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Dominic P. 

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i was in science class. i was looking at a picture of a piece of glass. on that piece of glacss thaere was a germ. a little bug that goes in your blood and transmit disease. MY teacher said that was a "BATCTEREIA." or a germ. now i thought i wanted to have sex really bad so i wanted to fuck a bacetria right inn its ass hole. i took the fucking slide and scrammed it up my uretha and ti broke. i ran d around the room fucking screaming and crying with my fucking dick out nlike a fucking fag with glass and blood every whree. it was wild i tell you. then the teacher said go to the nerses office right now and egte your fucking dick fixed and i hope it fucking get s cut off you faggot piec of shit. because thats very fucking sick. since my dick is like one million miles long all the girls looked and were like wow i awant to stick that thing up my ass. one girl ill juest call her fatass wanted to suck my dick and she sucked my dick and then all the fucking glass came out and the bitch choked on my glass and cogot cut the fuck up and had bacteria all over her fucking body. she died. then i fucking came and she exploded, her body was ripped to shreads by the sheer force of my cum and i engulfed the room with a tidal wave of cum. i came and came cand came and came and CCCCCCCCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. 'my dick turned movable and i began swatting guys out like flies with it. i knowcked juys out by dick slapping them. i i uforced my way down all the girls throat because of my sheer power and the fact that my dick is made out of aluminum and can never be broken. i skewered them on it and cooked them on a bunsen burner. then i fucking came for the teackher. she was a hot little numker and i came all over her. again and again. i slicked her up with my dick and sliced her with a knife and fed her to the class fishers and snakes and lizards. then i drowned all of the snakes and lizards with my cum. i even drowned the fishes with my cum. they couldn't fucking move in that sticky stuff and they collapsed and died of an overdose of mcum. cum poisoning is the official scinetidicifc term.

then the police came. theree were a lot of monkey nigger police from africa. so luckily i had some real apes that i got from the zoo. the monkey nigger came at me and i threawa a fucking gorilla at his head. the goriallla went mad and started beating up the nigger cops. there were some white cops there too. so i beat those gay fish up.... fucking faggots, i nevere liked cops. fuck the police. theyre all piecees of shirt that need to die in a fire right now and make the world a fucking bettter place. i want to fucking single handedly nkill each of them with a fucking chimpanzee. or throaw a banana at theri head and they slip and fall and DIE DIEDEIDIE DIED I DIE DIEDIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE! KILL KILL KILL!!! i am feeling blood rage right now and i am going to take a fucking break from this story and kill some fucking pigs

ok now i m aback where was i let mesee i was taklking about beating the cops. then i got into a car and did a jump across htthe lake and i higacked a helicopter and flew it into a buliding but it didnt crashebecause the game . the game.... hahaha!!!! got you there!!!all your base are belong to us lol!!!! get rick rolled you fucken btard!!! rick do a fuckin bareel roll with over 900 lazers in space and monkey cheese faggots!!!!!!!!!

then i met this bitch and started fucking her by fucking her i mean fucking her like fucking her really hard so hard she could not imagine anyone ever fucking her again after i fuckedre her and pumped her full of my protein semen and told her to swallow it and suckit and lick it and i shit in her face and she ate it because she is a piec fo shit and she does whatever the fuck it ell her because shes a bitch and i rape her and sell her like a fucking slave nigger.

then i fucking destroyed aeveryone because im so awesome like over fucking 9000 anwesome and i like mudkipz and ii like turtles too/ i was the fucking king of the fucking earth and all the fucking womena had to suck my dick and i didn't fuck any of the ugly bitches because fuck the they're ugly and i fucked all the pretty bitches and had a million kids and made sex for my whole life and it was really fun and i killed all the niggers.

all write because im writing right now and i have to have more characters ill say something more. so i was going to fuck a black girl but i slicked her head in half with a meat cleaver and put her in a blender and roasted her on a griddle. then i ate skittles with sprinkles and made a tinkle winkle with tinky winky the pink elf in fucking telle tubby land. then we went out with the back yardigans and i smoked weed with blues clues the dog and raped the dogs ass and had it pregnant with my sperm. i fucked dogs all over hte world. and then i fucked odie heathcliff garfield snoopy in the ass. it was funny. he had trouble walking and i got some shit stains on my crotch and needed to wipe it off with oxi celean. then i wetn anf fucked mickey mouse and drilled him in the ass and fucking hit his head with a stick andbited his dick off. then i fucked scrooge mcduck and divorced him for half of his money.

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