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Crystal M. 

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The surprise turns to something familiar when I feel Claire‚??s tongue and lips gently persuading me to get hard. I feel the head of me enter her mouth and Claire begins working me with long slow strokes in and out of her mouth. Warm and stimulating as someone new works me over and it feels good but I tap her on the shoulder and get a look while I‚??m still in her mouth. I turn my finger around and I feel her grin as Claire swivels around and now I have a big black ass in my face with a white thong. I feel Clair continue working me over with her mouth as I pull the thong to the side ad see a trace of pink in the sea of brown flesh before diving in face first. I make it a point to tongue her hole and feel her shudder with the sensation of me invading. There could be a place for soft and sweet but it‚??s not here and now as Claire is going hard on me as I‚??m doing the same to her. She tastes bitter sweet but that‚??s nothing to dissuade me when I fall free from Claire‚??s mouth and she pushes back into my face moaning. I hear her getting louder and louder when she pulls away quickly and turns around facing me, the look in her eyes is lust and now she‚??s over my hips and has a hand on me rubbing the head in between her lips. Claire presses her hips down and I‚??m treated to a new tightness and warmth as she settles in on top of me, I keep myself still as slowly she rides me letting me feel her warm wet pussy all over my dick. I reach up and pull at the top of Claire‚??s corset allowing her large breasts to move freely in my hands. I‚??m massaging her nipples as she rides me with slow long strokes in and out of her pussy. We‚??re both breathing heavy when she smiles down at me and covers my hands with her own before speeding up. No light playful banter as I squeeze her nipples in between my fingers, Claire is bouncing hard I‚??m just trying to keep from falling out as she uses the whole length of my cock. We‚??re going hard when it happens, I fall out and then there something of a quiet moment where we‚??re both looking at each other and the wrestling match begins.

It‚??s playful mind you and I‚??m smiling as we fight for position of who‚??s on top. I get Claire on her stomach and throw myself over her ass and when she feels my cock head at her entrance again. I push back inside and start hammering away at Claire using her meaty ass as a cushion. I put my hands over her shoulders, she‚??s shorter than me by a foot, and use that to brace her in place so she can‚??t get away. We‚??re both grunting and panting like animals as I take Clair like an animal hard and as I get close I lower my body down on top of hers resting on my elbows with my forearm under her neck. I bite her ear gently and growl as I feel her clamp down on me and its a few more strokes as I cum hard grunting and bucking into her sweet brown folds. We grind and pant heavily as I have her pinned before I roll off and it‚??s not two seconds later she starts chuckling.

"Now I know why a white boy has five wives," Claire tells me and I laugh with her.

"It was their idea," I reply as she pulls herself to me.

"I have had sex like that since my husband. That was good," she tells me cuddling in.

"Well it‚??s yours if you want it but you need to be very clear on what happens next time because you‚??ll be there watching as I ruin Meredith‚??s life," I tell her breaking the mood slightly.

I watch her nod then smile as she crawls off the bed and grabbing her little bag heads to the bathroom. I wait for a minute and she comes back, still in the lingerie, and sits down on the bed making a phone call.

"Hello Claire, I know you said you‚??d call when you could help but it‚??s really early," I hear a tired Meredith on speaker phone.

"He‚??s leaving it to me Meri. Your punishment is in my hands now and you get a warning because if you screw him over I have to come down there or it‚??s my family, not yours," Claire says to her friend very serious.

"So we‚??re okay, he‚??s not going to ruin Darren and I or our kids," Meredith asks and Claire turns to look at me now.

"I just got done proving that a black woman with a good ass can win most deals for you but you don‚??t understand what I mean. If you don‚??t follow the rules Meri Guy is going to bring me down there, we‚??re going to take Darren somewhere and he‚??s going to wish I‚??d never let him leave the hotel room. I‚??ll have to come down regularly so your husband can get what the brothers need when they come up to visit me. I‚??ll personally have to ruin sex with your husband for you and I don‚??t want to have to do that Meredith," Claire tells her and I‚??m wide eyed and smiling," Meredith tell us you understand. It‚??ll happen; I can take a good man and make him a good dog if I need to. You know how many guys in college lusted after my ass."

"I know Meredith, I‚??m sorry. Guy she said you‚??re there, I‚??m sorry, I wasn‚??t thinking before I spoke but I‚??m thinking now," Meri starts and I smile.

"Alright Meredith I want you to hold your husband and value what I did for you. I mean really appreciate the bond I helped build because if it comes down to you and Claire I‚??m sorry but I think she‚??s going to pick her family over yours. As of now Meredith, we‚??re good," I tell her and relax back onto the bed.

Claire and Meredith continue to talk as Claire reassures her friend that it‚??s over and were good. I shoot Jun a message asking him to please realign my flight for home and let my wives know I‚??m going to be in and home by noon. Claire ends her call and I am treated to warm dark skinned woman keeping me warm tonight.

We part ways the next morning after I shower and she needed to leave early. Jun had all my arrangements set up and I‚??m at the airport waiting to catch my flight when my coworkers start to blow up my device as they‚??ve seen their paydays. I send a group job well done to all and board for home. Good two weeks and a great payday, not long before we got to send Stuart back to college. I almost feel bad for Richard, his roommate, almost.

Richard: around the beginning of the Claire Job

God I love skiing, its better when you can fly somewhere and do it while listening to hot women with hot accents tell you about their lives before and after marathon fuck sessions provided by the Richard Abernathy. Back at the family estate in New York, not the city, I‚??m treated to my father‚??s usual talks about spending and I show him how I‚??ve been keeping things down at college so I can spend on vacation. The old man lets me have that one but hands me a notice of inactivity for a cash card, the one I gave Stuart. I check it and see a little bit of use before nothing, nothing in almost three months. He must have hooked up with Stephanie when she came over like she said she would. I like Stuart, he‚??s smarter than me and he‚??s got that good guy way about him that screams husband material, I think that‚??s why Stephanie was interested in him. Yeah he‚??s huge and a bit of a bad dresser but maybe I need to help with that? I figure I should call him and see about what he‚??s been up to. I know I screwed around with a couple girls he was into but so what, I‚??ll throw him some untouched by R.A. and he‚??ll be better this year, maybe even get him to a gym.

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