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Pete A. 

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I started at an early age and by now, I had fucked and sucked just about every way that you can think of.
When I was young, I took a few cherries from both girls and boys. I loved sex and learned the proper way to do it from very good teachers, my parents. I learned to eat a woman to orgasm, take a cock into my mouth and suck it until it filled my throat with hot cum, fuck a hot and juicy cunt while a tongue licked and poked at my ass hole. I even had a hard cock buried deep inside me fucking me until it filled my canal with its load. I had other men and boys, the most enjoyable being a father and son I met at the local swimming pool. I spent many days impaled on the fatherā??s cock while I fucked the son right in the changing room. To this day, I still donā??t know why we didnā??t get caught but I do remember, many men and boys smiling at me as I dressed.
When I married, my wife was very open to experimenting with sex and I fucked her cunt and ass hole many times. She loved it when I fucked her ass hole and it got to the point that I wanted to try it so we invested in a large strap on and she fucked me regularly. I found her family open to sex too and had many a nights worth of cunt and cock from just about every member of her family. I especially enjoyed her fatherā??s hard cock, as it was long and thick. It filled my canal like nothing I had had before and he loved coming inside me so his cum could run down the back of my legs and pool under me. Her motherā??s cunt was large and hot and I even had her enjoying fucking me with her daughterā??s strap on. I got to fuck her father too and whenever they visited, it became a long orgy of fucking and sucking.
Anyway, to get back to the present, I live in an area where there is a lot of wild life. The deer population is especially large and it isnā??t unusual to see them in yards or on walks in the forest. There are many trails to follow in the forest and one day, as I trekked down one, I came upon something that made me stop and watch. It was two sets of deer breeding in a small clearing just off the trail. The only reason I found them was that I heard them as I walked past. There was enough brush to hide behind so I stood and watched them.
The does seemed to be very placcid as they were getting fucked by a couple of large bucks. The bucks had their front hooves on the backs of the does and were pumping in and out of their cunts with small grunts and growls. As I watched, I noticed my cock was getting hard. The longer I watched, the harder I got until I had to undo my pants and release my cock. I watched them as I rubbed my cock until one of the bucks turned and looked directly at me. He didnā??t stop fucking but his ears went up and his eyes narrowed as he stared at me.
Soon the other buck noticed me too and did the same thing as the first buck. Finally, they both finished and pulled out of the does cunts. I couldnā??t believe the size of their cocks. As they separated, both of the bucks started walking slowly towards me. I still had my cock out and was rubbing it as they approached closer and closer. Now I was a getting a little worried as they came right up to me and started smelling me.
One of then lowered his head and butted me gently, making me grab the nearest tree for balance. When I did, I had to let go of my cock and there is was, sticking straight out in front of me pointing directly at the nearest buck. To my amazement, he lowered his head and sniffed at me. I froze, afraid to move because I didnā??t know what they would do if I moved. As he sniffed at my cock, he came closer and his tongue flicked out, touching my head. It was raspy but after a few more licks, it started to feel good so I very slowly, undid my belt and let my pants fall down around my ankles.
Now I donā??t wear underwear so there I was, standing in front of two horny bucks nearly naked as one of them continued to lick my cock. After a few minutes, the other buck moved in and started smelling my ass. Soon I felt his raspy tongue lick up my crack. I adjusted my stance to open up my crack for him while he moved directly behind me. His tongue ran up and down my crack while my cock was still getting licked. Wow what a feeling.
I had never thought about sex with animals before but here I was with two bucks having a good time with me while the two does watched. After a few minutes, the buck behind me found my hole and I felt his tongue go inside me a little making me grunt. He must have liked the taste as he moved closer and plunged his tongue up into me over and over again. The buck in front of me had found my balls and was licking down under them as I spread my legs apart wider wanting the two tongues to keep licking me.
The longer I stood there, the hornier I got until I made the decision that I wanted these two bucks to fuck me. Right after that thought came into my head, the buck behind me pushed me, making me fall forward onto my knees. As I did, the buck in front of me moved back, allowing me to fall underneath him. When I raised my head, I found his cock inches from my mouth while the buck behind me had walked over me until I felt his cock against my hole. I knew what was coming and I was ready for it and wanted it.
The buck behind me started to thrust his hard cock at me hitting my cheeks over and over again until he found my hole. Thrusting into me, he made me grunt loudly as he filled me completely with hard cock. Fucking me with strong rapid thrusts, I could hear his breathing as he fucked my ass like it had never been fucked before. I looked up and found the buck in front of me had a hard cock and with it so close I took it in my mouth and started to suck him. He moved closer placing his cock deep inside my mouth before starting to thrust in and out of me. Here I was, on my knees, getting fucked in the ass and mouth by two wild bucks and loving every minute of it.
Because they had just fucked the two does so soon before, it took quite a while for them to come but when they did, they filled my throat and canal with hot, slimy cum that I had to swallow and take. I felt the cum running out of my ass and down the back of my thighs while the buck behind me moved away from me. After the cock in my mouth softened and popped out of me, I fell onto my chest in the leaves and dirt while the two bucks moved away from me towards the two does.
I raised my head and watched them as they left the clearing with me still on the ground, my ass still squeezing cum out of it. Finally after quite a while getting over the abuse I had just encountered, I was able to get to my feet and slowly pulled my pants back up. I stood for several minutes reliving the encounter I had just had and remembering how their big cocks had felt inside my body. I was able to get home safely and change before my wife came home.
Several days later, I was in the back yard when I looked up and saw two bucks looking at me from over the fence. Instantly, my cock got hard as I watched the two of them closely. They were watching me too and soon started moving closer and closer to the gate. Standing just outside the gate, one of them grunted loudly as it trying to tell me something. I slowly moved, as not to scare them, over to the gate and opened the latch, immediately moving back away from it. One of them pushed the gate open and they both came into the yard and directly towards me.
I backpedaled a little until I was up against the picnic table with the two bucks inches away from me. One of then nudged me between the legs and I suddenly realized that these were the two bucks from the other day in the forest. At the same time, I also realized they were there for one reason and one reason only, they wanted to fuck me again.
Not thinking twice about where I was and who might see us, I quickly undid my pants and let them fall to the ground. One of the bucks came closer and started to lick my cock as it grew harder and harder. I kicked off my pants and raised myself up onto the picnic table, placing my hips at the edge of the table and raising my legs, spreading them apart as far as I could. The two bucks moved closer and two tongues started licking me. Soon one of them found the inside of my ass and plunged his raspy tongue deep up into me, slowly tongue fucking me while I held my legs apart. After a few minutes, I loved closer to the edge of the table and one of the bucks got up with his hooves on the table beside my head while his hard cock poked at my ass.
He found my hole quite quickly and started to fuck me hard and fast as animals have a tendency to do. God, it felt so good having his thick hard cock buried deep inside me. This time it didnā??t take long for him to cum inside me and he filled my canal easily with a huge amount of hot liquid before getting down off the table. I didn't move and the second buck took the first oneā??s place and I soon felt his long hard cock buried inside me, fucking the hell out of me.
After a few minutes of roughly fucking me, he came inside me and added to the hot load deep inside my ass before getting down off the table. They stood for a few minutes and watched me lower my legs and slide off the table. My ass was sore and my hips were scrapped from the table but I felt great having just been fucked my two large horny bucks again. I watched them slowly leave the yard and after pulling my pants back on, I went over and closed the gate, leaning on it, savoring the feeling of their hot cum I had inside my body.
When I turned and started towards the house, I looked up and saw my wife standing at our bedroom window. She was completely nude and had one hand rubbing her breasts while the other was between her legs, pumping a finger in and out of her cunt. I smiled up at her and she motioned for me to come up.
I quickly got into the house and found her on our bed, legs spread, arms open inviting me to fuck her. I couldnā??t get out of my clothes fast enough but unfortunately, I didnā??t last long. While we rested, she told me she had watched me with the bucks in the back yard, having never seen anything so erotic in her life. We talked some more about it and she wanted to know what it felt like to have a wild animal fuck me. I told her that maybe she could find out how it felt if she let the two bucks fuck her next time. She smiled and agreed, making my mind wander. After I had fucked her, she had sucked the deerā??s cum out of my ass and now she wanted to feel their hard cocks inside her too.
Several days later while I again was in the back yard, I saw the two bucks had returned. There they were, standing outside the gate waiting for me to open it. I did and they came into the yard, heading directly towards me. I nearly ran over to the picnic table and just as I started undoing my pants but I remembered that my wife wanted to the two bucks to fuck her too.
I quickly looked up and there she was in the window watching. I motioned her to come down and she appeared a moment later at the sliding door off the patio. I motioned for her to move slowly as she approached the two bucks and me while they watched her closely.
When she reached my side, I told in a quiet voice to take her dress off and open her legs. She did as she was told and one of the bucks moved closer to her. With a little hesitation, his tongue flicked out and pried between her legs tasting her. I removed my pants and got up onto the table, moving my ass hole right up to the edge of the table while the other buck came over and mounted me. Soon his cock was buried deep inside me while I watched my wife, whose eyes were closed, getting tongue fucked by the other buck. The buck above me was fucking me fast and rough as I continued to watch my wife enjoy the fucking she was getting.
As the cock inside me started to spurt its hot large load up into me, my wife moved over beside me and had gotten up on the table in the same position as I was. She opened her legs wide apart and raised them up over her head while the buck moved up onto the table, thrusting his hard cock at her wildly. He found her cunt soon after and she yelped when it plunged into her. The buck started fucking her fast and filled her cunt completely with its hard cock, slapping against her thighs with every thrust.
She was moaning and groaning as, she was getting fucked by this wild animal. Soon, I heard her groan loudly as the buck froze and I knew he was coming deep inside her. She rolled her head back and forth while taking all of the hot cum deep inside her cunt until the buckā??s cock softened and plopped out of her. She had her eyes closed as I watched the buck get off the table.
After a few minutes, she opened her eyes and we watched the two bucks saunter over to the gate and disappear into the forest. Only then did she look at me. She smiled and told me she had never experienced anything that erotic in her life and that she wanted to do it again and again, as often as the bucks were around. I agreed and for the rest of the summer and fall, we let the two bucks fuck us in our back yard whenever they came around. After our experiences with the bucks, we have tried other animals over the coming months, but the bucks will always be our favorite because they were the first to introduce us to animal fucking..

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