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All the way back to Qeynos, Falco daydreamed about how he should have stood up to M‚??Tun for his insults. Next time he was really going to tell him off.

He decided to use the front gate because no one needed to be that cautious and it was a lot dryer. He breezed past the guards without a single glance from them. They never even noticed him amongst all those passing into the city.

"Hey" one guard whispered to his partner "that‚??s the exhibitionist that was shtumping Llisanya in the window the other day." The other guard nodded. "Yeah, hard to recognize him with his clothes on" he guffawed. "What do you suppose he was doing out in Antonica?"

"Probably nothing good. If he‚??s hanging out with Llisanya we best mention him in the End-of-Watch Report."


In the harbour area, Falco found a corner where no one could see him and dove into the stream. He swam underwater and had no trouble finding the hole in the wall under the bridge. It was a long swim along the tunnel and he was getting short of breath. When he had gone so far that he knew he would not make it if he had to turn around it suddenly occurred to him that M‚??Tun had played a trick on him and there was no well ahead. He would drown in this tunnel.

To his relief, he did come to a well and swam up as fast as he could. He broke the surface and gasped a big breath in relief.

Before he climbed out he looked around. It was a cavernous cellar without windows. Several torches brightly lit the room. The well was just a hole in the floor. Three women were looking at him curiously but calmly. They were a Gnome, a Half Elf and a Dark Elf.

They were certainly pretty. The auburn-haired Half Elf had exotically comely features suggesting some High Elf ancestry in her. Too bad she was cursed with a flat chest.

The brown-haired Gnome was tiny but her body was well proportioned and she had a very pretty face. For her body size her tits looked proportionately large.

It was the Dark Elf that really caught his eye. He had never even seen a female Teir‚??Dal before this. Did they all look this beautiful? Her high cheekbones emphasized her almond eyes.Her skin was a very dark blue, darker than M‚??Tun by a long sight and so much more exotic. Her long hair was pure white, framing her beautiful face. She would have been tiny were it not for the Gnome standing beside her and making her look tall. He noticed she had big breasts, assuming she was not stuffing. If she was stuffing maybe she should show her Half Elf friend how to do it.

It was the boyish figured Half Elf who spoke. "Climb up and dry yourself off, Wood Elf."

He climbed up but stood there soaked. No one offered him a towel. He dropped his soggy pack on the floor. So much for using the front gate to keep him dry. He had not thought ahead.

"How can we help you, Sir?" asked the Gnome.

"You‚??re in luck" the Half Elf chimed in. "It‚??s a slow day of sales so you have a good choice of stock at good prices."

The beautiful Dark Elf remained silent.

"Thank you" Falco answered the Half Elf, a little haughtily "but I am here to see a fellow named Sprockfuddle on a matter for him only."

At this, the Dark Elf finally spoke. "He is not here, as you may notice. Just us girls. What do you want from him?" she asked curtly.

He ignored the question. "Well, can you tell me when he will be back?"

"In about two weeks..." the Dark Elf answered flatly "...assuming time off for good behaviour. So it will probably be four weeks, knowing him. Angry little asshole." The three found that funny. Those large breasts on the Dark Elf jiggled under her top as she laughed. He liked the sight of them. His penis woke up. The Dark Elf caught him looking at her tits but did not say anything except "I feel sorry for the jailor that has to look after Sprockfuddle."

"Why don‚??t you tell us what you need from Sprockfuddle?" the Gnome suggested. "I am sure we can help you. Maybe a magic scroll spell or a well-made dagger that happened to have fallen off the back of a cart? I am sure we can match Sprocky‚??s prices."

"No" Falco responded tersely. "It is business with Sprockfuddle alone. I need to give him a message." He instantly kicked himself for volunteering that last piece of information.

"Oh" The Dark Elf took on a reassuring tone. "Sprockfuddle is our associate. Any message you may need to pass to him can be given through us. We can get him the message and can be relied on for full discretion."

Falco was dumb enough to actually consider doing this just so he could get this errand done. Once he left them with the message he could go grab a bite and an ale then head back to tell M‚??Tun he was not able to find Sprockfuddle but that he had left the message with these three pretty girls. He did not know them...but they were pretty.

Luckily, the idea sounded stupid even to him. "No. I am afraid I can‚??t do that. It is rather confidential."

"Oh" the Half Elf interjected brightly "this must be regarding his erectile dysfunction again!" All three had a jolly good laugh at the expense of the imprisoned Sprockfuddle. Again, those breasts on the Dark Elf jiggled as she laughed. She saw him look again.

"I am afraid I cannot tell you what it is about" Falco stubbornly persisted, lifting his lecherous eyes from the Teir‚??Dal‚??s chest. He was at a loss how he should proceed. He had done his part, he reasoned. He could not hang around for several weeks for Sprockfuddle to be released from jail, nor could he could waltz into the cells and and tell the jailkeepers "I have a message for a known criminal. Please don‚??t write down what I tell him."

He figured that he had completed his end of the agreement. Sprockfuddle‚??s absence was not his fault and not his concern. He had earned his gold getting to this hideaway and M‚??Tun had no right to consider the deed undone and make him pay it back. He would tell him "Tough luck, Dark Elf, I did my bit. What are you going to do about it?"

Yeah, the three gold coins were rightfully his.

The thought of the three gold reminded him he had some equipment to buy. He took a good look at the Dark Elf. The swell of those breasts under her blouse made him think of those firm tits that were eagerly waiting for him back in Archer‚??s Wood. He tried to see if her nipples were showing through her thin top but saw nothing. He wondered what colour a Dark Elf‚??s nipples were.

"You must be Arabella?" he inquired. "If so, I want to buy some new gear. M‚??Tun told me that you could give me a discount."

At the mention of that name all three suddenly stopped exchanging quips about men‚??s performance problems and looked quite serious. "You know M‚??Tun?" Arabella asked. "In that case, yes, I can give you a discount. M‚??Tun and I have a mutually beneficial relationship...sort of like ‚??I‚??ll-scratch-your-back-and-I‚??ll-scratch-yours."

That broke up the seriousness of all three sales women who laughed uproariously at a joke Falco did not understand.

Arabella became sober soon enough. "What may I sell you, Wood Elf?" She looked at what Falco was wearing and churlishly answered her own question. "I assume you want everything."

What a bitch. He thought how much fun it would be to slap her silly for the insult. The thought of smacking her repeatedly got his semi-hard cock to stiffen fully. While he stood there with his hard-on showing in his trousers he answered "I need a sword and a decent hauberk." He did not say please.

"Hmmm...what funds do you have available?" Arabella asked, a little more diplomatically than her previous comment. She glanced down at his crotch. Her eyes lingered a split second on his prick outlined so exquisitely by his tight leggings. She then looked back up at his handsome face. This Wood Elf was making her horny. She gave the other two the secret signal that told them that this male would be acceptable to her should they be in the mood for a foursome.

"I have three gold." Falco realized he had named an embarrassingly small sum when one was wanting to buy serious fighting equipment. A budget of a mere three gold made him look like a pauper. "I assume I will get a good discount" he added rudely, trying to cover up his financial embarrassment by looking sophisticated. He totally failed.

Arabella switched into saleswoman mode. "Well, for three gold and in consideration of you being a good friend of ‚??Scratchy‚?? M‚??Tun, I can set you up pretty good. As a suggestion, would you consider buying a pretty good bo staff in lieu of a blade? With the resulting savings that you would wisely realize I could get you all armoured up in both a decent chainmail hauberk and decent chainmail leggings..." and here she paused before adding pointedly " decent as your economic situation allows, that is."

While she waited for his answer she stole another glance at Falco‚??s lovely, nice, already ready boner. The other two had not returned the appropriate sign to indicate he suited their tastes as well. Surely they could see that man-throbber plainly sitting there in his trousers. The material was so threadbare she convinced herself she could see he was uncut. She liked her lovers to be uncut.

Falco was unaware of the secret messaging between the females. He was annoyed that Arabella seemed to think little of his three gold but he had no other option but to proceed. "Ok, show me the chainmail."

Pieces of chainmail seemed to appear from nowhere. "Try these on. They suit you. The deceased owner asked me to make sure his stuff went to a man of discerning tastes."


"Uhh...he fell off a ladder while painting his house" Arabella hastily explained. "He died instantly. He lived long enough to sell me his stuff. Anyway, the armour is good quality, try it on" she urged. She pulled and twisted it to demonstrate how tough it was. It would be fun to pull and twist his cock like that, she thought.

As Falco changed the ladies could see his cock and balls clinging to his wet underclothes. His erection had not softened. They gave appreciative whistles and he made sure to stand at an angle so they could get a nice look. He fiddled unnecessarily with the fastenings of the leggings for a few extra seconds before pulling them on so they could continue to admire his hardness. How lovely that they were seeing it and enjoying.

While the other two made obscene comments about his obvious arousal Arabella hungrily stared. Her lips parted slightly but she said nothing. She almost missed the signals from the other two girls to go ahead and jump his bones.

Enjoying the attention his manhood was garnering, Falco had an insane urge to pull his dick out and let them watch him beat off to completion. He was quite proud of how much he shot, notwithstanding his tiny penis, and the thought of all three seeing his sperm fly out of his prick was very arousing. But he kept dressing, reluctantly covering up his fully apparent erection.

The chainmail fit pretty good. He actually liked it. "It looks like it was made for you" the Half Elf enthused. "There‚??s even room for your hard dick."

"And how the mail molds so closely that we can see how it gently curves." the Gnome added admiringly.

Falco concluded that despite being competitors the girls obviously co-operated enough to flatter each other‚??s male customers during a sale. He wasn‚??t fooled by that trick.

"Well, I don‚??t know." He feigned reluctance. "Maybe I should see the bo staff before we think about this. I was told to get a hauberk and sword."

Arabella frowned on hearing that. "Well...Was it M‚??Tun that ordered you to do that?" She looked genuinely troubled by the information. "I am not one to cross M‚??Tun..." She stopped as if genuinely considering the gravity of disobeying M‚??Tun.

With all three suddenly silent at the re-mention of Gol M‚??Tun, Falco realized these ladies were afraid of that Dark Elf. It forced him to admit that all his brave daydreams about standing up to M‚??Tun were just ill-advised fantasies.

While Falco pondered this, Arabella brightened up with an idea to get around M‚??Tun‚??s instructions. "I know, tell M‚??Tun I was all sold out of swords."

"Yeah" giggled the Gnome. "Tell him the truth." The Half Elf laughed and added "there‚??s many a jest in truth, Annie, but one must tailor your customers to your inventory."

Arabella glared at the two of them then resumed her salesmanship. A bo staff materialized in her hand, again as if out of thin air. She held it up for Falco‚??s inspection. "It‚??s near as good as a sword; it just crushes instead of cutting."

Falco looked at it dubiously. He had enough wit to pretend to be hesitant at the offer. "It looks used" he said indifferently.

"It‚??s good ashwood with a nice balance. It was only used once; to knock some sense into a Wood Elf who can‚??t see a good bargain when he‚??s looking at it." The bo staff whacked him with moderate force across his noggin.

The other two females laughed as he staggered back from the blow. He looked at Arabella angrily. "What did you do that for?"

"It‚??s mine, so I‚??ll do what I want with it." she reasoned. "Buy it and you can use it for the same purpose. This bo staff is a dang good buy; you can see it can hurt. The chainmail leggings you can then buy with the savings will give you immeasurably more protection in exchange for just a slight reduction in offensive abilities."

She then added pointedly "unless you want to go get more gold coins from Gol M‚??Tun."

That did not sound like an option. "How about a trade-in on the stuff I am wearing?"

"It‚??s not worth the coal to melt it down. I can throw in a free bo staff lesson for the service of you taking that junk out of my sight and dumping it in the harbour. Here, let‚??s introduce you to the art of bo staff fighting." She tossed the weapon to Falco. "Make a strike right at my head. Hard. Just try to hit me."

Smarting from Arabella‚??s dismissive remark about to his equipment, Falco angrily sent a blow toward her. He assumed the Dark Elf was going to demonstrate for him some deft maneuver to deflect the attack. He never intended to hit her nor figured he could; he was just mad about her insult and wanting to get it out of his system with a good hard swing. It had been a long day of insults.

The staff landed square on her forehead with a loud crack. This raised more laughter from the Gnome and Half Elf.

Arabella winced under the blow. She stood there in shock for a moment.

Falco did not know what to do. Uncertain, he watched while a flow of blood began to drip down Arabella‚??s face from where the blow had landed. He found the fact that he had just hurt a woman arousing. He felt his tumescent penis twitch in his pants.

Arabella calmly raised her hand to her wound and examined her bloody fingers. "You drew blood!" she coldly stated. Her eyes flicked down to his leggings to confirm he was still hard. She looked back up at him with narrowing eyes, anger beginning to simmer. "What did you do that for, you three-legged idiot? You like hurting women, don‚??t you?"

" told me to strike" he defended himself as he stood there. With his bulge still in full view he decided not to dispute the accusation that whacking women got him hard. "I thought you were going to show me some clever defensive tactic."

"Well, no. I wasn‚??t. Why would you think I knew anything about fighting with a bo staff?" She showed him her bloody fingertips. "Look at this! I‚??m bleeding, you...Wood Elf bastard! I never thought you would actually take a swing at me! You were supposed to decline to hit a gentleman...instead of being a dickhead."

"It‚??s not that bad" the Half Elf said. "You bled more last month, Arabella!" She and the Gnome had a good chuckle at Arabella‚??s resulting ire.

"Shut up, Beckah." Arabella glared at the Half Elf then turned back to Falco. She launched herself at him, sharp finger nails raised.

He knew how unreasonable angry women were and what was coming next. He raised the bo staff across his face to protect his eyes as Arabella and her claws landed on him full force. Those long sharp finger nails going for his face turned out to be hands gripping the collar of his as-yet-unpaid-for chainmail hauberk. They fell back onto the floor barely missing the open well with Arabella on top choking him furiously. She was much smaller than Falco but she was pure rage.

Arabella yelled down at him "You abusive misogynist sicko! You hurt me! You LIKED hurting me! You got hard." Then she added loudly as she shook him by the throat "JUST LIKE I WANT, YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH!! NOW HURT ME MORE BEFORE I SCRATCH YOUR EYES OUT!"

She thrust her hips into his, her knees planted on either side of him. She ground her womanhood hard into his pelvis. She felt his hard-on against her clit. "I bet you would love to use that bo staff to really damage me, you bad, bad boy." She rubbed away on top of him.

"Pull out his cock!" Annie urged impatiently. "Let‚??s see how hard you‚??re making him!"

The Gnome hooted as Arabella rolled off him and undid his belt. Falco, totally baffled at how he had earned such attention, realized he shouldn‚??t protest such good fortune. He lay there not intending to resist this unexpected stroke of luck.

Belt undone, Arabella started undoing the leggings he was wearing. "These aren‚??t paid for and hence still mine. I think I will unfasten my leggings, you cruel, evil male!"

She slid her hand inside. She found his penis and curled her fingers around it. "Yeah. It feels nice! You wanna see it, Girls?" She whipped it out. "Look what he‚??s been keeping from us, Girls." She held his erection at the base and waved it around to show the other two. It was really quite pretty with the nice sweeping curve Annie had already remarked on. The knob was a little bigger than the shaft.

"Take a good look! He‚??s ready for us! We better take care of this!" She was pleased he was uncut, just as she had hoped.

He lay there knowing three babes were looking at his cock. He reached down to grab Arabella‚??s wrist and started moving it up and down to get her whacking him off. She squeezed tight and let him vicariously jerk. She liked the feel of her hand running up and down his shaft. The skin of the penis moved with her hand; the penile structure underneath staying in place as her hand and his skin moved up and down along it.

Everyone watched. His foreskin slid up over his knob then slid back off as he moved Arabella‚??s hand faster and faster. A bead of cum appeared on his tip. He arched his pelvis up to give the girls a real jerk off show. Yeah, bitches, watch me fuck Arabella‚??s fist, he thought.

"It‚??s too lovely!" Annie enthused and knelt down beside the pumping Arabella to get a better look and say reproachfully. "Why don‚??t you share that prick, Arabella? You should stop being a hog, you selfish Inky!"

In answer, Arabella grabbed the back of the Gnome‚??s hair. "You wanna share? Then quit complaining and get your ugly face in there if you want it so bad." She pushed the Gnome‚??s head down onto his fuckstick. "Suck him off, you little shrimp!"

Falco lay there while the Gnome blew him. He had two women watching a third suck on his cock. The thought kept him hard as he looked down to see Annie‚??s head bobbing up and down on his bed-weapon. Her little tongue darted out and slid under his foreskin. She circled the head of his cock inside the foreskin four or five times then planted a rapid line of kisses all down his shaft. She had it covered in copious gobs of her saliva by the time the last kiss was planted on his cum laden balls. She sucked one of them into her mouth. Annie‚??s left hand cupped his other ball while she jammed her right hand down her pants and played with herself. Three fingers were buried in her gash and going in and out loudly.

Arabella gripped his head with both hands and held it still. She pressed her lips hard against his own lips. She hungrily sucked his tongue into her mouth and fenced with it. He licked the roof of Arabella‚??s mouth then ran the tip of his tongue along the back of her teeth. He tried to reach her tonsils. Arabella wouldn‚??t let him pull away so he kept kissing and licking.

"Move over Annie and let me have some" Beckah said, kneeling down opposite the Gnome "I shared my boyfriend with you last week, didn‚??t I?"

Annie took her mouth off Falco‚??s testicle and responded "...only because you aren‚??t tight enough and he needed a good fuck for a change." She sucked Falco‚??s ball back into her mouth.

Beckah got mad and pulled Annie off of Falco. At first Annie did not want to let his testicle out of her mouth. His bag stretched out painfully far before his big round ball came of of her mouth with a loud ‚??pop‚??. As it fell down onto his thigh a cat fight broke out between Annie and Beckah. They started scratching at each other furiously with Beckah on top of Annie.

Arabella ignored them, finding herself in sole possession of a hard male. She pulled Falco‚??s leggings off. His underleggings came off with them.

Falco watched the other two trying to punch each other while Arabella stripped him. Beckah had a heck of a scratch on her cheek. She pushed her palm into Annie‚??s face and held her down on the floor, straddling her while blood ran down her face and dropped from her chin. He had never seen two women fight before. He almost shot his load.

Arabella had him naked below the waist. She lay beside him pushing her own leggings down to her ankles. She pulled one foot out then used the other foot to launch her leggings across the room, leaving her equally bottomless. Her snow white pubic hair contrasted beautifully with her dark blue skin. She parted her indigo thighs for him to see how invitingly pink she was inside. His eyes widened at the view she willingly presented. "You want in here?" she asked.

She got on top of him. "Show me how your can fuck a Dark Elf." she demanded but did not yet insert him into her. First, she pulled her top off to show him her big, unusual tits. She seemed to want to show them.

She had not been stuffing. Released from the restraint of her top her breasts thrust out an incredible distance from her chest. She sat there smiling and letting him admire the cantilever jutters that stuck out without a hint of sag. Falco thought here was no way those hooters could resist gravity like that; surely she must be using some magic spell to get them to stick out as far and as high as they did.

Her large puffy nipples were purple. She leaned forward and stuck the left one into his mouth. He happily sucked on it and felt the nipple becoming erect as a reward for his efforts. He tasted a fluid squirting into his mouth and he realized she was squirting milk. Warm milk. Dark Elf milk.

It tasted a little like butter milk and burnt his tongue as if slightly acidic. "I need my mammary glands empty" she whispered. "They‚??ve been uncomfortably full all day waiting for a man to suckle me." She cradled his head close to her bosom and enjoyed the incredible feeling of her breast pumping milk into her lover‚??s mouth. Her mammaries already felt better. "Feed from me like a hungry child" she breathed contentedly into his ear and kissed his forehead.

Beckah and Annie forgot about their differences and came over to encourage Arabella to keep nursing. Beckah aimed Arabella‚??s unused breast at Falco and squeezed milk all over his face. It sprayed out of Arabella‚??s teat from a dozen different pores, thin, tiny streams of milk shining in the candlelight and landing all over him. They giggled when they saw how it stung his eyes.

"I wish I had some for you." Beckah told him wistfully, aching to know what it was like to nourish a man.

When her breasts were sufficiently lightened Arabella announced to Falco "it‚??s time for intercourse, you sadist! Fuck me so it hurts." She raised her hips and brought them down on his erection. Her inside flesh felt so good as it slid over Falco‚??s cock and took him to the hilt. "We‚??ll call this your discount, you nasty lad!"

Arabella was fucking fast. Her tits were lifting and falling wildly as she worked away. "Do you like my baby-feeders?" she asked. They swung around crazily on her chest as she shook her shoulders rapidly. Drops of milk were falling from her nipples and flying off in different directions as those long boobs wobbled about. Falco got off seeing them drip nonstop.

For some stupid reason, Falco thought about What‚??ser-name standing naked by the moat. He knew she was now waiting for him back in Archer‚??s Wood, no doubt needing his cock as soon as he got back. He thought maybe he should save some of himself for her.

The brief thought of guilt he had about that was swept away by the fact that it was her fault he was screwing some other girl. She should have fucked him by the moat instead of marching off impatiently, leaving him unsatisfied. It served her right. He got a little angry at the memory of her lack of consideration for his needs that morning and suddenly was glad he was cheating on her. He should boast to her how he had fucked Arabella. He would tell her he only did Arabella because she was not servicing him. Yeah, fuck her. He could get any girl he wanted. She deserved to have to wait her turn, the way she had treated him.

As Arabella worked on top of him, he watched the other two girls strip down to be as naked as Arabella.

Beckah‚??s flat chest was not unattractive. Nude, she looked even more boyish with those narrow hips and fried eggs. Falco had heard there were men who used magical spells to change to a woman. He wondered if Beckah was one of those, if they really existed. He did not care; he could see she had a vadge. It was fully shaved.

Arabella got off him before he finished. Beckah got on top of him. Her bald snatch certainly felt natural. Despite Annie‚??s earlier insult she was enjoyably snug. She came amazingly quickly and rolled off him, also without allowing him to cum. His turgid cock flopped out of her cunt and slapped down onto his abdomen.

Last to take her turn on Falco was Annie. The Gnome had to really force him into her little slit. For the first time in his life he knew what it was like to be too big for his sex partner. It was an ego trip to watch her on top of him, struggling to push his size in amongst the curls of mousy brown pubic hair. When she finally got it in and drove it deep he could make out the actual outline of his penis buried far inside her, moving and pushing her tummy out with every thrust.

It only confirmed how much he wanted one of those magical cock growing charms. Next time he fucked Cadwarra, he wanted his prick to be big enough to make her flat tummy move and bulge like that. What a thrill it would be to see the outline of his cock moving inside her the way it was moving inside Annie.

During all the fun a Human customer surfaced in the well. She took one look at what was happening, rolled her eyes and protested "Not again! How do you girls ever make any money?" She popped her head back down into the well and disappeared. The last any saw of her were her feet angrily kicking as she swam away, purchase unmade.

"She thought she was too good to join us." Arabella commented.

"Stuck up bitch." Beckah agreed.

"I did not want to share, anyway." Annie panted as she orgasmed on top of Falco. She got off of him. His hard cock shone with the juices of the three girls as it flopped out and lay there on his stomach. Beckah marvelled at how impossibly long it looked coming out of Annie‚??s tiny pelvis.

They played rock, paper, see who got to swallow his cum. They did not even ask him where he wanted his load to go. They acted like he was not even there.

Arabella won.

He obligingly stood back and aimed at Arabella‚??s perfect face. Because Whats‚??er-name hadn‚??t let him fuck her that morning he had plenty of slut-food to shoot. It blasted out of him in long jets to land all over the Dark Elf. Arabella giggled at how much landed on her and how more kept coming.

"Oh, my!" Beckah exclaimed. "Look at that stuff fly! Don‚??t you ever run out?"

Maybe half of it got into Arabella‚??s hungry mouth. Of the rest, several huge spurts fell across her temples, white cum glistening on dark blue skin. Some soaked into her hair. A line fell across those fantastically thrusting breasts.

Beckah licked up the stuff that lay on Arabella‚??s forehead. Annie cleaned off her breast.

"You taste yummy." Annie informed him.


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