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It is so long! Maybe there is so much of this tentacle inside of her that it is making her look pregnant.

Zoe grunted softly, muted by the appendage that still protruded from her mouth. Then she started to move, reacting to the pleasure provided by the gliding tentacle. It had been inside of her for so long that she barely felt it anymore, but now it was coming alive once again. Zoe had no idea that it was Lauren's doing.

A moment later, only the tip of the appendage remained in Zoe's mouth and her moans became louder with a higher pitch. It seemed that she was reaching an orgasm.

Lauren became worried about the cries of pleasure that resonated across the jungle. They could attract unwanted attention.

"Please Zoe. Don't be so loud. There are dangerous creatures in this place. Margot and Lucia were attacked not too long ago."

But Zoe was not listening. The pleasure of having the long tentacle sliding through her insides was too much to endure and her orgasm exploded forcefully within her loins. Her vaginal and anal muscles clasped the creature's appendages with spastic contractions that made Lauren's job more difficult.

God! She is climaxing so hard! I can barely pull the tentacle out while she is clenching her muscles around it.

Lauren kept pulling until the tentacle vacated her ass with a squelching sound. The creature reacted by removing the other tentacle from Zoe's pussy, and Lauren gasped when she saw a round, iridescent egg popping out of the woman's body.

"Holy crap! Zoe is not pregnant. She is full of this monster's eggs!"

Zoe's orgasm was still going and her blissful contractions were pushing the eggs out of her overcrowded belly. Her dazzled mind couldn't comprehend what was happening, but it felt so freaking good.

Once the tentacles were out, Lauren dragged Zoe away from the slow monster and knelt next to her. She placed a hand on Zoe's bloated belly and imagined all those eggs crammed inside. She couldn't avoid feeling a little excited by this and Lauren blamed the plant-creature. She suspected that there was something in the air affecting everyone's behavior, and she was right.

Zoe was definitely awake now but her mind was under some kind of haze. Lauren hoped that she could at least walk.

Why did Zoe allow this creature to do this to her? This must be the influence of the plant-creature.

Helped by Lauren, Zoe was able to stand up. She mumbled a few words that were difficult to understand because of her groggy state but Lauren was able to make out a few..."sex" and "with me". It was pretty obvious that Zoe was still horny and wanted more sex, which was convenient for Lauren, considering her plans.

First Naomi, then Zoe, the attack on Margot, Vanda and Arthur's shameless display. All this must the caused by the plant-creature. This is getting out of hand. I need to talk to him and Zoe is going to ‚?¶ ups! She dropped one more egg.

" me..m...r" Zoe spoke making no sense.

Lauren was not leading Zoe back to the frigate. She was walking towards the altar of the Entity. She needed to talk to him and ask about his plans. If she was going to help him reach beyond this planet, he couldn't affect the ship's entire crew. That wasn't part of the deal.

Zoe moaned softly right before one more egg slipped out of her pussy and dropped to the ground.

A few minutes later they were approaching the Entity. He knew they were coming and the greenish tentacle was already waving in the air, sensing the surrounding area. Zoe saw this large appendage for the first time and her only reaction was a strong twitch between her legs.

Lauren saw the tentacle as well. This time it seemed more sinister. The plant-creature was no longer an amazing new discovery. His true nature was becoming evident in that he could be dangerous not only to the mission, but also to the entire crew of the Darwin-9. Before making the decision to help him, Lauren needed to clarify his intentions.

The tentacle is out. He is waiting for us. Lauren thought.

Lauren hesitated before using Zoe to communicate with the Entity, but there was no other way. They needed to talk and she didn't know how else to do it. After all, Naomi did it before and she was physically fine. Or at least that was what Lauren wanted to believe.

"Please stand here and don't move," Lauren said to Zoe, as she placed her within the tentacle's reach.

The Entity was happy that Lauren was offering another human female to him. This meant that she was his true ally and everything was going as planned. Or so he thought.

Zoe felt the huge appendage touching her anus and she gasped. Then it began to slowly push forward, stretching her tight passage wider and wider until the fat tip was completely inside of her. The woman opened her eyes wide, then her mouth, but no scream came out, just a grunt of confusion as pleasure and pain mixed in her brain.

He is penetrating her. I hope it doesn't hurt.

Meanwhile, the Entity extruded millions of microscopic filaments from the appendage that merged with Zoe's nervous system and began to take control.

An instant later, Zoe climaxed. Her body stiffened and her eyes rolled back. Those were the only signs of her orgasm because she remained standing motionless like a statue. Zoe was no longer in control of her body, and she didn't care at all. The pleasure was too extreme, too overwhelming to care. This was perfect bliss.

When Lauren saw Zoe's face going slack and her eyes rolling back, her pussy twitched.

God! She climaxed so fast!!

But this wasn't the right time to get aroused. Lauren didn't know how much time the creature needed to assume control of Zoe, but she talked to him anyway.

"Hello. Are you in there? I need to talk to you."

The Entity, still fine-tuning to process of controlling a human's mind, tested the connection by sending a signal to Zoe's brain. She just grunted and moaned. The woman's pussy gushed one more time when she realized that she was being utterly possessed not only in body but also in mind.

The second try was successful and Zoe's voice came out, speaking the Entity's words.

"Hello Lauren. Do you return with an answer? Will you help me reach beyond the black void?"

"I‚?¶ don't know yet. All of my team is behaving very strangely. Is that your doing? Are you causing it?"

"I am welcoming the other humans into the Whole. It is the only way to create diversity. To make new species."

"That was not the deal. You never said that you were going to brainwash everyone."

"Brainwash? I don't know what that means. The other humans are finding bliss, like Naomi. Remember that I gave her to you. It was my gift."

Lauren began to comprehend that this creature saw nothing wrong in turning intelligent beings into mindless husks starved for sex and reproduction.

This was not only a source entertainment for him but it was his mission. He had done it for thousand of years and this was his only truth. Lauren finally understood that this creature was truly dangerous.

There was no way that Lauren could allow this monster anywhere near Earth or any of the human colonies. It would be a monumental disaster. Lauren understood this at the same moment that she saw one of the creature's tentacles dangling between her thighs. Her heart jolted in fear but she did her best to conceal it.

"Do you want me to pleasure you while you make your decision?" the Entity said through Zoe.

"No‚?¶ no, thanks. I have to go back to the ship. Naomi is waiting for me."

"Yes, the beautiful Naomi. You can have Zoe too. It will be my second gift to you. But only if you help me."

"F...fine. I'll help you. I'll come back tomorrow to prepare a plan."

Lauren was so scared that she lied about helping the Entity. She just wanted to get away as quickly as possible.

"I am happy to hear this. You will not regret it. I am already bringing another human into the Whole. She identifies herself as Astrid and she knows a lot about the ship. She will help us."

Lauren lifted her leg over the tentacle and stepped away. She walked calmly as if everything was fine, but her heart was beating out of her chest. She was even leaving Zoe behind.

Shit! He's got Astrid. This is bad!

"Ok, then it is settled. I'll see you both tomorrow," Lauren lied again.

"Yes. Tomorrow." Zoe said.

The creature had captured Astrid. She was one of the pilots of the frigate and he was reading her mind. This meant that sometime soon, the monster was going to be able to get out of the planet with or without Lauren's help. She had to do something and she had to do it quickly.

As soon as she was out of sight, Lauren started running towards the ship, but it didn't take long before she ran into another bizarre scene. Margot was being ravished by a monstrous reptile and she seemed to be enjoying it greatly.

Lucia was sitting totally naked on top of a large flower. She talked to Lauren as if nothing was wrong. Lauren's first instinct was to tell her everything about the plant-creature and the great danger it represented.

"Where are you going in such a hurry? Is something wrong?" Lucia asked.

Lauren was about to speak when, at the last second, she realized that the botanist had a huge appendage up her ass and she was not the one talking. It was the plant-creature using her like a puppet. Lauren justified her briskness using Naomi as an excuse.

"No‚?¶ no. I just can't wait to be with Naomi."

Trying to keep the appearance that everything was alright, Lauren calmly walked closer to Lucia. She said something else to avoid suspicion.

"I told Naomi that I would be back soon."

"It is completely understandable. I know how much you care for her," the Entity said, through Lucia.

"Yes. I love her."

While she talked to the plant-creature, Lauren tried to imagine what was going on inside Lucia's sexy body. If the appendage was as large as the ones on the nearby flowers, then it must be impaling the woman impossibly deep. Lauren's pussy twitched. Her arousal was thriving.

But before leaving, Lauren couldn't resist the temptation of giving Margot's odd lover a closer look. Under other circumstances, Lauren would be scared to death standing so close to such a monster. But with all she had seen so far, she knew that every creature on this planet would rather fuck her than eat her.

And this particular monster was very busy at the moment ravaging the overwhelmed scientist.

This is unbelievable.

Margot didn't seem to mind her situation one bit. She moaned with complete abandon as her lover held her tightly and hammered her pussy without mercy.

From her current position, Lauren couldn't see the size of the monster's cock, but she could see it outlined through Margot's skin as it moved in and out. It was amazing! Lauren's pussy twitched again and this reminded her that she had to keep going.


Considering that the plant-creature had eyes everywhere, Lauren slowed her pace and took a shortcut towards the ship. Less than five minutes later she encountered another orgy. This time there were no scientists involved. Only scouts! If they had fallen under the spell of the plant-creature then there was nobody left to help Lauren. She was running out of options.

Oh God! The scouts too?! The plant-creature is taking control of everyone.

Even Tamara, the only female scout and a proud lesbian, was bending over for a male humanoid. She felt an inescapable need to get pregnant and this was the only way.

Bruce was lying naked on the short grass while a female humanoid bounced on top of him, riding his cock with enthusiasm. Lauren immediately recognized that it was a female because her shapely figure resembled that of an earth woman's body. It was also evident that they were both enjoying each other greatly.

"You are so tight! Keep moving like that!" Bruce said to the sexy alien.

The scouts' helmets and weapons scattered around the area indicated that they had come out dressed in full uniform, most likely searching for someone, but couldn't resist the temptation to mate with these females. Lauren wondered how the plant-creature had been able to influence them even through their protective gear.

Terrell had also found a perfect mate as one of the native females swallowed his entire phallus. It was not an easy task since the size of his cock was way above average. Nonetheless, the voluptuous creature seemed to have no problem taking it all as she smashed her face against his pelvis, trying to get more of it in.

"You are the best cock-sucker ever," Terrel said.

Lauren could see the female's neck contracting and expanding, massaging Terrell's phallus and making him moan with pleasure.

At that moment, Lauren felt a drop of her own vaginal fluids sliding down her inner thigh. She was so aroused that, for a moment, she considered forgetting everything and joining the action.

But Lauren knew that she couldn't do that. Apparently, she was the only one left with enough self-control to stop the creature from using the frigate to escape this world and colonize other human planets. While Lauren did her best to restrain herself, Tamara did the opposite. The fact that she preferred to have sex with other girls was irrelevant given the unavoidable urgency to reproduce. She needed the creature's sperm in her womb and she needed it now.

"You are fucking me so deep. Do it faster!" Tamara yelled.

And her wish came true rather quickly. Tamara felt her lover's cock pulsating once, then twice, and her pussy was suddenly flooded to the brim with hot alien sperm. She tightened her pussy around the jolting phallus trying to keep as much fluid as possible inside of her body, but inevitably some of it gushed between the crevices. She had most likely been impregnated, and if this was the case, she had reached her goal. Maybe now she could spend some time experimenting with those curvaceous female humanoids that wandered all over this area.

"Yes!! Fill me with your cum!"

Realizing that she couldn't spend one more second in this place without the risk of succumbing to her desires, Lauren started to walk away. One of females reached out, asking her to join. It was tempting but Lauren had made a decision and she already had a plan.

I am sorry, pretty thing, but I have to save humanity from your Master. Lauren thought.

"Yes, suck my cock. You are making me cum..." Terrell screamed.

Right after Lauren left the scene, Terrell discharged his load of cum inside the female's throat. This was his first climax of the day and certainly not the last. He intended to mate with all the females of this planet, regardless of how many they were. Bruce felt the same way.

"Did Dr. Kipling just walk by? I wonder why she didn't join us," Bruce asked.

Soon, the fluids exchange with other females would bond with the guys' DNA and they would be part of this never-ending breeding experiment. They were becoming part of the Whole without knowing it.


Back inside the ship, Lauren make a quick stop in the engine room and destroyed the navigation system of the frigate. This ship was not going anywhere without assistance from Earth and that was exactly what Lauren wanted. After that, Lauren hurried up to Naomi's room and briefly explained the situation.

"We need to take the shuttle and get out of here right now!"

Not that Naomi cared about any of this. All she wanted was to have sex and she couldn't understand why Lauren was pulling the worms out of her body.

The small shuttle was not capable of hyper speed but it was fully equipped with long-distance sleeping modules. Lauren's plan was to direct the ship towards the nearest commercial route and hope to be rescued by a cargo frigate or similar. It could take months, but sooner or later somebody would hear the shuttle's emergency beacon.

After that, Lauren was planning to come back with the full force of the army and rescue all her crew mates.


One week later, after spending many sessions of steamy hot sex with her new girlfriend, Lauren decided that it was time to sleep. She helped Naomi into one of the hibernation pods. As usual, the sexy woman was still horny.

"I promise that I won't let them take you away from me when they find us," Laura said reassuringly to Noami.

"Do you want me to lick your pussy?" Naomi asked.

"No sweetie, not now. We will have plenty of time in the future."

Lauren made sure that her friend was deeply asleep before jumping into her own pod. It could be a long time before they woke up again.


But the wait wasn't that long after all. Before she knew it, Lauren was standing in front of the communications console taking to the captain of the large cargo frigate "Britannia".

"The rest of the crew is stranded on the planet "Gliese 948c". We were the only ones able to escape that dangerous creature." Lauren explained.

"You can give a full report once you are on board. We will reach your shuttle in seven hours."

"Yes. Thank you Captain. We'll talk then."

Not even one second after the communication was terminated, Lauren's eyes rolled back in response to the powerful orgasm that washed through her entire body. She felt her fluids gushing from her twitching pussy and her legs trembled rapidly while her feet remained firmly grounded on the cold, metallic floor.

Naomi was in the room with her. Yet Lauren felt a hint of confusion within an ocean of overwhelming bliss. Nothing was touching her sensitive breasts except for the soft fabric of her top. Nothing was touching her pussy except for the cool air of the room.

The reason of her climax was the thick tentacle that penetrated deep into her ass, establishing a direct connection with her nervous system and her brain.

At the same time that it ignited a mind-blowing orgasm within her mind, the Entity was careful not to modify a single cell of the woman's body. She must remain pure and one-hundred-percent human.

When the haziness that clouded Lauren's thoughts started to fade away, she wondered how the hell was she standing in front of the console since she didn't remember walking into the communications room.

Hell, she didn't even remember waking up.

As Lauren tried to understand what was really happening, her orgasm continued for the longest time. Naomi observed with jealousy as the tentacle churned and twisted, penetrating deeper into Lauren's body. Then it pulled back a few centimeters, just to push back in. Lauren moaned in blissful agony. She knew there was something very wrong about this, yet she didn't want it to end.

"I want it inside of me," Naomi said with a hint of desperation.

Lauren screamed loudly when the Entity dislodged the tentacle and freed her mind completely. Naomi wasted no time and reached out to grab the tentacle. She wanted it for herself. She tentacle was part of her. It belonged inside of her body the same way she belonged to him; to her Master.

After being released, Lauren crumbled to the ground. She began to process what just happened. She had talked to the Captain of a cargo ship, but she wasn't in control of her own words. The plant-creature had used her like a tool. They were being rescued! She vaguely remembered saying something about a dangerous creature. But why? Why did the plant-creature tell them about himself? And how did he get on-board the shuttle? Lauren had a million questions cluttering her mind.

"Fuck me. Make me complete again," Naomi pleaded to her Master.

When Lauren gathered her senses, she stared at the plant-creature with incredulity. She had been so careful not to let anything sneak into the shuttle when they boarded. She even scanned every inch of the small ship after departure and there were no signs of life except from Naomi and hers. Yet, there it was. The slimy formation spread across the floor and the squirming tentacle that looked exactly like the one on the planet, only smaller.

"How is this possible?!" Lauren asked to nobody in particular.

The appendage reached between Naomi's legs and penetrated her body. The young scientist moaned softly before her eyes rolled back and her body stiffened. She climaxed the same instant that her mind was taken over by the Entity.

Even though she knew exactly what the tentacle was doing to Naomi, Lauren was startled when the enthralled woman spoke with an emotionless voice.

"Hello again Lauren."

"Y.. you knew. You knew I was escaping with Naomi. How? And how did you get in here?"

"Like I said before. I see everything. I am everywhere. I suspected your plan. In fact, I was counting on it."

"No! This is not over. I will destroy this shuttle before I let you enslave an entire human colony."

"Before you do that, let me tell you how I am here."

While they talked, Lauren looked at Naomi's eyes. Her beloved friend was in the midst of climax and her blissful state was the same as Lauren felt herself moments ago. Lauren's pussy twitched involuntarily.

Lauren was curious and she listened to the Entity as he began to explain:

"When you put Naomi in the hibernation pod, I was already growing inside of her. I placed a small copy of myself in her womb the first day we copulated."

"A few weeks later, when I grew to the right size within her womb, I awoke her. Her mind was empty except for her absolute devotion to me and her willingness to do my bidding."

Lauren imagined Naomi in her pod, looking beautiful with her pregnant belly and her juices dripping from her pussy.

"The connection between us was absolute. I could feel her excitement when she realized that she was carrying me inside of her and we were one. We thought as one."

"She opened the chamber as I implanted her first mission into her mind. Her heart was beating fast and her pussy was twitching. She didn't have to walk far to accomplish it."

"Our first mission was you. I wanted to know you more intimately. I needed to unfold the secrets of your mind and confirm the right steps to reach my goal."

"Naomi told me that time was not an issue. It could take months before someone found us. We observed you sleeping peacefully in your pod. You looked so sexy. So helpless."

"Naomi stepped forward and opened your pod. She removed your underwear, careful not to disturb you. I could see that you were dreaming and I wondered if your dream was about Naomi. About us."

"Still inside of Naomi, I opened my cocoon and projected an extension of myself. A tentacle that traveled through her tight cavity and emerged out into the cool air between her legs."

"Naomi's legs were shivering from the blissful sensation, but I commanded her to stay still. She did."

"Naomi leaned forward as more of myself slid through her pussy lips and extended further out. I squirmed between your legs and found your anal entry."

"You moaned when I touched you and I have to admit that I was just as excited to finally meet you in the most intimate way."

"Then I penetrated you. You twitched and moaned louder when the first few centimeters of my tentacle pushed into your body. It became clear to me that you wanted this. Deep within your mind, you always wished to become part of the Whole and enjoy eternal bliss. But your loyalty to humanity had prevented you from fulfilling your desires. I admire you for that."

"The plans I have for you are not the same as my plans for Naomi. Nonetheless, this didn't prevent us from enjoying each other. You reached an orgasm even before our minds were connected."

"It was all you and it was incredible."

"Eventually, I instructed Naomi to walk into the communications room for the second stage of my new existence. Living inside of her was cozy and sheltering but it was not enough. I needed to grow because it is crucial for what is coming next. But we will get to that."

"Naomi instinctively spread her legs when the contractions started. The connection between us was momentarily interrupted, but that didn't affect her commitment to the task. I came out of her body, stretching her pussy to the limit, and she loved every minute of it. Naomi's subtle orgasm lasted from the first contraction until I was on the floor."

Naomi stared into nothing while she tried to cope with the sensation of emptiness, both in her mind and in her body.

Even so, she felt great comfort knowing that her Master was right there on the ground between her legs. He was not going anywhere and neither was she.

"I had left instructions in Naomi's mind about the next step. I needed to grow and her job was to feed me as she fed herself."

"During the following months, the physical connection between us was restored. Her body reacted to the short pregnancy by producing milk; lots of if. I drank from her while I made her cum over and over. The only times she moved away from me was when she went for food. This small shuttle is fully stocked so there was no shortage there."

"Twenty minutes ago, Naomi and I were reinforcing our bond when the on-board computer detected an incoming message. We had been found. It was time for me to use a new trick I picked up from the brain of one of your crew mates back on my planet."

Naomi's pussy gushed when the Entity communicated her next task directly to her brain. It was so exciting. She would be "Master" for a few minutes.

"Yes‚?¶. I'll get Lauren. Use the key word‚?¶ ummhh." Naomi whispered.

"I used our time together to hypnotize you. Human minds are so easy to manipulate. Naomi only needed to use the keyword to wake you up and you would obey her without question."

Lauren pictured Naomi standing rigidly in front of her, naked, with her arms limp by her sides, saying the right words...

"Our Master needs you. Follow me."

‚?¶ and pictured herself responding like a zombie, "Yes‚?¶. Master. Follow‚?¶."

"You didn't know that you were awake. In a sense, you weren't. You only needed to get close to me so I could penetrate you; Take control of you and use your face and your voice for the humans on the screen; our rescuers. You have become my secret ambassador and will become my vessel."

After hearing the plant-creature's story, Lauren was baffled. Now she knew how she arrived to the communications room. She had been hypnotized! And if he did it before, he could do it again at any moment. And what did he mean by making her a vessel?! A terrible realization dawned on her.

"Oh no!! You are going to pass through quarantine by getting me pregnant, aren't you?! You can't do that! I won't let..."

"As your Master, I will fuck you now," the Entity said, using Naomi's voice.

Lauren couldn't finish her sentence. Hearing the keyword "Master" pulled her under deep hypnosis again.

"Spread your legs for me."

"Yes, Master."

Her last words had been atrociously accurate. The Entity was aware that Naomi would never pass the quarantine stage. Both her body and mind had been changed forever.

On the contrary, Lauren was pure. Not a single cell of her body had been modified. Apart from the deep hypnosis, which could be disguised easily, her mind was normal too. Nobody was going to suspect anything about her.

"You will not remember any of this, except your conversation with the cargo ship Captain."

"Not‚?¶. Remember‚?¶" Lauren repeated.

Lauren's entrancement didn't prevent her from seeing a reddish tentacle emerging from the slimy egg and waving between her legs. A strand of lubrication fluid dripped from her soaked pussy.

As the tentacle slowly penetrated her body, Lauren was dimly aware that she had tried to deceive the plant-creature and she had failed. The fate of humanity was in danger. But she felt so good. Maybe this was the right way to live. Maybe this was true happiness and humanity deserved it.

"You will destroy all the evidence that I was here in this shuttle. You will tell them that Naomi is in shock and her mind is not well."

"Not‚?¶ well...ummgh!" Lauren repeated the words again and then moaned.

"We will talk again soon enough. Good bye my pet."

After a couple of minutes, the Entity ejaculated in her womb. Lauren knew that her impregnated ovule would never be detected by the DNA scanners. She would be insulating and sheltering this monster inside of her womb until it became big enough to take control of her. And after that, take control of everything.

Lauren's eyes rolled back as a powerful orgasm exploded within her overwhelmed brain. Then, her last desire for free will was erased. She was now part of the Whole.

The End.

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