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Julie L. 

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"Wakeup sleepyhead time to rise and shine." I am still groggy "Ok, Iā??m
awake." Opening my eyes to see my beautiful angel smiling down at me.
She kisses me on the fore head "Come on breakfast is almost ready." I am
thinking how can you smile with all the bad things happening to you. God
she is a special girl. I crawl out hurting all over like I slept on a rock. Iā??m
watching Jo head for the kitchen her beautiful ass wiggling in her jeans. I
try to overt my eyes as I feel shame over lusting for her like I have.
Especially now that I have learned about her dad and brother molesting
her for over two years.

I change into shorts and t-shirt then sit at kitchen table. Watching Jo and
mom finish breakfast. I hear the rest of the family gathering at the dining
room table. Just hearing uncle Bobā??s voice makes my blood boil. I want to
get a gun or bat and take his head off. I look at Jo and wonder. How do
you do it? I would have killed him in his sleep by now.

We eat then I have to get out of there as I cannot be around uncle Bob.
Just seeing him makes me sick to my stomach. Fucking Perverted bastard.

I head out side to get away. Shortly Jo comes out looking for me. "Whats
wrong? I can tell your upset." "How can you be so calm about what your
dad and brother are doing to you?" "Itā??s hard but I guess I have accepted
the fact I have no choice but live with it. You know there even times I feel
I need it." "WHAT!" I nearly yell at her. "Are you crazy?" "No but
sometimes I get really worked up, I mean my pussy aches to be fucked.
They at least take care of the problem. Maybe I am crazy then because
there are times I enjoy them fucking me." Hearing her tell me this just
blows my mind. I canā??t believe what Iā??m hearing.

"I do know Iā??d rather be with you." She says. Iā??m staring at her in
disbelief. "Me? your kidding right." She looks around to make shue no one
is watching. Comes over to me and kisses me on the lips sliding her
tongue into my mouth. Breaking the kiss she says "Do you still think Iā??m
kidding?"I can feel her huge tits pressing against my chest. I canā??t help
my self, my cock is getting hard. "Why would you want to be with me?"
"Why? Your the only one who has been good to me, not just wanting to
fuck me."

"Jo I must confess that I have had a lot of carnal thoughts about you
too." "Well I hope so or I might think you perfer boys. I thought you might
get the hint from the other night. I was wishing you would have done
something then." "I was afraid to thinking you might stop liking me for
touching you wrong. That and It had been drummed into me from a child
by the church sex is a sin unless itā??s between a married couple. Then only
to have kids. Incest we have been taught is a motal sin and you will go to
hell for it."

"Well maybe its wrong but donā??t you like me?" "Jo are stupid? Iā??d give
my soul to be with you." Just about then the twins come out. Saying mom
and dad said they could go swimming if one of us went with them. Then
begging one of us to go. We live just 5 blocks from the city pool. Heck I
almost live there most summers. "Sounds great to me." I say, "Me too,
give me a chance to try out my new bathing suit. I just got before we
came." Flashing a huge smile at me.

We go in and get ready,finding my trunks and a towels for us all. Mom
and aunt Kate give us enough money to get in and for a snack."Want me
to take you?" Mom asks "No we can walk, thanks though mom." "Just be
home by 5 supper will be ready about then." "We will."Jo tells her. "Love
you both." we all say and head out. Love you all too mom and Kate telling
the girls to have a good time. Kate telling the twins "You girls mind Jo and
Richard or else." Both girls promise to mind.

We leave headed for the pool. The girls saying its been for ever since
they swam in a real pool not a pond or creek. Arriving we pay the the girl
go into the womens changing rooms, I go into the mens. I do a quick
change and am waiting next to the pool. The twins come out first in
matching one piece blue suits. Then Jo comes out but she has her towel
wrapped around her so I canā??t see her swimsuit.

The twins jump right in and start splashing water at me. I tell them they
are going to pay for it. The just laugh and splash more water at me. While
Iā??m blocking the water being splashed at me . Jo comes up behind me and
pushes me in. I manage to kind of dive in, Oh my the water is cold at first.
I come up telling Jo "Your going to pay for that." But shes gone her towel
by the pool edge.

Next thing I know my feet are pulled out from under me. I go under.
Opening my eyes under water I see Jo swimming away from me." I surface
inhale and go after her. She is a very strong swimmer, but I am too. From
being on the swim team. Reaching the other side I am within arms lenght
of grabbing her feet when the twins jump on me from the side of the pool.
I grab each one and dunk them several times. Jo is laughing her ass off.
Then takes off across the pool again. I take off after her. But she has too
good of a lead.She makes the edge of the pool and rolls out. "Chicken!"
I call out to her. She just laughs. So I head for the diving boards. I love to
show off on them. I am one of the best diver at our school. I should be as
much time as I have spent here doing it. I get on the first low board and
do a 1 1/2 of my favorites.

I come back under water, coming up near the edge of the pool. "Nice
dive."I hear. I look up to see Jo standing there. I had not been able to see
her suit till now. My jaw and tongue almost hit the bottom of the pool. She
was wearing a very skimpy black shiny bikini that was so tight on her tits
they looked like they would pop out at any moment. Her bottom barely
covered her crotch area. Her nipples were very promenent from the cold
water. Iā??m guessing any way. My cock acknowledges it too immediately
getting hard. "Can you teach me how to do that?" "Sure I can try any
way. Might take a few lessons though." "Well you teach me that and Iā??ll
teach you a few things." I guess Iā??m stupid as I missed her meaning

Iā??m embarrassed by my hardon.As it had my trunks pushed out like a
tent. Iā??m not sure but think Jo saw it because she had a big grin looking at
me. Then she tell me she going to lay down and tan some. I canā??t help it
Iā??m staring at her sweet ass as she walks away. The cloth barely covering
her cheeks. As she walks she runs a finger under the edge pulling it out
and lets is snap on her butt cheek. God my dick is like a rock getting
harder watching her if that was possible. I need some relief. So I go find
the twins and start to play water tag with them. Hoping my erection would
go down from the cold water and not looking at Jo.

We are playing when Dee was it , she slipped up behind me and went
under. Then reached between my legs and grabbed my still stiff cock. She
has this huge grin when she surfaces. "What the fuck?" I say to her. I got
you wiener, your it." laughing. Then going to her sister and whispers
something to her. "Really." She says out loud. Dee shaking her head yes.
Then says something else to her.

They both dissappear I can see them headed my way. Suddenly there
are 4 hands pulling at my crotch and trunks. I try to pull away as they
almost pull my trunks down and off. They surface laughing."What the
matter never had your wiener pulled before.?" "What the hell your my
cousins. Besides your way to young to fooling around some guys dick."
We just wanted to see yours, we have seen dad and Rickys." Deb says
"Dee said your is bigger than either one of theirs. Hell Iā??d say you almost
as big as Royā??s." "Who the hell is Roy and what are you doing looking at
his dick." The girls giggle. "Not who what, Roy is my Shetland pony. Your
not quite as long as his but bigger around for sure." I forget they are
around animals when they mate all the time. So I guess it seems natural to

"Well I donā??t care you have no business grabbing me or any boys dick."
Your too young to even think about such things. "Maybe I should tell aunt
Kate about this." Both start begging me not to promising to never do it

I swim to where Jo is laying. I get out and lay beside her. I canā??t help
looking at her semi nude body lieing there I almost was drooling over her.
The twins come up and lay by Jo. I think they were afriaid I would say
something to Jo about what happened. After a few minutes they went back
to playing in the pool. Iā??m laying her looking at Joā??s beautiful face, her
eyes closed enjoying the warmth of the sun. When she opened her eyes
and smiling she says "Hi there.""Hi your self." I smile back at her

She then asks me to put some suntan oil on to keep her from burning. I
get out the bottle mom makes up special for me. Iā??m fair skinned and burn
easy. She makes it out of baby oil and a couple other things it works and
doesnā??t wash off in the water to quickly. I sit up trying to hide my harding
dick, from just thinking of touching her. I squirt some from her shoulders
to her lower back. Then start to rub it in, her skin is so soft and I canā??t
believe Iā??m touching her. working my way down her back I get to her top.
"Undo it." she says. I fumble with the strings trying not to get oil on them.
I continue to spread the oil across her back and around the sides of her
chest. Stopping at the edge of her tits, as I am rubbing oil near them she
raises up a bit to allow me better access to her sides . I am hard as a
rock by now. Every time I get close to her breasts she lets out a small
moan. I continue to work further down her back to the edge of her bikini
bottom. I work the edge and around to her belly.

I start to lay back down when she says "What about my legs they will
burn if you donā??t do them too." "Oh ok ." So I start at her feet work my
way all the way to her bikini covering her butt. I stop and inch or so from
it. "Your not done." she says. Iā??m shaking like Iā??m sitting on a block of Ice.
I rub the oil right up to the elastic on her suit. Slightly pushing the bands
up a little to be sure to get ever exposed skin there is. Then she spreads
her legs a bit. Exposing unoiled flesh "Finish the Job." trembling I squirt
some on my hands then start to work the inside of her thighs from her
knees to to her almost exposed pussy. The closer I rub she moans again
and spreads her legs wider, giving me more acess to her crotch.

The instant my fingers touch the cloth covering her cunt. I nearly cum in
my trunks. I accidentally touch her through the material. She closes her
legs trapping my hand against her cunt. I freak out thinking she is going to
hit me or worse. I feel her kind of shutter and her leg muscles tense up.
"Oh my." She kind of groans out. "Mmm that feels good." Using her leg
muscles she is working my hand against her pussy. I can feel my hand
getting wet. Iā??m thinking she has just peed a little. Then she releases my
hand but grabs it taking it to her face and smells it. "Yep thats me." she
says. Then pushes it toward my face. I smell my hand , it smells just like
the blanket smelled when I folded her bedding up the other morning.
"Thanks I really needed that. Please retie me." I do then. I look at her ,
thinking does she smell like that from getting turned on. I know I get an
odor when I havenā??t washed.
But this was diffrent some how intoxicating. I wanted to lick my fingers
and taste her. I was broght back to reality when she ask if I want lotion
on me. "Sure if you want to." "Lay down." I do as told, hiding my rock
hard dick best I could. "Having a problem are we?" "You might say that."
She just giggles a little. I wiggle some to try to get comfortable Nearly
impossible with my cock smashed against the hard ground even with a
towel beneath me. I almost instantly forget how uncomfortable I am as her
hands begin to rub oil on my shoulders. She works all the way to my
trunks then pushes the doun amlost to my butt crack. Then pulls them
back up. I start to move but she stops me. "Iā??m not done yet." Then oils
my legs and rubbs my ankles slowly rubbing her way to my trunks. I
instintanly spred my legs to let her do my thighs. My trunks are real loose
fitting. As she is rubbing my inside thigh she slides her hand inside the leg
of my trunks. I kind of jump like I was shocked. She giggles and goes
higher touching my balls. "OH MY." I exclaim. She takes them in her hand
and gently squeeses them. Itā??s too much for me to take. I groan and stiffen
up as I cum in my trunks. Iā??m sure she can tell as my balls jerk and go
tight. When I have finished cuming she slides her hand out. "I think you
needed that too, and your welcome cum cum." smiling at me.
I just lay there spent, I have no energy and I know the whole front of my
trunks are wet with my cum. I had jerked off to a magazine Calvin stole
from his dad but this was a thousand time better. It was the firt time a girl
had touched me there, now I was hooked. I never wanted to jerk off again
I wanted her to do it. Hell she never even touched my dick either.

"Uh-Oh." Jo says "Its almost 5 we need to get going." She jumps up and
looks for the twims, signaling them to go. I am weak and shakey, I wrap
my towel around me to hid what looks like I peed. I hurry to the showers
washing me and my trunks of the cum. I donā??t change just head out. JO
and the girls are waiting out side. Dee asks "What took you so long?" As
they were in street clothes again. "I had troulbe finding my clothes" I tell
her. She just gives me a strange look. We are going to be late if we donā??t
hurry. We walk into the house just as dad is getting ready to come get us.
Phew that was close, he looks pissed as it was. "Cutting it mighty close
arenā??t we?" He says. We all apologise as time just slipped by we were
having so much fun. "Well get cleaned up itā??s time to eat.

Part 3 to follow.

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