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One large bottle of Smirnoff Green Apple Vodka sat at the center. A smaller bottle of Watermelon Smirnoff beside it. Both of them surrounded by six bottles of Stephanie's liquor of choice, Passion Fruit Passoa. Just past the liquor, Mason sat three gallons of Orange Juice and two bottle of Sierra Mist for them to use for the mixers they had found so enjoyable since they started drinking just a few years prior.

"I know, I went a little crazy on the alcohol, but you can never really have too much right? Just enough for the next time." Mason answered joking as he wrapped his arms around Stephanie's waist and pressed his lips to the back of her neck. The kiss served to calm her nerves momentarily, but mere seconds passed before the butterflies returned to her stomach.

The events to come ran through her mind over and over, she knew she had asked for this but still she worried. Stephanie had known for a while that she found women attractive, looking at them in magazines and movies had long served as a method to get her into the mood for sex. But that sex had always been of the heterosexual variety, and more importantly always been with Mason. She knew that Mason liked to see two girls do things, something evident from the small collection of pornographic films he had collected on his computer. But the idea of her and a girl had seldom crossed her mind.

She used to think that it was something just wrong, and far too weird to try. But ever since Mason had put voice to his fantasy of seeing it happen, she had opened up to the idea. Each time they talked about it the thought grew in her mind, reaching a point where she even started having dreams about her first lesbian encounter. Sometimes she still felt that it was weird, and even wrong, but still she couldn't help but fantasize about the possibility of sharing a lustful night with another woman.

Eventually it got to a point where her conscious mind would leave her no choice but to think about it. These times were often instigated by things that Mason would say or do, but still she would find the embrace of a woman at the forefront of her mind. Eventually, the dream took on a life of its own in her mind and she realized that it was something she wanted to try for real. Even if only once, just to see how she liked it, if she liked it.

Then the problem arose. Stephanie, before she had her four children, had trouble believing Mason when he said she was beautiful. But after having her children, and putting on some mommy weight in the process, she was confident that no one would find her truly attractive. Sometimes she even thought that Mason didn't find her attractive anymore. Worse than that, was that she knew plenty of girls that liked girls and were quite open about it, but never had she found any of them attractive.

She wanted to try, partly to satisfy Mason's desire to see it and partly to satisfy the urges that snuck into her mind over the years, but not with someone she didn't find visually appealing. Even if she did find someone attractive and willing, she worried that whoever it was would try to become more than just friends. Obviously she was talking about sex with another woman, but she didn't want to let her and Mason's fantasy effect their relationship. She was his, and he was hers, she had no intention of changing that.

She found herself thinking that she would never be able to act on the urge, never would she be able to find someone that met her criteria. Never would she find a woman that was both attractive and willing, and okay with being no more than essentially a booty call. But that had all changed recently. One conversation Mason had with someone that had long been absent from their lives, refueled his desire to see Stephanie with another woman. And when she randomly appeared in one of Stephanie's lustful dreams, they both knew that it had to mean something.

Aria, longtime girlfriend to Mason's cousin, and mother of his five children, had been known to be a somewhat explorative woman in her sexual past. Thanks to Mason's cousin, they were aware that she often found herself attracted to women and enjoyed the lustful nights she had spent with girls in her past. When Aria texted Mason, for the first time in more than a month, on the very day that Stephanie had told him of a particularly lusty dream she had involving the two of them sharing a hot lesbian encounter, Stephanie and Mason both knew this was their chance to fulfill a fantasy they had both long talked about.

Aria, being an outwardly sexual person, was easy to talk to about the situation, and was eager to be Stephanie's first lesbian lover once the opportunity was presented. Mason and her talked a bit about what Stephanie had seen in her dream, and Aria was convinced that the time was right for Stephanie to act out her fantasy. Finally, an attractive and willing participant had become available, and to Stephanie's surprise, she felt more comfortable with the idea than she ever had before. Until it was going to happen that is.

They had arranged a night for Aria to come over. Making sure neither of them had to work the following morning so they didn't have to worry about calling it a night early. Stephanie had suggested involving some drinks to help her loosen up throughout the night, so Mason went a little crazy at the liquor store. Holding his arms around her, Mason could feel her worry in the stiffness in her body. "Everything will be fine babe." he said before kissing her neck again.

Stephanie's eyes drifted shut at his kiss, but her mind continued to race. "I'm worried." she said as she turned to face him. "What if I don't like it? Or if I'm not good know.... Pleasuring her." she asked looking into her lovers eyes.

"First off, if you don't like it, then it's not something that ever has to happen again. But honestly, I doubt you won't like it. I mean, you're dreaming about this and waking up, not disgusted at the idea, but horny and wanting to try it. Your subconscious mind, which is what controls how you perceive pleasure, is telling you that it wants this. It's not often that your subconscious tricks itself. What's happening is your conscious mind is worrying, and over thinking this whole thing. It's like Aria said, it's just sex, if you enjoy sex any other day, then you'll enjoy it tonight. Second, as for the whole not being good at it. Of course you won't be great at it, you've never done it before, but lucky you, you're going to experience this with a girl who knows what she's doing. She will show you how to make a woman feel better than I have ever made you feel, and then she'll walk you through it a little while you try to return the favor." Mason said before kissing her lips. "In the end, you'll still be you. Maybe this is something you'll love and want more of soon, maybe it's something you'll like and be willing to do again sometime, and maybe it's something you won't like and this will be the last time you ever do it. I know this started out as something you were going to do for me, but we both know that it developed into something that you fantasize about yourself now. Don't you owe it to yourself to try it, so you don't go through life wondering how it would've been?"

Stephanie rested her head against Mason's, their noses rubbing against each others as she processed what he had said. "You're right babe. I do want this, and I'm sure my nerves will ease up throughout the night. I'm gonna do it, not only for you, but for me too." she said. She leaned in for a kiss but was interrupted by a knock at the door. Knowing that it was Aria, she felt her nerves start to grow more intense.

"You want me to answer it?" Mason asked.

"No. I'll get it." Stephanie answered. She then broke from their embrace and walked to the living room. She stood there, staring at the door for a minute as her mind ran over the fantasies she had about this night. Ever since Mason told her Aria wanted to be a part of their fantasy, her mind had gone into overdrive trying to figure out exactly how this would happen. Stephanie was snapped back to reality by a second knock at the door, and immediately reached for the handle.

As the door opened, Stephanie looked over Aria for the first time thinking of her not as a friend or acquaintance, or even as Joe's girlfriend, but as a lover. Someone with whom she would experience a lust she had so often fantasized about. Aria had dressed her best for the night, wearing a tight black shirt that accented her assets beautifully. It wasn't until this moment that Stephanie fully realized how much she was attracted to the female figure. A mere inch of skin was visible below her shirt before the her tight blue jeans caught Stephanie's eye. The jeans allowed her to move freely, but placed her hips and thighs on full display.

"Are you gonna invite me in?" Aria said with a smile. It wasn't until this point that Stephanie realized she hadn't yet looked at Aria's face. How could it be? She had never been with a woman but in that moment, when her eyes first found Aria's body, she had looked her over like she was no more than an object of her sexual desires. Finally making eye contact, Stephanie smiled and stepped to the side to let Aria enter the apartment.

Just as Mason walked into the living room, Aria stepped through the door and placed her hands on the sides of Stephanie's face. Mason's jaw dropped as he watched her lean in and press her lips against his girlfriends.

Stephanie hadn't expected the kiss, and almost pulled away before Aria could reach her lips, but now, standing there with a woman's lips pressed against hers, she felt the heat rise in her body. When Aria's tongue gently brushed against her lips, Stephanie instinctively allowed them to part and started to kiss her back. Stephanie had kissed Mason thousands of times in her life, but somehow this kiss stood as the hottest she could ever recall. Never had a simple kiss made her feel so moist, but she quickly realized the wetness growing in her panties.

As the kiss went on, Stephanie raised her hands up to hold Aria in her arms. Mason watched on as his girl embraced another woman in what was the single hottest moment he had ever witnessed. Mere seconds felt like hours as the girls tongues explored each others mouths. Then, as suddenly as the kiss had started, it stopped. Aria and Stephanie remained locked in each others embrace, their faces only an inch apart. "Did you like it?" Aria asked as she looked into Stephanie's eyes.

Short of breath from the excitement, Stephanie struggled to find the voice to answer. "" she finally said with a deep breath in and out.

"Good." Aria said before kissing Stephanie once more. The second kiss, just a pec like two friends would share, but still it set Stephanie on fire from within. "Let's hang out a bit, see where the night takes us." she said as she took Stephanie's hand and walked over to the couch.

With the girls sitting together on the couch, Mason rattled off the drinks they had and took orders from them. Stephanie, as expected, wanted a mixed drink, two thirds Orange Juice with one third Passoa. Aria said she didn't care, but was hoping they could all start with a shot. Steph was never big on shots, but the way she was feeling about the kiss blinded her judgement and she instantly agreed. Stephanie had wanted to start with a couple game of cards, so she grabbed Aria's hand and got up and walked out to the kitchen with Mason.

As the girls took their seats and got the cards ready, Mason made the three mixers and poured out three shots of the watermelon Vodka. Once he sat down, Aria held up her shot and the three of them tapped their glasses together before pouring the alcohol down their throats and thus beginning the wildest night of Mason and Stephanie's life.

The game of choice, as often was the case, ended up being Asshole. Aria won the first game, and throughout the second repeatedly enforced the power of her presidency by making Stephanie and Mason drink more so they had to keep up with her. Mason won the second game and decided to return the favor, trying to find Aria's breaking point throughout the third. When he won the third, Mason realized that one more consecutive win would allow him to create a rule for the remainder of the night.

During the fourth game, he dropped a card and when he bent down to get it noticed Aria and Stephanie rubbing each others thighs. The sight more than he had expected at that point, sent pulsing sensations through his body, resulting in him having to adjust his pants multiple times throughout the game. As the game continued on, he caught Stephanie and Aria staring at each other several times, rolling their eyes and occasionally biting their lips. Finally Mason saw his opening. He tossed a ten of clubs onto the table and held the two of hearts in the air, signaling his third consecutive victory.

Stephanie knew how Mason's mind worked. Normally she would've dreaded whatever rule he had up his sleeve, but not tonight. No, tonight her panties got a little more wet as she watched his cards dwindle down in his hand. She had even had an opportunity to stop him by throwing down the two nines in her hand and take control of the game, but chose not too. She accurately assumed his rule would somehow move them closer to the bedroom. But to her, it was just closer to what she had wanted since Aria walked in the house and kissed her so passionately.

"Alright Mason, let's hear it." Aria said as she dropped her cards to the table and returned her hand to Stephanie's thigh.

"Alright, my rule is...." Mason said as he stood up and downed the rest of his third drink. "You two have to continue the game without your shirts.". He hadn't wanted to force the situation too much and thought pushing for them to move to the bedroom was a little bit more than Steph was ready for.

Stephanie was surprised, but felt sad that he hadn't suggested more. She figured he would have at least made them kiss again, something she knew she wanted after the first time. "Whatever" she thought to herself. "We have all night" she said to herself as she grabbed the bottom of her shirt.

"That's it Mason?" Aria said. "No shirts? I think you can do better than that... Why not make us go full topless?"

Mason was stunned by the question. He knew he wanted it to go their, but worried how Stephanie would react if he made the suggestion. Slowly he turned his gaze to her, silently asking if it was okay. Stephanie found herself surprised again.

Normally she would be adamantly against the idea, but between the kiss and the massage her thigh had been receiving she almost felt relief that something more sexual had finally been suggested. She knew that just being topless wasn't entirely sexual, but the way the night was going so far she was certain it would lead to more. "I'm cool with it, but if we're going topless we should probably go in the room." she said trying to conceal her desire and replace it with logic. Little did she know, there was no need for her it hide her intent, something she realized when Mason and Aria nearly jumped out their seats at her suggestion.

Mason climbed on the bed and tried to deal out another hand of cards while Stephanie took off her shirts and Aria hopped on the computer to turn on Pandora. With some mood music playing, she turned around to find Stephanie just tossing her shirt to Mason. Stephanie's eyes widened as she felt Aria's fingers grab the clasp to her bra. She stood motionless as Aria unclasped it and grabbed the straps. The feeling of Aria's fingers running over her skin as she pulled the straps off of her shoulder sent shivers through her body. Her bra dropped to the floor and Aria stepped up behind her.

Stephanie could feel the warmth of Aria's body as the bare skin of her breasts pressed against her back. Aria ran one hand up Stephanie's body and cupped her right breast, paying extra attention to her nipple as her other hand slid down in front of the beautiful red head. Even over her jeans, the feeling of Aria's fingers rubbing her pussy drive Stephanie wild. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back as the pleasure began to build deep inside of her. "Let's play." Aria said as she let go of Stephanie's nipple and slid her hand away from her wanting pussy.

Not realizing what had happened, Mason picked up his cards and started to organize the, as the girls climbed onto the bed. Then, in front of his eyes, he watched as Stephanie laid down on her back and Aria climbed over her. Their lips pressed against each other and Stephanie finally got the second kiss she had wanted so bad. Their tongues mingled for only a few moments before Aria started to lower herself down the bed, kissing Stephanie's neck and chest before taking one of her nipples into her mouth.

The sensations were incredible, even though she had experienced the same thing with Mason many times before, the fact that it was with a woman this time literally made it feel soo much better. Aria released Stephanie's nipple from her lips and slowly kissed her way over to the other, making sure they got equal attention. With Steph's body rising hi with every breath, Aria began kissing her way down her body. She slipped her fingers between Stephanie's skin and her jeans and slowly pulled them down her legs. It wasn't until then that Stephanie realized she had unbuttoned them while she rubbed her pussy before they climbed in the bed.

Aria stood up on the bed, her legs spread over Stephanie's body and reached for the button to her jeans. Wanting to see the rest of the beautiful woman she was so passionately kissing minutes before, Stephanie lifted herself up to a seated position and took grabbed Aria's jeans, slowly pulling them down to reveal her black panties. Aria lifted her legs to step out of the jeans and Stephanie tossed them off the bed.

Aria lowered herself back down to the bed and ran her lips and tongue down Stephanie's thigh. Slowly kissing her way down Stephanie's thigh, she stopped just over her moist panties and rubbed her lips over Stephanie's mound. Stephanie's body shook as pleasure shot through her body from the teasing she was receiving from her lesbian lover. Seeing Steph's reaction, Aria grabbed her panties as she had her jeans just moments before, and kissed her way back up her other thigh as she pulled them off.

With Stephanie's smooth, shaved pussy in front of her, Aria couldn't resist leaning in to kiss the flower petal lips of her lovers most secret of places. Stephanie had always enjoyed getting her pussy licked, but knowing it was a woman, and having her anticipation built up throughout the night made it better than she had ever dreamed it would be. The feeling of the first contact was so intense she felt like she might cum right then and there, but managed to suppress the urge so she could prolong her pleasure.

"Tell me you want it." Aria said as she looked up to Stephanie's face.

"Oh I want it." Stephanie said with a moan as she rubbed her hand through Aria's hair and gently moved her head toward her pussy.

Aria needed no further encouragement and began lightly tracing Stephanie's pussy lips with the tip of her tongue. She slowly licked her way up towards Stephanie's clit making her moan with anticipation, before stopping and going back down to slide her tongue into Stephanie's moist opening. Hearing the pleasure Stephanie was experiencing was too much for her, and she found herself sliding one hand into her panties. She continued on like this, tongue fucking Stephanie's pussy while she slid a finger in and out of her own.

The feeling of a tongue sliding in and out of her pussy drove her wild, making her moan and clench the bed sheets in her fists. Sensing she was close to cumming, Aria slowly slid her tongue up Stephanie's slit and started flicking it back and forth over her firm clit. With Steph's body rocking from the pleasure, Aria slid a finger inside her pussy and curled it up so she could rub the soft tissue that she knew would drive Steph crazy. Stephanie's body began shaking as she finally gave in to her desire to cum on Aria's tongue and finger.

A few seconds passed and Stephanie's shaking slowly stopped. Once in control of herself, she grabbed Aria's cheeks and lightly pulled her up on top of her. Who knows if it was the heat of the moment, or the alcohol that made her do it, but she pulled Aria's face to her and kissed her passionately, absent any care that her own juices were on Aria's tongue. Mason moved out of the way as he saw Stephanie roll over reversing hers and Aria's positions on the bed. He watched with incredible excitement as his lover prepared to explore a woman's body for the first time.

Hovering above Aria's nearly naked body, Stephanie's nerves came back in full force. Unlike Aria, she had never done anything to a woman and wasn't sure exactly what to do, but knew she wanted to try and make Aria feel as good as she had made her feel. Seeing her nervousness Aria placed one hand on her cheek and looked into her eyes. "You're gonna be fine. Just do to me, whatever you like done to you. Anything Mason does to you, anything I did to you. It's called experimenting for a reason, you just try stuff and see how it works." she said.

Calmed by her words, Stephanie leaned in and kissed her lips once more. From her lips, she gently kissed her way down her neck, just as Mason often did to her, and as Aria had moments ago. She ran her tongue over Aria's bare chest and made out with her skin, sucking enough to leave a small red hickey as she moved toward her nipple. Taking Aria's nipple in her mouth, Stephanie ran her tongue all over it, licking every square inch of her rose colored areola. Aria moaned from the pleasure and somehow it caused a change in Stephanie. The thought of her maki a woman feel good enough to moan took over her, and she began sucking at Aria's nipple with an added desire to make a woman cum for the first time.

Stephanie released Aria's nipple only to go right are the opposite one, trying to explore as much of the female anatomy as she could. How could she have waited so long to act on this? She thought to herself that even though she denied it, she kinda always knew she liked girls. She knew she had wanted this, and Mason had never really hid his desire to see it happen. She thought that she was lucky she had a man that wanted to involve another girl strictly for her satisfaction, and not for a way to cheat with permission. She turned to see Mason struggling to conceal his excitement as he watched her enjoy a woman's body for the first time.

Slowly, she kissed her way down Aria's body, across her stomach and down to her mound. She waisted no time with thigh kissing and immediately grabbed the waistband of Aria's panties. Only seconds passed before Aria was completely naked and Stephanie was staring at a beautiful shaved pussy. She still felt nervous but felt like it was something she owed not only to Aria, but to herself as well. She looked up to Aria, who nodded her head signaling her desire for Stephanie to continue. A quick look to Mason and she knew that he had waited all night, and much longer to see this happen.

She leaned toward Aria's pussy and slowly parted her lips. Planting them onto the moist lips of Aria's love canal, Stephanie felt a moist feeling return to her own pussy. A couple soft kisses and she thought to herself that it wasn't bad like she had feared. It kinda felt like kissing Aria on the mouth, just more wet and naughty. She kissed a couple more times, and then slowly extended her tongue towards the first pussy she had ever seen up close.

Stephanie ran her tongue up and down Aria's slit, licking her lips and clit and everywhere between. Aria's moans became louder and the sound of them set Stephanie on fire. She started sliding her tongue in and out of Aria's pussy as Aria had hers earlier and felt the same desire Aria had to reach down and rub her own pussy while she ate out the beauty in front of her. Stephanie mirrored Aria's licking from earlier and slid her tongue up to her clit while sliding one finger into her hole and rubbing Aria's gspot to make sure she came hard.

The pleasure too much for her, Aria moaned loud and pulled Stephanie's head against her pussy. "Oh yea." she said as her breathing became more erratic. "Oh it feels so good." she said as Stephanie licked her clit over and over. "Oh Stephanie.." she said. Hearing a girl moan her name drove Steph wild and she started licking Aria's clit as fast as she could. "Oh I'm.... Gonna...cum!" Aria shouted as she exploded with pleasure. Stephanie had worried about what it would taste like when Aria came, if she was able to make her cum, but fund her worries unwarranted. A sweet nectar ran down Aria's pussy and onto Stephanie's tongue, filling her with a proud feeling knowing she could make a girl feel so good.

She climbed up beside Aria and laid down with her. As they cuddled with each other, Stephanie signaled for Mason to join them. Slowly, he climbed into the bed and laid beside Stephanie, sandwiching her between him and Aria. "Thank you for this. I love you so much." he whispered to her as he wrapped one arm around her naked body. Together, the three of them all drifted asleep.

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