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She broke up many couples in high school with her foolishness. By the time she graduated Lexie and Cody were the school joke.", Tessa stated.

"I believe they are still together but still off and on.", I replied.

"That does not surprise me. Lexie actually stole my boyfriend from me her senior year. We had dated from the eighth grade on, but he fell for it. They dated about a month or so then she dumped him. He tried to come back but my parents made sure I understood that I should choose a man that put me above all others and never lie to me.", she stated.

"Sounds like good advice.", I replied.

Then Tessa began to tell me her life story and what had led her to this point in life. She was an only child of successful parents who pushed her to be the very best. Tessa‚??s father was the administrator of Methodist Memorial and her mother a banker. Tessa spent a lot of summers in the hospital growing up and was always drawn to the pediatric wing. So, when the time came, she went to college and medical school to become a pediatric surgeon. Tessa had accomplished quite a lot being she just turned twenty-nine years of age. She admitted that she loved her career and couldn‚??t see herself doing anything else. The hours were long and brutal, but the rewards were dealing with the little children.

Tessa admitted that her parents were very overprotective but a lot of that came with being an only child. Tessa admitted that the few boys she had brought home after her first boyfriend did not fare well with her father. She admitted he was an excellent administrator and could spot bullshit a mile away.

The rest of the meal went smoothly and after spending a few hours with Tessa, I felt very comfortable. She was beautiful, intelligent and told you exactly what she thought. I felt that she probably took charge in a relationship but being a surgeon I‚??m sure she had to be to make critical decisions fast. We left the restaurant around nine o‚??clock and she suggested we go to a coffee shop close to her condo.

We stayed at Starbucks for close to an hour and a half talking about the past. By the time we left we pretty much had caught up on each other‚??s past. I drove back to Tessa‚??s condo and walked her up the stairs. She turned and faced me with a huge smile on her face.

"Chris, you‚??re a good guy and I really enjoyed tonight. You‚??re very easy to talk to and very attentive as well. You‚??re a rare breed in today‚??s world.", she stated.

"Thank you, Tessa, I enjoyed tonight as well.", I replied.

"Look, my parents cook lunch every Sunday and the immediate family all get together. I would like you to join me tomorrow, but I understand if you can‚??t.", she said softly.

"Oh, I guess I could‚?¶‚?¶... are you sure your family would be ok with that?", I asked.

"My parents know about you and how you have helped me over the last few months. But no, they won‚??t mind.", she answered.

"Ok then, I‚??ll pick you tomorrow at what time?", I inquired.

"Eleven thirty.", she answered.

"I‚??ll be here.", I replied.

Tessa took one step forward and lean up to kiss me. She gently pressed her lips against mine for a very soft moist kiss. It did not last long but I could have sworn I felt the tip of her tongue briefly. She stepped back and opened the door and went in.

I drove straight home and took a shower then jumped into bed. I laid there thinking about Tessa kissing me and what it meant. Up until that moment she had given me no clue that she might be interested in a relationship.

I slept late the next morning which was unusual for me. Since it was already after nine o‚??clock in the morning, I decided not to go to the gym and work out. I called Amber and made sure everything was ok and told her I probably wouldn‚??t be in today.

Something around ten-thirty, Tessa sent me a text telling me to bring a bathing suit in case I wanted to swim in the pool. I left my house around ten after eleven and drove over to Tessa‚??s condo. She was waiting for me and came down immediately. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a white tank top. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and had white sneakers on. I opened the passenger door and Tessa slid into the seat.

We drove across town to the Colonial Trace gated subdivision. This was an exclusive gated community which had homes well worth over one million dollars. Tessa had mentioned that her father was the hospital administrator and her mother a bank vice-president.

Tessa guided me through the subdivision until we pulled up in front of a huge two-story home on a large lot. There were several cars in the driveway, so I parked in front on the home on the street. I walked around and let Tessa out and followed her up the walkway to the front door. She opened the door and I followed her in and down a long hallway that opened up to a huge family room. It was obvious that Tessa‚??s parents made good living. There were three men and one woman in the room sitting on the two sectional sofas. As soon as I entered the room everyone became extremely quiet which was always made me feel a little unsure. Tessa grabbed my hand and led me around the sofa up to a man that had just gotten up.

"Dad, I would like for you to meet Chris Williams, my trainer. Chris this is my dad, Bill Williamson.", Tessa stated.

"Nice to meet you, sir.", I said shaking his hand.

"My pleasure son‚?¶‚?¶. Tessa you weren‚??t lying when you said he was big.", Bill laughed.

She then introduced to her uncle and grandparents that were also seated on the sofa. Tessa then grabbed my hand and led me to the kitchen where an attractive lady was cooking over the stove.

"Hey mom, this is Chris Williams. Chris, this is my mom, Beth Williamson.", Tessa said.

"Nice to meet you ma‚??am.", I replied softly shaking her hand.

"Chris, I‚??m going to help my mom before the rest get here. You can go back in the den and hang out if you don‚??t mind.", Tessa instructed me.

I walked back into the den and around one of the sofa‚??s and sat down on one of the ends. If Tessa‚??s dad was as protective as she claimed the questions had to start soon. Sure enough, he was right on cue.

"So Chris, how did you meet Tessa?", he asked, right away.

"She actually came into my gym and asked me to train her in a one-on-one situation.", I replied.

"Your gym?", he shot back.

"Yes sir, I bought it about a year or so ago.", I answered.

"I see‚?¶‚?¶. Well, you must be good at what you do. The results you had with Tessa are amazing.", he stated.

"Not really sir. Tessa put in the hard work‚?¶‚?¶... she is really motivated.", I replied.

"Tessa never mentioned that the two of you are seeing each other.", he said, definitely prying.

"Oh, ‚?¶‚?¶... I don‚??t think we are seeing each other sir. She took me to dinner last night as a thank you for helping her train. Then she asked me to join her here today. But we have never really been out on a date.", I responded.

"Dad, tell him please.", Bill laughed.

"Son, when a girl brings you home to meet her family she is interested.", the older man said.

I just sat and listened to the conversation for a while then several more guests arrived. They were either aunts or uncles of Tessa and I was introduced to everyone. The problem I have always had being introduced to new people is my size. I was comfortable in the gym it was my environment. But at gatherings like this I always felt somewhat uneasy.

Thankfully Tessa and her mother invited everyone to the glass sunroom which was huge. The food was brought out and Tessa showed me where to sit. I sat down where Tessa showed me and soon realized I was between her and her mother which surprised me.

The meal was grilled pork chops, mashed potatoes and three different vegetables. Tessa fixed me a plate and poured me a glass of iced tea. Tessa‚??s mom Beth came around the table and sat down next to me.

"Tessa, thank you for sitting the best-looking man at the table next to me.", Beth laughed.

"Mom‚?¶‚?¶...", Tessa protested.

"Uh honey‚?¶‚?¶... you do know I right here, right?", Bill Williamson said in a dry tone.

"I know exactly where you are dear.", she quickly shot back causing everyone at the table to laugh.

Tessa‚??s mom was a very good cook and the meal was excellent. As people were finishing up with the meal the conversation eventually became about me.

"So Chris, what family do you have here.", Bill asked.

"No one sir.", I answered.

"Where is your family?‚??‚??, he asked.

"My father died when I was almost seven years old. Then my mother was killed a few years back for no reason really. I‚??m an only child so no brothers or sisters. I have one aunt that lives in another state.", I explained.

"Oh Chris, I‚??m so sorry.", Beth remarked.

"It‚??s ok, you didn‚??t know.", I replied.

"Wait, so that was your mother that was killed at the convenience store a while back?", Bill asked.

"Yes sir.", I replied.

"Who did it?", he asked.

"Some people who bullied me through high school. They came across my mother at the store and started messing with her. Josh Klein tried to grab her, she slipped and fell hitting her head on the dumpster. She died almost immediately. Most of them got probation, but Klein for four years but was out in twenty-three months.", I answered.

"Must have been hard on you.", Bill replied.

"Yes sir. In fact, it still is.", I responded.

Thankfully the conversation changed and the issue dropped for the time being. Everyone finished up and Tessa, Beth and one of the aunts cleaned everything up. I was sitting at the table with Tessa‚??s father and grandfather when Tessa came back in the room.

"Hey Chris, you want to go swimming?", she asked.

"I don‚??t know‚?¶‚?¶. Do I ?", I asked.

"Yea, I‚??m sure you do.", Tessa giggled.

I got up and went out to my car and got my swim trunks then changed in the bathroom. I went back out and sat back down at the table. Several minutes later, Tessa appeared in a red bikini with a red lace coverup. I followed her out of the door and around the pool to the lounge chairs where she removed her coverup. I took my t-shirt off and followed her to the entry stairs to the pool. Tessa‚??s thighs were incredible and her ass was spectacular. Her body fat was incredibly low probably below twenty percent. Tessa had a tiny waist, flat stomach and incredible hips. Everyone in the sunroom was apparently watching her as she entered the pool.

We swam around for a while then took a seat on one of the benches carved into the side of the pool. Tessa seemed extremely happy and I was simply awestruck of her beauty. About an hour later we both got out of the pool and got dressed. By that time, everyone had left and we were alone with Tessa‚??s parents. It was sometime before six when Tessa got a call from the hospital. Apparently, a small child had been involved in a car accident and was in critical condition. We left right away and I dropped Tessa off at her condo and went home.

I had just gotten into bed when Tessa called and said the child was out of surgery, but she was in serious condition. The child and her parents were hit head on by a drunk driver. The parents died instantly and the grandmother was in critical condition. The child had both legs broken, a fractured arm and a broken wrist. She also had fractured ribs and a slight laceration to the spleen. The child was in ICU and Tessa would remain all night monitoring the child along with several other doctors.

I woke up the next morning and went to the gym early and got my work out in. I showered and changed and then called Tessa at about eight thirty. She informed me that the grandmother had died over the night, but the baby was doing slightly better but still in critical condition. Tessa had been sitting with her the entire night. She informed me that she was going home and get some sleep then return early afternoon. She told me she would catch up with me later in the day.

I left the gym about five o‚??clock that evening and went straight home. I had just gotten out of the shower and sat down on the sofa turning on the television. My cell phone rang and I picked it up to see it was Tessa.

"Hey Chris, would you mind if I came by for a little while. I need someone to talk to. It been a rough two days.", she said, his voice shaking.

"Sure Tessa, come on over.", I replied.

Tessa showed up about thirty minutes later looking extremely tired. She had a purse and a large tote bag with her. She set everything down in front of the sofa and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek sitting down next to me.

"You look tired.", I said.

"I am‚?¶‚?¶. I wanted to stay but Dr. Stein sent me home. He told me if I was needed, they would call me.", she replied.

"You need to rest‚?¶‚?¶... take a nap. I can come get you if your phone rings.", I offered.

"Can I take a shower first?", she asked.

"Sure, let me show you to the back bathroom.", I replied.

Tessa followed me to the master bedroom and I showed her where the bathroom was and the lined closet. I left her alone and closed the bedroom door behind me. I went back to the sofa and sat back down and started looking through the cable guide. Tessa was in the shower for close to thirty minutes before I heard bare feet coming down the hall. She walked around the sofa and just about floored me. She had on a white silk t-shirt looking garment that barely covered the white laced boy shorts she had on. I guess she noticed the look on my face when she sat down next to me.

"You don‚??t mind me dressed like this do you?", she asked.

"No, whatever you‚??re comfortable with Tessa.", I answered, looking away.

"Tim, can I ask you a personal question?", she responded.

"Of course, you can.", I stated, turning off the television.

"I don‚??t want you to take this the wrong way but when I look into your eyes, I see nothing but sadness. You‚??re a great looking guy who has so much to offer a woman, I just don‚??t get it. I don‚??t think I have ever been around a man like you before.", she said softly.

"Well, I uh‚?¶‚?¶. I don‚??t think of myself as really sad. After what I have been through in my life, I feel certain things are unattainable for me.", I answered.

"What is unattainable? You have an incredible body; you‚??re a great fighter and you own your own business. What more do you need to attain?", she asked.

"I don‚??t think I was meant to find love for one thing.", I replied.

"Chris, you can‚??t let one failed relationship dictate the rest of your life.", Tessa urged.

"Tessa, it‚??s not that easy. First, I lost my mother who was the biggest love of my life to senseless nonsense. Then I fell for my next-door neighbor‚??s daughter Cassie. I thought we were a great couple then she goes to school and finds someone else. Then of course, you know about Lexie. I just think at this point, it has to be something I‚??m doing wrong.", I advised her.

"Why do you feel that way‚?¶‚?¶‚?¶ why is it you?", she asked, confused.

"I don‚??t know Tessa‚?¶‚?¶ it‚??s hard to explain. I guess I don‚??t want to make the same mistake again. I‚??m not sure I could handle that misery and heartache again. I can‚??t break again because it‚??s so damn hard to pick up the pieces. So, I go through every day with a smile and a few laughs to get by. I don‚??t ever think my heart will break again because it‚??s not whole to begin with. I guess I find it hard to trust anyone especially myself.", I responded.

"I had no idea that you have been hurt this bad. I understand losing your mother. But you can‚??t let Cassie and Lexie take the rest of your life.", she urged.

"Is that a medical evaluation?", I asked, smiling at her.

"Those are direct doctor‚??s orders.", she giggled.

"Are you going to write me a pre***********ion?", I asked.

Tessa stood up and walked in front of me facing me. I got a full view of her incredible body just inches from me. She extended to hand to me with a soft smile on her face.

"I think you need to go to bed immediately.", she said softly.

"Are you saying what I think you‚??re saying?", I asked.

"Follow me, please.", she stated.

I got up and she led me down the hall to the master bedroom. She led me over to the king-sized bed then released my hand. She pulled back the bedding and folded it carefully. She then motioned for me to get in the bed. I did so quickly but made sure I left enough room for her to get beside me. Tessa did not hesitate as she laid on the mattress next to me. She put her right arm over me and stared deep into my eyes.

"Tessa, are you sure this is what you want?", I asked.

"Uh huh‚?¶‚?¶", she whispered.

"Tessa, I don‚??t want to start something we don‚??t finish. This can wait as far as I‚??m concerned.", I advised.

"So, you‚??re not interested?", Tessa sighed.

"I did not say that‚?¶‚?¶. You‚??re gorgeous, smart and incredibly funny to be around. I would be crazy not to be interested.", I replied.

"That‚??s what I was hoping to hear.", she smiled.

Tessa‚??s right hand slid down my chest and rest on my left inner thigh. Tessa inched her fingertips toward my cock all the while staring into my eyes. I was already beginning to get hard when I felt her fingertips brush against the head of my cock. She softly and slowly brushed up and down the length of my cock, her eyes riveted to mine. I lowered my left hand down her body until I reached her silk covered pussy. I used my fingertips in much the same way Tessa was using hers. I could see in her eyes the pleasure she was feeling from my touch.

Tessa leaned forward and few inches and softly placed her lips on mine. An instance later, I felt the tip of tongue softly pressing against my lips. I opened my mouth slightly as she slowly inched her tongue inside of my mouth. I lifted my hand slightly to the front of her shorts and slid my fingers inside the elastic waistband. Slowly my hand moved down until I felt a fine patch of silky fine pubic hair. An inch or so further my fingertip found her wet entrance. As I slowly pushed a finger inside of her, she moaned her approval into my mouth. She pulled her lips from mine and opened her eyes.

"That feels so good‚?¶‚?¶", she whispered, licking her bottom lip.

Tessa followed suit quickly putting her hand inside my shorts and wrapping it around my hard cock. Her hand was so warm and soft that it sent a shock of electricity up my spine. I could see by the look on her face she saw me shiver for a second. I moved down her body slowly pushing her underwear down her strong thighs. I moved between her legs and leaned in softly touching her very wet pussy with my tongue.

"Oh god‚?¶‚?¶‚?¶‚?¶‚?¶...", she moaned, arching her back slightly.

I began to slowly explore her very tight and wet pussy with my tongue while tracing the lips with my fingertips. I slowly pushed my tongue inside her and back out licking her swollen clit several times. I took my right hand and placed it on her left thigh gently squeezing the firm muscle.

Tessa‚??s breathing had already become erratic, and I knew she was rapidly approaching an orgasm. I moved up slightly and started to use my tongue on her sensitive clit. By now there was no turning back and she reached down with both hands holding my head against her wet opening. Several more rotations with my tongue and she lost all control.

"Oh god‚?¶‚?¶‚?¶ I‚??m cumming.", she moaned clutching the back of my head tightly.

Tessa‚??s pussy secretions became thicker and tasted slightly sweet on my tongue. I devoured her orgasm and swallowed as much as I could as she bucked and squirmed on my lips. It took her maybe half a minute to recover and at that point I was just licking her lips slowly as she released the grip on my head.

"Ok, no one has ever made me cum like that.", she panted.

"Really‚?¶‚?¶... that‚??s a shame.", I replied, then flicking her clit with the end of my tongue.

"God damn right it‚??s a shame‚?¶‚?¶‚?¶.", she giggled.

I moved up her body and put my lips on hers sliding my tongue into her eager mouth. We kissed for over a minute before she rolled me on my back and straddled me. She pushed my shorts down slightly reaching for my cock. She lifted up slightly and guided me into her wet opening. She was extremely tight and very wet. She lowered herself on me slowly once again looking deep into my eyes. It took a few seconds for her to get comfortable, but she finally leaned over and stopped inches from my face.

"How does it feel to be inside of me?‚??, she whispered, licking my lower lip.

"Amazing Tessa‚?¶‚?¶... you‚??re so tight and wet. I‚??m not sure how long I can last.", I warned.

"It‚??s ok, cum whenever you like. I‚??m on birth control so don‚??t worry about cumming inside me.", she said, kissing me quickly.

She began to move slowly on me rocking her hips in a very gentle back and forth motion. Once again, her eyes were locked to mine. Tessa had a way of making you feel like she was connected with you. It was almost like she could see what you were thinking by looking into your eyes.

I reached up and placed my hands on her hips moving with the rhythmic motion of her body. I could see her face, neck and upper shoulders turn pink signaling she was approaching a second orgasm. She leaned down, once again only inches from my face.

"Chris, I have never felt like this before. God, you feel so good inside me‚?¶‚?¶... I can‚??t get enough of you.", she whispered.

"Good, because I haven‚??t even started yet.", I suggested.

That simple sentence pushed Tessa over the top and for the second time in a short period of time her body began to convulse. The sight of Tessa above me shaking uncontrollably as intense pleasure wracked her body was quite the visual sight. She finally relaxed and fell to the mattress next to me. I immediately lowered myself between her legs and placed my mouth on her swollen clit.

"Oh, my fucking god, Chris. Are you trying to kill me?", she giggled.

"I don‚??t think anyone ever died from excessive orgasm but maybe I‚??m wrong.", I replied quickly, returning my mouth to her wet pussy.

After several minutes of tongue bathing her pussy, I had her squirming again under me. She reached down and began to softly run her hands through my hair. I slowly slipped my finger inside of her as I lick her clit softly. Once again, I could tell she was on her way to another orgasm.

"Chris, I can‚??t believe you‚??re going to make me cum again. Stop for a second baby and come up here.", she whispered.

I got up and crawled up the mattress to her right side and leaned over her. I leaned down and kissed her softly pulling her into my arms. She responded passionately and soon had her tongue in my mouth. We kissed for quite a while then she finally broke away.

"Now it‚??s your turn‚?¶..she said softly, moving down the bed.

She turned her body around and leaned over me taking my hard cock in her hand. She began to stroke me up and down slowly all the while staring at my cock. She then leaned in and extended her tongue running it all over the head of my dick. The feeling was amazing because her touch with both her hands and tongue was extremely soft and gentle. There was no urgency in her demeanor instead there was a calm patience.

She then took me into her warm mouth using her tongue swirling around my shaft. She lowered her soft hand and gently took my balls in her palm softly rubbing her thumb on them. It had been a long time since I had been in a woman‚??s mouth and I just couldn‚??t hold it back any longer.

"Fuck Tessa, I‚??m going to cum‚?¶‚?¶...", I warned.

Instead of pulling her mouth off she softly began jerking me off into her mouth. She lifted her head slightly so that only the head of my cock was in her mouth. Tessa moaned as the first jet of cum hit the roof of her mouth. After several spurts she opened her lips slightly and let my cum fall from her lips and run down my pulsating shaft. Tessa did not let up and started to eagerly suck the cum out of my shaft using her hand in a rapid up and down motion. Tessa stayed on my cock until it softened in her warm mouth and fell limp on my thigh.

Tessa moved up towards me her lips coated with my cum, a warm smile on her face. She leaned in slightly and rested her head on my shoulder. I reached down between her legs and began to gently stroke her clit in small circles. She responded immediately by gently kissing my neck up and down. After a minute or so, I knew I could make her cum again. I started moving my hand faster across her clit as I felt it grow harder. I leaned in and looked her in the eyes then pressed my lips to hers. I could see her eyes widened knowing that I could taste my cum on her lips. She leaned into my mouth hard driving her cum coated tongue in my mouth. I slid one finger deep inside of her and began to fuck her as hard I could with my hand. Tessa erupted in a violent orgasm probably the hardest one yet. I continued to kiss Tessa until her breathing had become normal. I pulled away from her mouth looking down on her as she opened her eyes.

"My god baby, you‚??re an incredible lover. I have never got off like this in my life.", she whispered.

"What ‚?¶‚?¶‚?¶ are you saying you‚??re done?", I laughed.

"Oh my god Chris, let me recover just a bit.", Tessa giggled.

"Come with me‚?¶...", I commanded.

I got up and pulled Tessa from the bed and led her to the master bath. I turned the shower on and grabbed some towels from the pantry. Once the shower was hot, I pulled her in after me. I pinned her against the wall and kissed her hard forcing my tongue in her mouth. She reached around and grabbed my ass pulling me against her. Tessa‚??s body was amazing and I could not get enough of it. After kissing for a few minutes, I broke away and grabbed a bar of soap. I started washing Tessa‚??s back and shoulders and she braced herself against the wall. I knelt down behind her and washed her rock-hard ass and down her thighs. As I washed her firm calves I happened to look up and see she had her right hand buried in her pussy. I was somewhat surprised but also very pleased that she was still aroused. I got to my knees and started to softly kiss her firm ass as my hands ran up and down her upper legs.

Tessa pushed back against my lips letting me know she wanted more. I put my hands on her hips and slowly turned her around, so she was facing me. She still was rubbing her clit slowly as she looked down at me. I leaned forward and pushed my tongue inside of her as her middle finger flicked her hard click.

"Fuck, I‚??m going to cum again‚?¶...", she moaned.

I leaned back and stood up facing her looking into her eyes. I could see the passion and the lust still lurking there. I decided at that minute to see how far Tessa was ready to go.

"You like to play with yourself, Tessa?", I asked.

"Oh, fuck yea‚?¶‚?¶", she replied.

"You like being watched?", I suggested, kissing her quickly.

"I love it‚?¶‚?¶ gets me going.", she giggled.

"Good to know.", I answered.

"Why don‚??t you jerk off for me?", Tessa asked in a low tone.

I wrapped my right hand around my cock and began to stroke it as Tessa suggested. Tessa‚??s eyes were glued to my hand and my hardening cock. I looked between her legs and her hand was flying across her clit. The sight of this beautiful creature with her emotions balancing on the end of one of her fingers was too much for me. I pointed my cock down towards her hand that was giving her so much pleasure. The first eruption coated the backside of her right hand and fingers. Wave after wave of hot cum followed sending Tessa over the edge once again.

"Fuck, I‚??m cumming‚?¶‚?¶‚?¶", she announced, her entire body shaking.

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