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July 25, 2021

Strong SNUS

Strong what is the strongest snus is a smokeless tobacco product that is fundamentally different from most other products sold around the world. The strength of snus depends on the amount of nicotine per 1 gram ‚?? the same as in cigarettes. The higher its content, the stronger the taste when used and the faster, more pronounced the effect. However, unlike smoky tobacco, which you need to smoke, powerful snus do not contain resins and therefore are absolutely harmless to the health of the smoker, they do not cause a cough.

What is a powerful snus?

What is the strongest snusstrongest snus is the result of decades of research and successful implementation of ideas. This research led to a unique manufacturing process and products, as well as scientific factual reports, unique in the world of tobacco products.

The basis of this quality standard is the need for maximum permissible limits for some undesirable ingredients. These components are found in nature and, therefore, exist in some plant species, such as tobacco. Scientists have noted that some of these components pose a potential health hazard if they have too high a concentration. The limit values for these specific substances should never be exceeded. The existing quality standard affects which strong snus is strong, and which has a mild taste.

The toughest snus in the world:

¬∑ Oden‚??s Cold Extreme White Dry;

· KURWA bubble gum;

· Corvus brutal 7.

The strongest nicotine snus in the world is made from selected tobacco, water, salt and flavorings, according to recipes dating back to the 19th century. The product is pasteurized, that is, it is subjected to heat treatment, as required by food standards. After consumption, you do not need to spit it out, as is necessary when chewing tobacco and as you can see in old cowboy movies. After use, dispose of the remainder together with household waste.

What is the difference between chewing tobacco and snus? Snus producers also produce chewing tobacco varieties for the European market, at the same factories, from the same raw materials, according to the same recipes. The only difference is that in the production of chewing gum, tobacco leaves are cut, and not crushed, as in snus. This makes the tobacco mixture somewhat rough. If you can't choose which snus is the strongest, pay attention to the amount of tobacco indicated on the package, the higher the figure, the stronger it is.

Features of the tobacco-free snus

Chewing snus without tobacco was also invented in Sweden at the request of tobacco consumers to get an affordable product. Workers and farmers appreciated chewing tobacco because it was cheap, and their hands were free to work. However, initially the product tended to crumble during processing. A simple solution to this problem was to grind it into a powder, mix it with water to facilitate processing, and finally,

add salt for preservation and flavorings for taste. Almost in this composition, it has remained to this day.

Basically, the snus has not changed much since then, the original ingredients have remained the same: tobacco, water and salt. But the production process has become much more complex. In addition, manufacturers who make snus without tobacco, spare no effort to find and use the best raw materials. Now it is not difficult to bring raw materials from anywhere in the world to prepare an excellent base for chewing vegetable tobacco-free snus.

A revolutionary and innovative feature of snus without nicotine is that instead of tobacco, it contains vegetable fiber. The composition of cellulose varies from different manufacturers, and each company, of course, keeps the recipe a secret. Strictly speaking, this is the same component that is used for the production of natural substitutes for many products. Manufacturers use, for example, plant fibers from northern coniferous trees or eucalyptus. White dry powder can be flavored and varied in different proportions with natural nicotine obtained from tobacco.

For almost 200 years, it has not been particularly popular among the middle and upper classes. The gentlemen were still smoking fancy tobacco. Then, by the end of the 60s, due to the growing awareness of the dangers of smoking, chewing mixtures without tobacco became an increasingly acceptable alternative. It was only in the early 1990s that snus was widely accepted and appreciated. Meanwhile, it is more common than cigarettes in Europe, which have practically disappeared from public life.

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