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Kelly D. 

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I wanted it for God knows what reasons, the night before I could not sleep, all I could think about it was walking up to her place and ring the door bell hopping it would actually would get me inside past the front door, in my mind millions of possibilities were created new scenarios, what if this was to happen, what if it does not happen, what if she get piss, and what if all those things that I may have taking as signs where just a product of my imagination

she wasn't particularly attractive well kept body considering she was a mother of two, until then she seem content with her life, day in day out pretty much the same routine, remember her been kind,and always interested in what I had to say, her personality made up for any falls that she may had, always greeted with a smile, a shy smile, complementing what ever I did, style of fashion, music, taste in music ,and women, she would say that " they were very lucky" because I was always a gentleman to them. I guess every thing started to change one night when I got home very late from the city. I remember thinking after worth how close our friendship came very to the end.

It was about three in the morning half the world asleep, me refusing to called a night had decided to go for a walk around the block just to... kill time I guess !, As I walked back to my place I notice a dim light coming out of her bedroom, the curtains were open witch it was surprising since she was a very private person, could not help my self but walk up to window and see what was going on this late, talk about surprise when I saw her completely in the nude, it was beyond believe, my very own private live show, did not care for any thing else at the time but just to stay there and enjoy, didn't even care if I would get busted, in front of me a nice pair of firm C cup's bouncing up and down, at times caressing them with her own hands pressing them, she was riding her husband, he lay there in bed while she was enjoying her self plenty so it seem! there was no way I was going anywhere, his hands caressing her up and down her body touching her nipples from time to time, did not hear any sounds coming out the room, by them my dick was out and fully erect, and could not help my self but to go with my instinct. I had played with self many times, but this time it was special it felt different, a sense of nervousness and at he same time shame accompanied by joy, when I did came it felt so great, my legs shivering with joy, and after reliving my load I realize that my distraction was so that she had spotted me, she look stray in to my eyes, with a sad expression of disappointment, but out respect for me( I guess) she laid over him covering herself with the sheets, slowly kissing him, as to not let him in,in what she just had seen, and for me it was my "Q" to get my ass out there.

Few days went by. I felt ashamed, she was not there to say hello, then one day as she play with her kids I approach her and say hi, she had a hard time looking at me, I guess with very good reasons to avoid any eye contact. felling awful I started to walk away, and suddenly she said " having problems sleeping at night ? hope you had an eye full the other night" shivering out of anger, she had this stared as if she wanted to kick my ass. after my apology I did toll her that even so it was wrong , it felt grate, that I did enjoy having seen her naked while she was been fuck and that at the time all I had wish for was that it was me. she went on to say that I was crazy that it was wrong, that I should not even think in things like that, and also toll me that she was not mad at me, that it was something that just happen,and that we should just leave it at that, days later she did ask me if I did really enjoy my self, with that I felt as if someone just had open a door to a crazy world of fantasy of dreams, and the only thing I could think was to be honest about it, so I was. I went on and toll her that I did enjoyed very much, that I was playing with my self while looking at her been fuck that I didn't wanted to stop, and that I wanted to see her again but the next time I wanted to see everything from the beginning to the end, and she said that I was fucking crazy.

the following weekend I was looking at her bedroom window when I saw her going by once, it was about eleven,she pretended to be closing the curtains when she spotted me looking shaking her head in disbelieve with a smile in her face, with my hands from the distance I gesture her as if asking her to what was up?, and with a bigger smile she nodded, she knew what I wanted and she was willing to give me another pip show, needless to say the window was never closed. I didn't hesitate I run outside,and went to the side window their bedroom window, she was laying there in her bed,and she shook her head when she realize that I was there, suddenly her husband walk in, took the sheets off her and began to undress her, there was no passion, no romance, he wanted to fuck his wife and that was that, and her duty was to be there for him. she seem happy and ready to comply. I did not care to watch, a few days later she ask me in a serious tone that what in the fuck I was doing spying on her in something as private and personal as this? but with a curios look and grim in her face, she ask me what did I got out of it?, and why, why now? that I was risking getting cut, and to be honest I did not care to think that far in advance.

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