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Jason C. 

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Nic and I had once discussed a 3some with a hot chick he knew over a beer. Nothing had happened, but I knew he was keen.

He asked for a few pics of Cheryl and was very enthusiastic when I sent about 6 pics of her to him. She was a hot sexy Bikini babe and her pics showed her slim athletic body off beautifully.

Nic asked if there was anything off limits with Cheryl. I said I didn‚??t think so but he should ask her. I told him she loved her ass being fucked and came hard from it.

Nic agreed to the meet and gave me a few options including tonight.

I texted copies of his replies to Cheryl. I also texted 3 pics of him showing a 6 foot muscular blonde white guy with tats and nice sized cut cock. She was initially panic stricken, then she got so horny she had to go to the toilet and rub her clit till she came, to relieve herself.

We agreed to meet Nic for a walk down at the beach around 6pm that night. If things went well we might go to the local pub for a drink after meeting.

I arrived at Cheryl‚??s at 5:45pm

She was nervous but had dressed up in a short tight blue floral summer dress and looked super sexy and slim. I kissed her hello and was overwhelmed by the smell of pussy. I slipped my fingers up under her dress. She wasn't wearing any panties and her pussy was so wet both her inner thighs were soaked with her juice. Her clit was rock hard and she started shaking as soon as I touched her clit.

I said "Hey you are so worked up, Its not supposed to be a play night, just a meet and maybe a drink."

Cheryl kissed me and said "Maybe I‚??m just excited to see you. I know I am excited to see you, please come back here afterwards and fuck me. I need that big cock of yours. I‚??m also so excited to meet Nic, his pics are hot. I keep thinking about both your cocks in me at once. I hope he likes me. It would be so nice to fuck you two hot guys and not be worried about bad manners or grumpy boyfriends"

I looked at her trim tight ass with pussy juice running down her inside legs and could not imagine any guy not liking her. Cheryl grabbed a towel and dried her inside legs and pussy lips. We jumped in my car and were at the beach right on 6pm. We walked up a small path to a private viewing point and Nic was there already. The sun was just disappearing below the ocean horizon.

I introduced them. Nic was nervous so I asked him if he thought Cheryl was hot. He was very enthusiastic and said "I can‚??t wait to touch her and kiss her. When can we do it"

Cheryl said "Well how about now"

I started and kissed Cheryl deeply, quickly running my hand up her dress and pulling it up over her nicely rounded butt cheeks. When Nic saw her bare ass in the twilight he moved in and started touching her ass cheeks and she turned and kissed him deeply.

I had my finger in Cheryl‚??s soaking wet pussy and the other on her tit squeezing the nipple. Nic‚??s fingers joined me in Cheryl‚??s pussy so she had 4 fat fingers in her soaking wet cunt. She suddenly stiffened and stopped kissing Nic.

She said, "Ooh Nic I love your fingers in my ass, want your cock there later"

Cheryl‚??s hand was suddenly down my shorts and feeling my rapidly hardening cock. I looked down to see her other hand down Nic‚??s pants stroking his rock hard cock. Cheryl quickly managed to get both our cocks free from our shorts and was stroking our cocks in the open. She was swapping between kissing me and kissing him, both of us getting hot open mouth French kisses from her. The smell of her wet pussy was thick in the air and her juices were flowing over my fingers from her cunt.

Cheryl pulled my hard cock towards her wet pussy and standing on her tip toes managed to get 5 or 6 inches of my cock in her wet pussy alongside Nic‚??s fingers. She pushed back towards Nic and he soon replaced his fingers in her pussy with his rock hard cock. If Cheryl‚??s cunt had not been so wet it never would have allowed the two fat cocks in her. I could feel Nic‚??s rock hard cock rubbing against my cock as we both fucked her tight pussy. I squeezed Cheryl's nipples really hard as she hung on my shoulders and kissed me. Nic grabbed my hips sandwiching Cheryl between us and we both pressed in hard forcing the full length of our cocks into Cheryl‚??s wet tight pussy. She started cuming and her cunt pulsed so hard on our cocks that both Nic and I were cuming in seconds.

Cheryl was cuming for longer than it had taken her to start cuming. As she stopped cuming, Cheryl pulled off our slightly softer cocks and dropped to her knees taking first my cock in her mouth then Nic‚??s.

She said "Oh Nic your cum tastes good, lucky me, two sexy guys with yummy tasting cum"

She had a cock in each of her hands and was pulling them, so both cocks were in her mouth at once.

Nic lifted her head so she stood then pressed her back against a park picnic table. As she laid back on the table he lowered his head to her sloppy seconds wet cunt and started licking her clit. I went to her face and kissed her slutty cum covered lips then shoved my half hard cock into her hungry mouth. She happily sucked me down her throat, as Nic used his tongue on her clit, and pushed two fingers into her ass. Cheryl was cuming again in seconds. We held her on the table for many minutes as I face fucked her and Nic licked every cum drop he could out of her clit and swollen pussy lips".

Cheryl pulled Nic up to her face and I removed my cock. She grabbed both cocks and sucked us each in turn. I moved down the table to her pussy and slid my rock hard cock into her wet cunt. She pulsed as I fucked her. Nic was forcing his cock all the way down her throat and I was turned on to see his big cock stretching her throat as he pushed in.

Cheryl pulled Nic‚??s cock out of her mouth and sat him on the park table. She swung her leg over him and impaled her wet sloppy seconds pussy on his cock, then started pashing him. I lent down and slipped my tongue on her ass hole and as she bounce up and down on Nic‚??s cock I occasionally had my tongue forced onto his balls. It didn‚??t worry me, we were all in this.

I stood and took my big hard cock in hand and tried slipping into her tight cock filled cunt. Her pussy was so tight and pulsing, it was really hard to get my cock in.

Nic pulled his cock out so I could get into her pussy. I said "Thanks Buddy, in now" Nic then pushed his cock along mine till he penetrated her tight cunt and we were both in her pussy fucking her again.

Cheryl went wild and was soon cuming again, kissing Nic and saying "Cum, can taste both your cum on Nic‚??s lips, fuck I‚??ve never been so full of cock, fuck cuming again".

She pulsed so hard and squeezed my cock so strongly with her pulsing pussy that she spat my cock out. I pushed hard to get back in and my cock disappeared into her tight sweet ass.

She screamed as I entered her but then said "Sorry, its great, keep fucking my ass, was just a shock, oh fuck me you studs"

Nic and I got into a rhythm and were both pulling out of her and pushing back in at the same time. I was squeezing her nipples really hard the way I knew she loved it. I could feel her pussy and ass spasming then suddenly she screamed a huge cum out really loud and her cunt squeezed on Nic‚??s cock and her ass clamped down hard on my cock. Suddenly both guys were cuming as well. I pumped every drop of cum I could manage into her sweet pulsing ass hole. I could feel Nic‚??s balls pulsing against my balls as he shot every drop of cum he had into Cheryl's sloppy seconds cunt.

When I pulled my spent cock out of Cheryl's sweet tight ass, I could see it was clean except for some wetness from my cum. Cheryl lifted her pussy off Nic‚??s cock and span around to suck my cock clean. Nic lifted up on his elbow and immediately started licking Cheryl's ass hole and cunt with both our cum loads leaking out. She turned to him and said "That‚??s awesome, god keep going" then returned to deep throating me.

After a few minutes Nic sat up and said "Think I better get going, don‚??t want the ex-wife to think I‚??ll be late picking up my kids"

Nic straightened up his shorts and kissed Cheryl goodbye then awkwardly shook hands with me and wandered off down the path.

When we couldn‚??t see him any more I started to kiss Cheryl again.

Suddenly I heard clapping really close. We broke the kiss and turned to see a slim blonde haired lady standing 3m from us clapping her hands.

We looked at her and she said "Oh I‚??m sorry to interrupt. I have to go past to get to my car. I just wanted to thank you for the show. How fabulously sexy you two are, and that other guy, did you know him"

We both shook our heads in disbelief.

The slim blonde lady walked up to me, my cock still hanging out of my shorts. She stroked my cock with her hand then said "Wow lovely big cock" then kissed me. She then kissed Cheryl on the lips with full open mouth. When Cheryl broke the kiss to breath, the lady sank to her knees and sucked my now hard cock deep into her mouth. She pumped my cock into her mouth for a few strokes then quickly slipped her tongue onto Cheryl's clit. Cheryl gasped with surprise so the lady stood up. She pulled a little card out of her jeans pocket and tucked it in my shirt pocket. She said "Call me when you‚??ve caught your breath" then walked off down the park in the same direction Nic had gone.

I looked at Cheryl and we both shook our heads in shock.

I looked at my watch as we walked back down the path. It was only 6:45pm

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