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Sandy S. 

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He then shoved the entire eleven inches of his thick Shaft all the way past my Prostate and deep into my slippery hole. I grunted in painful pleasure as my lover took me by force. His relentless shafting of my tight ass made me realize what kind of Dirty Whore I really was.

Fucked up the Butt by Tony meant one thing, no Condom, that‚??s the way he wanted it that‚??s the way I gave it. I‚??m small in stature, must be the part Asian in me, I stand at about five six I weigh about a hundred and twenty pounds. My body type is slim and slender.

Tony, on the other hand is built like a fucking Tank. Towering above me and out weighing me by about a hundred and fifty pounds of pure Muscle. He was so much bigger than me hovering over me between my legs and pressing his huge Muscled Body down on me, I had no choice but to submit myself to him.

Keeping his Cock buried deep inside of Me, I felt my rectum start to relax itself around Tony‚??s eleven inches of thick meat as my Colon began to accept his Big Dick. The sharp pain of insertion faded away, and that‚??s when the pleasure started . Wrapping my arms and legs around him I clutched him tight to me. Squeezing my legs around his waist I fucking grinded my little Dick into his Hairy Stomach, pushing my smooth hairless Crotch up against his tight Abbs.

I whispered into his ear that I was ready for him to pump me deep in the Ass. Growling at me, my Muscled Lover slowly pulled his Cock out of me. I love that feeling when a Man pulls out slow like that. Keeping the fat head of his Shaft just my side of my Smooth Asshole, Tony lifted his Balled Head from my shoulder and made eye contact with me. Staring passionately into each others eyes, he again shoved back into me as hard as he could.

His Massive Tool was about as thick around as my wrist, the force of his penetration up my Back Pussy made my eyes cross. I screamed out like a Raped Bitch as the long fat inches of his Rod pushed its way past my Prostate Gland.

That was it. At that point it was fucking on! My sexy Fuck buddy hunkered down into me, leaning into my body and pressing his weight against me. With my legs around his waist I locked my feet together at the small of his Back. Shoving his huge twenty four inch arms under and around me, he held me tightly to him as my arms were encircled around his head and his face pressing into my neck.

I cried out in pure fucking pleasure as Tony pounded his Hot Cock rapidly in and out of my Lubed Fuck hole. Oh God! It felt so good to have him inside me His thick Shaft burned inside of me as the friction of his hard Cock lit a fire up my Ass Tony began sucking on the soft smooth skin of my neck. Then using his sharp teeth he bit down on me really hard as his hips pounded pleasure deep into my warm insides.

Whimpering, panting, and moaning out loud I laid there and took it like a good little Whore. Holding Him close to me I could feel the hard muscles of his body tighten up in knots as he pumped pleasure deep into my sexy Ass. My Sphincter Muscles throbbed against his Veined Intruder. The difference in size between us made me feel like a little boy being fucked by his daddy, It was so Hottt!

Tony was anxious to Cum it was his only focus. And it was up to me to make him shoot his load up my Ass by squeezing him deep inside of my tight Boy Pussy. We had both abstained for days to build up a big load for each other. My Dick trapped between us was oozing Precum by the ounce causing a sticky mess on our stomachs. I knew that as excited as he was his Precum must have been flowing into me.

My damned Butt Muscles throbbed as He Nailed me fucking hard with his lips to my neck Tony drooled on me I felt his saliva running down my shoulder. Completely Centered on his impending Orgasm, Tony unleashed himself upon my body. Running his hands up my back he reached up and grabbed my shoulders with his big strong hands, locking me into his strong grip. Panting and breathing hard I felt his hot breath on my neck. I cried out loud in pleasure as he pulled me to him shoving himself all the way inside of me. I could feel my Lovers thick tufts of Pubic Hair matted with Precum and Ass Juices scratching at my sensitive Asshole that was tightly clenched around his Throbbing Meat.

Tony held my body tight and close to him, it was even hard for me to breath. Spreading my smooth legs open wide and pointing my toes to the Ceiling. My Man started to gyrate his hips in a circular motion between my legs causing the Head of his enormous Cock to grind deep into my Rectum pushing into my Man Clit and as a result forcing more of my sticky sweet Precum to drip from the purple head of my engorged little four inch Dick.

Screaming for him to stop teasing me I begged him to fuck my Ass. No sooner said, my massive Lover Growled at me through clenched teeth like some kind of Ass Hungry Animal Yelling out Tony gripped hard onto my shoulders and in a single motion pulled me onto his Cock as he flexed his Muscled Thighs and pumped his hips forward, Thrusting himself even deeper into my throbbing Colon.

Tony lunged into me and began fucking me like a Crazed Maniac. Pulling, thrusting, and pounding himself into me. Crawling up on me he placed his knees to the side of my hips and started pushing his cock into me at a sharper angle while digging his fingers into my shoulders holding me in a death grip. Holding on to him around his thick neck I clutched his head within my soft hands digging my two inch long Acrylic Nails into his Shaved Scalp wrapping my sexy, smooth shaven legs around his waist locking my ankles together behind him once again and digging my heels into the small of his back.

Our lips touched as we melted into a sensually deep French Kiss His Moustache and Goatee tickled my face while he forced his long Tongue into my mouth at the same time Ramming his Fuck Stick as far into my ass as it would go.

Tony and I were now clutched tightly together in a Passionate Embrace that nothing short of total orgasmic release could undo. I fucking held on for dear life as my Horny Lover violently crushed me down hard into the mattress of my bed. Grunting his way into my sloppy hole. Oh my God! I thought, I had never been fucked like this before ever!

The intensity of his powerful pounding thrusts into my throbbing Rectum was hard to handle even for me. He fed my hungry Asshole every hot thick inch of that Massive Tool of his, no pleasurable slow thrusting necessary just rapid short jabs flexing deep in inside of me. He used my Ass hard, really fucking hard! I couldn‚??t help but to cry out loud in the sheer ecstasy of being Topped by such a Fierce Lover, a Dominant Muscular Body Builder totally lost in an animal‚??s frenzy of lust.

God! I was tossed underneath him like a little Fuck Doll, as my Huge Lover gripped me tight within his large hands pushing and pulling my limp body up and down un his Massive Cock.

"Yeah Daddy, pound my Tight Ass, Pound it up my Fucking Guts Lover!" I screamed at him.

"You want my fucking nut it your Ass, huh, you dirty little Bitch!"
He shot back.

Looking him straight in the eye‚??s and clenching my teeth I told him to Cum in my Ass "Shoot your hot juice deep into my Pussy Daddy, C‚??mon, fucking cum in my Ass, Cum inside of me!" Talking dirty to him I then licked into His ear which spurred him on.

"Tighten up that dirty, stinky, little fucking shit hole of yours, Cunt!" Tony yelled at me in mid fuck.

"I‚??m losing Muscle Control Honey, please give me your load, Oh, God, shoot my hole!" I begged him for his Hot Cum.

He yelled at me to hold on to him "Squeeze that Fuck Muscle around your Daddy‚??s Big Dick, I‚??m gonna make a fucking huge mess between those cheeks, I want my Cum to drip down your sweaty crack!"

Tony‚??s Shaft moved like a piston forcefully in and out of my hot slippery channel. Holding on tight to his massive Muscled Body I clutched onto him holding on as Tony literally started to force himself deep into me. My Lovers need to hit the big "O" was now the Pinnacle of our fuck session.

Big Tony was now giving it to me hard up the Ass, I could actually hear my Distended Hole making a sucking and squelching sound as he pounded it over and over again. With his big hairy Balls slapping me in the Ass and his soaking wet Pubes scratching my Smooth Nuts
I freaking screamed out loud like a Bitch! As Tony grunted and spit his way up my Asshole. Mother Fucker! I thought, I had never taken it like this before ever.

Holding each other tight I could feel his Solid Muscles flex and tighten up in Knots as he slammed into my Hot Ass. Lost in the moment I fully submitted myself body and mind to him. The noises my sloppy hole was making as he fucked it were obscene. My Sphincter Muscles were numb, and so wet and loose that every thrust of his big Juicy Dick into my Rectum produced compressed air up my hole that came back out of me as a hot Fart that blew the stench of my insides all over his Cock.

Pulling my arms up and securing my wrist together over my head with one hand his hips kept up a steady rhythm As he looked down at me, then bending down Tony started licking the sweat from my armpits trialing his Tongue to my neck, chest, and shoulders lapping at the glistening perspiration that beaded up on my goose bumped flesh.

Smelling and tasting my sweat dripping body was all it took for him to lock onto his orgasm. Keeping his shaft deep in inside me then grabbing me by my throat with one hand and tightening his hold on my wrist with his other hand. Tony gave me a series of deep short jabs of his snake in my ass. (7)
His thick Monster Cock started to throb deep in my guts. His laboured breathing along with the pulsing of his Fuck Stick in me told me one thing. He was about to Cum!

"Baby, I‚??m gonna shoot." He whispered into my ear.

" Yeah, cum for me Daddy." I answered back.

We were both so totally lost in our heated passion that I failed to realized that my Neighbor‚??s Kids in the Apartment‚??s next to mine were getting an earful of our very loud very aggressive sex. Yelling and screaming at each other out loud as we fucked ourselves silly.

As he held me down I felt a famillier twitch up my Ass. It was at that moment that felt like I was in control, I was the guy Tony chose to bust his nut into. My Lovers Sweet Cock throbbed, twitched, and pulsed, one final time before spewing out his hot sticky Load up my well used Ass. He held me down tight shoving into me really hard as his fat Dick unloaded his his Big Balls.

I tensed every muscle in my body as I bored down hard on my Battered Rectum, squeezing his Meat as best I could knowing that the elasticity of my Sphincter Muscles were gone. Tony growled and Moaned screwing his face into a teeth clenching grimace As I could actually feel his tremendous load of jizz flood my tight Ass Channel.

Fuck! He Just kept on Cumming inside of me. Tony pushed his entire eleven inches as far up my Ass as he could trembling violently
As he came. I said fuck it! With my arms squeezing him tight and my legs locked around his waist holding him close I rammed my throbbing dick into his Hard Stomach humping into him several times before bringing myself to Orgasm.

"Oh My Gawed!" I screamed into his ear. My body was racked with a powerful convulsing Orgasmic release spreading my syrupy cum between us. As I bit down hard into the thick veins of his neck.

He toppled down onto me in afterglow. And we lay there with him still between my legs, and the two of us still holding each other tight. His Dick started to go soft in me. We were both totally thrashed my long hair was soaking wet and we were both drenched in sweat and cum, my room stunk with the pungent aroma of Man Sweat, Semen, Ass Juices, and my Perfume. My bed sheets were dripping with sweat, cum, and lube.

Tony reached over and grabbed his cell phone from my night stand slowly he pulled himself up and very gently pulled his Dick out of my Ass while aiming his cell cam at my hole. He started snapping pics of my Juicy Gaping Asshole while a river of his cum started gushing out of me. The brownish white liquid ran down my crack and pooled up on my bed.

"Your bleeding a little, but it‚??s not that bad." He said.

Pushing out his Juices I Farted a huge spray of his Cum all over him and my Bed just as his cell phone snapped yet another pic of me.

Reaching down behind me I rubbed my swollen Butt Lips with my fingers. Holy Hell! I was so swollen that I was able to hold my Bruised Sphincter in my entire hand it was about the size of an orange Hot and wet. Pulling my hand to my face I licked the Juices off of it tasting the tangy, salty flavor of our love.

"Tony, what are you doing?" I asked him. While he fucked with his phone.

"Posting these Pics to my Facebook." he answered.

------------------------------------ The End------------------------------------

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