or whips, I just need you to take me and make me feel wanted"

Wordlessly they went to his room. Gone was the feverish lust. He undressed her slowly as if it was their first time together. Kissing her skin as he bared it. When she was naked he lay her back on the bed and kissed her body from forehead to feet. As he tried to kiss his way between her spread legs she stopped him. "No not now. Now I need to feel you inside of me. Fuck me now please". And he did and they did.

Later, much later as they lay in each other‚??s arms, they talked about what both had avoided. When it was time, she would leave to return to the city. She would go back to working frantically at the law firm. Instead of the soft tropical breeze and chirping of the birds there would be the thunderous noise of the traffic and the exhaust fumes of countless cars and trucks.

In the meantime he would run his little inn He would do his best to offer a safe place for kindred spirits to come and let their inhibitions retreat for a week or two. They had all become friends, with the occasional neophyte as Cynthia had been.

She was already wondering how soon she would be able to break away again, but even that thought was depressing. No matter when it might be. Next year, in six months, even if in a month or two, it would be for a time, such as this, that would end and she would find herself back there once again, like a rat trapped on the proverbial treadmill.

Almost as if reading her thoughts, Robert interrupted them.

"I know you are strong and independent and have worked hard to get where you are. But at some point love, take stock of life. Be very sure what you‚??re doing and what you‚??re working for is worth it all. Sometimes you find that it‚??s an empty dream."

She thought about it and realized he was right. What was life about in the end? Until now there had been no special man in her life.

Oh sure, some drinks at an upscale club, dancing, a little groping. The inevitable "nightcap at his place or hers. Sex that was ok to take the edge off, but nothing that she would have raved about. Rarely did she follow up. There interest wasn‚??t there.

Then there was work. She was good at it. She enjoyed the challenge and no one could argue with the fact that it made her a ton of money. But for what? So she could return day after day to her lonely condo? It might be in the "right" neighborhood, and it might be decked out with all of the beautiful furniture and technological gadgets anyone could want, but in the end, she was alone.

It scared her and she found herself clutching Robert‚??s body tightly to her own. "Please hold me" she implored.

Breakfast was as subdued as dinner had been. No one wanted to leave. No one could not leave. There was no choice. Jobs and mortgages and obligations beckoned and could not be ignored.

As she quietly packed her bags, Robert came in and told her that James would be taking them to the airport ‚?? he preferred to say his goodbye here. She understood. She stood and again they embraced. "Please don‚??t waste it love" he told her. All those things you‚??re going back to as not as important as they appear to be."

She felt she had to defend herself. "Robert it‚??s not as easy as you think. As much as I would love to be here, to be here with you, I can‚??t just walk away from everything that I‚??ve worked years for,

"You‚??d be surprised at what you can do" replied Robert as he held her, rubbing her back, and letting his hands drift down to possessively cup her ass.

"We‚??ve got some time ‚?? let me tell you a little more about me before you slam the door on possibilities."

He took her hand and sat her on the bed, taking the chair opposite.

"I realize you must think that I‚??m just an uneducated inn keeper who has what he has because it was inherited.

My parents before they were killed in an accident sent me to England to go to school. I actually did fairly well at Cambridge and was reading the law there. Got through the first two years, then my parents were killed in an airplane crash.

I came here to settle affairs. There was a modest inheritance, but not much. It was enough for me to finish my education. But there was a problem. I had been born and raised here. This was home. With no one here, returning to England to finish school, and then serve what you would call an internship in one of the law houses would have meant selling Sugar Cane. That or letting it go to rot, which would have been worse.

I compromised. I finished the last year and got my degree in law, but instead of proceeding to become a barrister or solicitor as we call them in England, I came back here. I couldn‚??t imagine parting with it.

Had I completed my internship I would be as you are now. Employed by one of the law firms, probably in London or another large city. I would have the condo overlooking the river, the nice car, trips to Majorca or the Canary Islands. And Sugar Cane would have been gone.

I turned my back on the high paced life. I used what was left of my inheritance to refurbish this place and make it an upscale bed and breakfast, or inn or whatever it turned out to be.

There are times when I wish I hadn‚??t. When I realize for example that I‚??m barely getting by here, and have no savings for old age. But I‚??ll cross those bridges as I come to them. This is where I‚??m happy"

Cynthia was blown away. This was not something that had come up in their evenings sipping cognac and smoking cigars. That Robert was no bumpkin she had realized right away. He was obviously educated. But that he had graduated from Cambridge University ‚?? with a position on any major law firm a virtual given, she had obviously not known.

She knew that Sugar Cane could not possibly be a big cash source for him. It was small, on an island where even she as a tourist knew that everything was expensive. But she had assumed that he had money and that Sugar Cane was more of a hobby for him. Only now could she understand his commitment to being here. He had set her mind awhirl. But her thoughts were interrupted for now.

It‚??s time for you to go pretty lady. Come. James will get your bags. Don‚??t forget there will always be a place at Sugar Cane and in my heart for you. Don‚??t be gone long."

As she made her way out to the car, June and Eric were getting in one side, she walked around to the other. As James loaded her bags into the back, she looked up and noticed that Cecille had come down from the veranda to stand next to her. They looked into each other‚??s eyes. She was amazed at how they had gotten so attracted to each other in such an incredibly short time. In less than twenty four hours they had gone from meeting for the first time, to Cecille whipping her breast for Robert, to her seeing Cecille on the breeding rack, open and ready for James, to her between Cecille‚??s legs, trying her hardest to pleasure her.

"Please come back soon Ms. Cynthia" Cecille said in a voice that all could hear. But then she stepped closer to her at the back of the far side of the car, the car blocking the view of the others. She embraced Cynthia, and impulsively kissed her, a kiss which Cynthia without any thought returned, her tongue dancing across the other girl‚??s lips. Cecille broke the kiss and looking into Cynthia eyes said with obvious lust in her voice:
"Yes my pretty lady, you will come back, I know it. And when you do I will enjoy taking my strap to you, and when I strap you, I think I will let the strap become very intimate with you here" as she stroked Cynthia‚??s pussy through her clothes.

Knowing that it was foolish to allow herself to become aroused when she was getting ready for a drive to the ferry and then the airport, she nonetheless found herself staring into those dark eyes, enjoying the fingers rubbing her mound through her clothes with promise of far different sensations to come, feeling the now familiar emotions take hold. She closed her eyes momentarily, conjuring up the image of being tied naked and spread as Cecille, dressed in her habitual conservative skirt and white blouse approached with her punishment strap.

"Yes, I will be back Cecille, and I think I will need very much for you to whip my cunt"

With that she turned and got into the Range Rover. The last thing she saw before the thik foliage blocked her view was Robert and Cecille standing on the veranda of the Sugar Cane Plantation.

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