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Mike P. 

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The lights are out and it takes your eyes a few moments to adjust to the darkness. You see me laying in bed asleep. You go into the bathroom, undress and step into the shower. As the warm water washes over your body you think of different ways you can wake me up for a little fun.

You get out of the shower and dry yourself off. You walk into our bedroom naked, looking forward to doing all the things you fantasized about while showering. Suddenly you feel someone grab you from behind. Before you can make a sound a hand is over your mouth. You start to panic but then your eyes adjust to the dark. You notice that I'm not in the bed and you feel the body pressed hard against you. You feel a hard cock pressed between your butt cheeks. You realize it is me holding you.

You moan in pleasure and I take my hand from your mouth. With one hand I massage your breasts and with my other I rub your mound. I start kissing your neck working my way up behind your ear. You press your body back into me as you reach back and start kneading my buttocks.

I order you to walk over to the bed followed by a sharp slap on your ass. You gasp and then quickly make your way to the bed. I tell you to climb up on to the bed and then kneel in the center. You do as you are told and I turn on the lamp on the nightstand. The low wattage bulb dimly lights up the room. I take a silk tie and wrap it around one of your wrists. You place your wrists together and I wrap up the other wrist. I pull your arms up over your head and then tie the other end of the tie to an eye hook in the ceiling. As I tie you up you stare at my hard cock just inches from your face. I look down to see you staring.

I smile and then rub my cock head over your cheeks. I slide the tip of my cock over your lips and you open your mouth and take me inside. You suck my cock as you run your tongue all over my length. You tease me for a while with your tongue and then you start bobbing your head up and down on my cock, faster and faster. After a few minutes I can feel my orgasm start to build so I quickly pull my cock from your mouth. You groan not wanting to stop but you know there is a lot more to come.

I drop down to my knees and start to kiss you deeply. Our tongues search each others mouths as my hands start exploring every inch of you. I kiss my way across your cheek down to your neck. You tilt your head back and I cover every inch of your neck with kisses. I work my way to your shoulders and then your chest. I kiss and lick your breasts slowly making my way to your hard nipples. I swirl my tongue around your nipples for a few moments until I suck one into my mouth. I suck hard on your nipple as I tease it with my tongue. You push yourself against me as you start fidgeting. I do the same with your other nipple for a while until working my way down your body.

I kiss my way down your stomach. I tease your navel for a few moments driving you crazy before I continue down. I cover your mound with kisses and then do the same with your thighs. When I start working my way up your inner thighs you feel your wetness drip from your pussy. Just when you think I'm going to start eating your dripping pussy I move back up to kiss you. You gasp and beg me not to tease you but I just smile and slip behind you.

I kiss the back of your neck sending chills down your spine. I kiss every inch of your back working my way lower and lower. I start to kiss your buttocks until you push back into me. Then I start alternating between kisses and tiny bites. Each time I bite your ass you let out a little yelp. I spread your buttocks and start to lick and suck on the spot just over your tailbone. Your body starts to shake and you breath heavily. I know what you need and I start to lick my way down the crack of your ass. When I reach your anus you moan loudly. I swirl my tongue around your tight opening working my way inward. I press my tongue against your entrance and push into you. My tongue opens you up and slips a little inside. I slip my tongue out of your ass and start lapping at your opening. I slip a finger inside your well lubed ass and start finger fucking you. I pull my finger out and your anus stays open. I slip as much of my tongue into your ass as I can. You moan loudly as I explore your asshole with my tongue. All you want is more but I stop and start licking the sensitive skin between your anus and your pussy. You feel electric shocks running through your body and you start begging me to eat your pussy.

I get up and move back in front of you. I lay down on my back with my head between your legs. You look down at me, staring at my hard cock and licking your lips. I decide to stop teasing you and suck your clit into my mouth. I push two fingers into your pussy and a third into your ass. You stare at my cock wishing you could get free so you could suck me off while I eat your pussy.

I suck hard on your clit and flick my tongue over it as I finger fuck your pussy and ass. You start gasping for air as you grind your pussy into my face. I lap at your pussy like a thirsty dog lapping at water. It only takes a few minutes until your entire body tenses and you explode, spraying your cum all over my face. I pull my fingers out of you and start pushing my tongue deep inside you to lick up all your juices. Your body relaxes as I lick you clean.

I quickly get up and pull the tie from the eyehook. You collapse onto the bed and I let you recover as I massage your back and shoulders. When you feel your body start to re-energize you ask if I'm going to untie you. I tell you not yet and I roll you over unto your back. I pull your arms up over your head and then straddle your face.

I feed you my cock and you willing start to suck and lick me again. I start to fuck your mouth as you encourage me with your moans. It doesn't take long before I feel my orgasm start to build so I quickly pull out of your mouth.

I get up and roll you over on to your stomach. I pull you down to the edge until your bent over the bed, your ass sticking up in the air. I put a pillow on the floor under your knees and start to massage your buttocks. When you are completely relaxed I quickly slap your ass. Your body tenses and you yelp. I start spanking your ass, one strike right after the other. The sound of skin slapping skin and your cries fills the room. I slap your ass over and over again until my hand is too sore to continue and your ass is bright red. You moan, "More."

I smile and grab my belt. I start striking your ass with my belt and your entire body starts shaking. I continue whipping your ass until you start to beg, "Fuck me."

I throw the belt onto the bed and drop to my knees behind you. My cock easily slips into you sopping wet pussy. I start fucking you hard, my abdomen slapping against your sore ass. I reach between your legs and start pressing down onto your hard clit. You thrust back against me hard with each stroke. You cry out with each thrust and I know you won't last much longer. I press hard on your clit and with one last push against me you explode. You spray your juices on my abdomen, thighs and balls. I hold you by your hips with my cock buried deep inside you as you feel your orgasm through every inch of your body.

I know you're worn out and I help you back up onto the bed. I roll you over on your back and then I mount you. I lift up your legs and push my cock inside you. You wrap your legs around my waist and I start to thrust into you with wild abandon. Even with your hands still tied you rub my chest and start to play with my nipples. I hike my body up a little and you start to lick and suck my nipples. This pushes me over the edge, I pull out of your tight pussy and straddle your body. You grab my cock with both hands and start stroking me off. After just a few strokes I groan and start spraying my cum all over your breasts. You keep stroking me until every last drop of my cum is covering your breasts. You take me into your mouth and lick my clean as my cock grows soft.

I collapse next to you on the bed, both of us still breathing hard. I untie your hands and grab a towel to clean my cum off of your breasts. You wrap your arms around me and I do the same as we cuddle together. You whisper in my ear as we start to fall asleep, "It's my turn tomorrow."

You awake in the middle of the night and decide to surprise me. You start to cover my chest with small kisses before moving on to my nipples. You lick and suck my nipples until I wake up. You giggle and ask me what time it is. I look at the clock and tell you it is a little past one a.m. You smile at me and say that it is tomorrow and that it is your turn to have some fun. I'm very thankful that I don't have to work today.

You straddle me and grab me by the wrists pulling them over my head. You hold me down as you kiss me deeply and grind your pussy against my hard cock. You take my tie and bind my wrist together and tie the other end to a bedpost.

You go back to kissing me as you rub your naked body against me. You move down to start kissing my neck. Each kiss causes my body to tense and a jolt to shoot through me all the way down to my penis. You work on my chest and nipples for a while again before moving down to my abdomen. Each kiss on my abdomen causes my body to jerk. By the time you reach my lower abdomen my hips have lifted off the bed and I'm fidgeting uncontrollably.

You carefully avoid my hard cock, admiring it's bright purple, shiny head. You work your way down my thighs all the way down to my knees. You start working your way back up my inner thighs. I spread my legs as wide as I can as I toss and turn pulling hard against my restraints.

When you reach the top of my thighs you gently lift my testicles out of the way and start kissing the sensitive skin between my balls and anus. I moan loudly as you kiss and lick your way downward. You lift up and spread my legs, opening me up to you. With just the tip of your tongue you touch my anus. My entire body jerks and I gasp. You start swirling your tongue around my opening and I moan as my body fidgets. You continue licking my anus until my cock is so hard it's twitching.

You let my legs down and start licking and kissing my balls. You slowly work your way up to the base of my cock. You lick every inch of the underside of my cock making me moan loudly. You lift my cock and cover every inch with kisses and licks before you take me into your mouth. You swirl your tongue around the head and then you take me as deeply into your mouth as you can. I can feel my cockhead touching the back of your throat and I nearly explode.

You suck on my cock until I start fucking your mouth. You know I'm close to cumming so you let me slip out of your mouth. My cock slaps loudly against my abdomen. You giggle and then start working your way back up my body kissing and licking every inch of me. We kiss for a few minutes before you continue working your way up so that your breasts are right over my face. You lower your body a little and I start to suck on your nipples like a starving baby. I lick, suck and bite your nipples until your nipples are so hard you can't take anymore. You sit up and look at me for a few moments. Then you get up and move until your pussy is right over my face.

You taunt me for a little while knowing how badly I want to eat you. Then slowly you lower your pussy to my hungry mouth. Greedily I start licking your wet pussy. I run my tongue along your lips, around your vagina, inside your vagina and up to your hard clit. You command me, "Yes Baby, eat that pussy! Eat my pussy until I cum all over your face!"

Your words fill me with lust and dive into your pussy and lick and suck for all I'm worth. You stop me for a moment and turn around so you can play with my cock while I go back to eating your pussy. When you start moaning loudly I know you are getting close so I suck your clit into my mouth and tease it with my tongue. You fight back a scream as you feel your entire body tense up. You push your pussy into my face and I feel your juices spray against my chin. You gasp for breath and your body goes limp. I lick up every bit of your juices and then start tonguing your anus while you recover from your orgasm.

You start kissing my cock and then I hear you softly say, "I've got to feel that inside me."

You move down my body until you are straddling my hips. You lift up my cock and then slowly lower yourself on to me. You take me all the way in until I feel your clit pressed against my balls. I watch your ass as you start to ride up and down on my cock. I want to pull my hands free so I can grab you and start pounding into you but I'm enjoying this submission too much. You ride my cock until my breathing starts to quicken then you lift your body up letting my cock fall out of you, again slapping roughly against my abdomen.

"Not yet Baby," you turn and say. "I'm not done paying you back for all the rude things you did to me earlier. My ass is still sore, and yours is going to be too, outside and in."

My heart jumps up into my throat when I hear you say that but I am so horny I'm ready for anything. I think my cock gets even harder hearing you say that. You untie the tie from the bedpost and then roll me over. You order me to move down the bed until my legs are hanging over the edge. I do as I'm told and I'm positioned at the edge of the bed with my knees on the floor. You grab me and pull me toward you saying, "Down a little farther, I want to be able to get at that gorgeous cock of yours."

You grab my cock and start to roughly pull on it. Instead of hurting, it's actually turning me on even more. You reach up to my chest and start pinching my nipples hard. I groan from the pleasure and the pain. "You like that huh?" you ask. "You like it rough sometimes don't you? That's good because I am about to get very rough."

Again my heart is in my throat while I start thinking about what you might do to me. I don't have very long to think when I feel your hand sharply strike my ass. I bury my face into the bed to muffle my yelp. You smack my ass over and over again, harder and harder each time. Tears starting running down my face as I scream into the blankets. You smack me one more time before complaining that I made your hand hurt with my hard ass.

You go over to my dresser and grab my belt. You stand over me softly rubbing the cold leather against my hot sore ass. You enjoy teasing me, making me wait for the pain that I secretly want. Then quickly you draw back and strap my ass with the belt. I yelp loudly even through the sheets and my whole body jerks. Involuntarily I pull my hands down trying to protect myself but with them still tied together I can't cover my ass.

Angrily you yell at me and grab the tie, roughly yanking on it pulling my arms back up over my head. You pull so hard my shoulders hurt causing my to cry out. You tell me that if I cannot behave you will have to strap me down spread-eagled, and if I cannot stop whining you will have to gag me with a pair of your underwear. I promise to be good and you move back behind me.

You start whipping my ass with the belt and it takes all of my willpower not to scream and try to get away from the spanking. You realize I can't take much more as the tears are pouring from my eyes now. After a few more cracks from the belt you throw it off to the side. You kneel down behind me and tenderly start rubbing my ass and back. "I'm sorry Baby, but you have to learn to obey me. I don't like hurting you but you need to do what I tell you to do."

I mumble between sobs, "I know."

You reach between my legs and notice that my cock is soft. You gently start to stroke my cock while you kiss my buttocks. It burns each time your lips touch my sensitive skin but it feels good at the same time. You pull my buttocks apart and start to lick my anus again. You push a finger inside yourself to lubricate it and then you place it against my tight entrance. You gently push your finger against my hole until the tip slips in. I gasp and you stop, letting me get used to the feeling. Then you slowly work your finger all the way into my ass. You curl your finger a little and start pressing down on my prostate.

After a few moments I really start to relax and you know I am ready for more. You slip your finger out and get up and walk over to the nightstand. I hear you digging out a few things but I don't want to look, I would rather be surprised. You kneel behind me again and I hear you open up a bottle of lube. This time I feel your well lubricated finger easily slide into me. You finger fuck my ass until I open up to you and you slip a second finger inside me. You continue until you can slip in a third and then a fourth.

You remove your fingers and I feel the cool plastic of a vibrator against my anus. Slowly you push the vibrator all the way inside me. I gasp and hold my breath while I get used to the feeling of fullness. You fuck my ass for a few minutes with the vibrator until I start pushing back with each thrust. You take a strap and wrap it around me to keep the vibrator secure inside me. Then you get up and sit down on the bed in front of me.

You are holding a plastic bag in one hand and you show it to me. "Want to see what came in the mail today?" you ask.

I nod, too overcome with pleasure to speak. You open the bag and pull out a leather harness and then a medium length, thin dildo. You flip a switch on the back of the dildo and it starts to shake and vibrate. It's rubbery and soft and you start running it over my back to tease me. You then run it over your clit and down in to your pussy. You moan and close your eyes when it is fully inside you. After a few moments you pull it back out and your eyes open. You look me right in the eye as you place the dildo to your lips and start licking it clean.

You smile at me and then strap on the harness. You slide the dildo into the harness and wave it in front of my face. "I'm going to fuck your tight little asshole with this big hard cock, Baby. I'm going to fuck you until you can't take it anymore," you whisper to me.

You smile again and turn to get off the bed. I notice when you turn you have your biggest butt plug buried deep inside your ass. You must have put it in when you were going through our nightstand, now I'm wishing I had watched.

You kneel behind me and remove the strap. The vibrator quickly slides out of me and drops to the floor. Without the slightest hesitation you push the dildo in to take it's place. You bury the dildo into my ass and then just hold me by the hips for a while. When I start to buck a little against you, you start fucking me. It feels so good, you holding my hips sliding your fake cock into me. After a few minutes you start stroking harder and pulling my hips back to meet your thrusts. I hear you start to moan in pleasure and I realize that you can feel the vibrations from the dildo in your wet cunt. You let go of my hips and grab me by the shoulders. Now I am slamming back into you to meet your thrusts. You are moaning and pushing into me hard. You let go of my shoulders and grab my hair with one hand pulling my head back. With your other hand you reach under me and start to pinch my nipples. I feel as though I'm going to explode and I am moaning and twisting around. Suddenly you stop and I groan wondering what is wrong. You slap my hip hard and command, "Beg me to continue. Beg me to fuck your ass!"

"Please Baby, fuck me, " I beg. "Please fuck my asshole with your hard cock, please Baby!"

You laugh and go back to fucking me while you pull hard on my hair and pinch my nipples. Your hands move down my body rubbing and caressing all the way down. You find my cock and start to stroke it. With your other hand you start to finger your wet dripping pussy. You start to lose control and you fuck me wildly as you feel your orgasm come closer. I continue to beg you to fuck me which seems to turn you on even more. After just a few more thrusts you push into me hard and deep as you explode on your fingers. You collapse on top of me as my cock starts to ache. I was so close to cumming when you stopped that now my cock is throbbing.

You pull your fingers from your pussy and put them to my lips. I lick them and suck them into my mouth getting all of your juices off. You reach down and start gently stroking my cock. You feel how hot it is and how it is throbbing. "Oh, does my Baby need to cum? Not just yet Baby, but soon. Soon I'm going to let you cum inside my ass," you whisper in my ear.

With that my cock jerks a little in your hand and you laugh. You whisper again, "Soon Baby."

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