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Omar A. 

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How can I be so attracted I'm not a lesbian I think to myself, but I know deep deep down I must be, as the memories of the tender kisses and sexual encounters with this woman I knew as Emily flood back through my mind ,and lower region begins to moisten.

Becoming sexually aroused. slowly my fingers drifted over my hardening nipples, the familiar sensation between my legs starting to grow. I close my eyes breathing deeply.

A small gasp from my cell mate snaps me out of the semi trance, My eyes drift to the huddled figure on the floor.. in the dull light I can just make out a small movement under the blanket that was barely covering the slender woman, another small gasp and a sudden movement brings a smile to my face.

Watching closely I make out the shudder as she slowly stretched out her legs, another small gasp and shudder her legs open her knees draw upwards , the blanket falling to the side revealing a hand between her legs and the other gently playing with her engorged nipples.

Gently teasing my own nipples with one hand my other gliding slowly between my legs, careful not to alert my cell mate,

Eyes glued to the action taking place on the floor illuminated by what I assume is her phone.

A thought passing through my mind that she was getting off watching something on her phone.

So aroused by what was taking place I started to gently play with my hard nipples, the fingers on my right hand circling and plucking at my engorged sensitive clit.

I start to moan softly , biting my bottom lip I close my eyes and and listen to the soft noise from my cell mate as her breathing becomes more ragged.

Slowly drifting into a peaceful sleep ..thoughts of how I feel in the arms of another woman.

The soft breath on my cheek brings my eyes open.. the shock of seeing my cell mate kneeling naked next to me, her erect nipples and soft whispers bring me out of my dreams of my lover.

The soft voice whispered, Can I help you with that, then without asking, a hand gently grasps my right hand and draws it to her eager lips, the warm wet sensation as one by one each finger was enveloped by warm soft lips ,each finger eagerly sucked and licked dry.

My own hands that had that had been previously between my thighs are replaced by her eager fingers easily slipping between the wet slippery folds , dancing delicately over my swollen clit,

Arching my back, a soft moan escaping my lips. the sensation tingling right through , a shiver as a tongue flicked gently over sensitive nipples.

Eyes closing enjoying being finger fucked by this unexpected lover. The pleasant sensations running through my entire body.

The slow gentle movement as Sue slowly stood and swivelled around , the soft leg brushing my erect nipples as it settled in position near my waist, the mattress moved, another gentle movement as the slender figure settled in a squatting position over my heaving breasts , still the fingers exploring the depth of my pleasure canal,

The fragrance of a woman's sex , strong and tainted with another scent, the faint smell of sweat, wafted into my nostrils,

Opening my eyes , the sight of a previously frightened cell mates engorged cunt and tightly puckered anal hole so close to my face.

Without warning Sue lowered her face between my now spread thighs , the sudden explosion of sensations as her teeth nipped and sucked hungrily at my sensitive clit .

Gasping in shock , then trembling with pleasure, I grabbed for the naked hips of this unexpected lover.

The muffled voice echoing from between my thighs..


The sudden command sent a shiver through me.

The realisation that involuntarily my submissive instinct had taken over, my tongue was already in action as I pulled myself towards this woman's sex,

The tangy and sour taste on my tongue as it slid between the moist cheeks , the command to clean it good you Slut, echoed in my ears.

Then the shock of hearing the words whispered so confidently.

Right you fucking Slut, listen to me, Don't Stop! fuck my dirty arse hole with that filthy tongue.

If you don't want that cop cunt of yours inside with you, you better do as I say .Slut.

What did you say I managed to splutter in between attempting to pull my face away from her unclean arse hole.

I've got your phone slut, should have locked it you dumb Slut.

I know all about your little secrets.. how your lover gives you treats and takes you for little outings.. how you exchange cute sexy msgs in secret, and pretend to be her patient..

Think your clever spreading your legs for that cop shrink , well you can spread them sexy fucking legs for me too. Unless you want me to tell the warden about your little game.

Now about the position of pussy licker... You have just been promoted PET!!!.

Now lick my dirty hole PET..

Stunned, Shocked and revolted by this perverted act the smell and taste evident that she had already schemed and played me into this position,.

Pinned beneath her, gagging and desperately struggling to push her off. The smell of her sex mixed with the stronger pungent smell of her unwiped arsehole,

My stomach contents threatening to erupt any moment the fear building , tears streaming from my eyes, I knew in my heart and soul I was lost once again,

The adrenaline coursing through my veins , that deep ingrained submissive part of me started to emerge. The conditioning from Emily the confusion of right and wrong, has me unconsciously starting to obey.

That voice again, so confident..

Taste my arse hole Slut or so help me God I will bite your fucking clit off.

I felt her teeth start to bear down on my clit, I screamed ,

More pressure ,

Tears streaming, I opened my mouth, extended my tongue and delicate poked at her puckered shit covered hole.

Clenching my eyes tightly closed, I flicked at her trembling hole, with my tongue .

Fighting back the rising bile in my throat I licked again , shuddering in disgust at the tangy taste.

She eased off the pressure on my clit, but continued to suck and nip at it keeping just enough pressure with her teeth to remind me of her threat.

My body trembling, fighting against the almost pleasant sensations building in my core, , I gasped and flicked my tongue once more at this disgusting hole, swiping from side to side, I felt her tense then relax, it seemed her hole had opened and wrapped itself around my darting tongue.

With no choice I darted in and out circling with the tip, letting my split collect and dribble, washing away the tangy taste.

I suddenly convulsed with a series of mini orgasms from her probing tongue in my now dripping cunt.

In the throws of my sudden orgasm , my mind lost in pleasure I hungrily tongue fucked her anal cavity all thought of disgust now gone.

My personal pussy and arse cleaner .. mmmm might even offer your services for a fee.. she excitedly screamed for all to hear.

How would you like that Pet!! hey be a few who would love to have you on your knees ...hehehe.

Now I'm going to give you a list and you better get that cop lover of yours to get every thing on it, and I want to come on these outing she arranges for you too..

My mind was in a spin.. I was lost again, being forced to do disgusting things, my tears welling up and spilling down my face.

The thoughts of what had become of my life flashing through my head, anger, sorrow hate all emotions flowing together. fear and panic as to what I could do.

The foul taste in my mouth and the smell on my face brought back the gagging reflex , her words of offering me to others, bouncing in my head, fear raging in my soul, I felt my bladder control start to fail,

Shaking and trembling I rushed to the toilet , but to late as I felt the trickle down my thighs.

The sudden shove in my back took me by surprise, down I went , Shocked on all fours on the floor, in my own puddle of piss ..

Look at the mess you dumb slut, now clean it up NOW BITCH..

I looked around in daze for a cloth,

Trying to stand, I felt her bare foot in the middle of my back ..

No bitch lick it up.. Sue's words echoed in my ears.

Then in horror I felt the splash then steady trickle as she pissed on my head.

The force of her foot pushing my face into the growing puddle had me face first into this warm wet puddle my lips and tongue tasting the salty tang of our combined piss.

Lick it all up or I give up you secret slut..Sue quietly whispered.

Tears flowing I lapped at the puddle knowing There was no choice.

The laughter and giggling from the women gathered at the front of our cell left no doubt who was now in charge of this cell.

And no doubt who was now the personal toilet slut..perhaps to all.

Laying huddled on the floor in the corner, wet naked and smelling of piss, I cried myself to sleep, the only thoughts in my head were I have to get out of here..

I woke to the sound of Sue calling me...

Hey get here slut i need my pussy and arse cleaned .. NOW BITCH..

Shaking and on all fours i crawled to carry out my disgusting duties, face tear stained, naked, cold and still sticky from the piss in my hair. I looked around for my cloths but all that remained was a pile of shredded rags.

The alarm for all to wake and head for the showers sounded , the doors to the cell unlocked , then the clatter and noise of a new day inside started.

Trembling I made my way to the shower block just the remnants of a shirt to cover my naked body, the whistles and threats coming from all around, the hands molesting me touching and pinching as i was pushed and prodded towards the showers,

Once inside surrounded by women shielding me from the eyes of officers and cameras , I felt myself being carried into the furthest stall roughly forced to lay on the floor on my back, my head held back my mouth forced open, a home made ring gag forced into my mouth keeping my mouth wide open further than i thought possible the stretching tearing the corners of my mouth. arms pined either side,

Then the terror of what was about to happen as women lined up one after the other some squatting some standing, all pissing in my open mouth, trying to shake my head to escape the flood of urine, eyes stinging and the foul taste of piss on my tongue the ring gag making it impossible to spit out the overflowing piss slowly gaging as it trickled down my throat , spluttering and choking.

Still pinned to the floor I hear the voice load and clear.. You know your friends in high places cant help you anymore don't you.. are a liability now we know who they are.. and I know your friends fucked up my girl friend Cheryl...

Her next words struck fear right through my soul,, I believe you like licking arse holes mmmm

Ive just had my morning crap. lets see if our new toilet slut has developed a taste for her new role, you will be doing this every morning from now so hope you do acquire a taste heheheh.

As her shadow descended towards my face my world went blank.

Waking in the hospital bed I tried to scream before my mind realised where I was .. trembling i looked around, I felt cold and shivered, my hands were cuffed to the bed rails, only a sheet and blanket covered my still naked body, my jaw ached, my mouth tasted of antiseptic i tried to move my tongue it felt swollen my eyes stung, my entire body felt strange.

Ohhh Sara the familiar voice spoke into my ear.. i turned my head..

Sitting in the corner was Emily or Helen,, her expression was stern, I opened my mouth to speak, her eyes warned me to stop.

The voice from the other side of the room sounded familiar as well ..It was Kate.. and she was angry...

Seems we have a problem Sara.. Kate started growling... that fucking phone, why didn't you delete them fucking messages.. holy fuck what did you save them for , what to finger yourself at night!! fuck you dumb slut I knew you would be trouble..

I have a good mind to let them sluts inside piss and shit in your mouth every day you stupid slut.. Now what are we going to do with you Uhhh.

And you!! you stupid love struck bitch Helen , what you thinking with your pussy... writing that lame love shit to this fucking hmmmmff... Should have just sold the bitch.. could have made a shit load of money...

Listening quietly I saw Em wipe a tear from the corner of her eye, my tears were welling up, I hung my head and mumbled I was sorry...

Kate started again looking me directly in the eye..

You Listen Good Sara,, you open your mouth you will become the permanent toilet for life ,, we wont be scrubbing your mouth out next time.. GOT IT.. Which one of those sluts have your phone and was it just Helens love notes you help me god if anything drops in my lap your fucked..

Just a couple of Em's messages i spluttered but they dont know everything just that we fuck when I go with her for my evaluations.. they dont know anything else honest .. my tears spilling down my cheeks. just maybe that she gives me things when she visits...

Kate gave Emily a hard look and turned to leave,, over her shoulder she quietly spoke a few words.. Fix your fuck up. don't care how much you get.. call your contacts in Mexico for all I care just fix it..

Emily with a tear in her eye whispered its fixed... then looked away from me..

I shivered but not from the cold.. The words EM had whispered "ITS FIXED" resonated in my mind, her lack of eye contact and just body language send shivered through my body I stared at her my mouth open stuck for the right words..

She just stood up and walked out , not a backward glance no I love you nothing.. I broke down sobbing..until the nurse came in to help me with a bed pan.. not even allowed to go to the fucking toilet on my own .. i shook with shame as i emptied my bladder in the pan with the nurse watching .

Back in jail now in solitary and on suicide watch in case i do anything silly.. still just a smock to cover my bare body.. apparently clothes can be used to do silly things the guards have told me..

lost and frightened no word from the one i loved. ..

Finally I am summoned to resume my visits with the shrink ,I nervously sit in the office waiting to see if my loving EM is still assigned to me.. my heart pounding , so nervous i feel sick. imagining the worst . I hear her voice first, the soft touch on my cheek next, then a hug .. her face is strained. i long for a more intimate touch but it isn't on offer.

Well Sara she quietly says. you look better than last time.

I was just talking with a friend of yours, Lovely young lady is Our Sue.. apparently she likes to bargain, such an unfortunate thing she has chosen the wrong career, yes such a pity for one so young to be involved in the porn industry, but she will get the chance to travel and expand on her hygiene habits as a matter of fact she gave me a phone to give you...if you would care to wish her well she is just in the adjoining room come now.

I stood and shuffled behind her still with my hands cuffed and feet shackled.. In the the middle of the room sat Sue totally immobilized by EM's favourite drug, her eyes darting from side to side,

my experience with the same drug told me she could hear and see everything around her just not able to speak or move anything except her eyes.

I smiled at her, shuffled over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Ohhh thank you so much for my phone Pet I whispered.. believe you got early release for your cooperation with the police and good behaviour.. hehehe.

also heard you will be travelling soon.. don't bother to much with clothes and stuff pretty sure you will be supplied all you need when you get where you are eyes lit up when i saw the dog suit and travel crate in the corner, but the second set had me turn to EM with a question on my lips, it was then I felt the sharp prick of the needle in my bare arm.

Wwwhat EM I spluttered , the instant the drug hit my vein I felt the effects start to course through me .. slowly sinking to the floor, I only just registered the stranger sitting in the chair in the other corner, my eyes locked on her face and her lips.

Her lips were so so.. something about them sang in my head.. Kissable was a word that stood out. I felt myself lose all feeling in my limbs my entire body relaxed my voice was gone, the tear that had instantly started to leak seemed to stop and just remain in its place..

The stranger stood, walked to me and knelt down her voice so sweet and soft a language so foreign to me danced around my head, her fingers drifting over my breasts, the touch on my nipples sending tingles through my intimate places, her head nodding and her eyes sparkling with a pleased look. She then ran her hands down over my entire body inspecting and probing my intimate parts, carefully inspecting inside as well as out as if giving me a medical check over.

Yessss she spoke to EM... jajajaja I thought you were exaggerating the value of this one... yayayaya. I am glad you called me,, Now what ever will I do with two such valuable pieces of merchandise... You say the other is a bonus absolutely free of charge.. Very generous of you. Emily..

Yesssss I can find a buyer, she will look good in the ally ways entertaining those that run the live donkey shows I'm sure. but perhaps first she will be of use in my new clubs ladies room, I've been think I should all play a part in the green planet jargon , I have a cubicle for those that want a paper free rest room and you say she has a tongue for it Yesssss.

But this one she will be my draw card for my new venture .. perhaps she may like her new occupation jajajaja... unless perhaps she wants to keep her friend company jajajajajajaj.

leaning over my paralyzed form she smiled and in carefully spoken English whispered.

You my Prize may call me Miss "G" for now jajajaja. you may think of me as a bitch much later. but for now I am your Miss G. unless you wish to join your friend in the wash room jajajaja you Will be obedient. you look to delicious to be spent in the ally's being fucked by donkey's.

Turning to EM she softly ordered her to package both pieces of merchandise and freight them to Mexico, The agreed price will be transferred on delivery.. just in case you decide to keep this one with the cute titties and pussy for yourself jajajajaja

Laying on my side my eyes watched Emily and Kate prepare Sue and myself to be fitted with our dog suits , so realistic so life like.

The tubes from our nostrils to give life to the fake dogs, inserted into the nostrils of the dog, a Catheter tube inserted into our urethra's then connected to the suits own vagina , then the heart beat monitor attached and connected to the suits to give a heart beat , I watched as Emily and Kate measured out the liquid that was going to be injected into our bowel's to keep us hydrated on our journey then the plugs inserted,

Every touch felt but unable to move a muscle only follow each move with my eyes. Sue's eyes darting back and forth with fear so evident.

To her this was new and scary, to me just scary.

The final insertion of the intravenous drip for our slow release of drugs to keep us immobilized for the journey. to our new owner,

I knew now I was never to see my Emily again my doom was set as i felt myself being settled into position in my new skin,

Every thing so life like , undetectable inside the beast , then settled into the travel cage to be freighted to my new life just like a prize animal.

The sounds of people, the clatter of the cages full of peoples pets being loaded into the cargo hold rang in my ears, the smells and the howls of pets as they were shunted on board. They to as scared as myself .The unknown fear causing my bladder to release tiny dribbles of urine, the staff joking about the big lazy dogs snoring and pissing themselves already , ohhh man one joked the hold will be full of piss after their 20 hour flight, my head reeled at his words, good bye to my home .

The new smells, the new voices , a language I can't understand, I feel myself being unloaded from the cargo hold, there is shunting and rattling of crates, people shouting , it is then I hear the familiar voice shouting instructions to be careful of her new valuable pets.

I wait not knowing what will be in store for me, all I know is it will not be good I have become just a pet to be used and sold as a commodity I wonder what the Mexican clients will demand of me.

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