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Thatā??s probably the guest staying this week, I think. I quickly save my work and head to the front door to check.

As a single homeowner, I occasionally put up the second floor of my house for short-term stays. The space is not large, but itā??s comfortable and includes a small living room, bedroom, and a private bathroom. Iā??ve had a couple of bookings in the last two months, and so far, it has worked out pretty well.

I open the door and smile warmly at the man on the other side. Heā??s tall - at least 6 feet, really handsome, with defined cheekbones and a cute smile. He seems to be in his early to mid-30s.

"Hey. Iā??m Sam." He says this with a smile. "I booked a room for the week."

"Hi! Nice to meet you. Iā??m Anya, the owner. Come on in and letā??s get you set up." I step back, but give him a discrete once-over as he shoulders his backpack and grabs his carry-on, his t-shirt stretching tightly over wide shoulders and a defined chest. He looks like he keeps himself in good shape.

I lead him through the house and up the stairs to the second floor as we chat about mundane things.

"So, how was your trip?"

"The usual. Flights were on-time at least."

"You picked the worst week to come here. Forecast says itā??s going to be really hot. Summers in the South are just brutal."

"Didnā??t really have much of a choice. Iā??m meeting with some new clients based here. Itā??s just better to talk things through in-person, you know. "

I show him the rooms and tell him he can use the kitchen and laundry if he needs to. I also point out a binder with information about the door code, Wi-fi, public transportation, restaurants nearby, and other tidbits of information someone visiting the area may want to know. "Iā??m pretty laid-back, but please, just donā??t bring a party up here. And absolutely no hard drugs."

He nods. "Wonā??t be a problem." He looks me in the eye and shoots me a small smile.

I nod and smile back before leaving him to get situated.

I turned 38 earlier this year, but I have often been told by others that I look younger than my age. A lot younger. Itā??s the Asian genes some people say. Personally, Iā??m religious with skin products and stay away from too much sun. I try to live a healthy lifestyle as much as I can, and this shows in my soft olive-toned skin and smooth face. Iā??m about average build, perhaps slightly thick in some areas after becoming laxer with my exercise routine in the last few years. At home, I tend to wear tight shorts and comfortable, loose shirts, but after our quick exchange, Iā??m more conscious of how my shorts dig in my crotch. And that maybe, Iā??m a little wet. My breasts feel heavy, and I can see the slight outline of hardened nipples on my shirt despite the bralette Iā??m wearing. I decide to take the edge off.


I lay in my bed and run fingers against my pussy lips, massaging my throbbing clit. I close my eyes and imagine himā?¦

I imagine him as he pins me on the bed, hair hanging down his forehead and eyes focused on me. His fingers are on my clit instead of mine.

I whimper and sigh softly. My bedroom is right below his.

His hand is underneath my shirt, cupping and squeezing my breasts, tweaking my nipples. He quickly shoves my shirt up and watches as his hands play with me. He bends down to take an engorged nipple in his mouth, sucking and nibbling leisurely before switching to my other breast, playing like he has all the time in the world.

At the back of my mind, I can hear sounds of movement upstairs and a muted voice.

I moan quietly as I think of him talking dirty to me. Telling me he loves the taste of my skin and my nipples in his mouth. That Iā??m a dirty slut for letting him touch me like this when we just met. That he canā??t wait to slide his thick cock inside my wet cunt.

I groan frustratedly and rub my fingers harder. Itā??s not enough. I need more.

I pull a toy out from my bedside drawer. This one is 7 inches long and vibrates. I switch it on to my favorite setting and slide it against my clit as I close my eyes to the soft, familiar hum and think about his cock. Will it get hard and throb for me?

Mmmā?¦ I want to taste him. I want to close my pouty lips tight on that head and suction off his precum. I bet his cock would be dripping as it pulses against my tongue. Will I feel it pulse against my throat when he buries it balls deep? Will he get rough with me? Fuck my face like a toy for his pleasure. His body tight and powerful above me as he thrusts his length down my throat over and over again.

Oooh, yes please! I feel wetness trickle down my crack.

I shove the toy in and out of my drenched pussy, moaning louder as wet, squelching fills the room.

Movement and sounds halt upstairs.


My pussy clenches and gushes at the thought of being discovered. Iā??m breathing hard and fast as I wait, quietly moving my vibrating dick toy in and out of me. Iā??m so wet it slides in and out easily.

A few seconds later, I hear muffled footsteps again.

If he had heard me, would he come downstairs, take the toy out of my pussy, and give me his hot cock in its stead? I bet his dick is bigger. I bet it would spear me so good. His balls would smack hard against my ass as he pounds me hard and fast.

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.

Heā??d flip me on my belly and grip my hair tight as he rides me bare, grinding hard and deep. His filthy mouth tells me how heā??s going to ruin my cunt. Wreck it. Heā??ll brand me with his cum so Iā??ll never forget what I am - a slut for him.

My body shudders at this imagery and I canā??t help the moans and whimpers coming out of my lips.

I imagine as he continues to pound me mercilessly, his toned hips and thighs flex as he fucks me with force and rhythm. His hand grips my face and tilts it up as he bends down and dives his tongue in my mouth, devouring my lips and tongue so all I can taste, hear, and feel is just him. He consumes me.

He pushes my head back down on the bed, bracing down as he continues to pump in me. Iā??m face down and ass up. My headboard smacks hard against the wall as he pounds me thoroughly, grunting and growling as he relentlessly destroys me like he promised.

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.

I smash the toy inside me and rub my clit furiously as I think of him owning me. His tight, sweaty body is so tangled with mine I can almost taste his sweat, smell the sex in the air as his powerful body takes me like a ragdoll.

Itā??s the most primal thing Iā??ve ever imagined.

My orgasm takes me unexpectedly and I cum hard. My body shoots up and I moan long and loud. Iā??m arching up and down, legs shaking as the orgasm rips through me. My breath is shaky and harsh. My ears are ringing. I have to take the toy out. Itā??s too much.

Finally, after a few seconds, minutes, or hours, my orgasm subsides. I take slow, deep breaths, and despite the still ringing in my ears, Iā??m boneless. Sated. Without a care in the world.

Upstairs, itā??s still and silent as I close my eyes and drift to sleep.

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